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20th May 2017, 6:34 AM
Hi Norn
I left some feedback on the world boards. It is such a fun and unique world!

I had a stuck sim at Pezzotaite Court. The screen is attached- sorry it is so dark.

A question and suggestion-
How did you make the pond near Star beans swimmable? Is it CAW magic?
There are lots of plants aroung the edge of the pond, so my sims were fussy about where I clicked to send them swimming. Perhaps fewer plants, or bigger openings?

20th May 2017, 9:02 AM
To my knowledge, all ponds are swimmable as long as sims can access it? Some are even walkable :P


So I'm not sure how to answer your question.

Thanks for the screenshot, I'll have a look into that. Also the plant density. Initially I didn't want to make those ponds accessible, hence the many plants. But then a spawner discussion (or better, the lack of spawners discussion) came up, so I removed the unroutable paint again and placed spawners. The routing grid looked fine so sims shouldn't get stuck there. But I will double check and maybe remove some plants so that it's easier for players.

Thank you!

22nd May 2017, 5:15 AM
I really don't think sims can swim in ponds on lots. I tested this by making a pond on a lot that was already in the world and the swim interaction was not available. I also placed a lot with a pond into the world and again no swim interaction. If you look at the attached screens, the first, labeled MAPVIEW shows the Star Beans coffee shop with the pond to its right. On the north lot is a pond I created on an empty lot. To the south is another off lot pond. The first pond will show the interaction "ice skate" in winter, but the action will either drop or the sim will do some weird not quite skating without ice skates (picture 2).

The next picture (3) is also in winter when the action "ice skate" is available on the same pond. The action dropped, then the sim began to autonomously "play in ocean" an action that should not be available on a pond. Of course, the action "ice skate" should not be available on the ocean. This body of water seems to be confused as to what it is, ocean or pond.

The pond I created doesn't show "swim" available in any season. In winter a sim can "ice skate" and it looks as it should (see 4th picture). The pond to the south says "swim" in summer and "ice skate" in winter, but both actions drop from the queue immediately, I think because this pond is not really accessible.

Finally, picture 5 shows another sim getting stuck in the same place as my last sim, at Pezzotaite Court.

Let me know if you need more info on these issues.

22nd May 2017, 5:55 AM
I also found an ice goblin at The Glacio. This may have been intentional, but since the goblin is the failed state of an ice sculpture, and I know Crowkeeper had an ice goblin problem in one of her builds, I wanted to make sure that ice goblin is what the creator of this lot was intending.

I feel a bit bad to not be reporting these on the other site, but since they don't want pictures there, and I don't have a tumblr, I guess this is the compromise.

22nd May 2017, 7:04 PM
No worries about posting here - I add your findings to the issue list there anyway. No need to get a tumblr just for this.

Ice-goblin - was intentional.

So, about the pond:

off-lot ponds: should be swimmable, but not skateable
on-lot ponds: not swimmable, but skateable

both should be fishable (this word looks very strange - is that a word at all?)

The pond next to the café is off-lot, so it should be swimmable (I thought you meant off-lot ponds).

But I see what you mean that it's a bit confused - my sim wanted to play in the ocean there, too, even if it was frozen. So he walked more than carefully on the ice to the designated spot, only to undress and jump up and down. Hilarious. It also shouldn't have the ice skating interaction. It's not ocean water though (nor ocean level), it's a water plane.

To be honest, I don't know what to do about this. Maybe next export will have it solved. I can play around with the depth a bit but if it's too deep it becomes walkable.

23rd May 2017, 3:50 AM
I don't think any of these are words in formal English: swimmable, fishable, skateable, but they are in simming English, though Don Babilion, the Uni professor, would probably spell them swim-able, fish-able, skate-able. :lol:

I know very little about CAW and water levels. I guess you could encircle the off lot ponds with plants and rocks so they are not accessible. I like that sims can swim there, so it would be unfortunate to have to make them inaccessible.

I had a catastrophic event when playing in the world today. I got a pop up notice about a sim with a script error. I clicked on the thumbnail and the game centered on a lot, then the screen shook like when the ITF portal is appearing, and then my game froze and I had to use task manager to close it. Over 12,000 KB of script errors were recorded, that pretty much all said the same thing. It was a teen who lived at 7 Ororing, and I think she was returning home. I will ask about this at NRAAS. It probably has nothing to do with the world. It is a pretty buggy game.

25th May 2017, 8:56 AM
Oh dear, that sounds quite horrible. Let me know what the guys at NRAAS answer!

Most of those ponds were not accessible in the beginning (you can ground above sea level off-lot as not accessible in caw). But then I would have had trouble to place fish spawners because most ocean water is not accessible due to the steep coast. So... I think I will leave those ponds open and with fish spawners and swimable. The other options will be accounted for this being an alien world - everything is different here... I hope it doesn't disturb gameplay too much.

That pond with the stones in it IS accessible, by the way (and there are fish in it). I will remove some plants to make it easier to get there.

26th May 2017, 6:10 AM
Hey Norn- you're a Space Pony! :)

Okay first, the game freeze was user error (me). I was switching the seasons from summer to winter to test the skate/ swim abilities on ponds. I guess I did it too frequently and my game rebelled and froze.

I went back to the pond by Star Beans and you are right. The skate interaction drops immediately. What I thought was weird skating was, I guess, walking on ice to play in ocean. Sims are weird! :lol:

The other pond that I thought was inaccessible- the swim or skate interaction cancels before my sim is even close to the pond, so I thought it was not route-able. I will try again when the sim is closer to the pond.

The career rabbit holes seem to work fine.

The alpha testers did good work. There are not many issues. :)

27th May 2017, 5:08 AM
Hi Norn
A sim got stuck in the same place at Pezzotaite Court. His thought bubble was objecting to the plant.
I left a post on the other site about routing problems with S.A.R.A.H.

I have some screens for you:
1- Moon Tower Pond- horses love to mingle here, and the unicorn is generated here. Fortunately, no routing problems, even with 4 horses.
2- Sim autonomously "play in ocean" in winter (off-lot pond near cafe). She seemed to change into her swim suit, then her ice skates, go a few steps, and start splashing. If you look closely, she is still wearing the skates. :|
3- When she gets out of the pond, she walks to another pond. She is still wearing the ice skates. I don't know if this is a temp glitch or will lead to a more serious problem down the line. Eventually she changed into outerwear, and the ice skates were replaced by boots.
4- This is the pond that I mentioned in post #3. I could only get my sim there by directing her to "go here" until she got closer and closer. This is how close she could get before the game would not let me direct her closer. She cannot interact with the pond at all- interactions drop. And yes, that is a parrot in the snow. Right after I took this pic, the sim scooped up the parrot and took him home. :lovestruc

27th May 2017, 7:13 AM
Thank you so much!

I had a look at the Pezzatoite Court and I have no clue what the sim would want in that spot. I moved stuff around a bit in the hope that this solves the problem.

Try that pond from the other side ;) Didn't want to make it too easy :) But I will remove some plants, it shouldn't be that hard to get the "fishing" interaction.

1st Jun 2017, 4:02 AM
Hi Norn
I want to make sure my last message about the pond by the cafe was clear. I directed a sim to the shore, the one that is so attractive to "play in ocean". I did NOT choose ice skate, or anything else. I just waited. On her own, the sim queued "play in ocean". She spun into her swimsuit, took a step, changed into ice skates, walked carefully into the pond, and then splashed in the pond with her ice skates still on. She eventually went out of the pond and walked for a while. Then she spun into outerwear and the skates were gone. I hope this is not a conflict that will cause problems with the save game down the road.

1st Jun 2017, 4:59 AM
Thanks for clarification, this is what my sims did, too. I don't know what causes this, but I don't think it's harmful. Just... a bit annoying.

What I meant is that the pond with the stones in it IS accessible, there are fish in it. But it shouldn't be accessible from the road directly, sims would have to walk around and access it from the mountain side.

5th Jun 2017, 8:43 AM
Hi Norn
I just downloaded the latest version of the world. is there anything I should focus on- since it is nearly perfect?

5th Jun 2017, 9:11 AM
Thanks for keeping up with this! No, just double check general routing, if elevators are working, lot tears, or if you have time, if any of the issues that were listed here (http://twfwproject.proboards.com/thread/95/beta-test-issue-list) or here (http://twfwproject.proboards.com/thread/86/saturenorn-alpha-testing-issue-list) still persists. Or anything that jumps in your face...
Maybe double check lot addresses, names and descriptions?

6th Jun 2017, 5:01 AM
Happy to help! I will report back by the end of the week.