View Full Version : Sorry if this is a dumb question.

11th May 2011, 1:23 AM
I'm new to MTS (not new to sims though) and I've seen some people uploading homes and lots they've created so others here can use and like here. Well I made a home that I would like to be my first MTS uploaded home, but I do not know how to upload it on here?

I'm sorry if this is not the thread for it, or if there is a guide that I just missed. I did search for a while for a guide or a similar question asked but honestly, all these pages look the same to me and I couldn't figure it out.

I already made the home and placed it in the lots and houses bin in my game. By the way, this is for sims 2 not 3.

Thanks everyone. :turtle:

11th May 2011, 2:20 AM
top of the page is "create" dropdown menu, and there is an "upload items" choice there.
All shall become clear after that :)

gl, and hope to see it!