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4th Jul 2017, 3:04 AM
Hello! :)

I find that I am having trouble building without any kind of foundation. The recent contest I was in provided bases for each round, so I didn't have to come up with arrangements or unique shapes of my own. I was given a space to play inside of, and did so, mostly without problem. The issue is when I went to try and build something on an empty lot on my own... I just sat and stared at it, wondering how to even start! I really, really don't want to copy floorplans, so I'm hoping there are some tips to jumpstart creativity without them. Ideas? Not just for houses, but community spaces as well, as I'd like to build (or do) something for the bi-monthly theme.

I know there was more I wanted help with, but I am drawing a blank. Please feel free to look at my uploaded homes to get an idea of my skill level, and to see spots for improvement. Thank you!

4th Jul 2017, 7:18 AM
I always had the same problem which is why I didn't build much. I didn't even know what size lot to start with and often ended up building too big. The contest was great for me to realise I didn't need a huge lot and I have a better idea how big they actually are.
I try to copy from floor plans sometimes but I don't have great success with that.
How about just do some random foundation such as Jo did and see what you can come up with?
I know I will have the same problem when I get inspired to build another house.

4th Jul 2017, 8:06 AM
I would actually encourage you to copy floor plans. You don't have to keep them exact to the plan, once you have it down you can tweak it. Just use the foundation and don't even look at how they laid out the house. That should give you the same feel as the contest. I found using floor plans to be a big help and I can say that no house of mine that started from a floor plan ever stayed true to the floor plan, especially two story houses, the top floor inevitably morphed 90% from what was given.

I can tell you that while most were random foundations, the foundation with the 'nookie' corner as Petro called it and the bay shape on one side was an actual floor plan of a two story house that I found online.

4th Jul 2017, 3:57 PM
yavannatw, I realized the same. I don't need a huge lot, and I actually prefer to build a bit smaller. I'm not sure if I will ever build a mansion! Haha.

joandsarah77, great advice on copying the floor plan shape, but not the room arrangement! That way I can do my own 'thang' still. Haha! Nice to know that I have actually done that already without knowing it in your contest. You gave some great foundations in my opinion.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the input!

4th Jul 2017, 6:46 PM
It often helps to think about where the rooms are on a floorplan, instead of copying it to the tea. Like the kitchen, livingroom and diningroom are the hub of the house and the toilet needs to be close by. Then you have bedrooms, and do you want the nursery to be on the main floor or up with the parents room, or perhaps you would like both to be downstairs. Upstairs do you want a bathroom and the toilet downstairs, or a full bathroom downstairs and leave it at that. Then you have to think about how many bedrooms can you fit upstairs and do they need more bathrooms then.

When you think about size, there is really no point making the rooms too big. Let them have a tile or 2 on each side of the diningtable, and a couple of tiles in the kitchen. Perhaps you like to have a diningtable in the kitchen? You also have to think about how many will be living in this house when you decide on size for the hub downstairs. More sims need more space, just to avoid crashing into each other all the time.

7th Jul 2017, 5:08 AM
Hi Goldenbtrfly
It is quiet here on a holiday week, I think.

Inspiration comes from so many places. I keep a running list of builds I would like to do. I see something IRL and snap a pic of it with my camera. I browse through lots that others have done, here and on other sites. I look at house blogs and real estate listings. Sometimes I copy floor plans, sometimes I use a general shape of a real house for inspiration and then build the interiors from my imagination. Sometimes I build around one room. I usually start with placing different color floor tiles on the ground to see where each room can go. This way I can easily adjust the room sizes, and also the placement on the lot. Not that I haven't had to rebuild, many times, even with the best laid plans. I also like to gut a building that EA made and completely re-purpose it.

I think we have a list somewhere of people's favorite house sites. I will see if I can find a link.

Also, since this is a general question, and not specifically about TS2, you might get more responses without TS2 in the title. You can always add it back in if this thread takes a turn towards specific TS2 build techniques. Many of the builders in this group build in TS3, though many started in TS2, and the techniques are similar.

EDIT: Inspiration/ Floor plans

11th Jul 2017, 8:40 PM
Volvenom, very true on what you said regarding room placement and planning. I try to keep my starter space fairly tight, but I have noticed that sometimes there is little room for hobbies or extras. I know hobbies can be important to a point when it comes to needing skill items. That is something I definitely need to be more attentive to in builds. I am a definite fan of 1.5 bathrooms even in a basic 2 bed house. I guess it comes from growing up in homes where that was the norm. I am trying to get better at just having ONE bath, so money can go elsewhere.

attuned, thank you for the links! I will be sure to check them out and see what I can do. Good tip on the floor tiles. I try and place basic furniture and then draw rooms around them from that. (I think Peni Griffin gave me that tip in the contest.) I was recently revamping a starter home and it turned into a sort-of cabin... :wtf: so I can understand rebuilds. :lol: I should definitely re-do some of the Maxis homes, as they have great potential, but lack any kind of style.

Thanks everyone for the help. I really appreciate the tips. Hopefully my builds will get better!