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27th Sep 2017, 9:01 PM
So the last thread got Photobukkited (http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=593003) , although for some reason I can see the images there today. I thought I'd start a new one, with images on MYP so that you can all see them. :)



So, spring has sprung in Lacuna D, and that usually means cold rain! Luckily, the Nouveau-Riche family have a heated pool.


The person swimming in the pool is Tarquin, who grew up at last!


Finally, he can take care of himself!


Just like his elder brother. :blink:


Wilamena has been relaxing since Tarquin grew up- she did a fair bit of running around after him!


Francesca got a promotion- she has ambitions to reach the top of the entertainment career.


Tarquin starts a small business of his own... Allura Midlock is the first customer.


Something's going on with the Butler, Babbage, just lately. He set the stove on fire...


Shirks his duties...


And I even caught him acting suspiciously in the garden. The gnome has vanished, could he have half-inched it? :wtf:


Meanwhile, in the Lloyd household, Contessa Cherry has been having a dalliance with the lodger, Austin Powers. She flirted with him for a while and then had a wish to vamp him, so...


Emmett was very angry-


There was a fight, which is most atypical of Emmett!


Austin was kicked out. The landlord, Gregory House, looks completely bored by the whole thing!


Benton Gumpenfeldt moved house. He used to live in a small apartment with his roomie, Angela Merkel. But now he has a bigger place with his fiancee, Belle E Flopp.


The new place has a heated pool outdoors, which Belle and Gump like to use even in the snow!


Gump has a spare twin room, so he has two new lodgers to help with the rent. The house is in a nicer part of Lacuna D-


Poor Audrey Hepburn the papergirl, she has to wear those shorts whatever the weather!


Uh-Oh, Sim Sample caught Femme Fatale cheating on him. Oh, the scandal- is that Alaric Nouveau-Riche? This is what happens when a girl buys a pot-holder (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=5234987&postcount=53) ! :lol:


There was another thread on these forums recently about people's shops and businesses. This is Lacuna D's department store, called 'Gaylord's'.


I spotted Wade from Strangerhood there the other day.


Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen in Lacuna Delta lately is that Sal Sample finally won a cookery contest! Grandma's comfort soup, FTW!


Thanks for reading! :cool:

Emperor Crat
27th Sep 2017, 9:18 PM
Thanks for the update! That was a most fashionable clown. In regards to the food contests, do judges have a preference towards certain foods, or is it merely based on skill?

27th Sep 2017, 10:18 PM
Tarquin's elder brother looks like an interesting guy!

I'm curious about Babbage. What could be causing his odd behavior?

Wow, Emmett must have really been upset to react physically like that.

Looks like Gump and Belle are getting off to a good start, and being smart with their money.

I'm happy for Alaric that he finally sold that potholder. Maybe he will be able to balance his love of domesticity with his desire to make his father proud.

Hey, you can never go wrong using a recipe from Grandma. Congratulations to Sal on that blue ribbon.

I enjoy your stories and sense of humor.

27th Sep 2017, 10:30 PM
Lovin' that sun room!
And pink Mohawk!

Glad to see you're back!

28th Sep 2017, 1:07 AM
Awesome Pictures and I liked everything so far.

Loved the Sun Room.

28th Sep 2017, 1:24 AM
Oh I love your neighborhood! I get so jealous of good graphics cards and even better neighborhood planning!

4th Oct 2017, 4:28 PM
Thanks all for reading! :lovestruc

@Emperor Crat I think it's based on skill, although I don't think a burned high skill food will win. Anyone know for sure?

@Cher64 I think Babbage has been on the juice! :giggler: Do you remember Sims 1? If you had a nectar bar, the butler would drink it when you weren't looking...

@Charmful Thanks! I like that sun room too, wish I had one! :cool:

@lordtyger9 Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

@AliaD85 I don't know about planning as such, this neighbourhood has kind of evolved...

More updates coming up- this is the weekend in my rotation and it's still early on, with sims trying to form relationships and friends. So I'm warning you, love is in the air!

Our protagonist of the day, Blue Funk, had a date last nigh with Michael Caine and she got some roses:

I'll let you into a secret, Blue is a sim of me! I usually wouldn't play real life characters, but I made this one for when I was on the MTS staff and we made a celebratory card for Delphy with all of our self sims on it. So it was in my sim bin and it got put into the original Lacuna Delta for a joke, and made to swim in icy pools and date ugly townies and so on. Therefore, if it was in the original Lacuna D, it's in the remake. Muhahahaha! :D

Anyway, Michael Caine obviously loved my self sim so much, that he left a small gift. And so the fun begins...

No, Arnold- No...

Oogie-oohie ooohhh!


Aga oogie ooh ooooh!

Oogie oogie oohh aga oogie ooh ahhh!


(I kid you not, this went on for hours! :wtf: )

HG Wells: I say old chap, couldn't you change the tune or something?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Heeyy, oogie oogie ooohhh...


Eventually, I had to have someone distract him and then I grabbed that sucker and shoved it in the inventory mighty quick! :lol:

Blue got a promotion! (She's not very realistic)


Her friend Huw Edwards came over and they scoffed lots of Spag Bol (slightly more realistic, although Huw Edwards is usually on the TV)


This is true to life, too! (Although the sofa is marginally newer than mine)


Um, ooh-err! (I mean, I like playing cops and robbers in real life but I don't usually tell anyone)


I like you almost as much as that old bloke who runs the pawn shop!


I told you there would be hearts!


Now this I can relate to more... :lol:


{The neighbours} Stop that noise over there! We're trying to watch McGyver!



Okay, CUT! This is definitely not at all realistic. I've been married for over 25 years so none of that ever happens! (At least, not when I'm in the room :lol: ) :giggler:

:P :bunny:

5th Oct 2017, 6:09 AM
I like Blue Funk I think, she is a nice looking Sim.

Glad that she had a great Date. I really like it when my sims have a great date.

Nice pictures.

5th Oct 2017, 7:41 PM
I love Blue and her date! What a fun update to your story.

The first time one of my Sims got something besides flowers for a great date, I was a little surprised. I mean, seriously, no one ever brought me a piano in the middle of the night just because we had a particularly good time. :lol:

I do remember the nectar bar in Sims 1! Maybe that is Babbage's problem. :lol:

5th Oct 2017, 9:21 PM
@lordtyger9 Aww, thanks! She has less wrinkles than me, but the hair is about right. :cool:


@Cher64 Thanks for reading! :lovestruc No-one brought me pianos either, but I did once get a Ford Cortina! :D

I was playing Alvin Chip, a sim my daughter made about a million years ago. He is getting quite serious with a girl he met, so he thinks it prudent to kick out his current flatmate, Whitney Houston, in case of potential jealousy.


I will always love you! :lol:

The replacement roomie is Hank E. Pankey, and of course he's had a makeover at Femme Fatale's salon! :giggler:


"So, Hank- read any good Enid Blyton books lately?"


He seems better at cleaning up than Whitney, which is not difficult. Also, he jingles as he wipes! :D


Ahh, here she is, the object of Alvin's desire, the lovely Amber Nectar...


She's a bartender, not an abbatoir worker as the rubber apron would suggest. ;)

Alvin knows how to have fun, so he took Amber to the Bubblegum Bowl.



Is Femme ogling his arse? :blink:

After, they go to Bartoli's...



To sit in the cold and dark on the balcony! :lol: I really should redesign that restaurant, since that table is the first one the host seats guests at. I thought it would be lovely to sit out there on a summer's evening, but I forgot that Lacuna D doesn't have a summer... :giggler:

They make up for Bartoli's by going to the Apocalypse Arcade.




Nice pants, Alvin!




Wow, that date went stupendously well! :lovestruc


Unfortunately, there was no gift this time, just the roses. :( I mean, what does a guy have to do to get an electrono dance sphere?

Fortunately, Alvin's a cheerful sim, and after a few hours of hunting bugs he had forgotten all about his skinflint girlfriend! :lol:


Thanks for reading! :bunny:

5th Oct 2017, 10:24 PM
I love a good date. Did you make all of the places you went on your date? They looked like they were pretty good.

5th Oct 2017, 11:43 PM
Curses, Femme Fatale, another victim (or winner, if you are half glass is full type of person)!

You have juicy pics Simsample, keep them a coming! I'm also thankful that in sim world, electrical equipment doesn't freak out if left in the rain - thus preventing future oogie nights.

6th Oct 2017, 12:22 AM
I might be seeing this wrong angle wise but it looks like your sky ate most of a building (Arrival pic to Bartoli's the big tall building in the background) is that a common feature of sky boxes?

6th Oct 2017, 9:17 AM
@lordtyger9 Thanks! Yes, I made them all. The original version of Lacuna Delta had a downtown and a business hood, and I put my favourites from those into the main neighbourhood for Lacuna D 2017, as it has no subhoods. They aren't very complex builds- I tend to avoid things like stealth stairs or CFE or excessive clutter as I like to play them and take pictures. Anything which causes route failure or which distorts the ceilings or causes strange shadows is out! :D

@Charmful Now that would have been an amusing end, if Arnie had been electrocuted! :blink:

@SingleClawDesigns Haha, I see what you mean. No, that's actually how the building is- it's a pyramid shape and you're seeing a side that's flat on to the camera. Here's what it looks like from inside the lot- it's a nightclub called 'Club 42':

Here's what it looks like from Gaylords'- you can see Bartoli's to the right.

That long flat side looks odd, doesn't it? Also the lot impostors don't have the correct shadows, as they were imported from the old build of this neighbourhood. I need to fix that, but I also have a lot of decorating to do on that side of the hood anyway, as you can see from this image:


Anyway, here are a load of random pictures from the neighbourhood- to counteract all that lurvveee stuff that's been going on! :P








In the background, Sol Sample is bragging about the size of his warhead! :lol:

I recently removed Pescado's Apartment Hack, and I realised I'd forgotten all about the Landlord's parties! :cool: Free Pizza.


The lumpy mountains in the background are where there is a bridge- they don't show up from inside the lots. :(





I always take so many pictures of Audrey Hepburn the paper girl! :giggler:

Ethel Merman the maid is another of my favourite subjects, too! :lol:

Thanks for reading! :lovestruc

6th Oct 2017, 4:18 PM
I love all the hood shots. There is so much custom content that really makes the game beautiful, I can't imagine how I managed before I discovered it.

Really, if you can't brag about the size of your warhead, what CAN you brag about?

7th Oct 2017, 3:32 AM
You got some slick eye for composition, SimSample. I loved that pic of the hearts with the nuclear reactor in the background (not sure what else to call it since I associate it most with the opening credits of the Simpsons?) and also this new crack o' lighting shot in your recent post. Let me guess, more of Femme Fatale's handiwrok on striped polo, red-dreads, old viking dude (whom I've seen in your original hood thread), and naughty real-sized elf (oh nvm, that's Hank! But that could be his alias since he's coming from the bar)

If Femme is behind the rock chic symphony trench coat sim, she's doing something right because I am swooning.

8th Oct 2017, 4:54 PM
That is a feat of architectural ingenuity right there.

9th Oct 2017, 9:40 PM
Thanks all for the comments! :)

@Cher64 Yes, there have been some really nice CC for hood view made in the last year or so. It really feels like Sims 2 has had a bit of a revival! :lovestruc

@Charmful Aww, thanks! :bunny: Yes, they are all makeovers by Femme. Hank E Pankey, too! :lol: Which sim do you mean by 'rock chic symphony trench coat sim'?

@SingleClawDesigns Haha, thanks- but they are all quite straightforward builds really- and that club in particular isn't too good to play, on account of the strange angles and excessive height. It's fun to watch sims getting stuck in the corners, though! :giggler:

So, it's still the weekend in Lacuna Delta, although spring is in the air!

Sherman Boggle has a date with the lovely Jilly Jelly, and of course they go to Dino's Bar & Grill.

Sherman got roses too...

And a DJ Booth! Now how the heck are we supposed to get out through the door? :lol:

Later Sherman went out for a burger with his room mate, Huw Edwards.

They tried out the new skating rink-

It has a sauna in the outside grounds, to soothe those bruises!

Gunther Tyler has moved into a new apartment with his boyfriend, Nigel Mansell. Nigel used to be Tyler's room mate, but has gained status! :giggler:
*Whispers* "Who is that creepy woman looking at us?* :blink:

The new apartment is the same one that Benton Gumpenfeldt used to live in. It has a nice entertainment room downstairs with a hot tub.

Nigel popped the question!
Why is spaghetti the only food anyone eats in Lacuna D? :wtf:

Zeke Destitut actually decided to buy a mobile phone! He's a bit of a luddite, but is fed up of having to wait until his lodger, Eddie, has finished talking on the telephone. :giggler:

Another thing that Eddie does is to empty the fridge and not restock it. :|

Zeke decided to visit the local spa- eww, I hope he had a shower first! He dazzles the girls with fascinating conversation about the love of his life- money!

I think that's antibacterial hand cleanser that the masseuse is applying! :lol:

Lunch at Dino's- the waitress, Cubah Sugar, is actually getting better!

Back home again- spring is not fully here, yet.

*Sigh* The next door neighbour, Anne Widdicombe, is being her usual delicate self, tip-toeing up the stairs! :D

Zeke is the one who always seems to do the cooking. Eddie just likes to surf the web!

Ah, but Zeke's day is looking up! His girlfriend, Melba Toast, has arrived just as he was getting in some practice on his fiddle.

Melba likes to be entertained, so Zeke took her to the Lacuna Delta Botanical Garden.

Looks like Melba is lost in the maze!

Zeke plays on the swings whilst he waits for her to catch up.

Zeke shows an uncharacteristic streak of generosity when he buys Melba a gift!

He tries on a loincloth (there may have been some events in that clothing booth just prior to this shot, but as the last couple of updates have been full of hearts I decided to cut those!) :giggler:
Suits you, Zeke! :rofl:

Out for dinner- is that waitress stalking me?

Zeke manages to be quite charming-

But then he spoils it all! :anime:

Imagine waking up to this every morning!

Oh well, he got roses but no expensive gift. :(

Thanks for reading! :cool:

9th Oct 2017, 10:10 PM

The 'rock chic symphony jacket' sim is the sixth pic down in your 'show yet more' spoiler tag from your last post...if it helps, they have reddish-borwn dreads in a small pony tail? I dig their style and face paint but not sure if Femme is behind that.

That is a scrumptious burger shack and can't get any more intimate that a spaghetti-speedo proposal!

Again, it's a good thing electronics are fine in the elements otherwise that poor date gift would be toasted in a lightning storm.

10th Oct 2017, 5:12 AM

I enjoyed eveything, but there are parts that stand out in my mind. There was the scene in the Maze where Melba was lost and there was the Mutant Plant lurking not far away... I was worried that she might get eaten.

I liked the whole of Zeke's outing with Melba, I think it was very good.

My favourite food in the Sims is the Catfish. I have never taken pictures of my Sims eating anything though, so I can't show you.

I have never managed to get my Sims to woohoo in a clothing booth, not sure that they can in BV and earlier. Does anyone know? I also have trouble with the Photo Booths and I have decided not to bother with them.

I love the layout of your town and I love how the buildings look and I love how the businesses look, all quite good I think.

Me I tend toward the basic when it comes to design and the layout of my buildings. I am really happy with my Club that I created though. Others that I am happy with, my Strip Clubs, my Casino and my Swingers Club, Massage Place, and my Chess Club. I like to create as many different kinds of Businesses as I can think of, but the design of the buildings are pretty ordinary and basic though.

The Server with the Ears, is she an Elf? I have finally added the various Neighborhoods that I could as sub-Neighborhoods to Strangetown which is my Main and so I noticed that the Summerdream family all has the Ears. At the moment there are no other Sims with the Ears in my game.

I wonder how an Alien will look with the Ears? heh I will see if one of my Aliens has babies with one of the Summerdream family and then I will see eventually. I am not in a hurry though.

Great Update and Great Pictures as usual. Great job.

10th Oct 2017, 10:33 AM
@Charmful Ahh, you mean Ulysses Nouveau-Riche, son of the hapless Alaric! He secretly wants to be a vampire I think (one of his turn ons) and the outfit is one of the Maxoid Monkey ones (teen vamp). I actually created him like that- he was made in CAS along with his family, and though I did age him up in the old version of this world, I plan to keep him teen for a while here. Not sure whether I'll bother with Uni or not, as of course I'll have to build one first if I do that! :lol: Thanks for the lovely comments!

@lordtyger9 Thank you! I try to build lots that I'll enjoy playing, and lots that aren't fun usually get replaced. I'm pretty sure that clothing booth woohoo is a basegame thing, as the basegame booths have cameras on the top that angle down to look in the booth when it happens! :giggler: You just have to direct a sim to try something on, and then whilst he's in the booth have him click on another sim to 'woohoo'.

I need to create a casino! I think Zeke needs one, as they don't have betting shops in Sims 2 (and I think gambling would be something he'd do).

Yes, Cubah Sugar is an elf- I have a mod that enables townies to be created from the elf and alien archetypes- by Terrakosmos here. (http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php/topic,9028.msg247798.html#msg247798) There is also a mod on that page in the first post to fix two broken archetypes including the alien one, by Argon so get that one too. (http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php/topic,9028.0.html) I can't remember whether I showed you the mods from Theo which enable townies to be generated with alien skin/ eyes? Get them here, (http://simfil.es/216872) if you'd like them. I also like this mod by Mirablu (http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php/topic,11419.0.html) that allows townies to generate with beards and spectacles. So this way, I get more- ahem- individuality! :lol:

If you want Elf ears without the facial archetypes, Louis (Simcribbling, Ren) did some here on MTS (http://www.modthesims.info/d/216324) and there were some with a different shape from here old site which I uploaded here (http://simfil.es/332106) and here. (http://simfil.es/332105) They looked like this. (http://www.modyourpanties.com/hosting/80635_171010093038snapshot_10fbb33c_1101c3b0.jpg)

Thanks so much for the lovely comments! :)

10th Oct 2017, 7:15 PM
@simsample I got the Items that I use for my Casino: Slot Machines and Texas Hold'em Tables from The High Rollers Project (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=307946), I don't use the Craps Table myself as I don't care for the way it works, which is not very well to me, but you might find that is ok.

The clothing booth woohoo thing is very likely basegame, but I just find it very difficult to do the steps and the same thing more or less for the Photobooth. I just figure the sauna, the tent, the car and the hammock are good enough for me. :giggler:

I am going to check out the Terrakosmos thing and also the Argon one. I got the one from Theo, but I uninstalled it as Aliens born in game all ended up with Normal eyes instead of Alien eyes, instead of only some Aliens having the Normal eyes, and those with incorrect eyes showed the Alien eyes after I had removed the mod. I didn't test to see if it was a Mod conflict, I just removed it.

I downloaded the mods by Mirablu that allows townies to generate with beards and spectacles, but I didn't install them. I am wondering which would be the correct path so that I don't get the star on the Maxis beards and glasses, part of the path I can figure out. This is on my Mac and it is Contents/Home/Expansion Packs/Bon Voyage/TSData/Res/Catalog. Then I am not sure if I should I put them into /Catalog or Catalog/Bins or Catalog/Skins? Does this make sense?

10th Oct 2017, 10:05 PM
@lordtyger9 Ooh, I forgot all about the high Rollers! They did such a lot of great stuff, just like the Mod Squad. (http://www.modthesims.info/m/152302) :lovestruc Thanks, I'll download some of those casino games and use them for sure. :beer:

For the alien eyes, not sure why that would happen, as I've been having alien skinned, alien eyed babies and townies in game. I have Theos' mods loading last though, as they conflict with some other mods I have (like creaturefixes), and so loading them last means that they overwrite them. This is the readme:
Content mod: Unlock alien eyes for all skintones
The default game setting makes sims that inherit the alien eye gene and a skintone other than the alien skintone, to display the skin's default eye texture instead of the alien eye texture.
This mod removes the skintone restriction in the alien eyes definition, making possible to have sims with normal (or custom) skintones and alien eyes.
Update: If you want to have townies with alien skin, you should copy the new CAS_AlienSkin.package file.

For the Mirablu mod, as long as they are in the Catalog folder it will work. Catalog/Skins or Catalog/Bins would be best as that's usually where other overrides of this ilk are put, so it keeps things consistent. :)

So this is Atticus Benefact's weekend- he's having a break from the charity shop. He starts off by doing the crossword.

The paper was delivered by Audrey of course- obligatory Audrey picture follows... :giggler:

For some reason, Landlord Greg House was in a grouchy mood, and picked a quarrel with poor Charlie Chan. Maybe he was late with the rent? :wtf:

Greg House ordered pizza (maybe Charlie paid him after all?) and so we had some fun and games as the delivery sim tried to navigate the staircases and walkways.
There's always someone smustling! :lol: (I design my apartments that way- some people may be driven to distraction by constant smustles and foot stomps, but for some reason I find it funny. :cool: So every apartment has a public stereo and at least one narrow corridor! :P ) This apartment is one of my favourites to play because the staircases are fiendishly difficult to navigate, and there's no alternative route. Stamp your foot, maid! :D

During the weekend party, Nigel Farage seemed to think that he lived in Atticus' apartment, and stood staring at the wall for some time. Odd sim! :blink:

Atticus had some pizza and a chin-wag. :)

Atticus could take no more of the party, and went out for coffee. This lot is a cyber cafe called Macro Caffeinate and Jilly Jelly is our barista for the day.

Atticus played some games whilst he drank his coffee. What is Trevor McDonut so puzzled about, I wonder? :)

Grocery shopping on the way home at the Mad Rabbit:

Ummm, now, should I accept? :lol:
I wonder how Bette Yorlife met Father Christmas? :giggler:

A visit to Dino's for lunch:

Uh oh, is Femme looking at Atticus? :alarm:

Atticus went to Lake Secret to partake of the hot spring.

Seen any good plays lately?
The Sim talking to Atticus is Polly Hester Pantz, and this is the first time he's met her. :)

Whilst Atticus was relaxing in the hot pool, a fight was going on...
Wow, I would never have taken Fleur as being this vicious! I am shocked. I wonder what Floyd Pinkk said to her? He seems to rub most sims up the wrong way. :|

Later, a burger.

Did you know that I even have a public car park and toilet block in Lacuna Delta? It's that sort of place! ;) For some reason the sims seem to love it, so whatever... :P

Back at the apartment, and the smustle is still going on! :D

Sunday morning and Nery Raymond is giving Charlie Chan some makeup tips. :king:

"So you see, Floyd, Nery says that the secret is in a good primer..."

Polly Hester Pantz walked by, and so I had Atticus run out to greet her.

"...so I heard that Fleur was the one who started it, by asking if he liked pansies! Who would have thought it?"

I can tell by Atticus' face that he's wondering why her hair is long in the hot tub, but short outside...

Atticus was talking to Polly Hester for several hours, and still the smustle persisted! :lol:


See, there are hearts all round on the weekend! :help: (But Nery has finally stopped the smustle :( )

I think I'll open the shop tomorrow, thinks Atticus. It will be less tiring! :giggler:

Thanks for reading (or at least looking at the pictures)! :lovestruc

11th Oct 2017, 9:19 AM
Great pictures as usual and I enjoyed reading it as well. Very nice.

12th Oct 2017, 9:16 PM
Another fun update!

Sherman had a great day. I actually find it nice when a Sim can have a perfect day like that.

Gunther and Nigel seem happy. I hope they don't have a stalker. Maybe spaghetti is the only thing chefs in Lacuna Delta make well. :D

Eddie seems to be a rather thoughtless lodger; good thing Zeke is easygoing about it. Maybe that little temper tantrum at the restaurant is what cost Zeke an expensive date gift. Melba seems pretty tolerant, but not tolerant enough to reward that kind of behavior. Also, it's not like he went out of his way to make sure she didn't stumble upon the cowplant in the maze.

I remember the pizza parties; they were a fun way to get Sims acquainted with each other. I think I have the mod installed that eliminates them, though.

Is Trevor perplexed, or might he have lice? :lol:

Poor Atticus needs a day off from his days off!

15th Oct 2017, 4:33 PM
Thanks for the lovely comments! :)

@lordtyger9 Aww, thanks for reading, I'm glad you're enjoying my pics! :beer:

@Cher64 Thanks for the lovely comment! :lovestruc Ha, I was waiting for Melba to get eaten by the cowplant too, but she went looking for Zeke instead. The hack I had that stopped the pizza parties was Pescado's Apartment Hack, maybe you have that one?

Today I was playing Wade, and he's looking for friends. He chatted to a neighbour:

And one of his room mates, Rojo Caliente:
Wade has tried to flirt with Rojo in the past, but they just don't get on too well and there seems to be a bit of negative chemistry in play! :giggler:

The daily Audrey picture:
She doesn't look happy today!

Help! Apartment tree fire!
I have a mod to increase the intensity of lightning storms, so I get a lot of these! :cool:

Wade had a lucky chance card:
You can see his seedy apartment in that shot! :anime:

His other room mate is Theresa May, and things are going a lot better with her.
That's the most enthusiastic falling-in-love I've ever seen! :lol:

Fleur LaBelle the florist lives right out by the viaduct, in a little cottage.

She recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Leonard Rossiter. He has moved in, and things are looking good!

Fleur's a bit of a bossy sim though, and so she made Leonard get a decent job. They went to the Labour Exchange:

He has ambitions to reach the top of the military career, so he signed up!

I know what she's thinking-
"He has pointy ears, maybe we could adopt..." :lol:

He even took her out for dinner- Zom Zom's! (Sol is at the bar, as usual!)

Remember when Atticus went to Lake Secret (http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?p=5283162#post5283162) and saw Fleur fighting with Floyd? Well, it turns out he has some sort of an axe to grind with her...
"The gnome's going to get it!" :giggler: (Don't worry, no actual gnomes were harmed)

"Leonard, those undies are a disgrace! You would look great in slippers like mine, though."

Pregnant sims always have odd necks and pyjamas that clash with the decor! :P

Lenny in his work uniform:
Yeah, the bandana and face paint really add to the rugged appeal of that outfit!

In the quiet of night...

(Can you guess which Floyd sim kicked the bin over? :giggler: )

Thankfully, Fleur has a burglar alarm and the ploice woman saved the day!
The burglar's name is Bobson Dugnutt! :blink:

Poor Leonard was quite traumatised, that's his first red memory! :(
(He got to see a shooting star, though! :lol: )

I like the carpool vehicle that picked him up the next morning.

Thanks to Floyd, we now have vermin. :rolleyes:

The pest controller van is my favourite NPC vehicle! Look at his little tongue (do cockroaches even have tongues?) :lovestruc

Thanks for reading! :bunny: :bunny:

15th Oct 2017, 9:08 PM
Yes, I do have the apartment hack that prevents pizza parties. I just reread what the hack does and I think I like it enough to forego pizza parties.

Wade's neighbor seems a bit dramatic, but at least she's interested in what he's saying. That picture of Theresa May is hilarious. It's like she really didn't want to fall in love with him and now she's stuck with it. :lol:

I wonder what happened in Audrey's day to make her look like that.

Your picture of Fleur's cottage is beautiful.

"He has pointy ears, maybe we could adopt..." :rofl:

Atticus and Floyd, you aren't being very nice at all. :(

Huh. I think if my name were something like Bobson Dognutt, I might also turn to a life of crime. :rolleyes:

15th Oct 2017, 10:31 PM
I really Love the picture of the cockroach on top of the Truck.

Theresa May does look funny, lol.

I am now thinking of making a Labour Exchange in my game. sounds like a good idea. Especially in some of my new sub Neighborhoods of Strangetown.

Does he have Pointy Ears? I only have the Summer Dream Sims with Pointy Ears so far. I would think that they are Genetic.

Great Pictures as usual.

15th Oct 2017, 11:26 PM
Your hood is just so cool, simsample. I like it very much!

19th Oct 2017, 6:28 PM
Thank you all so much for the nice comments! :lovestruc

@Cher64 :lol: Yes, Theresa May isn't overly enthusiastic about anything! Wade is a bit of a dreamer, I can't really find a direction for him yet, he's Pleasure aspiration but has Family as a second so I'd like to get him a girl or boyfriend. Do you think Theresa May could be the one? Wade's LTW is to have 20 puppies or kittens, which isn't at all what I envisioned from what I already know about him! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipNPktZPkVg&list=PLUBVPK8x-XMgXaMMMqQi0b8FaGMqgq3pC) :anime:

@lordtyger9 Yes, the pointed ears are genetic in my neighbourhood as they are fromthe Maxis template. It all depends upon which features each parent have as inheritable, and the roll of the random (or sadorandom) generator! :giggler: I like the labour exchange for those times when a sim has a wish to get a specific job, but the job isn't in the newspaper.

@Lamare Thanks! I'm glad you are reading! :lovestruc

In Lacuna Delta, there have been a few shooting star sightings recently.

In the Nouveau-Riche household, Babbage still isn't keeping up with his duties. :(

Francesca goes to Sherman's Electronics shop, and buys a gadget to help with the cleaning.
Hmm, I hope Sherman designed it well!

So far so good...

Meanwhile, Ulysses (who is a pleasure sim) has been chatting to Audrey Hepburn every day, and they are getting along rather well.
:lol: Rare picture of Babbage doing some work!

Ulysses asks her on a date and this happened:
Yuk, more hearts! :giggler:

I'm not sure when Ulysses learned to drive, but he took the car anyway...

Uh-oh, cue the Unsavory Charlatan music! :blink:

Inside, this is going on-



Poor Audrey was so overcome with passion that she didn't realise what was going to happen-
Oh no, her paper round money! :(

Ulysses offers to buy her lunch- he still has plenty of money!
I think he was trying to console her. :lovestruc

Audrey wants Lobster, but knows it's too expensive. So she doesn't ask.
Looks like the waitress, Cubah Sugar, has learned to hold a pen (http://www.modyourpanties.com/hosting/80616_171009202101Bluefunk3442-Sep.-29-16.jpg) ! :giggler:

Of course, Ulysses buys her the lobster!

Sighted at the bar-
:rofl: Sal Sample and Austin Powers the vampire look perfectly in tune with each other!

Well done Ulysses!

Wow, Babbage is certainly trying his best today!

:blink: :wtf: Where the heck did Audrey find the money to buy that? If Ulysses had known, he could have made her buy her own lobster! :lol:

Gump has some friends over to tell ghost stories:

At the toy shop, Emmett Lloyd hires Jessa Bloggs to do the restocking. I don't think she really knows what she's doing, yet...

Ethel Merman empties the bins of the entire neighbourhood!

Emmett and Cherry look to be recovering from their falling-out:

Outside, it's still raining-


The pictures of Ulysses are especially for @Charmful !

Thanks for reading! :llama: :llama: :duck:

19th Oct 2017, 7:30 PM
OOOH I was about to say, this was a trove of rock star chic sim! Aka Ulysses, king of Audrey's Odyssey ;) Haha so maybe Audrey got a discount from Sherman. Could Sherman be supplying robots and mechanical spinning machines? Is Ulysses face design like a clan symbol or could it be, like all his kids if he has them will have the same face symbol? Or does each sim get their own, or is that all just up to...Femme Fatale???

Hmm I'm interested in a 'day in the life of Babbage' so see what all chores he does or does not do. And um...Jessa dear...the wall cannot be re-stocked.

19th Oct 2017, 9:52 PM
I love it when someone has a Great Date. I like Audrey besides. :lovestruc

I don't think it would be wise to ask Audrey where she got the ElectroSphere, sometimes it is better not to ask where someone obtained something. :D

Lovely pictures as usual.

20th Oct 2017, 3:41 PM
Rare picture of Babbage doing some work!
Was he? Or was he really just spying on Ulysses and Audrey? Their date was sweet, and Ulysses seems to be a pretty good guy, treating Audrey to something she could never buy for herself. Because she spent all her money and probably an inheritance on a post-date gift. :rolleyes:

I think Charmful has a great idea about a 'day in the life of Babbage.' Maybe we'd get an idea of why he does the (very few) things he does choose to do.

Maybe Jessa found some damaged bricks that need to be replaced? Or should we just feel good that in Lacuna Delta, there's a job for everyone, no matter their deficits?! :lol:

21st Oct 2017, 3:41 PM
Hi everyone, thanks for reading! :)

@Charmful I think the face paint is just a phase Ulysses is going through. Of course, Femme may get a say in that... :giggler:

@lordtyger9 I think you're right, I won't ask Audrey where she gets her money! I might not like the answer... :P

@Cher64 Haha, there is a very poor selection to choose from on the 'which sim to hire' panel. Jessa looked the most capable- we'll see if she learns! ;)

So it's a gloomy day in Lacuna Delta, and we can see Worthington Manor, home of the Nouveau-Riche family, on the outskirts of town.

Babbage has just turned up, and is already on a course for the upstairs rooms, to make five beds after the family have arisen.

Our family are all suffering from 'flu, thanks to an infestation of cockroaches. Alaric is going to call the exterminator, but he finds that Babbage has already done so.

Babbage cleans a toilet...

And Fran gets fed up of waiting for the table to be cleared of dirty dishes, and does it herself.

Babbage looks to be enjoying himself!

He cleans another toilet.
Well, you did ask for a day in the life of Babbage! I didn't promise it would be interesting. Plus, they have six bathrooms, and they all look the same. :wtf: :giggler:

Babbage discretely pretends not to overhear family gossip...

And cleans a shower upstairs.

Ooh, another toilet!
I think Wilamena chose the colour scheme, she is very conservative! ;)

The oven needs a clean...

And the bins need to be emptied.

The kids have gone to school and Fran to work, and the exterminator has done his job. So Babbage clears up the cockroach corpses.

There are a lot of them, and he's still doing it an hour later when Alaric goes out to pay the bills.

Oh look, the hedge needs trimming.

It took Babbage around 30 minutes to walk around to the side of the house, to where some bushes need a trim.

There are still plants left to do, but Babbage abandons them and saunters all the way upstairs to clean another shower.

For some reason, he decides to water the hall tiles... :wtf:

The teenagers are home and someone is hungry.

"Lunch, M'Lud".

In the back garden, a flower needs some water.

And there's one in the front garden, too.

OMG, he's back in the rear garden again, walking all the way around the swimming pool...

Who put those flowers all the way over there? It takes an hour to get to them! :lol:

It's beginning to get dark. Where's he going now?

As Tarquin is being tucked into his bed for the night, Babbage is still trimming hedges.

Looks like he missed some flowers earlier, better go back and water them now! :giggler:

Supper time. See, I knew he was capable of more than just egg salad! :anime:

Verity and Ulysses are having a deep conversation in the downstairs loo, and Clunky the CleanBot has taken it upon itself to mop the floor.

Clunky returns to his station and Babbage dishes up the salmon.

Whilst I was watching Francesca playing with a colleague she brought home, I missed Babbage picking on Ulysses.
They have negative relationship scores with each other! :blink:

Quick, call the social worker!


Wilamena doesn't look too concerned. She watches the squabble for a while.


"Grandma, what's a woohoo?"

"And is it expensive?"

"Never mind that, Ulysses dear, just remind me of the combination for the safe. I seem to have forgotten it and I put my false teeth in there!"
Babbage is pretending not to listen, but Francesca's clown colleague doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's listening! :rolleyes:

I think Babbage is stalking Ulysses...

Babbage watches some TV- he is still burning with fury!

After a while, he sits at the table in the office and stares at the computer. Maybe he's trying to guess Worthington's password? :blink:

Wilamena seems to have found her teeth and joins Babbage for a game of Mah-Jongg. She tells him how well the family investments are doing.

After a while, Babbage leaves...

And Clunky finishes the cleaning up. :D

Next week- A Day in the Life of Clunky The CleanBot! :lol:

In other news-

Ethel empties the bins of the entire neighbourhood.

Sim Sample gets his own flat!

This is what his parents did approximately 30 seconds after he left-
:rofl: Look, you can even see the taxi through the window!

Sim gets a new room-mate, called Homer Simpson-
D'oh! :lol:

Some townies fight-

Myshuno is played...

The police are spotted outside Zeke's shop-

A new casino opens in town (with thanks to @lordtyger9 for the inspiration):

Atticus gets a new friend-

And Wade meets the girl of his dreams. :lovestruc

More townies fight.

Oh yes, and we had a wedding (Fleur LaBelle to Leonard Rossiter):

And two births- first, Lester Rossiter:

And Luna Gumpenfeldt:

Obligatory Audrey:

Thanks for reading! :bunny:

21st Oct 2017, 4:08 PM
First of all, I love the pictures of the hood, is beautiful!

Second, Poor Babbage, he's having a lot of work with that big house!, Maybe that's the reason he's stress and fight with that teen..., so much work for that poor man, He should stole the money in the safe and buy a house in another place xD

Wonderful story! I will keep reading your hood story!

21st Oct 2017, 5:01 PM
Hahaha oh man this was a treat, thanks for showing us a day in the life of Babbage. There were more than a few times i laughed out loud and woke my husband up. I wonder why Ulysses and Babbage started their tiff? I have a feeling there's more aggression to come if you don't keep an eye on them when they are in the same room. Showing Babbage's day also showed off a lot of the manor, and it is beautiful; LOVE the interior rooms and that pool house, lounge/sunroom thing. Why are Wilamina's false teeth kept in the vault, are they made of gold???

21st Oct 2017, 9:53 PM
I liked looking at a day in the life of Babbage. The manor is beautiful, too bad that I suspect that I can't make one that looks that way since I don't have FT, AL and M&G etc. Oh well. :blink: :|

Do the lights on the exterior of your Casino work in BV and earlier? If so I would love to know where you got them. I want them in my game if possible.

Ooh almost forgot, why does Homer Simpson have one Alien Eye and one normal looking Eye?
Is it something you did? He does look cool. :cool:

22nd Oct 2017, 8:15 PM
I wonder if Babbage knew he was being recorded? It seemed like he did do a fair amount of work that day, albeit in a completely inefficient manner. Am I weird for thoroughly enjoying that sequence? I also laughed out loud several times.

This is what his parents did approximately 30 seconds after he left-

Lester Rossiter is as cute as can be! So is Luna, but Lester has such an adorable expression on his face.

24th Oct 2017, 12:52 AM
Thank you all for reading! :)

@srtv Haha, yes- I agree with you, I don't think I could put up with that family, so I don't see why Babbage should. Maybe he can find the safe, and make a getaway... :D

@Charmful I'm glad you like the manor! I think Ulysses is probably quite rude to Babbage, and as for Wilamena- I think she's going a bit senile, poor dear. :(

@lordtyger9 Ahh, I think you could probably make something very similar, it's not a very complex build and the only things that you'd miss are the windows which are AL, I think you have Seasons for the glass roof and the spiral stairs. Some of the furniture is AL too, but nothing that I suspect you couldn't replicate with custom content. :) The lights for the Casino are also from the High Rollers project- they require NL so you should be okay. (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?p=2057847#post2057847) Homer Simpson is wearing this accessory by HP. (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=324181) Cool, isn't it? :cool:

@Cher64 Ha, yes- I think Babbage did know I was watching him! You know how they look at the camera sometimes... :cylon: :giggler:

Of course, as you all know really, Babbage's problem is that I didn't design the place to be very easy to look after! I did put lots of doors so that he could get out and in easily, but I put a wall with no gate to one side of the house, so if he's trying to do the gardening or clean up cockroaches (the Nouveau-Riches seem to annoy a lot of people into kicking over their bins :lol: ) then he has to walk all the way around the lot to get from one side of the wall to the other.




(The black square room is a bathroom- the light was off! :blink: )

(The black rectangular areas to the left in the bedrooms are closets.)



I'll put a gate in that wall next time I visit the family, and maybe remove some of the flowerbeds. Is it possible to hire a gardener as well as a Butler? I don't think I ever tried that. Maybe I'll see if it's possible, to help old Babbage out a bit. I have rather a soft spot for him, but don't let him know! ;) :cool:

Thanks all for being so good to me! :lovestruc

24th Oct 2017, 4:27 PM
@simsample I love reading your posts

I am pretty sure that the Spiral Stairs do not come with Seasons. I will check again, but I am pretty sure that I don't have Spiral Stairs available. I do know that Seasons does have Greenhouse Roofs, so I could experiment with them I suppose. I have never really done much with Greenhouses up to this point. I do like to incorporate other people's ideas, but I seldom copy something totally, so I would just use elements if I could. I sort of like how I have my houses, rather simple in design they are mostly.

Thanks for the links! I grabbed the Casino Lights. I don't know why I didn't pay attention to them before. I also went and downloaded the Mismatched Eye and the Cyborg Eye it needs. I think I will have some of my Aliens have mismatched eyes. I already have some with human Eyes, so I am planning to add one Alien Eye to some of them. :giggler: I hope that this works.

I would guess that you could hire a Gardener even if you have a Butler, won't hurt to try that is for sure.

24th Oct 2017, 8:57 PM
I am pretty sure that the Spiral Stairs do not come with Seasons. I will check again, but I am pretty sure that I don't have Spiral Stairs available.
Correct, Spiral Stairs came with Apartment Life.

24th Oct 2017, 10:06 PM
HA! that mismatched eye thing is perfect for a character I have in mind and I don't even have to worry that it's genetic. The only drawback is that one is always brown so maybe i'll look into seeing how hard it would be to do an add on set to that where the brown is just a different maxis color each time so you can get a full range instead.

ETA:Or maybe HP just did it off a brown eyed sim to begin with to show it off because it looks like u can put it with different ones

25th Oct 2017, 1:43 AM
I'll never understand why my Sims chose some of the routes they do. I've got some at Uni in a small house and they will go way out of their way to use the back door instead of the front. It's because the stairs are too close to the front door, I'm sure, but there are open squares all around the landing. And they do use the front door at times. Maybe they just want to get their 10,000 steps at day.

26th Oct 2017, 2:38 AM
Let me guess...the multi-colored flame decal sports car is...Ulysses'?

26th Oct 2017, 2:29 PM
Thanks for all of the comments, it's nice to know someone is reading! :king:

@lordtyger9 I apologise, it seems that the spiral stairs are AL, as @Prah confirmed. So you don't have those... :( But for the design of this particular house, the spiral stairs are not critical anyway. The hallway stairs are M&G stuff, but I remember having some of a similar design many years ago, before M&G was released. So I think CC creators are way ahead of EA, it was just the animations that used to be the problem. I'm not sure if you can have an alien contact, although I know I do have alien contacts for both eyes... I'm pretty sure you could make an alien recolour of the mesh though- I couldn't find one already done on here. :| I'm definitely going to try to hire a gardener too!

@SingleClawDesigns Yes, HP just had a brown eyed sim to start with, and the contact she made picks up on your Default eyes. Hence, my sim had alien eyes, and I can give him any human colour as his second eye. If you take a look at the original upload for that mesh by Generalzoi, (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=101991) on the 'related uploads' tab there are lots of further recolours that people have made for you to look at. :)

@Cher64 :lol: Yes, Babbage does look very fit! I think he must get paid by the hour, and so likes to take his time. :cool: I'm going to swap a few things around to see if it makes things easier for him. :)

@Charmful :giggler: Yes it is, or at least it's the vehicle he took Audrey on a date in. The car that is being restored is Verity's. :)

So this is a collection of random pictures, to show what's been happening recently in my game...



More successes in 'Blonde Ambition'! :giggler:




Whatever did Homer say to make Sim pull that face? :blink:

A new maid in the town- her name is Constance Stench. I think it was all a bit much for Ethel to manage on her own!


Turned out that sim had a broken outfit and wouldn't go back into his apartment. I felt sorry for him and fixed it, but it was fun whilst it lasted! :anime:








:lol: Poor Sterling, five sims got struck in that hot pool whilst I was watching!





Verity has acne! :blink:


Yuk! :wtf:



A neighbour was complaining. :|

Zeke's new employee, Ann Chovie.




Zeke's girlfriend, Melba Toast, has had a makeover at Femme's salon! :blink:

Noisy neighbours woke them up. :(


Guess which lot that sim visited! :giggler:




Must be Ethel's day off.



New topiary park. ;)



Oh, Cubah... :(


There's Ethel! :cool:

:lol: Thanks for reading! :bunny:

26th Oct 2017, 4:16 PM
Thanks for all of the comments, it's nice to know someone is reading! :king:

@lordtyger9 I apologise, it seems that the spiral stairs are AL, as @Prah confirmed. So you don't have those... :( But for the design of this particular house, the spiral stairs are not critical anyway. The hallway stairs are M&G stuff, but I remember having some of a similar design many years ago, before M&G was released. So I think CC creators are way ahead of EA, it was just the animations that used to be the problem. I'm not sure if you can have an alien contact, although I know I do have alien contacts for both eyes... I'm pretty sure you could make an alien recolour of the mesh though- I couldn't find one already done on here. :| I'm definitely going to try to hire a gardener too!

@SingleClawDesigns Yes, HP just had a brown eyed sim to start with, and the contact she made picks up on your Default eyes. Hence, my sim had alien eyes, and I can give him any human colour as his second eye. If you take a look at the original upload for that mesh by Generalzoi, (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=101991) on the 'related uploads' tab there are lots of further recolours that people have made for you to look at. :)

:lol: Thanks for reading! :bunny:

@simsample I certainly admire your Sim's house, but I don't really want to try to make one like it except for the Sun Room part, I will try to make one using the Green House parts that come with Seasons when I get around to making a new house from scratch on the empty lots that have families needing to get a house built. I frequently use the Simlogical Mortage Shrubs when I am building one and then I pay off the mortage first thing.

I will try and remember to share a picture of my attempt once I make one.

I found these Alien Eye contacts that appear in the Face Paint section {MTS_AlienEyesUnlockedContacts_TNM} and I found that if you first put the Alien Eye contacts on and then put a Human Mismatched Eye in that I get the effect that I am looking for. I have a set of Default Replacement Eyes, but there is one Mismatched Eye that looked right to me in the set of Mismatched Eyes with the others looking odd. Anyway I am happy to report that I can have Sims with one Alien Eye and one Human Eye and they look pretty good. I changed one of my Human Looking Sims that has an Alien Father and gave her an Alien Eye. Made sense to me for her to have an Alien Eye and a Human Eye. I am going to change some of my Aliens with human Eyes later.

I will try and remember to post some pictures of the Sims once they have been changed, got one so far, I will try and post her tomorrow.

26th Oct 2017, 5:39 PM
Oh, fabulous @lordtyger9 - I'm glad you found a way to make it work for you! I never thought about layering the contacts. Nice find! :) Looking forward to the pictures.

26th Oct 2017, 7:16 PM
Oh, fabulous @lordtyger9 - I'm glad you found a way to make it work for you! I never thought about layering the contacts. Nice find! :) Looking forward to the pictures.

@simsample I love reading your posts partly because I get ideas.

I looked at my Default Replacement Eyes and I realized that I didn't have a full set, so I had to discover which set I was using, took me a while to find them on MTS...but I did and I downloaded the other colours and made notes while I was doing it :)

Oh yeah layering works, I think because the Alien Eyes I am using are coded as full face make up {or whatever that kind of make up is called} and the contacts are coded as accessories.

Not Genetic of course, but that doesn't make any difference to me. I just wanted to have Sims that have one Alien Eye and One Human Eye and too be able to mix and match is great. Yay! :bunny:

I can also have Sims that have mismatched Human Eyes and I am going to make some of them too.

Going to have to practice doing close ups. :)

Also I wanted to share what I found out as maybe there might be some others that want to do the same thing.

I am using Redsimmies Default Replacement Eyes. (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=266483), and I used the Contacts version of AlienEyesUnlocked (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=363688), plus HP's Mismatched Eyes (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=324181), and Different Colored Eyes by GeneralZoi (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=101991) all together works great.

26th Oct 2017, 7:39 PM
That was a fun update, and I have a few comments.

In your random pictures, the maid doesn't look as shocked as I would expect. Does she see kitchen sponge baths often? :blink:

I hope I never pass out in that hood -- the neighbors seem a little uncaring. :lol:

I just had a sim on her honeymoon get struck by lightning in the hot springs, followed by an unplayable. I made her husband get out in a hurry before he was next!

Zeke seems to like Melba's makeover.

It was great to see Audrey having fun on the stairs. :up:

5th Dec 2017, 1:50 PM
Hi all, thanks for the great comments! :)

I've been busy lately but am catching up today. I'm loving the Business theme you are all playing, so thought I'd show you a few of mine- although you've seen most of them already!

Benefact Lacuna Charity Shop

This is Atticus Benefact's business. He is a true philanthropist, using his time and money for the benefit of others. He has lived in Lacuna Delta for a long time and decided to try to beautify the surroundings, to cheer up a town that is full of dirty bricks and cold, wet weather.

Atticus lives in a tiny apartment:

His business is a bit bigger, and he does the sales and cash register.

He has one employee, Pat Butcher, who does the restocking. She is on the left of this image- the red head on the right is Anne Robinson, the local business critic.

Atticus is sure to be nice to Anne, and he always gets good reviews and 'The Best of the Best'.


Atticus sells all sorts of odds and ends, and if sims in Lacuna Delta are buying new furniture, they always make sure to donate their old things to the shop.

He is very persuasive, and has a lot of customers. His business is level 8 now, and Atticus always takes the cash business perks.

Recently, Atticus purchased the Lacuna Delta Common (the large lot in the middle) and renovated it, adding a coffee shop and toilets, plus play equipment. All with money raised from the shop. He donated it back to the community.

Blonde Ambition Salon

This is Femme Fatale's business, and she uses it as a way to meet hot men! :giggler: Also, it's one of my favourite to play, as it allows me to make my sims look silly.

Most of the customers seem to come in to study Femme's booty-


H.G. Wells (the man with the beard) is always there- he seems to like being around Femme!

Oh dear...

Sometimes she gives free makeovers to those who have had a bad makeover, but there are only so many hours in a day...

She has a gold cosmetology badge, and the business is level 6, but still she does more bad then good makeovers.

Some turn out perfectly...


Some, like Hank here, will never be changed because they have become local legends!
Femme has no employees- she works alone.

Zeke's Shack

This is the business of Zeke Destitute. He has one love- money! Plus, he likes to play the violin. :)

Zeke's is meant to be a kind of pawn shop, but not that many sims actually pawn anything. If they do, they will give a valuable item to Zeke and he'll give them a SimWardrobe cheque for part of the value, then if they haven't paid the loan back in a couple of rotations he sells the item. All of my sims in Lacuna Delta are currently doing quite well though, so mainly he sells junk. Like this toilet roll holder. My aim is to have one in the inventory of every sim in the neighbourhood! :lol:

Zeke's shack is at level seven, and Zeke does sales and cash taking, whilst his one employee, Ann Chovie, does stocktaking. She can't afford any decent clothes because Zeke doesn't pay much! :(

She's always farting hearts at him, though, poor girl!

Most of the items in the shop are quite small, but occasionally he has something pricey, which helps raise profits.

Zeke always takes the wholesale discounts for rewards- he's a good businessman!

The shop is quite cramped, which makes for some funny queue habits-

All of the famous local sims come to Zeke's Shack, including J.M Pescado (he was looking for books)...

...and Will Wright (who got sold a Will Wright scarecrow).

In other news...

A baby got abandoned...

...And later adopted. :)
(Unfortunately, one of the parents- Gunther Tyler- had a bit of a meltdown! :blink: )

Lacuna Delta gets a beach!

Okay, it's actually on a river...

But it's tidal, so we can pretend! Plus, it has ice cream. :lol:

Zeke got burgled- the police watched as his violin was stolen! :(

Oh, and as usual, Ethel emptied bins...

And Audrey got wet!

Thanks for reading, I'm off to catch up on all of your stories now! :lovestruc

5th Dec 2017, 4:54 PM
I like the Benefact Lacuna Charity Shop. I like how it is set up, selling odds and ends is cool I think. My business owners are always nice to the Business Critics, just like Atticus is to Anne Robinson, it does really help to get The Best of the Best Award if you socialize with the business critics.

I like how the Lacuna Delta Common looks, cool that Atticus donated it.

Oh Blonde Ambition Salon, I like the name. Femme Fatale has a nice business. Your sims do look silly.

Zeke's Shack is cool, I like that you have a pawn shop/junk shop.

I like your Sims, J. M. Pescado and Will Wright. Was that H. G. Wells the writer?
Where did you get a Will Wright scarecrow anyway?

I am glad the abandoned baby got adopted.

Lacuna Delta's beach looks really fine, I love the docks and boats.

Audrey is cool, is she ever going to go to University?

Great update @simsample :lovestruc

5th Dec 2017, 4:57 PM
I love the fact that Atticus wants to give so much to Lacuna Delta, I've always wanted to play a sim like this.
I also love the common and surrounding area, looks very cohesive, and your beach lot is lovely :)

5th Dec 2017, 8:12 PM
I like Atticus' focus on giving to the community, and I like the tiny apartment he lives in. He's really only concerned about giving to Lacuna Delta.

Femme's business is a lot of fun, and her makeovers are crazy!

Zeke's business also seems like it would be fun to play. Poor Ann!

Uh, Gunther? This is supposed to be a happy event. :rolleyes:

5th Dec 2017, 8:18 PM
Your hood is so pretty. I especially like the architecture, your choice of custom content and... sims' names :) Nice screenshots and funny sims.

6th Jan 2018, 12:26 AM
Thanks for the comments everyone! :lovestruc

I like your Sims, J. M. Pescado and Will Wright. Was that H. G. Wells the writer?
Where did you get a Will Wright scarecrow anyway?
Thank you! :)
J.M is from MATY, (http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php/topic,1425.msg48191.html#msg48191) and Will Wright is one I made. H.G. Wells is named after the writer, but is not meant to look like him necessarily. I just open SimPE and rename any game generated sims to the first silly thing that I think of! :lol:
The Will Wright scarecrow is by Wintermute from Simslice (http://svs.paysites.mustbedestroyed.org:8080/booty/ts2/simslice/wintermuteail-guest_artist/) and is listed as 'scarecrow-willwright.zip'. :lovestruc

@Zena-Dew-Drop Thanks! :) Atticus is a nice sim through and through!

@Cher64 Thank you! :up: Zeke is one of the most fun sims to play- his business is doing well!

@Lamare Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :king:

This is a pic-heavy catch up of what's been happening in Lacuna D over the last few weeks. :)

Atticus is pleased that the Common looks more attractive from his apartment lot.

Woo, level 9 for the charity shop! :king:

The smustle lives on, though! :D

Uh oh, Sherman flirted with another sim, and the lovely Jilly Jelly got jealous! :blink:

I think Sherman must have been a bit scared by Jilly's constant wants to get married! :lol:
He's moved into a larger apartment (so that he had room for the robot crafting station) and has a new roommate called Reg Barclay. He also invites his new chum, the beautiful Misty Windoe, over for lunch quite a lot.

The new apartment has an outdoor communal area which causes me a lot of entertainment in the winter. :giggler:

Alvin and his new wife, Amber, are still living in his old apartment. He had to have his roommate move out to make room for Amber!

Alvin has promised her they can move to a bigger place when they start a family, but so far there has been no indication of impending baby. :( Amber's had a makeover though- she looks much more like a native Lacunian, now!

Zeke replaced his stolen violin!

His girlfriend, Melba Toast, gave him a pinball machine after a particularly successful date. Zeke's buddy Pescado came over to play, but didn't look too impressed. :rolleyes: "Needs MOAR fight!"

The pawn shop is doing well!


This is a rare picture- Zeke giving Ann Chovie a pay rise! :lol: Sal is a regular customer- she only goes there to swoon over Zeke!

Wade and his fiancee, Nicola Sturgeon, moved out of the seedy apartment and into a little house. And, because Wade's LTW is to breed lots of kittens, they adopted two cats! Meet Matilda (green eyes) and Silas.

And... a week later, there were kittens! :lovestruc There are actually four, but I can never get them all in one place at the same time...

The kittens are cute!



Nicola had a bad chance card, and got fired! How will they afford the house now? :(

There was a rumour going around that Femme Fatale was pregnant, and it turned out to be true.

Either my graphics card is going wonky, or that's the bathroom with the green lighting! :giggler: The baby actually has light pink skin.

Who is the father? Shortly after the birth, Worthington Nouveau-Riche was heard banging on Femme's door and shouting to be allowed to see his grandson! :blink:

Looks like Femme got more than a pot-holder from Alaric! :lol:

Femme didn't let him in, and the Social Worker's vehicle was later seen outside the apartment. Femme wasted no time in getting back to normal...

I think the baby had a lucky escape- Femme burned the toast again! :help:

I bet she gets the fireman's phone number...

At the Funk apartment, roommate Arnold Schwarzenegger is still causing trouble...

Look at his memories- hasta La Vista, baby! :rofl:

Benton's kid, Luna, gets cuter every day!


She's growing up fast.

Gump asked Ann Boleyn, the roommate, to move out to make room for Luna to have her own room.

That swimsuit is hot! :blink:

With three toddlers, Fleur and Leonard have moved into the house next door to Wade. It's not as pretty as the cottage, but the kids have more room.

Darn it, how did Floyd find out where she moved to?

Fleur took some time off from her business whilst the babies were small, and when she returned her employee, Allega Lamb, quit. "Dammit, take notice of me whilst I flounce!" :giggler:

Fleur hired Bohemia Bloggs, who so far seems quite happy with her employer.

Emmett is a natural father!

The sleepless nights are having an interesting effect upon his toy making...

Allura has made friends with a lot of the neighbourhood wolves...

She also adopted one- this is Snowy. :cool:

Tarquin is a teen, and he got into private school like his elder siblings. I wonder if he knows he has a half brother?

Ah, it seems that Worthington told Wilamena.

I wonder if Francesca knows? Will she break up with Alaric if she finds out, I wonder? :blink:

Sol and Sal have moved to a new apartment- I think they want to make sure that Sim can't find them! :lol: They have a new roommate- Moz Tache. (Don't blame me, my daughter named him! :giggler: )

The apartment is in the same building as Emmett and Countess Cherie used to live in. It has a newly installed hot tub, which Sol and Sal practically live in.

Marinated Pescado! :lol:

Sal loves to cook, but isn't that good at it...

"Bloody hell, woman- you're not supposed to flambe yourself! :blink:


I have no idea what that fireman is doing. :wtf:

Anyway, Sal lives to gossip another day.

The other apartment tenants seem very happy to have such delightful new neighbours! :lol:

Things are pretty much as usual at Sim's place...

That's the thing he does whenever he gets directed to do a romantic interaction. :rolleyes: Funny though, he also does it before eating grilled cheese! :lol:

The business is going slowly- Sim has made a lot of money in business rewards, but doesn't seem to be able to entice many sims to actually stay for long. So maybe he'll get rid of 'Homage Du Fromage' and think of another business pursuit.


Any ideas?

Remember the lovechild, Tempura, that Allura gave up? She's now a toddler and in a loving home with the Tyler-Mansells, despite Gunther's early misgivings. And, who knew that Floyd had pointy ears beneath those dreds? :giggler:

Poor roommate, Jilly Beane, is asked to vacate so that there is more room.

"It's nothing personal, it's just that the place smells of rubber..."

What's this?

It looks like Gunther has got over his fears and agreed to another adoption.

It's Frank, the lovechild of Femme Fatale and Alaric Nouveau-Riche! He's quite cute, as babies go...

Local nanny, Mary Poppins, is asked to assist.

Supercala.... No, I won't go there. :giggler:

Local refuse service is mystified by spate of freezer bunny disposals.

Clown checks the classifieds- "Desperately seeking someone (to give me a decent haircut)"

Milliways employs a waiter that can actually write-

(His name is Randy Fumble- my daughter's boyfriend thought of that one, should I be worried? :blink: )

And Will Wright suffers aspiration failure in local salon.

"Look what you people have done to my game!" :lol:

Obligatory Audrey-

"Bloody snow!" :P

Thanks if you managed to stay awake to read this far! :cool:

6th Jan 2018, 6:47 AM
I love your sense of humour simsample and I love to read about your sims. :lovestruc

Also you take really good pictures.

6th Jan 2018, 9:01 PM
Ah @simsample I love your updates and this is a treasure trove of entertainment. I started looking at this yesterday and I am very positive I had a dream last night where a guy showed up with a long Santa beard and I said to someone next to me, "I think that's Pescado!" so your sims have officially infiltrated my dreams?!

So, I am curious, now that Gump has evicted Anne Boleyn, will he eventually do the same to Luna for a new lover and then another and another ala King Henry VIII?? A modern take on that old English Scandal!
I'm glad Zeke got a new violin. He looks like he really enjoys playing it <3
Ah Femme's rumored babby popped. How many rumor babies has she had? What if her children go to her for a makeover when they are older? What kind of makeovers would she give them?
Whew! that was a close one for Sal.
I laughed at the shots of the freezer bunny, the baby sitting like a person in the van, the impressive tally of Arnold's fight memories - maybe she should start a fight ring? As for Sim Sample the sim, if he wants to move on to a new business venture, maybe he could set up a dating service and be competition to the Matchmaker? Like he could set up some couples activities and then introduce people together and have the band-a-tron take money for every hour they loiter about.

P.S. I love love love those kitten pics <3

8th Jan 2018, 9:52 PM
I love seeing how busy the charity shop is, and you gotta love the smustle!

Misty Windoe is indeed beautiful; I can see see why Sherman invites her over regularly.

Aw, Matilda and Silas are gorgeous, and sim kitties are just like real kitties, I guess, if you can't get them all in one place at the same time. There is nothing, NOTHING, cuter than a puppy or kitten, IRL or in a game!

Don't despair, Nicola, there's a new and maybe better opportunity just around the corner!

Oh Femme. I'm sure Frank is much better off where he ended up, though.

Uh, Ann? Way to dress for the weather. Not that Gump is much more appropriately dressed. I see Audrey probably needs a raise, too, so she can afford some long pants for winter.

I think I spotted another of Femme's victims, er makeovers, in Fleur's shop. :lol:

That whatever-it-is in the box would keep ME up nights!

I think I know what the fireman is doing -- he's making sure to saturate the surrounding area so the fire won't spread and destroy the kitchen. I'm sure Sal really appreciated his thoughtfulness. :rolleyes:

In Sim's defense, a good grilled cheese can be pretty darned good.

As usual, I had a great time reading, and seeing, your update.