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  1. Help with Toddlers Sleeping in Any Bed
  2. Outfit change based on traits
  3. How to create easel painting replacements?
  4. New to scripting, need pointing in the right direction
  5. DBPF file format question..
  6. [SOLVED] Find Specific Interaction in Zerbu's Mod Constructor V2
  7. Jungle Adventure : Archaeology Club Activities. (ask.suggest.etc)
  8. Custom Career zip to ts4script file
  9. Remove buff.
  10. Create Custom Lot/Venue Type?
  11. Teleporter Couple Pose - Figure Won't Rotate In-Game
  12. Is there a mod to get the Peashooter for The Sims 3 Supernatural without having to buy the now non-existent Limited Edition?
  13. lastException err. with my custom trait help
  14. Career .ts4script
  15. How to set a filter for traits?
  16. Does anyone know if a new CAS category can be made and/or how to create one?
  17. Removing Ingredients Requirements from Custom Recipes
  18. For Rent Mod
  19. How are garden prices calculated
  20. Interactions for a trait
  21. How to remove Buffs w/Zerbu
  22. Getting Started with Mods?
  23. How to decompile Python compiled files, how to view them after that- what am I missing?
  24. Finding the right xml files
  25. Changing how fast Sims learn traits
  26. Request: Light reflecting from skin mod
  27. Painting XML Files
  28. Custom Career Tutorial?
  29. Creating a .package from xml, data, and stbl WITHOUT S4PE
  30. Aspiration help, losing progress on levels.
  31. Converting Pose Player poses into CAS Poses?
  32. Custom Career TS4Script (i.e. Python) Question
  33. Help With Zerbu Mod Constructor
  34. Adding a table name to sim data for simoleons?
  35. .PY file for custom aspiration
  36. Zerbu Modmaker Qs: Relationships and Adding Individual Names to Buffs?
  37. Tool or tutorial for making custom sliders?
  38. Custom Traits Unequiping After Leaving CAS
  39. Danny Phantom bootlegs
  40. Wall Up View/Roof Mod??
  41. Translation mods free (Polish)
  42. Is there a way to edit work income and/or money from selling items?
  43. Last Exception Errors
  44. DST Image: How to add... An image?
  45. Changing CasAnimation in XML file and adding conflicting traits
  46. Finding interaction for Roasted Fish
  47. Is there a XML Extractor for Mac?
  48. Can u make me a sim?
  49. Elderly Mod - Older people are not as portrayed in Sims!
  50. How to test whether sims are in a specific career in script
  51. Finding instance keys for presumably running interactions
  52. Is the HQ mod worth it?
  53. Trait Conflicts?
  54. Crush Mod
  55. HELP! Extracting XML from a package
  56. Cant find running interaction for digging?
  57. How to avoid other sims running the same interaction
  58. How to edit animation?
  59. Last Exception from Zerbu's Mod Constructor
  60. Size change in-game? (CAS columns)
  61. XML in Sims Mod Constructor V3.
  62. Simple command doesn't work
  63. Sims 4 debugging?
  64. Fairy MOD
  65. Custom Scripted Interaction not showing up Ingame
  66. Making new food?
  67. Help! Continuation does not work in supersocialinteraction
  68. HELP! Script mod to override pregnancy calculation.
  69. Clubseed tuning
  70. Difference between SocialMixerInteraction and SocialSuperInteraction?
  71. Please, help me!!
  72. First Crack At Mods, Gonna Go For The Gun.
  73. Create chance cards for new career
  74. Unlocking doors with handiness?
  75. Two Semi-Related Questions About Utilities
  76. No vampire skin for npcs
  77. Changing default option overrides in CAS for all genders
  78. help with converting sims 2 hair to sims 4
  79. Having Issisues Decompiling .pyo files
  80. sim_commands.pyo doesn't decompile
  81. Animal Shelter/Rescue mod
  82. I need a resource I couldn't find
  83. What does this mean I am new to modding
  84. Creating/Editing Buffs and Custom Lot Traits
  85. Food Quality Affects Relationship Status
  86. Clothing for Sims 4 - FusionStyle by Sviatlana
  87. Question about art copyrights
  88. Why is my custom career throwing this error?
  89. Hospital overhual mod
  90. Is it Possible To Freeze A Sims Portrait So Thats It Doesnt Look Werid When Using The Height Mod?
  91. Mod Constructor v3: Staged Buffs - Various Issues (possibly resolved, stay tuned)
  92. Playing With GSI Archives
  93. Gift giving for the sims 4
  94. Resource Load Order (Windows)
  95. I'd like to make a tuning mod: HELP
  96. Help with Cmar's Morph Maker
  97. Vampires age like normal Sims
  98. Mod to increase apartment rent?
  99. Script modding
  100. Tutorial to update custom foods to Cats & Dogs patch??
  101. Sims 4 CC hair miscolored after installing Cats & Dogs
  102. How To Make Custom Careers
  103. Is it possible to make the newspaper rug functional?
  104. Custom Trait like club requisite.
  105. P!NK's Beautiful Trauma House Mod - Want to team up?
  106. Editing an existing mod help
  107. How to inject a new "npc" on the lot?
  108. "ERROR: 'uncomyle6' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file"
  109. Adding and removing traits in script
  110. How to decompile base/core/sim files?
  111. Content and effect of GDFbinary language dlls (Game Language Changing)
  112. How to update other people's traits for recent updates?
  113. Simmersarah custom traits updated for Cat and Dogs
  114. Specific gender traits
  115. A mod to add new animals
  116. how to update a mod
  117. More Club Members [& Gender Requirements!] by Eurynome update for cats and dogs
  118. Creating New Reward Traits without overriding?
  119. Sims 4 Cats And Dogs Prey Items!!
  120. [Solved] Use English names for townies
  121. Help with a mod
  122. The best way to go about finding all the painting files for an Easle Painting Replacement mod/makeing one
  123. So cool little get to work mod idea...
  124. How would I do this... A Vampire mod
  125. Custom Career Salaries And Work Hours!
  126. How to make a career?
  127. Make Mesh Invisible
  128. Putting toddler playground item in inventory
  129. Custom slider tutorial?
  130. Any way to edit a mod?
  131. Put custom object in sim inventory
  132. [need guidance] intercept interaction with objects and get object states
  133. The Sims 4 Vampires Romantic Bites Mod Please
  134. [Need Guidance] GP04 Vampire - Build/buy objects extraction
  135. Blood bath (mudbath) option for vampires?
  136. Altering CC by inactive creators?
  137. Seduce interaction's animation (Jazz tuning).
  138. Editing wall texture and other question
  139. Is it possible to make custom whims?
  140. vocaloid cc
  141. Reference body sliders values.
  142. Reloading of resources/xml while sims 4 is running
  143. Mod to lower amount of Simoleons coming in...
  144. Same textures in defferent swatches
  145. Song Licensing Help
  146. How to create a mod to control the mood of a sim?
  147. Possible stairs idea.
  148. Maybe someone could help me...
  149. Problem with sims 4 package editor
  150. Create npc?
  151. Importing from other games
  152. Sims 4 - Need more Pregnant Interactions!
  153. I created a Sims 4 Butler MOD
  154. Need help figuring out why my rabbit hole mod doesnt work properly
  155. Want to update - Adoption Enhancer v2 by vitorpiresa
  156. Scumbumbo - Variable Default Relationships
  157. can't find a python method
  158. No Themed Bar Knights
  159. How to remove the "grainy filter" from paintings by reference?
  160. Appearance-changing clothes? Is it possible?
  161. Could anyone remake/fix packing crates?
  162. Adding additional branches to EA careers
  163. Need help to Add Child/Teen punishments to toddlers
  164. Mod Organizer for TS4?
  165. Sims 2 mod to sims 4 - can someone help me?
  166. [Resource/Tutorial] Editing DJ Booth Music
  167. Need Help/Guidance Creating Traits That React to Each Other
  168. I can't see my mods on Sims 4
  169. Problem with runing command from interaction
  170. Python stuff
  171. Mod Request\Help: Mute the DJ Booth
  172. Notepad++ PSA - Spacing and Indentations
  173. The Sims 4 Mod Constructor CAS trait animation help??
  174. Add CareerPickerRow
  175. TESTERS WANTED: Simulation Lag Fix update
  176. Help with custom aspiration?
  177. Default replacement object to stand-alone conversion
  178. Proof of Concept: Working elevators outside San Myshuno
  179. Proof of Concept: Xenopetrium on the Elemental Rack Display
  180. Accessing Base Python Files On A Mac / Creating Script Mods???
  181. The link for Fogity's Toolbox is down. Anyone have a new link?
  182. Flirting and kissing interactions
  183. Changing Work Hours
  184. Banking Mod Help
  185. Setting Exact Ages for Sims
  186. Is it possible to access the stats of the current player and display specific stats on screen?
  187. Go To Sleep Mod... Tips and Advice?
  188. How to add a chance to get a buff?
  189. Modding sims 4
  190. Help With Sims 4 Mod Constructor
  191. Custom Careers
  192. Praise toddler always available
  193. I made a name mod, but the townies are not using it.
  194. Converting debug items from TS3 to TS4. Need help.
  195. Expanding on transgender sims?
  196. Sims 4 Music modification
  197. Sims 3 mod conflictor
  198. Adding Custom Animation to Custom Interaction
  199. CC won't work for sims 4
  200. question about walkstyles
  201. Set specific times for social events to begin
  202. Help W/ Creating Trait
  203. What do you think, is it possible to create this kind of mod:
  204. Vampire Reflection.
  205. Request
  206. EA's Dec patch stopped harvestables from increasing in value, can someone please fix this?
  207. Attempting to create a neck thickness slider extension mod
  208. Can someone please update "Packing Crates" of Scumbumbo?
  209. More emotional deaths
  210. Interaction duration length
  211. Custom Easel Paints
  212. Help with XMLs and Vampire Age?
  213. Anska/Simtopia custom food/drink problem
  214. Can't Think of a Name (and could I post this mod)
  215. Gender in the Sims 4 and how can it be incorporated in modding? (Modding Discussion/Experimentation)
  216. Game is not reading my mods
  217. Why my mods doesn't show up in the game?
  218. Hard-coded age restriction?
  219. Fix for Marriage Proposal problem
  220. Help Creating Lamps, Please! Elvis Urgent
  221. [HELP Custom Food] No any actions and name not showing
  222. Making a career mod
  223. Mod to autoaccept calls to hangout etc?
  224. Hopping through "Start a Fire" interaction creation process
  225. Update an existing mod?
  226. Modifying The Sims 4 Object Stats
  227. Keep My Sims from Drowning
  228. What is injector.py?
  229. How to create custom tv shows and rename a tv station??
  230. Anyway to bring back Orphan only households?
  231. Create Custom Video Games?
  232. Sims 3 wands to Sims 4
  233. Sim_Info weirdness in social mixer interactions
  234. How do u make a Buff/trait loot a skin color?
  235. Custom Life States?
  236. OMSP Resizer for Sims 4
  237. How to make a custom buff
  238. Modding autonomy scores
  239. Creating custom videogames?
  240. Someone could update Teleport Any Sim Mod by scumbumbo??
  241. Issue with PYO, causes memory leak and crash
  242. Retail Fridge
  243. So has anyone thought about or made any Custom Lot Traits? Is it even Possible?
  244. Editing buffs through script modding
  245. Custom User Interface/Additions?
  246. moodlet/buff question and vampire tuning question
  247. (resolved) Can't get injector working
  248. Adding custom key-value data to the sim with Python
  249. Changing mood/emotion colors
  250. Adding a new motive / changing an existing one