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Meet Stanlee Leigassee and Barnaby Benefactor
Stanlee and Barnaby, best friends since grade school, saved up enough money for a voyage to Prosperity, a neighborhood where life is good, money comes easily and the future is always bright. At least that is what it said on the notice posted in the general store. Six days into the voyage, the ship ran into a storm and lost all navigation controls. Captain Jonas Grumby, twisted knobs, flipped switches and turned dials in vain. The navigation system was dead. An hour later, the engine sputtered and gave up its ghost as well. The only sound was the pounding rain and howling of Mitzy, a purebred beagle that belonged to Athens Moneymaker, granddaughter of billionaire Howard Moneymaker who built his fortune in real estate.

As the waves tossed the ship this way and that, the passengers huddled together in the lounge and the captain and first mate were scrambling to keep the S.S. Goldfish upright when the ship banged against an underground boulder, and then another. The listing of the ship made the passengers seasick. Stanlee, who could not swim and never liked the ocean, ran to the deck and fed the partially digested lunch to the fish in the sea. As he leaned over the railing, he saw his life pass before his eyes.

He was not dying. At least not yet. What he saw were photos of his fifth birthday and his high school graduation. They, along with many other of the passengers possessions bobbed and floated on the rough sea. Stanlee looked down at the gaping hole in the cargo hold and knew it meant disaster.

He rushed back down the stairs and threw open the door to passenger lounge. "We're taking on water. The ship is gonna sink. We've got to get off this ship. We've got to get --." Before Stanlee could finish, another wave crashed against the S.S. Goldfish, knocking Stanlee off balance. Everything after that was a blur.

When Stanlee woke, he was surprised to find himself on the deck of the S.S. Goldfish. He had expected to wake at the bottom of the sea. What about Barnaby? Was he okay? Stanlee tried to stand but dizziness overtook him.

"Whoa, now. Take it easy, buddy. You took a nasty blow to the head."

Stanlee looked up, focused on Barnaby's face. "You're alive. Me, too. Everybody else okay?"

Barnaby shrugged. "I haven't seen anyone since you came back to the lounge screaming about us sinking. Everyone else ran up to the deck. By the time I pulled you up to the deck, the life raft was gone and so was everybody else." Before he could finish his sentence, Stanlee had drifted back into unconsciousness. Barnaby let him sleep.

As dawn began to break, Barnaby noticed an outline that looked like land. Come morning light, he saw the island with waterfalls on its mountaintop. He looked at his friend, tired and weak, and knew they had to get off the rock and find shelter on the island before the next storm blew in.

Barnaby grabbed two life preservers, one for himself and one for Stanley and waited for"Your job is to stay in the preserver," he said. "Just hang on and float. I'll do the swimming."

An hour later, Barnaby had Stanlee reached shore. Both of them exhausted. Barnaby used tree branches and a scrap of canvas he found floating in the water and crafted a lean-to for shade. Though it was late summer, the beach was empty. No sunbathers. No fishermen. Not a building in sight. Barnaby gathered fallen branches and pulled a scrap of canvas out of the water and built a sun shelter for his friend.

Two days had passed when Stanlee decided he was strong enough to hike higher on the island. "We need to get up there for a better view. Maybe we aren't the only ones on this island."

They were surprised to find a wide variety of landscape on their hike. The shoreline was mostly tropical, with coconut, papaya and banana trees. The flatlands was an odd mix of tropical and wooded area, dotted with small ponds teeming with fish. Higher up was a forest filled with tall sturdy pine trees where birds chirped and flitted from branch to branch. There was wildlife everywhere, but nothing that resembled humans or a civilization. The land was lush, green with foliage and dotted large boulders and small ponds.

Feeling better, Stanlee suggested they climb the mountain and look for signs of a rescue. They climbed above the tree line and gazed off into the distance. They looked right, then in the center and left. Nothing but miles of grass, trees and rocks.

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Well, I followed Jo's instructions in this thread: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=588927&highlight=insert+photo
But I failed to heed Simmer22's warning in the post below it. I obviously used the thumbnail links.
I went into edit and did not see any options to change things but couldn't figure it out.
I did not use an image hosting site. I uploaded directly using the "old" uploader. I did not see a new one on the page.

Any tips?

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Hi SIMelissa

You need to precede the picture address with and follow it with - use square brackets and don't leave any spaces. Its the same format as the spoiler tags and you can put the picture into spoilers as well.

Like this, but I am deliberately using the wrong brackets so you can see it. (spoiler)(img)http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/...702244-land.jpg(/img)(/spoiler)

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Thank you, Aysarth!
I had [url] instead of [img].

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I thought for sure that if I deleted them that it would delete all the pics. But no. It got rid of the little thumbnails at the bottom.
You Are Awesome!

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Oh my!!!!!!!! Its beautiful!!!!! Loving the map! And the men too. And I loved your writing style. Wish there was a lovex10 button.

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Well, I followed Sarah's instructions in this thread: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=588927&highlight=insert+photo
But I failed to heed Simmer22's warning in the post below it. I obviously used the thumbnail links.
I went into edit and did not see any options to change things but couldn't figure it out.
I did not use an image hosting site. I uploaded directly using the "old" uploader. I did not see a new one on the page.

Any tips?

Umm my tip is to use modyourpanties.com as your image hosting page, it is set up for use exclusively by MTS and it works very easily. Then just copy the link that it gives to your image and besure to put [ img ] in front of the image link when you paste it and then [ /img ] after the image link like usual. I never have to mess with thumbnails at all when I do my posts.

Good post btw, I am looking forward to more of the ship wrecked pair.

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Povertyville, what an interesting name! I love this hood concept, and I can't wait to hear about a pair of sims shipwrecked on an island, this ought to get pretty intriguing ;)!

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the pics won't show for me in your intro post but i do like the story set up! reminds me a bit of Gilligan's island :P

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I put my pics under the spoiler buttons. Do you see the buttons? If so, are there no pics when you click on them?
The captain of the shipwrecked Goldfish is named after the captain on Gilligan's Island. :-)
This time, I have uploaded the photos to modyourpanties.com (what a strange name!). I'll see if things work differently.

Chapter 2

"I can't call for help. I left my cellphone on the ship," Barnaby said. "Do you have yours?"
Stanlee shook his head. "No. Would't matter if I did. There's not a cell tower in sight. No reception."
"What do we do now?"
"I guess we build a fire, try to signal another ship or maybe a plane." Stanlee started to gather fallen branches.
"We should use the wood to write S.O.S. on the beach. That way, somebody might see it during the day. If we see a plane after dark, we can set it on fire."
The young men hiked back down the hill, picking up pieces of wood along the way. By the time they reached the beach, their backs ached and their arms were scratched.
"There's not enough wood here for an "S", much less an S.O.S. I guess we'll have to go back up again tomorrow," Stanlee said, dropping the branches in a pile.
"And the day after that, and the day after that." Barnaby plopped down in the sand. "Maybe this wasn't such a great idea, after all."
"It'll be all right. I'm sure the Captain and the others were picked up by a ship and they're all out there looking for us."

Five days passed and there were no ships, no planes and there was still no S.O.S. made out of wood. Most of the branches and twigs gathered each day was used to build to cook their meals. Breakfast was the same as lunch, and lunch the same as dinner.

"I'm sick of fish." Stanlee poked at the charred filet with a twig. "I wish I had some vegetables on my plate."
"When we get to Paradise and you get that restaurant of yours up and running, I'll help you start a big vegetable garden. Fresh veggies for you and your customers."
"If we get to Paradise."

On the evening of their fourth week on the island, Barnaby called out Stanlee. "The moon is full. Let's go for a swim."
Stanlee threw another log on the fire. "Summer is behind us, Barn. It's too cold to swim."
"Suit yourself." Barnaby ran toward the ocean but stopped when he was ankle deep.
Bobbing on the foamy surf was a life saver, and on it was written the ship's name: Gold fish.
The next morning there was another surprise on the surf. A football.
"Hey, Stan. Heads up." Barnaby threw the football to Stanlee. "No more playing catch with pinecones."

Your post reminds me of The Sims 2 Castaways on the PS2 which I have played many times. {never did get into The Sims 2 Castaways Stories on the computer}

I love The Sims 2 Castaways on the PS2. So reminding me of Castaways is a good thing. Great Pictures.

29th Jun 2017, 2:20 PM
I love your update and I can see your updated pics and how it looks like the sims is spelling out words with driftwood! Still cannot see your OP pics even after I click on spoilers buttons - are the links still active? Here (http://i.imgur.com/Fu7PILV.jpg) is what I see

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I love your update and I can see your updated pics and how it looks like the sims is spelling out words with driftwood! Still cannot see your OP pics even after I click on spoilers buttons - are the links still active? Here (http://i.imgur.com/Fu7PILV.jpg) is what I see
Ah, broken links. I uploaded directly from my computer and linked to the thumbnails on MTS. I'll transfer the pics to modyourpanties and see if that helps.

Your post reminds me of The Sims 2 Castaways on the PS2 which I have played many times. {never did get into The Sims 2 Castaways Stories on the computer}

I love The Sims 2 Castaways on the PS2. So reminding me of Castaways is a good thing. Great Pictures.

I've never played Castaways, or any other Sims game. Also, I don't play any of the PS2/3/4 games. I tried playing LA Noir, but I just couldn't get the hang of the controller. I'm old school. Thirty years ago, I would play Mario Bros and Donkey Kong on Nintendo with my eldest son. Even back then I was a terrible gamer. :lol:

29th Jun 2017, 8:16 PM
They work now, thank you!

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Such a great idea for a neighbourhood @SIMelissa ! :bunny:

It reminds me of Castaway, too. :) I love the pictures!

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Well, I reinstalled Sims and am now using M&G to launch my game, which means my old saved game does not work. So ... I restarted the game with the same characters -- who look a little different -- and the same storyline. I've updated my thread with new pics. I meant to "edit" my previous post (the deleted one), but it wouldn't save so I put the text in this post instead.

Chapter 2

"I can't call for help. I left my cellphone on the ship," Barnaby said. "Do you have yours?"
Stanlee shook his head. "No. Would't matter if I did. There's not a cell tower in sight. No reception."
"What do we do now?"
"I guess we build a fire, try to signal another ship or maybe a plane." Stanlee started to gather fallen branches.
"We should use bigger branches to write an S.O.S. on the beach. That way, if a plane flies over, they might see it. Over the next few weeks, Stanlee and Barnaby foraged for food, gathered wood and played catch with an old football that washed up on the beach.
The days passed, one after the other. No planes. No ships. And no signs of a rescue.
"I'm beginning to think the rest of the passengers forgot about us," Stanlee said. "They are probably all together in Paradise, building their new lives, forgetting that we were ever on that ship with them."
"Or maybe they weren't as lucky as we were. Both rescue rafts were pretty full when they left."
"You saw them go?"
"Forget about that," Barnaby said. "The important thing is that we are alive and have plenty of time to lounge on the beach and play in the surf. A year ago, we would never have dreamed of having a vacation like this."

7th Aug 2017, 9:43 AM
Summer turned to fall, and the ocean's surf washed away the S.O.S. sign.
Barnaby and Stanlee sat on the beach, watching the ocean in silence as they did most evenings.
"I don't think anyone is coming to get us," Stanlee said. "And with winter coming, we need to be prepared. I think we should move camp up to the forest area."
"The forest? In winter? I don't think so. I think we should stay here, just in case a ship comes looking for us."
"Nobody is looking for us, Barn. If they were, we'd have seen signs of them by now. No ships. No planes. Nobody is coming."
"You just don't like the ocean. You never liked the ocean."
"And after being on a sinking ship and nearly dying in the ocean, I won't be changing my mind any time soon. I've thought about this a lot. You've seen it. It's beautiful up there. Waterfalls, streams of fresh drinking water and acres of fir trees. We can build a log cabin to keep us warm in the winter, catch fresh-water fish, maybe hunt."
"What do you know about hunting?"
"I'll learn," Stanlee said. "We're going to have to learn a lot of things if we are going to stay alive."
Barnaby picked up a shell and tossed it into the surf. "I'm not going to the forest. I'm staying here on the beach. I've always wanted to learn how to surf and scuba dive. If I'm going to be stuck on this island, this is where I want to stay."
And so, the two friends parted ways. Stanlee moved to the forest where he chopped down trees, fished for trout and bathed in a hollowed out tree stump.
Barnaby spent most of his time as he did before Stanlee left. He sat in the shade of his lean-to and watched the ocean for hours at a time. Only now, he had only his thoughts to keep him company.

8th Aug 2017, 4:13 AM
This is a fun story concept, and I like how you're telling it. What will happen to Stanlee and Barnaby now that they've split up?!

8th Aug 2017, 6:32 AM
I love your story so far. The pictures are great as well.

btw You did forget to put the / in one of the trailing img tags though, [/img] it needs to be and you have [img] on both ends on one of your links

8th Aug 2017, 10:39 AM
I love your story so far. The pictures are great as well.
btw You did forget to put the / in one of the trailing img tags though, [/img] it needs to be and you have [img] on both ends on one of your links
Ah,that's why it didn't show. I went back and added the picture again, just a little higher. (the one of them sitting on the beach at night)
I have played a bit ahead, so I have some story catch-up to do. I'll probably post a few more photos over the next week.

8th Aug 2017, 9:01 PM
I love the SOS spelled out with the logs on your beach! How would Barnaby be able to learn to Scuba dive if he doesn't have a means to get scuba gear? Unless you mean he wanted to snorkel. I would prefer the mountains, so I'm team Stanlee! Also just a tip for pictures if you care but you can see the grid on the beach in build mode. You can line up your shot, hit pause - then make any changes in build mode and then go back to live mode while still in pause to get rid of those lines. Great update :)

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Stanlee was right. Help was not coming. But it was not because the other passengers had forgotten to tell someone about the two guys who did not make it onto the lifeboat. They did not tell anyone because they were never rescued.

All the passengers and crew in the lifeboats survived. Their boats washed ashore on a distant part of the island not yet explored by Barnaby and Stanlee. Fearing another storm, Captain Grumby convinced the other survivors to set up camp in the shelter of giant boulders at the base of a mountain.

Members of the survivor party included five families, several with young children, and four adults who had no family ties on the ship. In no particular order, the survivors are:
Captain Jonas Grumby; his First Mate Rolf Nestor; Athens Moneymaker--who has never worked for anything in her life; and Gina Matthews, an intelligent family Sim with a questionable taste in men. These are the Sims who have no family on the island.

The Merrymakers:
In high school, Rodney worked as a mechanic's apprentice in his uncle's garage. With the money he saved, Rodney planned to attend college. Then, in his senior year he met Matilda and fell hopelessly in love. They married immediately after graduation, and right away Matilda became pregnant with Zach. With a family to support, Rodney gave up his hopes of college and continued to work in his uncle's garage. Matilda was content with their lives, but she knew her husband was destined for a better life. Not long after Anna was born, Matilda convinced Rodney to follow his dream. Rodney worked in the garage during the day and attended classes at night. Six long years and one child later (Gretchen), Rodney earned a degree in mechanical engineering. The Merrymakers were heading to Paradise for Rodney's new engineering job when the storm nearly capsized the ship on which they traveled.

The Eatons:
David's wife died unexpectedly, leaving him alone with their two children, Wanda and Jasper. In every corner of the house, were reminders of his wife. At first, David held tight to the memories and his wife's possessions. After a couple years, however, David realized that his inability to move forward with his life was taking a toll on the children, especially his teenage daughter. David sold everything, except for their clothes, and bought three tickets to Paradise where he planned for a fresh start for himself and his children.

The Killjoys:
Settling down was never part of Ivan's agenda. But when his girlfriend, Ima, became pregnant with their son, Jack, family members on both sides insist the two get married. A couple years later, Ingrid was born. Ivan owned a local restaurant where he worked a a chef before becoming a survivor. With an ever-roaming eye for the opposite sex, Ivan quickly developed a reputation for turning up the heat in and out of the kitchen. Ima learned about her husband's infidelities during a visit to the restaurant, where she caught Ivan in the food pantry with one of the waitresses. That day, she gave Ivan an ultimatum. "You sell the restaurant and we move away from this place, or you sell the restaurant and give me half the money. After all, this is a community property state." Ivan had little choice. He sold the restaurant and bought passage to Paradise with the hopes that he would settle down--or at least not get caught.

The Dagmars:
Like David Eaton, Otis Dagmar is a single father. Otis, however, is not a widower. His wife, Ernestine, left him for another man and moved to Paradise. Ernestine filed for divorce. Otis told her he'd grant her the divorce, but only if she took custody of their kids. He and the children were on their way to Paradise to seal the deal when the storm put a kink in their plans. So Otis, his eldest child, Winston, named after his ex-wife's favorite cigarettes, and youngest child Travis were stuck being a family for awhile longer.
Otis' sisters, Elaine and Regina, were also on the S.S. Goldfish. The stigma of being a Dagmar was more than they could bear. Without telling anyone, especially their brother, the sisters had packed up their belongings and boarded the ship with plans to legally change their name once they arrived in Paradise. Running into their shiftless brother on the deck of the Goldfish was a shock, but learning they were trapped on a deserted island with him was devastating.

The Lopezes:
Carlos and Catalina Lopez grew up in a small house near the Moneymaker estate. Their mother worked as a housekeeper for the Moneymakers. After their father's death, Carlos took on the Moneymaker's gardening responsibilities. Catalina was Athens Moneymaker's yes woman, for fear that saying "no" would lead to her mother's or brother's dismissal.
"Catalina, doesn't this dress look divine on me?" "Yes, Athens, divine."
"Catalina, hold my bags." "Yes, Athens."
"Catalina, I want you to go with me to Paradise. I need someone to watch Mitzy (her beagle) while I go to the clubs." "Yes, Athens."
"Catalina, our valet quit. I need your brother to go to Paradise to carry my bags." "Yes, Athens."
Carlos was thrilled for the chance to carry Athen's luggage. He'd had a crush on her since they were children. Unfortunately, Athens never saw him as anyone but "the son of the help."

11th Aug 2017, 12:00 PM
uuuuhhh more!

11th Aug 2017, 9:06 PM
Dang SIMelissa, you got some really good backstories going here! I'm particularly intrigued on WHY exactly 'being a Dagmar' is a stigma? Otis just seemed like a guy wanting to shove his kids off on his ex but people have done worse so I'm wondering what's so bad about the surname Dagmar - which I'm sure you'll reveal through some awesome storytelling. I also love the aspect of the Lopez siblings working for Athens and the brother having a crush on her. Is it for naught or could he prove himself to her while surviving on this island and fall for him? Or would she just see him as useful and use her wiles to get what she wants?? It could any way! Keep us posted!

13th Aug 2017, 3:00 AM
Wow SIMelissa, you have some really good backstories for your Sims! Facinating, I will await your next intallment with great interest.

Emperor Crat
13th Aug 2017, 6:09 AM
Dynamic and compelling sims! I am rather fond of your rather human-like characterization, and your detailed descriptions regarding each family's backstory. I anticipate reading more about this hood, as my interest is definitely piqued!

13th Aug 2017, 9:46 AM
Thanks for the nice comments everyone. I'm glad you've enjoyed what I've written so far. It's all been a bit off-the-cuff, written directly into the reply box. I probably should write outside MTS, let it sit, then give it an edit (spell check, grammar review, story consistency) -- but I'm too lazy to do that. LOL
As for the backstories, well, I guess by now it's obvious that I spend way too much time in my own head, when I should probably be doing something productive. :D

13th Aug 2017, 7:36 PM
Thanks for the nice comments everyone. I'm glad you've enjoyed what I've written so far. It's all been a bit off-the-cuff, written directly into the reply box. I probably should write outside MTS, let it sit, then give it an edit (spell check, grammar review, story consistency) -- but I'm too lazy to do that. LOL
As for the backstories, well, I guess by now it's obvious that I spend way too much time in my own head, when I should probably be doing something productive. :D

Flexing your imagination is always productive! Even if it doesn't feel like it :)

15th Aug 2017, 9:08 PM
I'm really enjoying these detailed backstories. I got a laugh out of how Winston came to be named Winston, and the examples of the interactions between Athens and Catalina. :lol:

17th Aug 2017, 8:04 AM
Captain Jonas Grumby felt terrible about the two young men he left on the ship. That is now how things were supposed to go. A captain's job is to save his passengers and, if anyone goes down with the ship, it is the captain himself. He should be the one at the bottom of the ocean, not Stanlee Leigassy, and especially not Barnaby Benefactor.

There had been three life boats, each packed with supplies to sustain eight people for three days, but the first life boat lowered toward the sea was caught by a gust of wind and disappeared into the storm like a shadow hiding in darkness. Barnaby, an able-bodied man who could have easily pushed aside the others to secure himself a spot in one of the boats. Instead, he helped Rolf and Captain Grumby get the other passengers into the two remaining boats then insisted on staying behind with Stanlee.

"You can't stay here," the captain had said.

"You've got twenty-three people in two boats made to hold sixteen. You're already overloaded as it is."

"I'll tell Rolf to toss the tent and camp stove overboard. We'll make room."

Barnaby had looked down at the children, cold and afraid, clinging to their parents and said, "No. I'm staying here, with Stanlee. Just promise me that when you are rescued that you'll send back a search party to look for us."

The captain nodded, then lowered himself into the lifeboat. That was the last time he saw Barnaby. When the captain looked back at the ship, the deck was empty.

Jonas picked up a stray branch to put on the fire. "Damn you, Barnaby. I'm going to have to live with this guilt the rest of my life."

"What was that, Captain?" asked Rolf Nestor, first mate of the S.S. Goldfish.

"Nothing," Jonas said. "I was just thinking aloud.

Jonas reached down for another branch but was too late. A young boy with dark hair and a child's float ring around his waist beat him to it.

"You were too slow." Travis Dagmar laughed and waved the branch at the captain. "This is fun, like a scavenger hunt. I bet you I'll find more branches than you. Wanna make it a race?"

"You're on," Jonas said. "I'll put mine in a separate pile and after dinner you can count the branches and see who won."

"Is there a prize?"

Jonas thought about that for a moment, then pulled a pair of binoculars out of his back pocket. "The winner gets these."

"But aren't they already yours?"

"No. Everything here is for everybody--except this pair of binoculars. They are for the person who collects the most branches--providing the winner plays fair and doesn't cheat."

"I don't cheat," Travis said. "You can ask my Aunt Elaine. She says I'm not a typical Dagmar. I don't cheat. I don't steal. And I don't tell fibs either."

An hour later, Jonas heard the call for dinner. Many of the survivors had already grabbed a plate and were busy eating and chatting around the campfire.

Jonas perched himself on a rock near David Eaton, one of two single fathers on the trip. The other was Travis' dad, Otis Dagmar. David was quiet, and had curly blond hair like his son, Jasper. David's eldest child, Wanda, was a redhead, probably like her mother, Jonas thought.

As he ate his fish, Jonas looked around at the group of people in the camp and marveled that they had all made it ashore alive. It was a wonder that nobody fell out of the raft on the rough ocean current. Even the two toddlers looked none the worse for wear.

"Captain Jonas Captain Jonas!" Jasper Eaton was running, with Travis following close behind. "Travis won. He has more branches than you. Some of your branches are bigger, so the piles look about the same size, but Travis as the most. I helped him count. Does he really win binoculars? He said if he wins he's going to let me look through them."

Jonas handed the binoculars to Travis. "Here you go. You won these fair and square. Take good care of them, okay?"

"I'll take great care of them, Captain Jonas. First thing tomorrow, Jasper and I are going to use them watch for rescue planes."

After the children were asleep, Jonas called a meeting of the adults and teens. "I have no idea how long it will be until we are rescued. Until then, I need every one of you do their part in keeping our group safe and healthy. Nobody wanders off alone. I mean it. If you must leave the camp, go in pairs and be on the lookout for wild animals."

Otis Dagmar stood and pointed at Jonas. "You might have been captain on the ship, but we are on dry land now. Who appointed you boss?"

The captain narrowed his eyes. "Nobody is boss. But as captain of the S.S. Goldfish, I am responsible for the passengers on this trip. There are things that need to be done and someone has to get our group organized. We need a volunteer to chop wood every morning, enough to keep the campfire lit through the night."

Otis sat down on the felled tree stump.

"I'll do it," said Carlos Lopez.

"You have any experience with an ax?"

"Carlos is my parents gardener," Athena Moneymaker said. " After he trims all the trees, daddy has him cut the branches into firewood. Mama loves a cozy fire on a winter night."

Rolf Nestor leaned forward, "You're her gardener? I thought you were her boyfriend."

"Ewww. No way. Daddy says I'm not to even think about dating the help," Athens said.

"I'm confused," Jonas said. "I thought you were her valet."

Carlos blushed. "I work for her dad. As long as he's paying me a salary, I'm anything she wants me to be."

The group broke into laughter and Ima Killjoy shushed them. "The little ones are asleep. If they wake up now, none of us will get any sleep."

In a hushed voice, Jonas gave the survivors a list of duties and asked for volunteers. Come morning, everyone had a job to do -- except Otis. He said his bad back prevented him from bending or doing any heavy work.

"Can you cook?" Jonas asked.

"Nah, I usually leave that chore to the women. Winston's only 12, but she's pretty good at heating up a can of soup or cooking a grilled cheese sandwich."

"How about fishing? Can you fish?"

"Yeah, I do that sometimes when the mood strikes."

"Great," Jonas said. "Your job is to make a fishing pole and use it every morning from the time you get up until it's time for lunch."

"I s'pose I can do that," Otis said.

"Okay, we'll call it a night. You all get some sleep. I'll keep the fire going."

A couple hours before dawn, the Killjoy's toddler daughter, Igrid, woke with a cry, waking up the entire camp. Rodney Merrymaker sat next to Jonas. "You go get some sleep. I'll keep watch until daylight."

When Jonas woke, camp was a bustle of activity. Rodney's teenage son, Zach, was in a nearby tree picking papaya. He and the other two teens had made a game out of foraging. Zach pulled off the fruit and dropped them down to Wanda and Winston. When Winston failed to catch one, Zach said, "You lose. You're turn to climb a tree."

The teens weren't the only ones monkeying around in the branches. The adults were assigned to take turns watching for any sign of a rescue team. Now, it was Catalina's turn to watch.

Jonas was surprised to see little Travis and Jasper swordfighting with two sticks. "I thought you two were going to be lookouts for our search party."

"We were," Travis said pointing toward the far side of camp. "But my dad says I'm too young for binoculars so he took them away. He said they are his until I'm old enough to have them back."

Jonas turned his head and spotted Otis Dagmar with his son's binoculars watching birds as they flitted from tree to tree, when he was supposed to be fishing for the afternoon meal.

I am really starting to dislike that man, Jonas thought.

17th Aug 2017, 6:39 PM
Jonas was surprised to see little Travis and Jasper swordfighting with two sticks. "I thought you two were going to be lookouts for our search party."

"We were," Travis said pointing toward the far side of camp. "But my dad says I'm too young for binoculars so he took them away. He said they are his until I'm old enough to have them back."

Jonas turned his head and spotted Otis Dagmar with his son's binoculars watching birds as they flitted from tree to tree, when he was supposed to be fishing for the afternoon meal.

I am really starting to dislike that man, Jonas thought.

I already dislike that man. He is lazy and useless. I think he should be exiled or something if he doesn't help out.

17th Aug 2017, 8:09 PM
You have a hell of a story here! Wow. Awesome!

Have you already created the following "chapters" in your mind, or are you creating it as you go?

17th Aug 2017, 9:30 PM
You have a hell of a story here! Wow. Awesome!
Have you already created the following "chapters" in your mind, or are you creating it as you go?

My game play is several rotations ahead of the story. I let the story play out, take snapshots, later sort through the snapshots and look for those that best tell what is happening in my game and in my imagination.

When I created Otis Dagmar, I knew he was going to be a grouchy, lazy, slob. But the story itself is created as I play. It's loosely based on the happenings and snapshots I am able to get in the game. (I have an entire rotation where I thought I took photos using hotkeys, but my Fraps was not up and running. So, I missed a lot of sickness shots.)

Because the story was getting too wordy, I added two set up pics. The ship is a close up of the neighborhood deco and I messed with the lighting in Photoshop. Also, I had Travis "tend tree" with some sticks on the ground to make it look like he was collecting branches. (In the game, "collecting branches" is reaching up, swiping the arm and voila -- branches in the inventory. Not very visual.)

I'd be in trouble if I had to create the chapters in advance because my Sims are not cooperative. For example, I created a female character specifically to get hooked up with a certain male character. It did not happen. ACR took over and she went a completely different direction. Then, I turn my back for a second, and another two Sims become a couple -- Sims that I really didn't want to together. Oh well. Love is blind, right?

18th Aug 2017, 9:04 PM
Otis is going to be a real problem, I can tell. I'm anxious to see what happens next with the survivors.

I like using ACR. It adds a little of the unknown to my game, so I can be surprised now and then.

19th Aug 2017, 2:12 AM
Otis is going to be a real problem, I can tell. I'm anxious to see what happens next with the survivors.
I like using ACR. It adds a little of the unknown to my game, so I can be surprised now and then.

(A bit of spoiler -- something yet to come in the Shipwreck Island saga.)

If you really want to be surprised, add the "Real Sickness" mod from MATY. I used the revamped version by pioupiou -- less chance of fatalities -- and my Sims are getting sick, sick, sick! I've got two that I'm really worried about. With only 25 Sims on my island, including children and teens, I can't afford to lose anyone.

21st Aug 2017, 1:34 PM
Nice story :) Are all your sims (except the first two) living on one lot? And do they have to do all their foraging on the home lot or do you use community lots as well?

22nd Aug 2017, 6:07 AM
Nice story :) Are all your sims (except the first two) living on one lot? And do they have to do all their foraging on the home lot or do you use community lots as well?

At this point in the story, the rest of the Sims are on a giant lot together--though that did not last for long. Most of them slept on logs or in little lean-to style beds, though some took turns on the two cots or in the tent. On that same lot is a pond, which provides fresh fish for dinner--in addition to the food in a camping cooler, which they also took with them when they fled the sinking ship. The pond is handy because provides water for their tree-trunk bathtubs (which is on the opposite side of the lot--not smart Sims!) When a Sim "cleans" the tub, in my view, they are changing the bath water. (I use my imagination a lot in this game! LOL)

Also at this point, all foraging, fishing and hunting is done on the survivor group's lot, but that will change, too.

22nd Aug 2017, 9:10 AM
Life went smoothly the next few days. Most of the survivors did their share to make life on the island tolerable.

Every morning, immediately after breakfast, Carlos Lopez chopped firewood.

David Eaton dug two deep holes in the ground for pit toilets, and then helped Ivan Killjoy tie together pieces of bamboo to make walls to give the potty-goer a little privacy.

Captain Jonas and First Mate Rolf studied survival books.

Even the children helped out by catching fresh fish for their evening meals.

Life wasn't all work on the island. There was plenty of time for a walk or reading one of several romance books Wanda Eaton had tucked inside her beach bag.

A little bit of twisted vine and a slab of wood hung from the branch of a tree made for a fine swing.

But full stomachs, private privies and makeshift playground equipment were not enough to keep the survivors happy. As the elation of being safe on land waned, the agitation that comes from daily living in discomfort increased.

A few of the survivors cursed the rescue party for being too inept to quickly find the lost survivors. Several of the adults stomped their feet like children when they found someone else sleeping in their favorite lean-to. Parents complained that their children would never catch up on missed schoolwork. And Sims without small children griped about the two toddlers who refused to sleep through the night.

Then came the day when Ivan Killjoy took it upon himself to tell young Jasper Eaton about the secrets of the Woo-Hoo.

Jasper's dad, David, was not happy when Jasper ran over and told his dad all he had learned that day.
"This isn't working out," David Eaton said, pointing at Ivan. "Either he goes or I take my family and leave."

"I can't just send someone out into the wilderness alone," Jonas said. "We've seen a couple of deer and a few rabbits, but who knows what other kinds of wild animals live on this island?"

Otis Dagmar, put his hands on his hips and glared at the captain. "Why do you think you are the one who gets to decide who stays and who goes? We outnumber you here. If the group decides Killjoy should leave, then we can make that happen whether you like it or not."

"Better watch what you say, Otis," Captain Jonas said. "If anyone gets voted out of this camp, I don't think it will be Ivan Killjoy."

The look on Otis' face when he realized what the captain was hinting at, caused Elaine Dagmar to break into giggles.

In a huff, Otis grabbed a fishing pole and headed toward the pond. "The rest of you can stand around and goof off. I'm going to do something productive."

Now, the rest of the camp was laughing -- all except for Rodney Merrymaker.
Rodney was concerned about the safety of his family, especially his youngest child, Gretchen.

Later that night, while the captain and first mate were busy studying survival books, Rodney Merrymaker pulled Ivan Killjoy aside. "Our little ones are a problem. As soon as we put one down, the other wakes up screaming and in the process wakes the entire camp."

"There's nothing we can do about it. They're toddlers. Toddlers cry."

"We don't know these people, what they are capable of, especially if they become severely sleep deprived. For their sanity and the safety of our families, I think we should make our own camp a little farther out," Rodney said.

"I don't know. There's safety in numbers. Besides, what would we do about cooking? The only stove is the one we got off the ship."

"That propane tank won't last for long. Besides, all we need is a fire. And I've got an idea to make bathing easier. I went to engineering school, and I know I can build a shower -- with your help, that is."

"A shower? Like with hot water?"

"I wouldn't say hot, but warmed by the sun. So yeah, a warm shower."

"I like to cook," Ivan said. "Think that engineering brain of yours can figure out how to build an oven?"

Rodney smiled. "I like to eat. I think an oven is doable."

Early the next morning, Rodney Merrymaker and Ivan Killjoy moved their families to a clearing in the middle of a nearby bamboo forest.

22nd Aug 2017, 9:53 PM
I like the way you describe how things are made and the way the castaways think and make decisions. This is a very enjoyable story!

28th Aug 2017, 4:45 AM
The Merrymakers and Killjoys became one big family with everyone pitching in to make life on the island a little less difficult. Matilda and Ima became close friends. They often took turns watching the children while the other caught up on much-needed sleep. When both mothers were busy or exhausted, the older children kept the younger children entertained.
Rodney and Ivan also made a good team. Rodney used his engineering education and Ivan his mechanical experience to add a few comforts to their new home. Bamboo, it turned out, was the perfect plumbing resource. After digging two pit toilets, the men built a water tower. Rainfall would collect in the barrel and gravity allowed the water to flow to a makeshift sink, tub and shower. No more hauling water, except during a dry season.
A toilet, sink and shower is nice, but none compare to a decent night's sleep -- something the two families desperately needed. So, the next project was to build a hut for the two youngest shipwreck survivors.
If one of the toddlers woke in the middle of the night, she'd awaken the other toddler with her cries. But even with both of them screaming at the top of their lungs, the rest of their family slept peacefully outdoors in a lean-to or on a log.
Rodney was pleased with all they'd accomplished. He hadn't seen his wife, Matilda, this happy in a long time.

28th Aug 2017, 7:34 AM

28th Aug 2017, 10:17 AM
On the other side of the island, Barnaby and Stanlee have different approaches to island living. Barnaby spends every day on the island as if he's on an extended vacation. When he's not reading, lounging in the shade of the lean-to, building sandcastles or sunbathing, he's napping in his hammock or foraging for coconuts and papaya.

Stanlee, however, used his time preparing for the days ahead. He hollowed out a tree trunk to bathe in, made a pit toilet, built an in-ground cellar to store his food and chopped down trees to make way for a cabin. He'd need it come winter. It was hard enough sleeping on a log in the fall.

Early one rainy morning, Stanlee was awakened by a ruckus in the bushes. Probably another wolf, he thought. They'd often come in at night or early morning to kill a duck or rabbit. Just to be safe, Stanlee reached for his makeshift ax, a sharpened stone attached to a wooden handle. Before he could grab it, something small ran out of the bushes chased by a dark-fur wolf with glowing eyes. Stanlee stood to his full height, waved his arms and yelled. The wolf ran away. The small furry animal it had chased stepped timidly toward Stanlee.

It was not a rabbit, a duck or even a skunk. It was a dog, a beagle, just like the pooch Athens Moneymaker had on the ship. Could it be Athens dog? No. Athens and the rest of them were long gone, rescued, lost at sea, or worse. Stanlee reached out to the small dog. It tucked its tail between its legs and ran back into the bushes. Sure that it would not work, Stanlee kneeled down and called to the dog. " It's okay, Mitzy. I'm not going to hurt you."

To Stanlee's surprise, the beagle crawled out from the branches and leaves. "Mitzy? Is that you?" The dog wagged its tail. Stanlee poured a little chopped venison into a slab of tree bark then backed away. The dog ate greedily, as if it had not had a meal in days. When it was finished, Stanlee called to it again. "It's okay, Mitzy. That's a good girl. Yes, you are." This time, when he reached down to pet the dog, it rolled onto its back so Stanley could give it a belly rub.

The next morning, Stanley walked down the hill, across the flatlands to the beach where he'd left his friend. He wanted to tell Barnaby about the beagle he believed to be Mitzy. He also wanted to see what progress his friend had made in preparation for winter.

Stanlee was dismayed to find the section of beach exactly as he'd left it weeks earlier. Barnaby was in the hammock reading a book. "Where did you get that?" Stanlee asked.

Startled, Barnaby flipped out of the hammock and onto the ground. "Hey, you shouldn't sneak up on a person like that."

"I didn't sneak. I just walked like I always do," Stanlee said. "So, where did you get it, the book?"

"It washed up a few days ago. The pages are wrinkled but the text is still readable. It's a book about knots, all sorts of knots. I bet it belonged to Captain Grumby."

"Tying knots can be handy, but it would be more comfortable working on them in some kind of shelter from the sun, wind, rain and snow."

"This is the beach. It doesn't snow at the beach," Barnaby said.

"Beaches have hurricanes."

Barnaby glared at Stanlee. "Well, a bamboo hut isn't going to save me from a hurricane."

Stanlee looked around, shook his head, then climbed up a papaya tree. He tossed the ripened fruit down to his down to his friend. "Here, put these in your cellar. You did build one, right?"

Barnaby shrugged. "I started to but then--"

Stanlee slid down the tree, landing with a thud. "Then what?" Stanlee asked. "Then you had to build another sandcastle? You had to darken your suntan? What was so important that you stopped building your cellar."

Barnaby grinned. "You wouldn't believe what I found. We're rich, Stanley."

"What are you talking about?"

"C'mon, I'll show you."

Stanlee followed Barnaby to a wooden cask with a metal coffee pot on top. "Wash up on the beach?"

"You mean the barrel? Yeah, it washed up, the coffee pot I found in the water while swimming. But that's not what I wanted to show you." Barnaby yanked a tattered piece of sailcloth off an old trunk, then opened the lid. Inside were hundreds of glittering jewels.

Stanlee's jaw hung open as he took in the site. "This washed up on the beach?"

"No. I found it while digging the cellar. It has to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maybe more."

Stanlee nodded. "Yeah, if we were in Paradise. Or even back home. But it's not worth anything here. Considering our predicament, that empty barrel is worth more to us than what's in that chest. At least we can burn it to keep warm."

"This is going to save us," Barnaby said. "If someone comes by in a boat, we can use it to buy our passage off this island."

"If someone comes by in a boat and finds us stranded here, they'll probably give us a lift off the island free of charge." Stanlee closed the lid on the trunk. "Grab a shovel. We're going to build that cellar."

Stanlee stayed at the beach with Barnaby for three days. They built a food cellar, leveled some of the terrain and put up a fence to lessen the wind.

But Barnaby refused to build any sort of real shelter. "If I build a hut, it'll be like giving up on the idea of being rescued. I'm not going to let that happen. I'm counting on someone coming by to rescue us."

"Nothing wrong with hoping for a rescue. But you need to be reasonable. It might be weeks, months even, before someone sails, paddles or flies past and sees us here. We need to be prepared. And I need to get back on the mountain. At the rate I'm going, winter will be here before I get the cabin walls up."

Barnaby cocked his head. "Need help?"

"That depends. You offering?"

"That depends. You serving trout for dinner?"

Stanlee slapped Barnaby on the back. "Trout it is. But not until we fell a few more trees."

Emperor Crat
28th Aug 2017, 5:29 PM
Great update! Mitzy is rather adorable, and the pictures are very realistic in terms of arrangement! I wonder how they'll get off the island, if they ever do...

29th Aug 2017, 4:26 PM
I like the fix to the problem of screaming toddlers waking everyone up! The Merrymakers and Killjoys are a great team and their settlement is looking good.

Aw, I'm glad Mitzy survived and has found Stanlee. Stanlee's a good guy, and Barnaby is lucky for his help.

1st Sep 2017, 11:07 PM
Day after day, Stanlee and Barnaby chopped down trees and stripped them of the bark.

The nights grew chilly and, to Stanlee's dismay, some of the logs he intended for his cabin had to be used as firewood. Barnaby now understood why Stanlee wanted a cabin. There was no way someone could survive a winter in the forest without some sort of shelter.

Stanlee wasn't the only Sim worried about Winter. While several of the survivors still acted like they were on a camping trip, Jonas Grumby feared the survivors were unprepared for the harsh weather ahead. There was very little propane left in the camp stove and the cooler they'd taken from the ship could not hold enough food to get them through winter.

While the air became cooler, relations between several Sims grew warm.
Young Jasper made a friend with an island wolf and taught it how to shake.
Rolf Nestor and Carlos Lopez flirted with Athens Moneymaker. Carlos even grew so bold as to kiss her, right in the center of camp.
Their public display of affection embarrassed Elaine Dagmar.
But the embarrassment Elaine felt was nothing compared to seeing sweet, innocent Gina Matthews make out with David Eaton, the Captain and Elaine's brother, Otis. Not once, not twice, but again and again--and in front of each other and everyone, including the children!
Even Wanda Eaton, a teenager with a surging hormones, could not control her romantic impulses when she made a pass at Rolf. Thank goodness there was no private place for any of them to slip off and woo-hoo, Elaine thought.

2nd Sep 2017, 1:51 AM
@SIMelissa I like your post on Barnaby and Stanlee and I do think Stanlee is doing much better than Barnaby.

How did you do the Food Cellar Picture?

I wanted to tell you that you missed the ending tag on this pic.

Wonderful pics and a wonderful story.

2nd Sep 2017, 1:57 AM
@SIMelissa I like the romance going on and how one of the sims was embarresed by all the goings on.

Maybe you could have a tent or two wash up ashore?

2nd Sep 2017, 3:09 AM
Thanks for the heads up on that link. I fixed it.
Isn't that cellar awesome. It's a CC fridge here on MTS: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=289069
On Barnaby's lot, I just lowered the ground a bit so he has to walk down a short set of stairs to reach the steps to the cellar.

I'd like to take the credit for Elaine being embarrassed, but she did that all by herself. I was just lucky enough to see it when I was taking a pic of Carlos and Athens.

Funny you should mention things washing up on shore . . .
We'll see a bit of that in the future. My play is several installments ahead of my stories.

3rd Sep 2017, 12:53 AM
:rofl: Things are definitely heating up, and poor Elaine is going to have to hide out somewhere if she doesn't want to spend all her time being embarrassed for others.

8th Sep 2017, 6:10 AM
The Killjoys and Merrymakers were enjoying a breakfast of fruit salad when Regina Dagmar strolled into their camp in the bamboo forest. Ima Killjoy and Matilda Merrymaker did not think highly of Regina. Neither of the women liked the way Regina looked at their husbands. So, when Regina walked up to chat, the women stood and started cleaning up the breakfast plates and putting away the leftovers. Rodney Merrymaker, finished with his meal, was already tending to the little ones.

Thinking nobody was looking, Regina flirted with Ivan Killjoy, who responded favorably. Matilda Merrymaker hoped Ima had not noticed, and she asked Regina to leave. But it was too little, too late. Ima Killjoy saw it all.

Back at Survivors Camp, Regina feared the news of what happened would get back to her sister. The last thing she wanted another lecture from Elaine. So, she made up a story that Ivan Killjoy had hit on her, and she made sure everyone heard it.

Captain Jonas Grumby was not surprised. When the Captain met Ima Killjoy, back on his ship, his first thought was, "What a vonnie!" His second: "Why did she marry him?" Jonas had met men like Ivan Killjoy before. They were always on the prowl for women, even when they were married. The Captain, not wanting to hear further discussion about Ivan Killjoy's flirtations changed the topic. "You know, we should build a hut like the one they built for their toddlers."

Elaine stopped eating and look at the captain. "Does this mean you don't think we'll be rescued?"

Captain Grumby rubbed the back of his neck. "We've been here two seasons already. I think we better take precautions. If we are still here come winter, we have a warm, safe place to hold up until the snow melts. If not, then no harm done."

"I agree," said David Eaton. "I worry about my kids sleeping outside night after night.

"Your too soft on your kids," Otis said.

Carlos Lopez said, "It would be good to have some sort of shelter, but we don't have enough bamboo. We used almost everything nearby to build the toilets and the bathing room."

The Captain shrugged. "No problem. We'll use bamboo as a frame and we'll fill in the opening with palm fronds and plant leaves. If we layer them thick enough it might even insulate better than using bamboo alone."

Work began early the next morning. Carlos used his handmade axe to cut down bamboo. Rolf and the Captain used swords they'd taken from the ship to whack off palm fronds and plant leaves for the walls. David carried the supplies, one armload at a time, back to camp where the women used hemp to weave the leaves and frond into frames of bamboo. Nobody saw Otis until lunch. Later in the day, Rodney and Ivan showed up to help. They also brought two twin-size beds, just like the ones they made for their older children.

The survivors worked until nightfall. They'd finished the floor and three walls of the hut.

"We might have enough supplies to finish the last wall, but we still need a roof," David said.

Carlos shook his head. "We've cleared out most of the available foliage within a half mile."

Captain Grumby rubbed his chin. "Then we need to venture out farther from home."

The next morning, at breakfast, the Captain made an announcement. "I need all the men to come with me to gather more bamboo and tall grass for the roof."

"Why just the men?" It always irritated Regina when the women were left behind to do menial chores like cook or was dishes. "I'm not helpless. I can cut and carry just as much as any of you."

Otis nodded. "She's strong. She can take my spot. While you're gone, I'll catch some more fish so there will be plenty to eat when you return."

The Captain shook his head. "No, Otis. You're coming with us. Regina, we can use all the help we can get so anyone who wants to come is welcome. But I need one of the women to stay behind with the children."

Otis huffed. "My kids don't need a babysitter. They can take care of themselves."

"I'm sure you're right about that, Otis," the Captain said. "Those children of yours are very self-sufficient. Still, I think it would be best if someone stayed behind."

"I'll do it." Catalina stepped forward. "I love kids. We'll play games, do some fishing. It'll be fun."

"You already have a job," Athens Moneymaker said. "You are my traveling companion. Wherever I go, you go. I'm going with them. That means you are, too."

"Athens, I've been meaning to tell you something. I quit! And, by the way, you owe m for two-and-a-half seasons of companionship. I'll send you the bill as soon as we are back at civilization."

Athens stomped to a nearby log, sat down and pouted. "Then I'm not going. I never go anywhere without a companion."

Before Carlos could find his voice, Rolf Nestor stepped forward. "I'll be your companion. You can walk with me."

Athens stood, smiled and linked arms with Rolf while, a few feet away, Carlos Lopez fumed with jealousy.

Emperor Crat
8th Sep 2017, 3:26 PM
Great update! I love your consistent inclusion of pictures and dialogue. I can't wait to read more of what will become of the stranded Sims...

8th Sep 2017, 4:30 PM
Not nice, Regina, not nice at all.

Good for Catalina; she doesn't need to put up with Athens' nonsense, especially when she's not being paid any more. I felt sorry for Carlos, though.

16th Sep 2017, 3:27 AM
Oh my! I am so very far behind in my posting!
Or maybe I've just been playing too much.
I just realized that I am heading into winter -- the next winter after this winter that my story Sims are preparing for!
I'll try to do a little bit of catch up in the next few posts.

The survivors headed toward the beach to look for reeds and hardy, tall grass to insulate the huts roof. On their hike, David Eaton spotted what looked like a small camp at the far end of the beach.

"Hurry," David said. "Maybe they've got a phone and can call for help."

"Or they can point us toward town and we can call, after we grab a burger and fries," Rolf said. "I'm sick of living on fish, coconuts and papaya."

"Be careful," the Captain warned. "We don't know who might be living there. They might not be as happy to see us as we are to see them--and they might have weapons."

"I'm not afraid," Athens said. "I've got Rolf as my companion. He'll protect me. He has a knife."

"I've got the ax," Carlos said. "I'll protect you."

"You think you and your ax can take on me and my knife?" Rolf, his eyes bulging, pointed at Carlos.

Carlos lifted the ax. "Yeah, I do. Come over here and I'll show you."

"Knock it off, you two," Captain Grumby said. "If there's any fighting to be done, it won't be among ourselves."

"There he goes again," Otis said. "The Captain doesn't even have a boat and he still thinks he's in charge."

"Shush," the Captain ordered. "I hear something. Sounds like voices."

The group now quiet, huddled close to one another and listened. Sure enough, along with the sound of the ocean waves, the survivors heard voices.

The group hurried through the patch of tall grass and saw two men on a knoll, above the beach. One was in the trees. The other was on the ground, catching the coconuts the first man tossed down.

"Hey, it's Barnaby and his friend, Stanlee," David shouted. "They're alive."

Elaine, usually quiet and reserved, ran toward the men and gave each of them a big hug. "I'm so glad to see you. We thought --." She lowered her head. "Never mind that. You're safe and that's what matters."

The celebration was short. Soon, Carlos and Rolf were arguing again. David stepped to keep them from fighting. Meanwhile, Stanlee confronted the Captain.

"You left us for dead," Stanley said. "You climbed into your safe lifeboat and left us behind, knowing that we might well die out there. All you cared about was saving yourself. You didn't care at all about what happened to Barnaby and me. What kind of captain are you?"

"Hold on," Captain Grumby said. "You've got the wrong idea about what happened out there."

"That's right," Elaine said. "The Captain didn't want to leave you. None of us did. But after we loaded up the lifeboats with our supplies, one of them broke loose and the other started taking on water. Barnaby insisted that those of us who were already in the lifeboat go, while it could stay afloat."

"I don't believe you," Stanlee said. "Barnaby would have told me if that was true."

Barnaby stepped forward. "It's true, Stanlee. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. I didn't want you to be mad."

"Why didn't you get in the lifeboat and go with them?" Stanlee glared at Barnaby. "You could have saved yourself."

Barnaby shrugged.

"He stayed to save you," Carlos said. "To be honest, I don't think any of us would have made it had we waited another ten minutes or taken another man into the lifeboat. We barely made it close enough to swim to safety when the lifeboat started to sink. Rolf and the Captain grabbed the ropes with their teeth and pulled in the supplies as they swam. Several of swam to shore with a child on our back, clutching us around our neck. In the end, Barnaby saved us all."

"You're a fool Barnaby Benefactor. A fool that I'm proud to say is my best friend." Stanlee grabbed Barnaby and hugged him.

16th Sep 2017, 4:18 AM
That afternoon, all of the survivors--including Stanlee and Barnaby--gathered at the Survivor Camp to finish the hut. Then they feasted on a meal of trout and coconut. They celebrated finding each other. They celebrated finishing the cabin. They celebrated because they were alive--and because they could.

Captain Jonas Grumby woke early the next morning. He'd had another nightmare about the shipwreck--and about leaving Barnaby and Stanlee behind. "No more," he whispered. "No more of these nightmares. Every last one of us is safe."

Captain Grumby walked around the camp, checking for any signs of an intruder. There had been a bear once and a boar another time. This morning, all he saw were deer tracks.

The Captain peeked into the hut, where the children were sleeping on beds Ivan and Rodney had made for them. The rest of the survivors were sleeping on logs, in a tent or in lean-tos outside. Captain Grumby smiled. It had been a good week. A very good week indeed, he thought.

An hour later, Regina woke Elaine. "I'm going to go to the beach. Do you want to go with me?"

"The beach? Why? We have enough reeds and grass."

"I just want to go. C'mon. Get up and come with me."

Halfway to Barnaby's beachside camp, Elaine guessed the reason for her sister's beach trip. "You want to see Stanlee, don't you? I saw you flirting with him yesterday."

"So? What if I do?"

"He doesn't live on the beach. Barnaby does. Stanlee has a cabin up in the forest."

"I know. But he told me that he was spending the night on the beach with Barnaby then heading to his cabin after lunch."

"Ah. I see. And I guess you are hoping for a cozy little invite?"


The rest of the afternoon went mostly as Elaine expected.
There was lots of flirting.

And kissing.

But none of it included her. Even when they were teens, Regina always had always stolen away the boys' attention.

While Elaine cooked a meal of sea bass on the grill, Barnaby and Regina got into an argument. Neither would say what the argument was about. But it made Regina so angry that she slapped him silly--not once, but twice.

Elaine tugged at her sister's arm. "That's it. We're going back to camp. You two will have to finish your prize match at another time."

"You go," Regina said. "I'm going to the cabin with Stanlee."

"You barely know him, and now you're going to stay overnight in his cabin?"

"No. I'm going to live with him in his cabin. He asked me to move in."

16th Sep 2017, 5:34 PM
I feel silly, but it shows my gameplay. I swore that when Regina and Elaine walked down to the beach, they'd find the guys fooling around. :giggler: Guess I was in the mood for some heartbreak!

16th Sep 2017, 7:23 PM
@SIMelissa I like how Stanlee and Barnaby are met by the rest of the survivors.

Regina moves fast since she is moving in with Stanlee so soon.

I do like how you tell such a good consistent story. I would likely do the same if I could :lol:

As it is I just post how I play along with some insight into the inner workings of my Sims since that is what I can do.

I really like how your story is progressing and I am waiting with some anticipation for some more.

{Thinking of Rocky Horror Picture Show when I type Anticipation. :lol: }

17th Sep 2017, 5:11 AM
@SIMelissa I like how Stanlee and Barnaby are met by the rest of the survivors.
Regina moves fast since she is moving in with Stanlee so soon.
I do like how you tell such a good consistent story. I would likely do the same if I could :lol:
As it is I just post how I play along with some insight into the inner workings of my Sims since that is what I can do.
I really like how your story is progressing and I am waiting with some anticipation for some more.
{Thinking of Rocky Horror Picture Show when I type Anticipation. :lol: }

@lordtyger9, thanks for the nice words.
I think many of us play in a similar manner. As we go along, we construct a story in our heads. Putting that story to paper can be difficult, especially if one's talent lies in another area. I can write a sentence, but these days I can't seem to do a simple math problem in my head. If you were to ask me what 7 + 8 is, I'd have to take off my shoes so that I could count my toes as well as my fingers!

And yes, Regina does move fast. She was slapping Barnaby and kissing Stanlee without any help from me. I had someone else in mind for Stanlee, but I guess he and Regina had other ideas. So, I just went along with it. Sometimes I do ... sometimes I don't.

20th Sep 2017, 5:12 AM
Gosh I miss this game (PS2 Version, the PC version sucks) so much.

I remember it having a beautiful athmosphere, especially the second island

This song reminds me of the game, I don't know why


21st Sep 2017, 10:30 AM
Gosh I miss this game (PS2 Version, the PC version sucks) so much.
I remember it having a beautiful athmosphere, especially the second island
This song reminds me of the game, I don't know why
I am surprised that you liked the PS2 version but not the PC version. I love the PC version. I never played it on PS2, but my son says it was boring. I guess that's why there are different versions--for different people. :-)
I like the Shakira song. I have the Laundry Service album and enjoy almost every song on it.

Finding Barnaby and Stanlee alive and well changed life on the island. Not only did Regina move in with Stanlee, but now other survivors were wondering if they, too, should create their own version of home outside the commune-like Survivors Camp.
Otis was the first to bring up the idea during a group gathering. As usual, he used it as an opportunity to complain about Captain Grumby. "The Captain acts like he is island president and the rest of us are supposed to do what he says. I'm sick of it. I'm going to take my kids and move to the beach."

"You mean after winter, right?" Elaine asked her brother.

"No. Barnaby sleeps on the beach in a hammock. The kids and I can do the same. Maybe I'll even dig up a treasure chest like Barnaby did."

"A treasure chest will not keep your family warm or put food in their stomachs," the Captain said.

"See? There he goes again. Lecture, lecture, lecture. I'm sick of it. Me and my kids are moving out tomorrow."

Later that evening, Otis asked Gina Matthews to move with him. "Winston is an okay cook, but she's not as good as you."

Before she could answer Otis, David Eaton countered Otis' offer. "I'd like you to move with my family. If you can wait a day, I'll build us a hut and maybe even a bed to go in it."

Gina was speechless for a moment. She was smitten with Otis, David and the Captain, unsure of who she liked best. So, she looked at the situation from another perspective. She could go with Otis, be a much-needed mother to his children and sleep on a hammock on the beach. She could go with David, be a mother to his children and live in a hut. Or she could stay at Survivors Camp and hope that the Captain would make a similar offer if he chose to move. The choice was clear. Winter was coming, and she'd not slept in a bed for months. She turned to David, "If you promise to build a hut and a bed, I'll move with you."

David, thrilled with Gina's decision, grabbed Gina and kissed her while Otis could only watch.

On the other side of Survivors Camp, Rolf was making a deal with Barnaby. He agreed to help Barnaby build a pit toilet and shower contraption like the one Rodney Merrymaker and Ivan Killjoy built for their family camp. In return, Barnaby would give Rolf a tent that washed up on shore and a diamond ring from the treasure chest.

The next morning, Otis shuffled his kids off to the beach, David built a bed big enough for two, and Rolf convinced Athens to live with him, in the tent he bartered from Barnaby.

On the second day, Carlos Lopez and his sister, Catalina, built a comfortable hut with two bedrooms and a small eating area between. Carlos was heartbroken by Athens decision to move in with Rolf and spent most of his time relaxing on his bed and sulking. Catalina was glad to finally have a bit of time away from the Survivor Camp crowd, but she realized she would need to learn how to cook if she and her brother were to survive.

With only Elaine Dagmar and the Captain left in camp, they decided to take up residence indoors. Theirs was not a cozy arrangement. Elaine and the Captain slept in separate beds on opposite sides of the room. The Captain even turned his bed so that he would not face Elaine when he lay in bed to read.

Meanwhile, Rolf and Athens woohood until they both imagined they heard music.
Rolf knew it was the perfect day to ask Athens Moneymaker, millionaire heiress, to be his bride.

23rd Sep 2017, 5:42 PM
I hope Captain Grumby forgives himself. He made a decision to save the most people possible and that's all he could do.

I'm glad all the castaways have found each other. I'm worried there will be a big problem with Rolf and Carlos, and the fighting will be bad for everyone. Will Athens say yes to Rolf's proprosal? If she does, will she actually marry him? I can't wait to find out.

Gina is very practical and logical, almost the opposite of Regina. It will be interesting to see where their choices lead them.

26th Sep 2017, 1:21 AM
Athens married Rolf in the only way they knew to marry on a deserted island -- by a simple verbal agreement to be husband and wife.

Meanwhile, Matilda Merrymaker was still ill. Initially, she thought the queasiness might have been the too-ripe papaya. Now, she feared she might be pregnant. For days she'd wanted to say something to Rodney, but could never find a private moment. Family camp was hectic and it did not help that Rodney and Ivan were often away on their failed hunting trips. Day after day, they'd leave early and return late -- most of the time without anything to show for it. Matilda began to wonder if hunting was their excuse to get away from the camp full of women and children.

The next morning, Rodney had already left before Matilda awoke. He and Ivan and the rest of the men had been summoned to Benefactor Beach to see Barnaby's newest ocean acquisition. Barnaby was always finding something but whatever he found this time, he thought it was important enough to call all the men to his beach to see it.

"I bet it was that poker table from the lounge," Matilda told Ima later that day.

When all the men were gathered, Barnaby opened the wicker basket he'd found floating in the ocean and pulled out the diver's helmet. Then he stepped into the suit and modeled it for the men to see.

"I bet there is plenty of good stuff on the bottom of the ocean between this shore and our boat. All we need is a team of divers to bring it up," Barnaby said. "Who's with me?"

"The suit is from my boat but I have no idea how to use it, or if even works. It was in the hull when I bought the boat. So, if you think I'm going to be your diver, then you'd better think again."

"I took a diving class in the county swimming pool the week before we were shipwrecked. I'll do the diving, " Barnaby said. "But I need others to help pull the stuff on shore after I find it and tie a rope to it."

"One class? In a swimming pool? That's no training."

In the end, Barnaby got his way.

On his first trip into the ocean, Barnaby returned with a rusted cast iron cooking pan and an aluminum coffee pot. "I saw a stove down but it looks pretty banged up."

"I need a stove," Otis said. "Tie a rope to it and we'll pull it up."

An hour later, Otis was the proud owner of a dented stove. Sixty-five minutes later, Otis was lounging in Barnaby's hammock, where he spent the rest of the day reading a book that Carlos found floating in the water.

The rest of the men worked until it was too dark to see anything. They recovered an old chest of drawers, more tents, kitchen items, barrels of oil, cans of gasoline and an antique sewing machine.

:!!: (Note: There was a photo snafu, so I have no pictures to go with the rest of this section of story.) :!!:

"The sewing machine belonged to my mother," Otis yelled from the hammock. "I'll take that home to Winston."

"As I recall, when you came on board all you had were your kids and a bag of potato chips," the Captain yelled back.

"I didn't say I brought it. I just said it belonged to my mother. One of my sisters must have brought it but neither of them know how to sew. Winston will learn how to use it. I'll see to it that she does."

The Captain shook his head. "There is no yours and mine on this island. What we recover today belongs to each of us. We share in order to survive. Understand?"

"A sewing machine that may or may not work isn't going to be good to people who don't know how to use it, or may not even try to learn."

Arguing with Otis was arguing with a fence post.

"I'd like you all to take some books home with you. Do you best to dry them out, read what you want over the winter, and come spring, we'll build a hut where we can store them together for everyone to share. A library, of sorts," the Captain said.

"Speaking of winter," David said. "Gina, the kids and I have built ourselves a shelter. But Otis hasn't done anything on his property. I don't care if he freezes to death, but I'm worried about his kids."

"I agree on all counts," the Captain said. "Tomorrow, we'll meet at the Dagmars. We'll spend one day--no more--building a hut for the kids. One room for each."

"I can't make it," Rodney said. "I shouldn't have come today. Matilda is feeling worse. I need to be with her."

Matilda leaned into him and whispered, "I think I'm pregnant."

"I've thought that for awhile now," Rodney said.

"It's not the same. I feel really sick this time," Matilda said. "I'm scare, Rodney. I don't want to give birth to our baby in a lean-to."

"I know," Rodney said. "And I've been meaning to talk to you about that. You know how Ivan and I've been going off hunting every day, but coming back mostly empty-handed? Well, we've not been hunting. It was supposed to be a surprise. Ivan and Stanlee have been helping me build a cabin at the base of the mountain. It's small. It'll be cramped, but it's ours. We're moving to the cabin and the Killjoys will be staying here in the hut."

The Dagmar's got their hut -- which ended up twice the size the Captain had planned. They built one large room, which was supposed to be divided into two bedrooms for the children. But Otis said that he and Travis would share that room, and that he'd need another one built for his daughter. So, the men started building a second room. Again, Otis dictated how he wanted it be.

"There needs to be a room between ours and hers. I don't want her waking us when she gets up to fix us breakfast."

And so, the Dagmar's ended up with a three-room hut, the smallest room for Winston.

Rolf had planned to build a home for himself and Athens, but before he had a chance to ask if she'd prefer a hut or a cabin, he caught Carlos flirting with her. Rolf was so angry that he broke up with Athens. As with their divorce, there was nothing legally binding, just two people agreeing their marriage was over. Athens left and Rolf sulked in the tent where they had shared many good woohoos.

26th Sep 2017, 4:12 AM
Um... Isn't Athens in the family way? Things will get really interesting when she figures that out.

And honestly, someone needs to take Otis's kids. He plans to work one kid like Cinderella and he sort of ignores the other one!

But, a great update to hear on the group. Thankfully most of them won't freeze to death come winter.

26th Sep 2017, 5:56 AM
By the time Rodney moved his family into the small cabin, he wondered if it was too little, too late. Matilda had taken a turn for the worse. Yes, she was pregnant but on top of that she'd contracted a plague, one that was extremely contagious. Rodney became ill, as did his son, Zach, and both daughters.

Now, more than ever, he wished he'd started the cabin sooner. There had not been enough time nor lumber to complete the cabin he'd imagined. By the time Matilda became so ill that he was forced to move his family indoors, he'd barely finished two rooms. One was a large living area that served as the dining room and kitchen. Theirs was the only indoor kitchen on the island. The other room, which was originally intended as the master bedroom, was too small for the entire family. So, Rodney and Zach had added another wall in the living area, turning a small portion of it into a food storage room. In there, they set up Zach's bed.

There was no floor in the cabin, just bare ground covered with layers of dried grass. But there was a fireplace where the family could cook and warm themselves. And for that, Rodney was thankful.

Carlos had also been fighting the illness when Athens showed up at the Lopez's hut asking if she could move in.

Catalina was furious. She told Athens that her timing was bad, that Carlos was sick and the last thing she needed was some spoiled brat demanding to be waited on. Athens started to sob. She begged Catalina to reconsider. I have no place else to go. I promise that I won't treat you like hired help. In fact, I'll be your hired help.

Catalina knew Athens had no skills to speak of and would be of no help around the hut. But Catalina, whose heart was bigger than her pride gave in. She told Athens that neither she nor her brother would be giving up their rooms. Athens would have to sleep on a bed in the eating area. To Catalina's surprise, Athens agreed without argument.

Stanlee and Regina both became ill, too. Without children or other pressing responsibilities, Stanlee and Regina were able to spend the day sitting or lying down.

It was about this time that Captain Grumby issued a quarantine order in an effort to stop the plague from spreading. Otis had told his children that if were to get sick, he'd not follow the Captain's orders. So, when he first started to show symptoms, Travis and Winston tricked their father into going in Winston's room, then they shut the door behind him and barricaded it closed with barrels they'd filled with sand. Otis was not happy about it.

The Captain and Ivan made lanterns for each of the households with instructions to put the lantern on the front lawn if anyone in the home was ill. In addition, the ill members were to be separated from the rest of the household.

By the time Ivan dropped off a lantern at the Leigassy residence, Regina was feeling better. She even had enough energy for a quick woohoo -- with Ivan!

In a matter of days, more than half of the island's population fell ill. Not all of them were able to regain their energy as easily as Regina Dagmar.

Matilda Merrymaker had no energy at all. Twice, she'd passed out on her way to the toilet. The second time her mother fainted, Anna, sick herself, broke the quarantine. She sneaked out of the house and ran to the Eatons for begging Gina Matthews to help her mother. Gina whipped up a pot of her Grandma's Comfort Soup and gave it to Anna.
"Make sure your mom is hungry enough to eat the entire bowl at one sitting," Gina had said.

Anna did as she was told. Almost immediately, everyone in the Merrymaker household felt their sickness slipping away. Everyone except Matilda. She did not have enough energy stay awake and eat her soup. Anna sent her mother to bed and put the last serving of soup in the cooler. Anna would try to get her mother to eat after she'd had some rest.

Matilda wasn't the only one fighting for her life. Carlos' became so ill that he started having nightmares about dying. All Catalina could do was wring her hands with worry.

27th Sep 2017, 6:46 PM
@SIMelissa I just caught up with reading your latest posts. Love how everything is going.

I am always pleased to see another update of your Castaways and their life.

I really can't stand Otis. I always think of his poor children.

I hope that a lot of sims don't die of the sickness going around.

I love the PS2 version of Castaways, never did get into the PC version as yet.

27th Sep 2017, 9:33 PM
Oh my, a lot happened! Great update.

I'm worried about Otis' kids, too. Might be a good idea to just leave him locked in that room.

I hope (almost) everyone pulls through. Poor Carlos, even having nightmares about death. I'm worried about Matilda, too, and her unborn baby.

27th Sep 2017, 10:14 PM
Just as an FYI, I'd just installed "Real Sickness" from MATY ... and boy, oh, boy, did my Sims get sick! It was a stressful time for their overseer, too. LOL

Lordtyger9, I've not played either of the Castaways games. I've read that they have spear fishing in the ocean, monkeys and other fun stuff. But I am thankful for the clothing and objects that people were able to convert from Castaways to TS2. They've made this game loads of fun. In fact, this is the most fun I've had since I started playing Sims.

28th Sep 2017, 1:00 AM
Just as an FYI, I'd just installed "Real Sickness" from MATY ... and boy, oh, boy, did my Sims get sick! It was a stressful time for their overseer, too. LOL

Lordtyger9, I've not played either of the Castaways games. I've read that they have spear fishing in the ocean, monkeys and other fun stuff. But I am thankful for the clothing and objects that people were able to convert from Castaways to TS2. They've made this game loads of fun. In fact, this is the most fun I've had since I started playing Sims.

MATY has a lot of great stuff. I like several of the mods found there and other people like a lot of the others as well. Most of it even has documentation. RTFM...hope that you know what that means. :LOL:

heh me I have this healing well that I place on most lots if the Sims in question have enough money.

Having fun is what the Sims is supposed to be, people have vastly different styles in what they do and how they play, but I am sure that most people are having a great time. I know that I really enjoy playing with my Sims and then I get to blog about them here too.

28th Sep 2017, 10:38 AM
I loved playing castaway on my wii! I always lend it at the library!

2nd Oct 2017, 9:14 AM
Athens slept on a bed in the central room of the hut that served as the indoor eating area. To Catalina's surprise, Athens did not complain or make demands. She even helped with the household chores. When Athens wasn't doing chores or quietly reading on her bed, she walked around the lot, looking for something to do.

Catalina's surprise reached new levels when she overheard Athens saying a prayer for Carlos. In all the years Catalina's mother worked for the Moneymakers, Catalina had never seen Athens pray or show concern for anyone but herself.

Catalina looked out the window at the flickering lantern. It was cold outside, but still no snow. Their first winter on the island would be mild as far as temperatures go, but it was not going to be an easy winter. For the first time since being shipwrecked on the island, Catalina realized how dangerous life could be without a hospital, a doctor or life-saving medical supplies.

Catalina wasn't the only person looking at a lantern light. When Gina Matthews stepped outside the Eaton household's hut, she was at first confused by the many lights she saw. Then, she realized it was the glow of lanterns, the lanterns meant to warn healthy Sims to stay away or risk contracting the highly contagious plague.

"I can't just stand here and do nothing while so many of our friends are sick," Gina said to David.

"You heard the Captain. The sickness is something that has to run its course. Once it stops spreading, it will die out."

"What if our friends die first?" Without waiting for an answer, Gina rushed to the food cellar and grabbed an armload of vegetables.
Gina cooked a pot of Grandma's Comfort Soup, a recipe passed down through many generations. Nobody knew for sure which grandma perfected the recipe, or if it was even a grandma from her family linage. All they knew was its name, and that it worked miracles when someone was ill. Gina delivered the serving bowl of soup to the Dagmar house, her closest neighbors, then she made another batch and took it to Rolf Nestor, who'd greeted her with a wave.

The sun was up by the time Gina got to the Lopez homestead. At first, Carlos did not feel he had enough energy to eat. But after the first few spoonfuls of soup, he began to feel better. By the time he finished the bowl of Grandma's Comfort Soup, he felt well enough to sit outside and read.

Athens and Catalina took turns giving Gina a hug. For the first time in days, they had hopes that Carlos might survive.

Gina continued to cook and deliver until every plague-inflicted family had a bowl of the healing soup.

Though exhausted, Gina planned to fix her new family breakfast before she went to bed. But when she walked into the cellar, all that was in there were a few leftovers from previous meals. Gina started to cry.

David and Jasper ran out of the hut to see what was wrong.

Gina wiped her tears. "I used all our food supplies on the soup. I was so focused on cooking that I didn't notice until just now. How will we get by the rest of the winter?"

"There's always food on this island," Jasper said. "We can pick up bananas and coconuts or go to the lake and catch fish."

Gina shook her head. "It's winter. The pond is frozen. And there is no fruit in the trees. We do have a few leftovers, but it will be difficult to make them last the winter."

David's jaw tightened. Gina could tell he was angry but, as usual, he hid it well. He turned to scrub the soiled grill. "We'll figure out something," he said.

Gina hoped he was right. The few leftovers they had would not last long.

2nd Oct 2017, 10:48 AM

OH My now they have to worry about having enough food.

Good news is that you survied being sick, bad news is now you may not have enough food.

Good Update!

2nd Oct 2017, 11:41 AM
This is really interesting and wow you're game installing that sickness mod. One way to get around eating at least with couples is dating, you can raise motives with it or meditation if anyone can do that yet.

2nd Oct 2017, 6:12 PM
Poor Gina. They'll definitely have a food issue, but she did the right thing! Likely their neighbors will remember what she did and help them when the food runs out.

And how is the Real Sickness mod working for you? Is it sort of overpowering or just right for the season and situation?

2nd Oct 2017, 10:43 PM
And how is the Real Sickness mod working for you? Is it sort of overpowering or just right for the season and situation?
I had a great time with the real sickness mod! It hit almost everyone the first winter and was quite a challenge to keep up with. The sickness was extremely contagious and took days to get under control. A couple of my Sims were ill for at least four rotations. I just couldn't seem to get them to sit long enough to recuperate. Silly Sims! I had one Sim, little Gretchen, who caught it twice. Without Grandma's Comfort Soup, at least two of my Sims would have die -- maybe more.

My game play is a full Sim year ahead of my posting. I'll catch up, soon. Nothing all that exciting going on these days. In the year that followed the plague, there was no more outbreaks of the plague. Not in the following Spring, Summer, Fall or even the Winter. I'm in the middle of another Spring (1 year & 1 season post plague) and a couple of my Sims just got ill again. This time, as soon as I noticed them being sick I isolated them away from other family members. It does seem to stop the sickness from spreading.

I'm not sure what triggered the recent illness after five seasons of no sickness. I tell myself it was the introduction of new Sims who brought disease with them. But it perhaps it was the addition of Cyjon's faster and frequent disease processing mods that I added around the same time. One of those mods was supposed to make the overall illness shorter, so they don't stay ill day after day after day -- like Carlos & Matilda. I had postponed Matilda's pregnancy, thinking it would help her recovery. But I learned that postponing only extends the pregnancy -- the Sims pregnant needs for additional food and rest continue.

For anyone wishing to add a little spice to their game, I'd recommend Real Sickness.

6th Oct 2017, 4:55 AM
Gina Matthews' grandmother's soup worked wonders on Matilda. After eating a big steaming bowl of the soup, Matilda felt well enough to go outdoors.

"I think you should stay inside," Rodney said to his wife. "We got a bit of snow last night and it's really cold."

"I want to go and sit in the sunshine for a bit. I haven't seen the sky in days. I promise not to do any work. I'll just sit and enjoy the view."

Never one to deny his wife anything, if he could help it, Rodney gave in. They'd barely made it out the front door when Matilda doubled over in pain.

"I knew it. I should not have let you talk me into this. We've got to get you back inside."

"It's too late," Matilda said. "It's time."

As Rodney watched in horror, Matilda gave birth to their fourth child. "Another girl," Matilda said.

They named their newborn daughter Ona, and put her in the crib in the cabin's main room that served as kitchen and eating area. Then we went to their bed to cuddle. Nothing more since they shared the room with their two oldest daughters.

"Come spring, I'm going to finish this cabin. I'll add on another bedroom and put down some real floors," Rodney said.

"What I really want is a shower like we had at the family camp. I am tired of sponge baths," Matilda said.

On the Lopez lot, Carlos was feeling well enough to leave the hut.

"I want to go for a walk," he said. "Let's all go over to Shipwreck Lake and fetch some fresh water."

"You two go ahead and go," Athens said. "I'm still not feeling well."

"You had a bowl of soup for breakfast," Catalina said. "You should be feeling at least a little better."

"Maybe a little," Athens said. "But not well enough to leave the hut."

"I think she's faking it," Catalina said to Carlos as they walked. "Either that, or she's a hypochondriac and believes she's sick."

"No. I think she's sick. I can see it in her eyes. She's not faking it," Carlos said.

"She ate the soup and she's not feeling better. You nearly died and a single bowl of the soup had you back on your feet in no time. It doesn't make sense," Catalina said.

"She can have another bowl of soup tonight. And I'm going to switch beds with her. She needs to rest."

Catalina shrugged. "It's your bed, your decision, but I still think it's an act."

While Catalina and Carlos were at the Lake, Rolf stopped by the Lopez' lot to see Athens.

"I forgive you for flirting with Carlos. I don't want a divorce. I want you to come home." Rolf reached out to hug Athens.
Athens recoiled. "I did not flirt with Carlos. He flirted with me. I told you that and still you kicked me out."

"I was mad. I was impulsive," he said.

"Now, I'm mad. And this is me being impulsive." Athens slapped Rolf. "Leave. Go now. I don't want to ever see your face again."

That night, Carlos warmed up a bowl of Grandma's Comfort Soup and watched to make sure Athens ate every spoonful.

The soup warmed Athens from the inside. "I think it's working. I feel better tonight," Athens said.

"You can sleep in my room." Carlos picked up the empty bowl. "I'll sleep in her, in your bed."

"You don't mind?"

"No. I want you to get better. You had the soup, now all you need is some rest.

Athens fell asleep moments after laying down. The covers on Carlos' bed kept her warm and comfy through the night. But when she woke up the nausea was just as bad as the previous morning.

"Maybe it's not the plague, after all. Maybe what's ailing me is something completely different."

Athens was quiet all day. So quiet that now Catalina was worried. When Athens went into Carlos' room to put on her pajamas, Catalina waved to Carlos to come outside.

"We need to do something, Carlos," Catalina whispered. "What if she has something that Grandma's Comfort Soup won't cure?"

Carlos' brows furrowed. "I've been thinking the same thing."

"What if it's contagious? It's one thing if we get sick, but we can't risk it spreading to everyone else. I think we need to tell her that she has to stay in your room until she is better," Catalina said.

Carlos nodded. "I'll tell her."

"Don't wait until tomorrow. Tell her now."

Carlos and Catalina walked back into the hut and found Athens sitting at the table.

"We need to talk," Carlos said.

"I'm not sick, I'm pregnant," Athens blurted.

"Pregnant?" Catalina looked accusingly at her brother. "Who's baby is it?"

Carlos, knowing full well that the baby was not his since they'd never woohooed, hurried to Athens defense. "It doesn't matter whose baby it is. All that matters is that Athens is not sick."

Catalina rolled her eyes. "Time for me to go to bed. I suggest you two do the same, but preferably in separate beds."

6th Oct 2017, 7:16 AM
Oooh, the plot thickens! :heyhey:

I wonder if Rolf and Athens will reunite over this baby?

Poor Matilda, having Rodney watch her give birth 'in horror'! So much for supportive spouses. :giggler:

Lovely update, @SIMelissa ! :lovestruc

6th Oct 2017, 8:13 AM
@SIMellissa I love mysteries, looks like we have one. :heyhey:

Another great update, I really enjoy the goings on in your game.

6th Oct 2017, 9:29 PM
Gina's such a sweetheart. Surely the neighbors she helped will help her family. I don't think she'd have done anything differently. She'd have had a hard time eating that stockpile of food if her neighbors had died in order for her to have it.

Rodney watched in horror. :lol:

Athens seems to be developing a little empathy. Carlos and Catalina are a good influence on her. I think she handled Rolf just right. Carlos is a great guy and I hope she continues to appreciate him.

6th Oct 2017, 9:41 PM
Oooh, the plot thickens! :heyhey:
I wonder if Rolf and Athens will reunite over this baby?
Poor Matilda, having Rodney watch her give birth 'in horror'! So much for supportive spouses. :giggler:
Lovely update, @SIMelissa ! :lovestruc

Rodney is actually a very supportive husband. He was just concerned about Matilda giving birth so soon after being sick, and doing it outside. :-)
Plus, I was going to use another photo with Rodney freaking out (in horror) but forgot and used a different pic.

8th Oct 2017, 4:45 AM
I just caught up with your story. It's wonderful! Such a wide range of characters and personalities. I look forward to seeing how the babies turn out.

And, on a side note, I love your use of custom content, especially Jasana's refrigerators!

Happy Simming :)