View Full Version : Making Walls (First Attempt) Need some Advice/Feedback

6th Nov 2016, 8:27 PM
I am not looking to upload these currently. I am trying to make my own textures just for fun to use in the city neighborhood I am building. I have never made floors or walls before so I wanted some quick feedback and any advice. I have taken a peek at the tutorials, but feel free if there are any you think I should re look at or even new ones.

My steps:
1. Opened texture image, resized to 256x256 (originall7 500x500)
2. Opened the template.bmp with Paint.Net and tiled the texture image in the template twice.

Does anyone have better methods? I attached the picture with the brick walls in game. Thank you everyone!

P.S. Sorry if this thread is in the wrong spot.

Red Sonja
14th Nov 2016, 4:43 PM
Sorry.... I just noticed your request for help. First.... I, myself prefer photoscape for making walls and floors. It is a freebie program and will give you the option of "tiling" up, down or checkerboard to see what your new creation will look like in-game before you take the time to create it in homecrafter. Though I like the appearance of your wall (as far as the old brick goes) it doesn't come across as "seamless".... and the random pattern then becomes repetitive. By resizing from 400 to 256, the individual bricks get "squished". Instead, try sizing up to 512 x512 and make it 2 wall panels. You might be surprised by how much better your walls will look. Time consuming to place, I know, but it might just work very well for you. Trust me, walls and floors are not nearly as easy as one might think... :)

22nd Dec 2016, 3:44 PM
I have definitely learned that it is harder than it seems. Ive done some work on them as well as other brick walls and hope to share them with the community here as a Urban Brick Set. Thank you so much for the feedback. I will check out photoscape for sure!

23rd Dec 2016, 8:14 PM
I will add that despite the fact that the default size for wallpapers in Home Crafter is 256x512, you should work on a 256x650 image (or something similar), and then after creating your texture, change the height to 512. Thatís because wall coverings that look proportional on a 256x512 image are squished on normal walls in the game, and look normal on diagonal ones Ė but given that normal walls are used much more often than diagonal ones, itís better when a wall covering looks better on a normal, Ďstraightí wall. Maxis wall coverings are like that Ė they look better on normal walls than on the diagonal ones. I hope that makes sense, if itís unclear Iíll post comparison pictures.

23rd Dec 2016, 9:40 PM
Where did you read/hear that wallpaper should be made 256X650, then resized to 256x512? I (try to remember to) make mine at 256x768m resized to 256x512 so they'll work for people on a Mac.

Re the squishing: yes, that's true.. but the squishing (stretching actually) is horizontal, not vertical, and can't be helped because a diagonal wall is wider than a straight wall.

23rd Dec 2016, 9:58 PM
I made walls years ago so I donít remember the proper height value (650 was more a guess than anything, your value seems much more likely to be proper), I just remembered that it must be larger than 512 so the walls wonít look like they were vertically stretched.

Edit: What I mean is this (I used the 768 value you mentioned as I believed itís proper, and the game picture proves it indeed is):


As you can see, the wall made with a 256x512 image looks stretched on a normal wall, but fine on a diagonal one, while the 256x768 one is the opposite. For all I remember the 650 (or whatever similar value they told me, but it wasnít 768) and resizing was advised by someone years ago and it turns out I believed the wrong thing for all that time, so I want to thank you for sharing the info about the proper height value and the fact that resizing to 256x512 is not necessary :) Iíll definitely keep it in mind if I happen to make wall coverings again.

29th Dec 2016, 2:37 PM
Thank you everyone! I am working on some new walls now and have about 10 or so brick walls so far. I hope to upload them soon in a set. I'll be posting it in the CF forum, so I hope to hear your feedback about those too. I would like to extend my grungy look to siding. I found a white worn siding I like. Any way to recolor that to have more options? Here is the image