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25th Nov 2011, 1:22 AM
I got this idea today while randomly creating sims, and looking at other challenges.
The apocalypse has come. You must reclaim the city (or town :) and survive. All townies are dead (just delete them) and you have to survive on your own. (delete the school, too)
Here's a list of traits that you MUST have. Meaning you have to have at least one, and at most five. An asterisk by the trait means you have to have an EP to use it, or even see it in CAS:
Charismatic(useful in phase 3)
Family Oriented
Green Thumb
Light Sleeper
Natural Cook
Slob(you might be living in squalor for months on end. Get used to it ;)
Any other traits are either undesirable traits, or they are neutral traits (good, evil, etc.)

Phase 1
You are to create one, two or a maximum of three sims. None of them can be under the age of Teen. And what's cooler than Grandma packing a sniper rifle? You cannot use your phones for anything, other than canceling the newspaper, or adopting a child If you have a fire, put it out. If burglars (gang members) come-a-calling, figure out how to get rid of them yourself.
You are to pick a lot. It can be any size, but there can be absolutely no electrical, or plumbing items. This is a basic shelter, for sleep, safety and a place to run to in the wake of impending gangs or mutants or zombies. You cannot go to restaurants for food. You must grow your own or fish for food. Phase one ends when your starter sim's child ages up to YA. If they die without having or adopting a child, you have failed the challenge.
Phase 2
At this point, most gangs have been squashed and you have some neighbors. There is limited plumbing (two sinks and one shower per household) and limited electricity (one lamp in each room and a radio or tv, choose on, to catch up on latest news). At this point, you can actually get a job. The ideal jobs are Grocer(part of your salary can be food, using buydebug cheats) Military (keep your family safe) or Police(part of your salary is a burglar alarm). This phase ends when your sim has a child which has aged up to YA, or when they die. If they die, the challenge is over.
Phase 3
In this phase, your goal is to have as many children as possible, and to marry them off to the townies who have moved in by now. Your first gen sim's descendants will fill the town, or you fail the challenge. This phase lasts until your sims have filled the town, it does not depend on aging up. You just need to have many descendants married into the townies, many meaning over ten.
Phase 4
Rebuilding is the theme of this phase. Maybe by this point, your sims have filled most of the town. Basically, this is the best time to be Charismatic because at this point, your family is the height of power. You survived, thrived and will conquer if you made it this far. Your goal is for the heir of the last Phase to finish the lifetime wish "Leader of the Free World". Once you have achieved that goal, you have completed the challenge!
Good Luck :giggler: