View Full Version : Question About Sims 2 Store Edition

8th Dec 2014, 6:27 PM
An admin told me to post my question here, since there might be someone with a definite answer.

My question is, is it really necessary to mark the Store Edition check box when uploading a Lot?
(I do have a folder within my EA folder that's labeled Store Edition, but I've never had to interact with it.)

I'm referring to the check boxes for the required EPs and SPs.
I currently have 11 Lots uploaded, all of which except one having the box checked. The one that doesn't has never resulted in any complaints from downloaders (after about 150 downloads). So I'm wondering whether the Sims 2 Store Edition box really needs to be checked.

Edit: I've just unchecked the box for all 11 of my Lot uploads, so I will see if players have issues with it.