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21st Apr 2018, 7:23 AM
As some of you may recall from the corruption-rebuild-period I am ridiculously attached to my hood and my Sims, and given the chance I can talk about them for hours and hours until your ears bleed :lol: A couple of friends suggested I make a thread here, so I thought I'd give a go and see if anyone else might enjoy hearing what goes on in my hood :)

Currently focusing on a storyline that involves three households, all of which orginated in the orphanage.

Unfortunately I was kind of crap at taking pictures back when the main characters of this story started in the orphanage, so please excuse the red frame and semi-bad angles in some pictures. They'll be better further on in the story.

The sunflower orphanage is run by matron Lena Norberg. She's a pleasure Sim, hired by the state to take care of children who lost their parents, or children put up for adoption. It's housed some 10 children by now, but I thought I'd focus on three of them. Siri Kim, Stoffe Andersson and Sally-Mae Atkins.

Siri Kim
Siri Kim came to the orphanage as a toddler. She didn't stay long as she was soon adopted by a barren middle aged couple who tried and tried to have children but were unable to. The orphanage require prospective parents to visit the orphanage and hang out with the kids to see who they mesh well with, and in their case that turned out to be Siri.

Here is Sigrid playing peek-a-boo with Siri

And Tom talking through the plush Servo, a favorite with the orphanage kids since the orphanage have a servo to help matron out when she's over run.

Here's matron dropping off Siri in her new home with the Sjöström family

The family on an excursion to the local toy and child rearing supply store, to buy toys and things needed for Siri. I can almost hear Sigrid saying "How about this one honey?".

Learning to talk

Being woken up from afternoon nap by daddy

Time flew and before I knew it, it was time for Siri's birthday party. Of course matron was invited, though no one else.

Siri going to bed in her own room for the first time

The Sjöströms are quite introvert and don't really have friends outside of the family, they are happy with each others company. Tom is car mechanic (custom career), in his free time he restores broken down cars in the yard that he then sells. Sigrid is a marine biologist. They live in this lot by Saturnfly (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=516676), which is perfect for them. They did some renovations to expand the western side of the house so they could have a slightly bigger bedroom and a little bit more space in the living room for Siri's stuff, but all in all it's great. And it shows the kind of people they are, with those small semi-obscured windows out to the street and the fenced off slightly shielded pool area.

Stoffe Andersson & Sally-Mae Atkins
Stoffe and Sally-Mae came to the orphanage as a kids, they were there when Siri came as a toddler. They have no parents or family, and no history of where they were before then (aka CAS xD).

Stoffe always loved the playground, often going out for a quick climb on the monkey bars or a round on the swings before school, and straight out after he did his homework.

He's very lively and happy and excited about most everything. Here he is dancing on matrons toes while another orphanage inhabitant has her breakfast in the bathroom, because why not.

Very proud and excited he managed to get top grades

Sally-Mae is very timid, and quiet. Sadly I don't seem to have all that many good pictures of her as a kid. But here she is meeting Santa

Here she is on her birthday, surrounded by the other kids and matron.

Sally-Mae and Stoffe playing red hands together

Day-trip to the local water land. Stoffe headed straight for the water wriggler, whereas Sally-Mae wanted to soak up some sun. It did not end well.

Eventually Stoffe too grew up, into a bit of a hunk if you ask me

Don't wake the llama is always a favorite for everyone to have some fun together, even the older kids. Especially Stoffe is always up for any kind of game or toy.

Sally-Mae on the other hand is busy with the usual teenage struggles, feeling self-concious of her looks. All she wants in life is to have a family and she's wondering how that's going happen with these ginormous zits.

Here matron is trying to boost her confidence, though I'm not sure it worked.

One night Sally-Mae tagged along to the night club with Amy (the neon-dress wearing teen in Stoffe's birthday picture) where she met college student Billy-Bob Sawyer. He appears to have had more success than matron with his flattery. Uh-oh.

That's all from Simville for now, if anyone finds it interesting I'll post the continuation to stories the three stories :)

21st Apr 2018, 8:26 AM
As some of you may recall from the corruption-rebuild-period I am ridiculously attached to my hood and my Sims, and given the chance I can talk about them for hours and hours until your ears bleed :lol: A couple of friends suggested I make a thread here, so I thought I'd give a go and see if anyone else might enjoy hearing what goes on in my hood :)

Currently focusing on a storyline that involves three households, all of which orginated in the orphanage.

I always love to read about what other people are doing in their game. I don't have anyone at home that I can really talk to about the Sims and I love to find out what others are doing in their game. Sometimes I even get ideas.

Anyway I read with interest about your Sunflower Orphanage, the Sjöström family, and Stoffe Andersson & Sally-Mae Atkins.

I am looking forward to whatever else you choose to share about your 'hood I find what you post quite interesting.

21st Apr 2018, 2:25 PM
i love this so far please post more!

21st Apr 2018, 7:07 PM
I've never had an orphanage but it's interesting to see that woven into sims gameplay. Is Stoffe your model sim on the no more acne mod you made? I hope htey find families. If not, will they go to college or gorw up and go into the work force? Thanks for sharing!

21st Apr 2018, 11:00 PM
Thank you guys! I appreciate hearing that it's not all boring. I tend to think no one would be interested and that it's just a bother, but Ellu assured me this group does love reading hood stories so I thought I'd give a go and clearly she's right :)

Very well spotted Charmful, he is indeed! These days I always use Sims in my hood as models for mods, I find it makes for more interesting pictures if they are from real environments I spend time and care on at some point (compare to the horribly boring thumbnails on my first mods xD). I was going to mention that the keen-eyed might remember him from the acne mod, so I'm glad someone actually did notice. He wasn't as bothered by his as Sally-Mae, so I figured he'd be more likely to agree to model. A grown up version of Siri is also the model on one of my upload thumbnails, recolors of the same braid she's wearing as older tot/child.

As I said I can talk about them for hours so I'll go ahead and post an update later :lol: I should warn that these stories do get mildly dark, because I tend to use Sims to sort of process/figure out people and structures and whatnot. Not all puppies and rainbows, but please stick with me, it's worth it in the end :)

21st Apr 2018, 11:58 PM
Please keep posting more! :) Love to read about them! :lovestruc

22nd Apr 2018, 2:00 AM
Continuation of the story, this time focusing on Siri Kim :) When I play, I assign my Sims traits and personalities beyond what Sims let us choose for them. So when I say a Sim is this or that way, that can be because I view them as such, and play them as such. And fascinatingly often it's as if they learn, and start acting that way on their own. And sometimes they fight you, as was the case with Tom Sjöström.

Siri Kim & the Sjöströms
The Sjöströms are a bit of an old values-type couple. Sigrid does all the cleaning and cooking, and feels responsible for the everyday care of Siri. Tom maintains the garden, and sees himself as the family provider. He really loves his wife, but in the silent unexpressed way. He doesn't know how to cook or clean, and he likes to quietly watch the news or read the newspaper as Sigrid goes about her day, or work on his collection of junk cars out in the yard. He loves Sigrids cooking and will happily gobble up anything she puts on the table. Sigrid is very maternal, always making sure there is food ready and the home is nice and tidy. Before Siri she bought a little hamster so she had some living being she could shower with love when Tom was at work or working on his cars. Little does Sigrid know that when she's not looking, Tom will sneak in a quick clean of the toilet or the shower to lighten her load, and if left unattended he'll rush to give Siri a bath. Clearly he loves his family, just doesn't have the words.

Him and Siri always had a rather sweet bond. He was so proud of his little girl. Having two parents on the brink of elder-hood and no siblings Siri became a bit of a old-for-her-age kid, she liked to come home alone from school and just hang out with them.

Tom was out in the yard raking up leaves when Siri came home from school. As he started clearing up the piles he'd raked together, Siri did her best to undo them :lol:



After they'd got the leaves cleared/fully played with, Tom took Siri to the mall so she could buy some new clothes now she's all grown up. Before they headed home they had a quick chess game, talking about her birthday party.

Breakfast together, while Sigrid is at work

Since Siri didn't have that many friends her own age, her parents always made sure to take time to do fun activities together on the weekend. Here a trip to the bowling alley downtown.

Then stop by a restaurant for dinner, so Sigrid wouldn't have to cook. I imagine Siri is saying "Dad, can I have soda with my food?". And then Sigrid going "Sure honey, waiter, could you bring us a soda please?".

And why not a movie too before heading home, never can have too much fun!

When mommy is home from work, it's girls time! By now autumn had turned to winter, with snow aplenty to play in.


Siri is quite a bright kid and interested in science and learning. Realizing this Tom pushes her towards activities that will give her mind a work out. He wants the very best for his daughter, wants her to be something one day. No menial low paying labor for his baby girl. While he is no academic, and spent his life working in fields that in some eyes might be considered low class, he is a real wiz with machinery. He could always figure them out. His employers wanted to promote him to airplane mechanic but his love of cars made him stay where he was. But he wanted his daughter to pursue the academic side of life, and he thought she had the brains to.

He'd often chose to read her to sleep, all on his own. I always need a chair next to head of bed to tell Sims to read kids to sleep, but where there is a will there is a way, apparently. When he was busy with his cars or mending something in the house, mom would take her chance and get in on the action.


Siri says, homework is important! And fun!

In school Siri discovered her love of space. To encourage her academic progress Tom invested in a really fancy telescope so that Siri could look at the stars for real and not just in books.


While mom is a scientist herself, she lets that be Toms thing with Siri. She shows her love in other ways. Here she and Siri made some santa cookies, to set the tone of the holidays.

Of course Tom will come have a taste once the final product is done

Siri really likes her telescope and always begs her parents to stay up later so she can look at the stars.

Though she and Tom still have regular chess games

And family trips to the bowling alley. And it wouldn't be an outing without some dessert!

As winter turned towards spring, it became Sigrids birthday.

Next it was Toms turn to hit them grey hairs. (Sidenote: it's been so weird to see him with red hair typing this out, I am so used to the grey one. I had almost forgotten he started out as an adult :rofl: )
Go dad go, you can do it! Or something :lol:

Siri and Tom have a quick game of red hands while Sigrid serves the home made cake. None of that store-bought stuff for this family, not with desserts any way! Sigrid always made sure there was cookies and pie and cake in the fridge, if anyone should have a craving.

Learning to study

And soon she'd be devouring every newspaper and book she could find about space. Like this months copy of Developments in space research, or perhaps Telescope owners - where should you turn it to next.

Once they had Siri, Sigrid sort of lost interest in work. She always felt like she was abandoning her child when she got up at the crack of dawn to go to her job, before Siri even woke up. Never there for breakfast or to see her off to school (well, 3 out of 5 days no, but to Sigrid it was always the days she had to leave and the days she didn't flew by so fast). She'd always be there to welcome her home after school, with a snack or a hug. But she wanted to be there all day every day. So once she hit elder, she quickly retired from her job to devote all her time to her precious family.

Breakfasting together, today and every day from now on.

Siri always loved the outdoors. Especially in fall/winter when you could play in the leaves and the snow. Even though they had a pool she was never much for bathing, she preferred the swings and natural nature.


All too soon it was time for their little Siri to grow up yet again.


"Why don't you serve the cheesecake mom, and I'll clear away the cake.".
I don't seem to have all that many pictures of this, but growing up in the kind of household she did, Siri quickly learned to help out with the household chores. She'd help her mom with the cleaning, and some days offer to make dinner so she could have a rest. It was something they could bond over, and Sigrid made sure to teach Siri the value of what it means to have a clean well-looked after home with some cosy details.

"Now you're hitting the next stage of your life Siri, it's time to think about what road you're going to take. You may go here or there, but in the end your goal should be the same. Study hard!". That's what I imagine him saying, as they sit down to enjoy the cheesecake.

And so time passed. Siri, although now a teen, still preferred coming home after school and just spending time with her family. These days her parents couldn't quite keep up and often needed an afternoon nap, but Siri rather liked just being and always knew how to keep herself entertained..


Here they are at a clothing store, parents proudly watching as Siri try out college clothes.

New years!

"I'm not sure this is a good idea Siri, can't you ask him to leave it?" "He'll be fine mom!"

"Get the bucket get the bucket!"

Fortunately for Tom I didn't take any pictures of him in his sooted burnt state. I figured he would be ashamed enough as it was that he couldn't light the fireworks without catching on fire, no need to remind him of it. But he had a shower and tried again and this time it went better.

I think Sigrid and Tom thought it was a bit bright and loud, but Siri loved it.

Tom never can resist making his little girl smile, so have a popper too. Looks to me like Sigrid rather enjoyed watching him make a fool of himself just for Siri's entertainment.

Of course any time she was allowed to be up late she'd sneak off to the telescope. As you can see her parents got her an upgrade for Christmas this year, as she was starting to push the limits of what her old telescope could do.

Siri was also quite gifted creatively. Her father tended to push her more in the logic direction, but her mother always encouraged her to do both. Many afternoons she'd play piano for her mum, and Sigrid would break out her best dance moves.

That's it for today. Hope you all enjoyed it, if you made it this far :lovestruc

If anyone wonders why I write Siri Kim and not Siri Sjöström, it's because I decided that her parents saw giving birth as something miraculous, and that they could hardly believe they were so lucky as to get this child that someone else brought in to the world. So when they adopted her, they decided to leave her name as it was as homage to her heritage and her birth parents. They decided it was up to her to choose, once she was older, if she wanted to take their name or remain Siri Kim. Sometime after they gave her the telescope, she asked them if she could be called Kim-Sjöström. Needless to say her parents were very touched, and happily obliged. So now she's Siri Kim-Sjöström, but when this episode began she was still known as Siri Kim :)

22nd Apr 2018, 8:49 AM
I do know that a lot of people in this group like to read about other people's Neighborhoods and the various happenings in them.

Me I love reading what every one posts, and yours is quite interesting.

I enjoyed reading about Siri Kim and looking at the pictures. The Sjöström Family is interesting and I also think it is cool that Siri asked her parents if she could be called Kim-Sjöström.

24th Apr 2018, 5:39 PM
I enjoy reading about what people are doing in their games. I liked seeing how you used the orphanage, and Matron Norberg seems to be a good and caring guardian. The kids who don't get adopted really need that, or do they all get adopted?

Since they got their child so late in life, it's obvious that Sigrid and Tom cherish Siri and want to give her the best life possible. I like their family outings, and how they clearly show their love, even if some of them (TOM!) can't actually say it. I'm glad Siri wants to have their family name in addition to the one she was born with.

25th Apr 2018, 12:15 AM
I have always wanted to start an orphanage, but bever figured out where to start :) Maybe I should be more loose in my hoods, to allow more oops-babies , and they could be sent to orphanage.

Loving Siri so far and cannot wait to see what happens to Stoffe and Sally-Mae <3

I would also like to know, what happens to the kids who are not adopted? Do they go to uni? And does Lena follow their later life also (like in present at Siri's bd)?

25th Apr 2018, 11:18 AM
Thanks everyone for the replies, it's fun to read your thoughts. I've never been much of a likes-person, so a comment means much more than a love-mark (though I of course appreciate those who take the time to press the button too).

The kids who don't get adopted really need that, or do they all get adopted?

Most don't get adopted, only four have been adopted so far. So far no one older than toddler has been adopted, so odds are if you aren't adopted by the time you turn child the orphanage will be where you grow up. I have one Sim that will be adopting two Sims aged as children, but that is still a long ways off.

I would also like to know, what happens to the kids who are not adopted? Do they go to uni? And does Lena follow their later life also (like in present at Siri's bd)?

If they aren't adopted it's up to each Sim where they go. Once they are about half way into teenhood they are allowed to move if they want to, or they can stay and go straight to university. Amy choose to move prematurely when she fell in love with townie Emily Falk and the two decided to rent a small apartment together and live there until university. Olivia and Leah Eklund, siblings who ended up at the orphanage after their mother died in a fire, will be staying until university. Story will tell what choices Stoffe and Sally-Mae made. The rest have gotten adopted, or aren't old enough yet :)

The state puts 200 simoleons in trust for each child at the orphanage every Sunday, which they get access to when they leave. If they get adopted it stays in their bank account for them to use as they want when they become older teens. If they weren't adopted they get access on the day they leave, to help setup their lives. My Sims have extended life spans so if they arrive as toddlers they get somewhere in the region of 2200 simoleons. It's not much, but it gives them something to start with if they don't get adopted. Teens are encouraged to take part time jobs and save their earnings, to further better their chances when they leave.

Matron does care awfully about her charges, and will follow anyone that lets her do so. She hasn't had much contact with Siri since growing up to a toddler, because Siri wasn't there long enough to really develop any relationship with her and as she got old enough to have a say she didn't really feel any attachment to this woman she barely remembers. Matron's walked by the house a couple of times to check in and see things are going well, but once she was satisfied the Sjöströms were taking good care of her and Siri was happy, she let it be. Amy keeps in regular contact though, calling to check in and update matron on her life, and sometimes invites her over for some lunch :) In fact Amy keeps in contact with everyone. She's very social, and was the oldest of the kids to arrive at the orphanage when it opened so she's always felt like everyone's big sister.

Matron Lena is one of those Sims that the game handles so beautifully all on it's own. She's a very frequent walk-by choice, and often shows up at community lots. The state runs the orphanage, but the budget is tight and doesn't cover much more than her salary, the kids trust funds, and food. No room to pay for improvements to the orphanage. So matron spends a lot of time networking, making connections and reminding the community that the orphanage exists and the important work they do. When they need something the budget won't cover, there's usually someone she's met that she can ask for a donation. Recently she managed to secure funds to refurbish the bathroom, replacing the toilet stalls with fully walled stalls with regular toilets so that the kids can have more privacy when using the bathroom. More than one of the kids feared using a stall, so she thought it important for their qualify of life.

She also did an extensive Christmas-campaign, scoring quite an impressive sum so that she could make the orphanage look like Christmas exploded in it :lol: She figures Christmas is when it is the most noticeable to the kids that they have no families, since it's a very family-centered holiday. She does her best to compensate with a thoroughly Christmas-y atmosphere all through winter, Always fresh Santa cookies on the counter during winter! Threw in some pictures of this years Christmas Day if anyone is interested :)
Here she is putting out a fresh batch of cookies while the kids are asleep, on Christmas Day

And right on cue, Santa arrives!

I love the look on matrons face as she watched Liam hug Santa. She looks pleased he seems to be enjoying himself, but mixed in with a little worry and sadness. Captures her spirit, to me :)

Liam snuck out to build a snowman while matron made some jam pastry for breakfast

She looks a little tired, don't you think? I would be too if I was up all night making sure Santa would come.

I imagine Liam is asking when they will be getting an extension to their orphanage-family. Only four kids living there at the moment, I think he wishes for a child-friend he can play with.

While matron gets working on the turkey for dinner, the others get themselves dressed up.




In honor of Christmas they rearranged the tables so they could sit everyone together.

Cake for dessert, which Liam seems to really enjoy.

He finished his and headed for a refill before the others even got really got started on theirs.

This year matron invested some of her salery in a sowing table, and at nights she'd stay up and make teddybears to give as Christmas presents. Liam already got his and seems to be enjoying it.

And finally, watching a movie together before it's time to go to bed.

I started writing up the next update on Stoffe and Sally-Mae yesterday, so that should be out sometime today too. Again, thanks everyone. It's really fun to go through old pictures and recap the storylines. I am very glad you guys enjoy it so I have a reason to keep doing it :)

25th Apr 2018, 5:25 PM
I like how well thought out your orphanage is, with the trust funds and Matron using her own money to make things nicer for the kids. In addition to what you mentioned about the picture with Santa and Liam hugging, I like to think Santa's thought bubble is expressing what a wonderful person he thinks Matron is. :)

25th Apr 2018, 6:42 PM
I like your pictures, they are good I think. I think the whole concept of the orphanage is designed well and I like how you develop your story line, it is interesting to read about Matron and the kids.

26th Apr 2018, 4:15 PM
Been playing Stoffe's household today, lots of fun, so I thought I'd better post another update so it gets up to date soon.

Sally-Mae Atkins
When we left Sally-Mae, she was at Hot Spot where she met young adult romance aspiration Billy-Bob Sawyer, who put the moves on her. I'd like to warn that Billy-Bob is a shithead, so if you don't like reading stories where those exist that skip this one :)

For shy timid Sally-Mae being the focus of attention of a cool strong-looking college sophomore student was mind-boggling. One thing lead to another and...
Someone got their first kiss.

Amy did not like the looks of Billy-Bob and insisted they go home. Billy-Bob said he'd take Sally-Mae out to dinner the next day instead. And he sure did, at the hood's go-to romantic restaurant. It had some design-flaws courtesy of EA, and has since this date replaced it's table decorations with less face-obscuring options. But despite the decorations the date seemed to go well.




"Yeah yeah, this is my new girlfriend!" I picture him saying, while Sally-Mae doesn't know where to look or what to do with herself. Sally-Mae went home pretty pleased with her day.

Little did she know Billy-Bob isn't quite the man she thinks he is. In fact, he choose her specifically because she is shy and rather naive. Everything is calculated, planned, with the end-goal in mind. But until he gets there no reason he can't get his kicks elsewhere since he knows Sally-Mae won't find out, so after their date he hit the gym and had some grown up fun with the notoriously flirty owner.

After their date Sally-Mae invited him to the orphanage to meet matron and see where she grew up. When he got there, Billy-Bob found a teen male lurking around. No sir he said, you take your teen hormones and stay away from here. I feel rather bad for poor kid. Appears I didn't remember to capture more of the visit, sorry about that.



In fact turns out I haven't taken many pictures of Billy-Bob's courting at all, which is a shame. But he continued to bring Sally-Mae out to dinners, giving her presents and acting sweet. Making her feel special, and loved. Matron does the best she can, but it's no replacement for a real family and in Sally-Mae's case she always longed to be loved. To have someone that cared only for her, not as a job but because they chose to (which matron does, but Sally-Mae was too young to understand that). And so, eventually one day when Billy-Bob invited her to his dorm she gave in to his suggestions in hopes it meant he loves her.



In my Sims world, much like the real world, woohoo can have long-standing consequences. And Sally-Mae quickly realized her adult adventure had left her with a present.

When Sally-Mae told Billy-Bob the news he showed up quicker than you can say "positive pregnancy test".


No need to wonder about what Sally-Mae replied. Yes!

University only allows students to house in the dorms, so Sally-Mae stayed in the orphanage until they had a home to move to. Billy-Bob took out a loan and bought two cheap run down trailers and a patch of land on the outskirts of town. When it was settled he sent a taxi to pick up Sally-Mae. Here she is being waved off by everyone.




Stoffe came outside and waved her off into the taxi, and stayed until it had left. I think he's rather sad to see his friend go, though he knew having a family was her dream so he hoped she'd be happy in her new home and that she'd get exactly what she wanted.



And that is where we leave Sally-Mae for today. In the taxi on her way to her new life. She wanted love and a family, and from her perspective she's about to get everything she's ever wanted. Time will tell if that's really the case.

Stoffe Andersson
When we left Stoffe he had recently aged up to a teen, though I forgot to mention his aspiration is fortune. He doesn't have much dreams in the love and family department, his dreams are about money. Although he is very happy in the orphanage, growing up in hand-me down clothes and with communal properties didn't feel great. He admired the richer side of town, with their big fancy houses and glamorous life styles. He wanted to prove to the world he was someone, and his mind that meant joining their ranks. And the fastest way to do that is to become a savvy businessman. So once he got old enough to start earning money, he buckled down and got busy.

Here he is practicing charisma by talking about the stock market and market trends. I'm bored just watching, but he clearly enjoys it.

Here he is sitting down to lunch, having woken up late on the weekend because he was up half the night studying and writing articles on Monique's computer to bring in a little extra cash.

Though even in his hardcore money-focused state he still had time for some fun. Here he is enjoying the radio-controlled car that Santa gave them last Christmas.

Now the oldest of the bunch he took over Amy's role of the bigger sibling looking out for the smaller ones when matron is busy. Here he is cheering on Olivia as she ages up to teen.

Letting Leah have a toe-dance before it's her turn at the cake.

But then it's straight off to work, gotta make that money!

When he's not at work, he's getting busy trying to get as many scholarships as he can for college. In Simville, the minister of education runs a free-for-all hobby development lot where anyone can come and practice different skills and hobbies even if they can't afford to buy the items themselves. So when Stoffe looked at the available scholarships and saw there was a toy building scholarship, he decided to put that on his list so he could make toys for the younger kids. Here he is trying working on a sir bricks alot.

Somewhere around here one of my hood's thieves decided to make a visit at the orphanage. They are notorious for being real shitheads, always targeting houses with sick pregnant women or young children on it. Sadly the orphanage did not have an alarm, so by the time matron had woken up and called the police the thief had stolen their beloved piano, a valuable painting and one of the bikes. Grrrrr!


Stoffe was especially annoyed that he took the bike, since he knew how much the younger kids like to ride on their bikes (in my imagination any way, sadly only decorative). I agree Stoffe, what a jerky thing to do!

Outside of holding down a job, writing articles, and scholarship studies Stoffe also made adventures out to community lots where he knew a lot of the influential and rich people in the hood would be. Here he is at the local pool club, serving the dual purpose of working on his pool scholarship and meeting notable people.

Sadly I seem to have been a bit lazy about screenshots during Stoffe's teen age, so no more pictures. It's probably because so much of his time was spent working on something or other. He busted enough butt to pay for private school for himself, he invited the headmaster over and convinced him to let him in. Costs 1000 simoleons as a registration fee and 750 a week, which is a lot of money but Stoffe felt it was an important investment in his future. Despite constantly working to pay for private school he managed to get a silver badge in toy making, sales, and cashiering, as well as reaching 8 in charisma, logic and mechanical. Between that and scholarships like pool, top grades and top level job he made it off to Uni with quite a good start. Here he is saying good bye to matron as he gets ready to leave for college.

In Simville when you go to university you start off by signing up at the registry office (a very cool building Joandsarah built for me once :3), and it's tradition to take pictures out front once you are done to remember your first day at campus. Look at him in his grown-up casual formal attire. Can you tell he chose economy as his major? :lol:

He's positively glowing with excitement to get started on his degree, but with that child-like overly-excited always happy flair I love about him.

From there he went straight to get in a work out, and then off to the library to get a head start on his studies. Rest is for when you are dead, right now it's grind time. It's always grind time!

Feeling the need to keep up appearance and immediately convey the message that he had money he chose to rent an apartment in the campus' high-end student apartment housing complex. Deep down he missed the orphanage though, so he made sure to buy a radio controlled toy to remind him of home. And even a workaholic needs a little bit of fun here and there!

That's it from Stoffe for today. Having busted butt all through teenhood he's now made it to college where he is determined to keep his head to the grindstone until he's reached his dreams. Given what he achieved as a teen I have no doubts he's going to get there.

Hope you enjoyed reading this far :)

26th Apr 2018, 5:25 PM
Oh, it doesn't sound so good for Sally-Mae. She's so happy thinking all her dreams are coming true, but I suspect Billy-Bob will break her heart. We already know he's willing to cheat on her.

Targeting an orphanage is pretty low, even for a thief. :rolleyes:

Stoffe really has a big plan for himself, and he has the self-discipline to make it happen. It's also good to know that he adds a little balance to his driven life by making time for fitness and play.

27th Apr 2018, 5:32 AM
I am not very optimistic when it comes to Sally-Mae and her life, it might be starting out OK, but I think Billy-Bob is likely to get caught and disapoint Sally-Mae.

The orphanage really ought to invest in an alarm. I am sorry that the burglar paid them a visit. I don't have the burglar pay my houses any visits, I think it because I always have someone awake at all hours. I do buy alarms though, I like the one by Simsky where it is a combination smoke and burglar alarm that covers the whole lot.

Stoffe is doing really well, I think he is doing great and it is good that he does do some fun things sometimes. I expect that he will make the Dean's List and Graduate with Honours.

27th Apr 2018, 2:28 PM
They have invested in an alarm now, so next time thief won't manage to steal quite so many things before cops show up. I was a bit surprised when I realized they didn't have one, I am usually so meticulous about placing them in anything I build. Of all the places to forget,.. :rolleyes:

And yeah, things look a rather bleak for Sally-Mae at the moment. Really look forward to seeing what you guys think of where the story goes from there :) I'll start writing on the next update tonight, though no idea if I'll finish. Last post took three days to write, turtle writer at your service :turtle: :turtle:

28th Apr 2018, 1:05 AM
About Sally-Mae , there might still be hope! After all stranger things has happened than a total idiot and jerk romance-sim dude has a change of heart when first time holds the little infant :) Then again does not sound like Billy-Bob, yeah.. but it has happened.

About Stoffe, he better be sure to not fall too fast from too high :) Yes nice to have high goals, but I am afraid he is aiming too high all at once. He did great as teen, with no "pappa betalar" (dad pays)-backround, I only fear he is aiming too high :)

And sorry for Lena about the burglar :(

28th Apr 2018, 8:55 AM
The only thing I noticed was I can read the game textboxes (/•-•)/

Else am I just reading along ~

2nd May 2018, 2:24 AM
Haven't been feeling great this weekend so wasn't in the right mood to continue the story but today I finally had some inspiration :) This time an update on Siri Kim-Sjöström and her parents.

Siri Kim-Sjöström
When we left Siri she had aged up to a teen, and continued her calm happy existance with her two elderly parents. Encouraged by her dad she focused on her studies, and pursued her interests in science. But also always taking time to help her mom keep the house neat, and help with the cooking and having girl time. By the time we resume our story Siri is in the later part of her teenhood, with thoughts of going to college.

As was so often the case, we find Siri out by her telescope studying the stars.

Only this night, something is quite different. There's something other than stars and planets out there.

"Huh? Wait.. that can't be right."

"Where did it go?"

"Uh... what's that noise? Is it behind me?!"

Siri did her best to hold on, but as we know that tractor beam wins out every time.

Her parents heard the noise of Siri screaming as she was lifted into the sky, but when they came outside she was just gone. They had no idea where she'd gone to or why she screamed. Their beloved daughter, just like that, gone. Sigrid stayed up all night by the door, wailing out her sorrow.

After a while Tom joined her in her watch. He too worried sick.

And then, finally, Sigrid heard a noise outside. She rushed outside, hoping it would be Siri.

And from this strange loud flying machine out pops Siri, a little battered and very freaked out.

Though I'm sure a hug from mom helps. Not sure what to really think about the bizarre thing that had happened, they agreed to go to bed and figure it out in the morning.

But the next day, Siri wasn't feeling so well.

Worried about her and wondering if it's related to what happened, her parents called her in sick from school to rest. Siri spent the day on the sofa, lazily watching tv with her mom.

Tom not really knowing how to deal with the fact that he had been unable to protect his daughter from whatever it was that had happened the previous night, busied himself in work. Having now retired from his job as an auto mechanic he had more time to spend on his junk cars, restoring them and selling to car enthusiasts. While Siri convalesced inside, he opened up the yard sale.

Siri however did not improve, her nausea continued and so her parents decided she should take some time off school and focus on getting better. Only having one bathroom proved quite the challenge with Siri's constant vomiting and Toms aging bladder. I don't think Tom really understood, but Siri started to suspect what was going on.

And eventually, the inevitable happened. Siri's belly popped.

Though she had suspected it, Siri clearly wasn't ready for this.

But the one who really wasn't ready was Tom. His daughter, pregnant? His responsible wonderful daughter who just a short while ago had been trying on college clothes... pregnant? You would think he might notice how distressed she is, and had come over to console her.

But no. The past few days had been a real trial for him. Unused to not being good enough (in his mind), unused to being inconvenienced at home by his daughter, and unused to not being able to do anything when his loved one is in distress had pushed Tom to his limit. He snapped, and instead of consoling her he yelled and scolded her for getting in this state.

Thoroughly out of his comfort zone, having yelled at his daughter, feeling powerless he did the only thing he knew how. Worked on his cars. Though clearly not quite in his right mind. Out in his underwear, not even noticing that he's getting more burned by the minute...

Sigrid wasn't all too pleased either. Shocked, and worried, and wondering how in the world this happened.

Siri on the other hand had rather gotten tired of all this hysteria, and approached things with the sense of practicality and maturity that being raised by and spending most of her time with her two elderly parents had taught her.

"Mum, calm down. It's going to be alright. Come here, give me a hug. "

Siri's calm rubbed off on her mother, and reminded her what's important. However it happened, it happened and they just had to deal with it. And first on the list was to deal with the rift between Siri and her father. Sigrid pleaded with Siri to give him a chance. Siri was still quite hurt that her father would assume this was somehow her fault, and wasn't entirely pleased with the suggestion.

Siri left it to her mum to work on Toms mood, and for a while things were really awkward. But by the time Siri had really started showing, Sigrid had managed to get through to Tom and the three of them sat down to eat.

"Okay, I'm here mom. Now what?"

A little food, a little talk can do wonders. Somehow having breakfast together, just like they'd do so many times before, wore away some of the tension and restored some of their relationship.

Tom assured Siri he had come up with a plan of how they were going to deal with this.

So what was this plan of Tom's making? This part is hard to put into pictures so this time you get more text.

Having mulled it over while working on his cars Tom had come to the conclusion that there was no way his daughter had snuck out and gotten pregnant the regular way, he knew she'd never do that. He came to the conclusion that the aliens must have done something to Siri while she was abducted. He also came to the conclusion that regardless of which option people would believe in, both would guarantee Siri and the family to be the source of gossip, and notoriety. He was certain Siri would be shunned and tainted in the eyes of the community. And he did not want that for his daughter, or his family.

He realized that they had a golden opportunity. Nobody had seen Siri since the incident. Her school knew she'd been battling illness for a while and was being kept home to convalesce, and a few of his customers had picked up on it too. He was convinced the best solution was to hide Siri from the world, and make sure nobody ever found out about what had happened and what had come of it. And he knew that even though their house was fairly private, there was no way they could keep a screaming crying baby from being heard, and surely someone would notice Siri through the windows, or wonder why they'd suddenly covered up all the windows. No, Siri had to be hidden elsewhere.

And for that to work they had to make sure nobody wondered where Siri was. Preferably in a way that made sure people would feel too awkward to ask questions they didn't want to answer. Only one sure-fire way to do that, he thought, and that is to fake her death. He was certain that faking her illness had been bad enough to die wouldn't work, because then people would wonder why they hadn't called in a doctor (sure no such feature in Sims, really, but the job description exists so in my mind they exist). It had to be something where there was little room for questions, and where any doubts or curios questions would be kept silent out of respect. And what's more traumatic and more common in the Sims world, than fire? Surely if Siri died in a fire, nobody would think twice.

But not wanting to subject his daughter to any real danger, they had to get her out of there first. After some searching, Tom found an abandoned cottage on the very outskirts of town, in the forest. It had once been a temporary home for forest rangers, but thanks to the invention of cars and helicopters such professions could now reside in town and travel out when necessary. it was perfect! A little run down and moudly, but secluded, forgotten. Surely if Siri hid there nobody would ever find her. But how to purchase the property free of suspicion? After all who wants to buy a run down shack in the middle of the forest for innocent reasons. Unless you have the purest of motives....

A lot of things had to go right for Tom's plan to work, but he was confident it would work. At nights, he'd take a drive in his car as he often did, nothing weird about that. Only he'd go off to the cottage, restoring it and stocking it with furniture and supplies. While it was risky to go and he technically had no right to be there or do anything to it, he was confident it was so forgotten nobody would happen to come check and discover what he was doing. Once it was ready, they smuggled Siri out there. The next day, they staged a fire in the kitchen by intentionally leaving a pie in the oven.

Here's Tom standing in the garden, pretending not to notice the fire as it builds. I wonder what he is thinking. Is he picturing what aliens might look like? Is he wondering if they are watching him now, and what he's doing to cover up what they did?

Uh oh. That is one out of control house fire.

Time for the acting. Sigrid had been tending her plants by the pool, and now "discovered" the fire. Drawn there by her sobs, Tom came running, and upon seeing the fire called the fire department, who showed up in no time at all.

Once the fire was under control, Tom and Sigrid came running inside, breaking down at the sight of the ashes. The firefighters could not find Siri, and since she had been the one cooking they drew the conclusion she must have perished before they got there. After all, an ash pile looks like another ash pile. Who is to say one of them isn't Siri?

Everyone reacted just as Tom knew they would. Even though the house has low visibility the neighbors had often seen Tom out working on his cars while Sigrid tended the garden, and Siri in the kitchen cooking. So when the story spread and people heard that Siri had been inside, alone, cooking while her parents were out tending the yard it seemed the most natural thing in the world. They were all too busy feeling horribly sorry for this old couple who had just lost their only child, to question whether or not it was reasonable that Siri would have cooked alone if she was so ill she could have passed out leading to the fire. To the community it was just a very very tragic accident, nothing suspicious at all.

Having left no grave behind, the Sjöströms built a memorial to their daughter in the yard, where her telescope had stood.
In reality it was a ploy to make sure nobody could miss what had happened, and to keep the tragedy in fresh memory of anyone who came by so that they would be ensured to be left alone to their sorrow.

To keep up the appearance of the grieving parents desperately missing their daughter, they made a donation in Siri's name to the orphanage, replacing their stolen piano. Here you see Tom at the orphanage, coming by to make the donation. Perhaps Tom is pretending to smile at the memory of meeting Siri there for the first time. Or maybe he really is smiling at the memory of where he first met his beloved daughter.

That is where we will leave Siri and her parents for today. So far the plan has worked out. As far as everyone knows and believes, Siri died in a tragic kitchen fire. No one is doubting it, no one is questioning it. But Siri is very much a live, hidden away in a cottage in the forest. Currently trespassing on state property, but property so forgotten city hall doesn't even remember it exists, much less check on it regularly.

So for the moment Siri appears to be quite safe. It's the middle of summer so she has some time to prepare for the winter. There's a small lake by the cottage where she can fish, and her parents made sure she had seeds and fertilizer to grow vegetables. But as summer turns to autumn and winter, it's going to get awfully cold in the brick cottage. Sure hope Tom's plan has thought of that as well.

2nd May 2018, 11:43 PM
NOOOOO!!! Only a pic from hood view! :D I was so curios (now I understand the Curious brothers) to see the cabin Siri is hiding :D
Great update and interesting twist indeed :lovestruc

I hope Tom and Sigrid still manage to visit Siri? And nobody notice if they do visit that abandoned cabin a bit too often? :)

4th May 2018, 7:43 PM
I wasn't ready for the end of that yet! I, too, want to see the cabin and how Siri is getting along. That is some elaborate plan Tom came up with; I hope they don't get caught in such a serious lie.

4th May 2018, 10:34 PM

:lovestruc :lovestruc :lovestruc

I love your sims!

5th May 2018, 2:54 AM
I'm sorry Ellu and cher <3 Gotta build some suspense :D Thank you though, I am so so happy you both like it :lovestruc I love my Siri, she's a bad ass and I can't wait to post the next update. Love the cut-out simsample! Going to have to snag that! :lol:

But to keep things even, time for another Sally Mae update! Oh and also I realized I have been spelling their names wrong this whole time. I can never remember if there's a hyphen or not, and apparently there's not so whoops new spelling this time around.

Sally Mae Atkins
When we left Sally Mae she had just got in the taxi moving to her new home with her fiance Billy Bob Sawyer, pregnant and in her third trimester. We know Billy Bob has cheated on her, and might not be the loving faithful man that Sally Mae thinks he is.

Here she is, having just arrived at her new home. A run-down yard full of weeds and unpleasant plants, and two simple trailer homes parked next to each other. Billy Bob looks to be in a foul mood, telling her to go make dinner. Maybe he thinks she took too long to get there.

Now if my partner greeted me like that I'd tell them to shove it where the sun don't shine, but Sally Mae is young and inexperienced. She's never been in a relationship before, and in her mind she's the luckiest girl in the world to have someone love despite her awkwardness and her not-stellar looks. She hopes to be a good wife some day and in her world good wives make their men dinner, so apologizes for arriving late and runs off to make dinner while Billy Bob focuses on his term essay.

Turns out Billy Bob got the housing sorted right on time. Because the very next day...
You might wonder who the man in the blue cardigan is. He's the minister of education, but also functions as a sort of social services of the hood. Since Sally Mae is underage and Billy Bob is still in college, I suspect he felt it was necessary to come by and inspect their living situations. Make sure it's fit for babies and all that. I think he ended up seeing a little more than he bargained :lol:

"Calm down, it's only child birth..."

"See, I told you it's not that hard."
"She's beaaaautiful honey!"

"Meet your daughter Billy Bob! Would you like to hold her?"

But wait, what's this? Looks like we have a case of the twins!

Look at that happy face. Someone clearly doesn't mind surprise-twins!

Looks like Sally Mae made a real jump start on the family she always wanted. Not long ago she was a single teen, now she has a fiance and two beautiful daughters. I'd be pretty freaked out if my life changed that much in such a relatively short time span, but Sally Mae looks quite at home.

Since Billy Bob is still in college funds are quite limited, so their simple home is still quite spartan. In one trailer we have their bedroom, and a kitchen/living room combo. The second trailer is the nursery. Sally Mae took her trust fund money to buy two cribs, a dangle master, a baby bounce and a chair for her to sit in while she keeps an eye on the girls.


As you might deduce from the yard, Billy Bob isn't one for the cosy environments and welcoming atmosphere. Instead he wants his home to be as uninviting and people-deterring as possible. So he went out and got another addition to the family. Say hello to Harley the watch dog. He's agressive and he's a pig, but somehow he'll still make your heart melt.


Look at that silly little pup, thoroughly enjoying a big ol' roll around in a puddle.

He really is one massive dog, and if I walked by I would probably be a little scared. Which is just what Billy Bob wanted. But Sally Mae sees the sweet in everyone and everything, and immediately adopted him into her family of living beings to dote on. Here she is giving him a bath. From this angle it looks like his head is bigger than hers! :blink:

Sally Mae is a natural at being a mom, loving every second of every day.


Reading the girls a bedtime story

Looks like it worked better on mommy than it did on the girls. Tiresome being a new mommy to twins!

And so the days continued. Sally Mae cooked, cleaned, and took care of the babies. When she found the time she'd dig in the yard for treasure she could pawn to make a little extra money and buy things for the girls. Billy Bob graduated with a bachelor in political science and got a job in the military career. Having some steady income was great for them, but Billy Bob left for work at 6am and that meant Sally Mae had to get up at 5am to make breakfast. Many nights she was up until after midnight getting caught up on the household chores once the girls had fallen asleep, so a full energy bar became a thing of the past. Keeping Billy Bob's needs satisfied meant regular woohooing, and before too long Sally Mae found herself pregnant again. While I'm pretty sure she is more than happy to have another addition to her family, she does look a little worn.

Oh dear...

I wonder what was going through Billy Bobs mind as he found his wife passed out on the floor, Lulu Belle vicariously lying on the changing table. Somehow I don't think genuine concern is an emotion he's capable of. But he did calm down a little with his demands. After all a house wife is no good to him if she's passed out.

Time flies and all of a sudden it was time for the girls birthdays. Peggy Sue was born first, so she's first up.

She got her daddy's hair.

Lulu Belles turn

Another one with daddy's hair. He sure has some strong genes! (in my game all hair colors are equally dominant, so it's always a 50/50 flip)

No close up of Peggy Sue, but one of Lulu Belle. She got her mothers eyes and cheekbones.

No rest for the wicked, first batch grown up, next batch coming out of the oven! Sally Mae looks pretty pleased though. I wonder what she's feeling inside her tummy. Could it be...

Clearly Billy Bob is not handling the news all that well. I have to admit I quite enjoyed watching him reduced to a babbling heap.

"Honey, please just look at her. It's just a baby, nothing to be scared of!"

The doctor got Billy Bob back on his feet, and Sally Mae got him to hold their new daughter for a minute. Because yep, you guessed it. It's twins, again. Sally Mae is one fertile lady!

And this time, it's a son! About frigging time thinks Billy Bob, enough of all these girl babies, this is what I wanted, a son! And what do you know, suddenly not so hard to convince to hold the baby.

I've even caught him playing with his newborn son, which is almost weird to see. Billy Bob insisted they name him Billy Bob Jr. Guess he intends to pass on his legacy and raise himself a nice strong boy. Jr's twin sister is called Anna Nicole.

And from time to time he'll come help putting them to bed, though he only does billy Bob Jr.

Place is positively crawling with kiddies now!

Some of you may be wondering when it's going to be Sally Mae's turn to grow up. She's certainly old enough. In my game anyone who opts out of college gets their life span as a teen extended so that they can remain care-free not-quite-adults-yet Simmies for the same amount of time as their peers who do go to college. Sally-Mae is much too busy with her four children to think about getting a degree, she is quite happy to be a housewife (or well house-fiance). And Billy Bob is certainly not going to push her, he wants her home to cook and clean and be available when he wants his fun.

Everything about him is calculated, planned, intentional. He knows just how to manipulate circumstances enough that Sally Mae continues to think of him as a helpful loving fiance. When she's behind on house work he'll offer to watch the kids for her so she can go clean, making out he's a helpful hubby when really, why is it automatically her job to watch them 24/7 and do all the cooking and cleaning? And his idea of watching them is taking over when she's already got them settled and there's nothing to do except keep an eye on them so they don't crawl off. He might give them a bottle if he's really trying to impress and want his nightly fun, but never on your life that he changes a diaper. Poopy diapers are for womenfolk. Like this, all of them occupied and nothing to do really,

But Sally Mae has never known anything else, and she's so overrun with her two babies and two toddlers to take care of, that she never quite has time to notice. And deep down she longs to be his wife properly, so she does everything she can to keep him happy and show what a good wife she'd make so he'll agree to have a wedding. He claims they can't afford it (marriage licenses cost money in my hood) and he handles all the finances so she doesn't argue with him about it.

One of the things I love about this game is how animations you've seen a thousand times can look entirely different all of a sudden. Like this picture of the two of them making out on their bed one night. No different from any other make-out animation, but I see a Sally Mae that is so tired she can't keep her eyes open, but goes along with it any way because she doesn't want to deny him. And is it just me or does the way Billy Bob is hunched over her look kind of dominant and controlling?

Not really sure how she manages to get everything done, but even with four small children and a household to take care of Sally-Mae makes time to dig in the yard. The kids trailer is starting to look a little cosier now thanks to her dug up treasure. And despite everything she takes time to teach them to talk and walk, though potty training is first on the agenda so they can deal with that motive on their own.


Starting her own vegetable garden and drinking copious amounts of pepper juice might have had something to do with how Sally Mae gets through the days.
As you can see the two trailers are identical in terms of fixtures, only this one had the stove removed and a minifridge instead of a big one. Billy Bob had the walls merged so that the windows on this trailer lead into their bedroom. He knew Sally Mae would never agree to sleep in a separate trailer if she didn't have some way to keep an eye on the kids or notice if something was wrong with them, so that is the solution he came up with.

Lulu Belle learning to walk

Remember Harley the watch dog, and how I said he'll melt your heart? He certainly is just the watch dog Billy Bob wants. Here he is scaring off Henrik Lindström. Which may or may not have been such a good idea, considering Henrik is the chief of police of Simville.


And yet, he'll calmly endure anything the kids put him through. In fact he loooves the kiddies and tries to sneak in there as often as he can. Sally Mae doesn't like him slobbering up the floors and getting the kids dirty, since he lives outside, so she sometimes locks the door but if she lets him he'll be in there all day every day :lovestruc :lovestruc

Getting rather long so I'll break this one up into two parts. I would have stopped here, but I guess I better not be such a tease this time or I may hear Ellu's "NOOO" all the way from across the pond :lol:

Nothing much really happens in the life of Sally Mae, each day is like the previous one. Sally Mae cooks, she cleans, she takes care of her wonderful kids.

Sometimes though, I'll find her seemingly pondering her existence. Here she is preparing the turkey for Christmas dinner that year, and is it just me or is there a sort of dead-in-the-eyes look to her in that moment?

A look that certainly isn't there whenever she looks at one of her kids. Maybe she is starting to, on some level, question her relationship...

Now Billy Bob is a lot of things, but oblivious is not one of them. He's caught that look of hers, and he knows he needs to dial things up an additional notch. Sally Mae has gotten the nursery decently furnished, so lately her money has been going towards a wedding fund. Truth is, money is not as tight as Billy Bob would make out. He does quite well at work, has gotten himself promoted to flight officer. Looks quite pleased whenever he's off to work, clearly the military life suits him.

So if you are Billy Bob in this situation, what do you? How do you ensure that Sally Mae doesn't realize how dysfunctional their relationship really is, and make sure she remains the happy housewife? You make it official of course! And not only that, you spoil her a little with some nice jewelry so her dream of being a princess on her wedding day is one step closer to reality. She does quite seem to enjoy admiring herself in the mirror, in her pretty white dress.

The necklace really compliments the dress, don't you think? And while she certainly is happy that the big day has finally come, that look isn't entirely gone. Looks like just getting married isn't going to be enough.

Some of you might have noticed that the only people in these pictures are the kids, Billy Bob, and Sally Mae. Except for the occasional walk-by which usually gets chased off by Harley. No phone calls, no emails, no visitors. Sally Mae doesn't know this but whenever someone calls and asks for her, Billy Bob makes sure he answers the phone, and then rudely responds that she is busy and hangs up on whoever called. There is no phone in the kids trailer, quite intentional of course, so even if he's not there to guard the phone Sally Mae rarely hears it ring. When EA designed the automated messages, they clearly overheard Billy Bob on the phone. So since Sally Mae came to her new home, she's not talked to or seen any of her old friends, or matron. She's been busy with the kids of course, and hasn't exactly tried to make contact either. But she misses them, and Billy Bob realizes that it might be time to let her have some contact with the outside world.

So not only are they getting married, but he's invited matron, and Sally Mae's old orphanage buddies to attend the wedding. He's found a pretty little wedding location by the river where the ceremony can be held, with a buffet afterwards. Guaranteed to really make it a special day.

Amy might not like Billy Bob, but of course she's going to come be there for Sally Mae on her big day.

And of course matron and Stoffe will come, no questions asked. Matron looks so relieved to see Sally Mae looking happy and well. Stoffe with his thoughts on money, as usual... :lol:

Sally Mae looks really happy to see them too. And from this angle she really is quite gorgeous, don't you think?

Better sit down, ceremony is about to start!

Billy Bob dialing up the charm and smiles

She looks so sweet, and so in the moment.

There's that look Billy Bob is used to seeing. Sweet, loving eyes.

Even Billy Bob almost looks a little touched by the moment.

But then he does that. Sally Mae looks a little surprised and taken off guard, but I'm sure she chalks it up to romantic gesture.

Leah congratulating Sally Mae, while Billy Bob sets up the buffet. Unusual for him to do anything food-related, outside of eating it. Notice him doing it when Sally Mae is looking in that direction, making sure she sees him.

He's even making an effort to socialize with Sally Mae's guests.

"Thank you honey for this truly wonderful day"

The party was a great success (Taket lyfter means roof raiser). I think Sally Mae really enjoyed spending some time without the kids, for once, having conversations with people closer to her own age. Here she is talking with Olivia. Olivia is very interested in politics, and societal issues. A bit of a left wing activist, fighting for peoples rights and feminism, and such things. I imagine Sally Mae is encouraging her and saying she's a great speaker and a great asset to any movement.

Just the kind of person Sally Mae could do with spending more time around, but Billy Bob smelling danger decided it was time to head on home. Reminding Sally Mae the kids would be waiting they said goodbye to the guests and headed home, now a married couple.

That'll be all for Sally Mae today. I hope you all enjoyed the update and seeing where Sally Mae's life has gone since we last saw her. Would love some feedback on pictures this time, do you want to see more of kiddies next time?

5th May 2018, 3:45 AM
I loved the pics!! <3

And no, you see me before hearing, remember the pink sneakers?? :P

Sally Mae.. so gorgeous sim. those cheekbones are so lovely. An Billy Bob, for your information you will get what you deserve. Eventually, you will... Are you really ready to loose EVERYTHING?

ps. the police, Henrik, looked kinda hot, is he married? :D If not I would make my sims to hint something to Sally Mae :P

Edit: Lulu Belle looks a lot like her dad also

5th May 2018, 9:55 AM
How could I possibly forget the shoes :lol: I was originally going to write "I better not be such a tease this time or Ellu will throw her pink shoes at me next time she passes by" :giggler:

And yeah, she really is gorgeous. Just needs to realize it herself :) Got her off a blog a few years back, wish I could remember which one to give credit but no idea :/ Googled no cc Sims and found her that way. For some reason back then I thought she was kind of ordinary looking, hence the insecure about her looks personality. But I was dead wrong, she is quite the looker. And yes you are right Lulu Belle does have features of them both.

Henrik is taken, sadly :lol: But very funny you said that! Remember him, a little birdie tells me he may reappear in the story at a later stage ;) But as I've said I really can't shut up about my Sims if given the slightest chance to talk about them, so for those interested here's a bonus-post with part of Henrik's story :)

He is actually a downtownie, the one with the sunglasses and snake skin suit. And in my game the designated outing-starter. Always calling houses asking the inhabitants to come along to an outing. He quickly became a regular visitor and good friend of any Sim that likes to party and have fun. One of those is Max Flex (in English Flexor, the premade from Academie Le Tour), who after college moved into a small apartment with three roomies. Here's Henrik chatting with Max at one of the parties.

When Max's sister Alicia (added by me) graduated from college, he threw a party to introduce her to people in the hood and help her find a social circle. Of course Henrik was there.

Alicia is a pleasure Sim, a very hip young woman whose main joy and interest in life is music. No aspirations to work, really just wants to enjoy life and have fun, and play lots and lots of music. She makes a living as a street performer, and lives in a rather gorgeous loft. And if your main aspiration is to enjoy life, being friends with Henrik is a great idea because he is guaranteed to hook you up with all kinds of people and fun experiences. So of course Alicia invited him to her own parties.

Being a pleasure Sim Alicia doesn't just want friendly fun, a date here and there is highly necessary for a happy life, at least in her book. She's not one to take anything seriously though, so she had a number of flings with different people just for casual fun. Henrik being a romance Sim one day called her up and asked her to a date downtown. Of course she'll say yes. Henrik made his thoughts clear the minute they met up outside the karaoke bar.

Matron Lena just happened to be there too, must have been her night off. Or maybe she heard on the grape vine Henrik would be there. She never does miss an opportunity to show up and make connections, and chief of police is a very handy contact to have. Guess she wanted to use the karaoke machine, but they got there first :lol:

Those of you that know me from discussion forum know I usually have a plan with my Sims, a story in mind. And once upon a time I played free will off, never allowing spontaneity. But through reading forums I came to realize there are times when Sims have great ideas on their own, and these days I quite enjoy the curve balls they throw me. In this case the first curve ball was Henrik calling Alicia up and asking for a date. Even though he's a romance Sim I never really saw him as such. To me he was the neighborhood buddy, the extrovert social friendly guy that is part of any circle and who really just loves a good time. Certainly wasn't planning on making him date anyone. But Alicia is just casual flings any way so why not. I had intended for her to be a care free single for a long time to come, only living for her music and whatever pulled on her strings that day.

But came the second curveball. Sometimes, you get those moments I've mentioned in earlier posts, when an animation you've seen many times before suddenly looks entirely new, and your Sims send you such a clear message saying "This is what I want." or "This is who I am". And on this date, that is exactly what happened. Something about the two of them singing together said these two Sims belong together. There's a connection, a bond, that throws my original plan out the window. This is not a casual fling, this bond is something deeper.




Maybe it's the fact that purple leopard print and snakeskin jacket go hand in hand. Maybe it's the fact that they both look like hip people. I really don't know what it was, but after that night it was clear to me that Henrik fell head over heels for Alicia and really wouldn't be interested in anyone else. I wasn't as sure about how Alicia felt, (some of you may remember the post in story dilemma thread) though she was quite happy to invite Henrik back to the loft to finish off the date. Time would tell how she felt.

Naturally Henrik kept calling, inviting her to new dates for new fun and exciting experiences together.




Didn't take long before Alicia seemed pretty smitten too.

Even so Alicia continued her casual flings with other people. Henrik isn't a romance Sim for nothing, so no jealousy from him. He was happy to spend whatever time with Alicia that she felt like spending with him, and took no issue with her spending time with other people too. He figured if it was meant to be, it would be, if and when Alicia was ready. He is what I'd like to call RSMR - Romance Sim Made Right :lol:

Alicia actually did really well as a street performer. Earlier on her brother Max invited her to come with him and his girlfriend Elna to Twikki Islands, staying at his girlfriends vacation home, and Alicia really enjoyed the tropical climate and the beach. So when she found herself with money to spare she decided to invest some of it on a vacation home of her own. No fun going on your own though, so she invited her three main flings to come with her for a long weekend, and one of the lucky ones was Henrik. If you've never played a similar scenario I highly recommend it, it was so much fun watching these three dudes and Alicia all tucked up in one place. Benny and Ville constantly vying for her attention, and Henrik being his usual cool self just going about his business and still managing to get just as much attention.

Some refreshing punch on arrival. Henrik and Benny already found their way to the hot tub, though I hope the "hot" is misleading in this instance. Certainly wouldn't want to get into a hot bath on a beach on a tropical island in the middle of summer. But a cooling bubbling one, absolutely.

Henrik left to make some hamburgers for lunch, leaving Alicia to have a make out session with Benny.

Eating together

Soaking up some rays while Ville admires the sand castle he built

At night Henrik and Alicia had some alone time in the tub. Backrubs, always a classic.

Love Henriks casual arm around the shoulder. Very chill, just like him.

And what do you know, that backrub got him invited to sleep with Alicia in her bed rather than one of the guest beds.

I wish I had this kind of view, I'd eat breakfast there every day too.

Henriks turn to soak up some rays, while Ville builds yet another sand castle, and Alicia tries the water.

I suspect Alicia thought Henrik looked so comphy taking a nap in the sun she wanted to get in on the action

Did I mention Benny and Ville kept trying to get her attention? You are out of luck boys, can't compete with Henriks charm.

Even reading a book he is more interesting than you two are :lol:

Part of why I sent them on this trip was because I wanted to figure out how to proceed. What better way to figure out how Alicia felt than put her in a situation with options and see which way she leans? And time and time again she'd choose to hang out where Henrik was, making it clearer and clearer to me that she wasn't as opposed to the idea of monogamy as I first thought. And then this happened, screaming it out loud and clear. The next night Alicia was once again enjoying a late night soak in the hot tub, and Henrik went to join. Benny was not having it, he was not about to let Henrik get all the attention yet again. To further add to the comedy of this, do note Benny decided to get in stark naked :lol:

Benny doing his best to adopt a cool confident pose, Henrik with his usual calm poised facial expression making no deal at all of the fact that Benny got in naked clearly trying to disrupt things, with his arm still casually placed around Alicias waist under water... and to top it off, Alicia completely ignoring Benny unable to take her eyes of Henrik.

Face it Benny. You are screwed, this battle is loooong lost. Look at that expression on Alicia's face.

He did not get the memo though, causing Alicia to tell him to get lost. Again, love Henriks casual arm on the rim of the hot tub, the other hand calmly placed on Alicias leg. Always oozing that quiet centered relaxed confidence.

Finally alone, it took no time at all for things to get real steamy.

The boys still hadn't given up though, and the next morning they both tried to put the moves on Alicia. Is it just me or is there a hint of rejection in the way Alicia is standing?

After she got dressed, Henrik suggested they get out of the house for a bit, get away from the other two. Alicia was easily convinced.

Gorgeous surroundings, and yet Alicia still only has eyes for Henrik.

They spent so much time holding hands and flirting darkness fell and food barely looked touched at all.

When they got back, Henrik took Alicia down to the beach. Having quietly observed her change in behavior over the past few days he had a hunch time was ripe to make his move.


Turns out, his hunch was right. Alicia says yes, no second thoughts.
This picture is quite possibly my favorite picture I've ever taken. The angle came out perfect, highlighting everything. There's something about the way Alicia is standing that is so very her, and Henrik really manages to pull of the down on one knee hands on heart look he's got going. And then that gorgeous Twikki Island landscape in the background, and the bright summer night. Love it so much :lovestruc

One very VERY happy Alicia. And a pretty darn pleased Henrik too.

The next morning it was time to pack up and go home.
All in all, a very successful vacation. Not for Benny or Ville, perhaps, but for Henrik, Alicia and me. I had tons of fun playing it, and I am very glad I figured out where they wanted to go. They are an adorable couple who definitely do belong together. I had not at all planned on Alicia settling down, and certainly not this soon, but the game threw me a curveball and it was a great one. What's so fun about these two is they keep doing it. Never had a couple that's made me rethink their story and change direction entirely as many times as Henrik and Alicia, and I love it!

So yep Ellu, Henrik is very, very much taken. He is the kind of romance Sim that is a romantic, not a sleazebag. He likes romantic gestures, he likes to love and he likes being physical, but to him it's not a numbers game. He wants to love Alicia, not get notches on his bedpost. I figured out the reason why they gave me that feeling. Alicias great passion in life is fun. She wants to be happy, and enjoy life. And Henrik makes her laugh, being equal parts cool and silly in just right blend for Alicia. One minute they'll be cuddling, the next Henrik's doing a chicken impression making her scream laughing.

Not actually doing a chicken impression, but you got to admit, it sure looks like it. And that's what I love, the random moments you happen to snap that picture making you see a different frozen frame of an animation, that depending on context might say something completely different than the original meaning.

I hope you enjoyed this quick-side story. Thought it might be a nice change of pace to the slightly darker tone in Sally Mae's and Siri's stories at the moment :)

5th May 2018, 6:26 PM
Sally Mae didn't look like she minded having twins, but I don't think Billy Bob was convinced it was a good thing. Sally Mae used her trust fund money all for the babies, and didn't do anything for herself. I'm not sure Billy Bob would have done that. No, he went and got a dog, adding more expense and work to Sally Mae's life. She seems to thrive on it, though. Billy Bob has collapsed in a nervous heap on the floor, and he doesn't do near the work that Sally Mae does. As for Sally Mae's looks, sadly, it's not so unusual for an attractive girl to see herself as unattractive.

I do like Harley; I love a dog who will let the kids do anything and yet be tough enough to protect the family.

Sally Mae does appear to be slowly waking up to the reality of her daily existence, rather than the fantasy she had created for herself. It is never a good sign when your spouse isolates you from other people. Sure, he loosened up a little for the wedding and party, but I won't be surprised if it's a long time again before Sally Mae has much contact with the world outside the trailer.

The pictures are great, and several captured some really great expressions on Sally Mae's face. More of the kids would be good, especially as they grow up and develop their own personalities.

I love Alicia's hair and style. Henrick has a great style of his own, too. I can see why they are attracted to each other. You really can see the moment he falls for her in a more serious way. It can be fun to explore a situation with multiple partners in the same house. I had similar thing happen with some sims at Uni. Bethany had both Erik and Griffin constantly hitting on her, and she fell in love with them both. They had no jealousy of each other, even though she'd make out with one while the other was waiting around to make out with her. After graduation, the three of them moved in together and quite happy with their arrangement. Alicia did show a clear preference for Henrik while on vacation, though, so it looks like they both might be ready to settle down into a monogamous relationship. I like being surprised by sims now and then, and this was a pleasant surprise.

7th May 2018, 12:59 AM
Okay, Henrik is very taken, I admit :)

Adorable story, loved the vacation pics the most, I would love to have a such an vacations IRL <3 (one can always dream, right? :D )

8th May 2018, 5:16 AM
She seems to thrive on it, though.

I'm so glad you said that, because that is exactly how I feel. Somehow being surrounded by kids and constantly overworked suits her. She's a mom to the bones, and we all know moms make the world go round. They are superheros, and Sally Mae fits right in with the best of them. Always selfless, putting the needs of her kids ahead of her own.

Thank you for feedback on pictures, will include a bit more on the kids. Sadly don't seem to have that many of them individually as toddlers, but I'll make sure I start taking more of them next time I play them :)

I did debate having them in an open relationship like your Sims, but in the end it didn't feel like that's what they wanted. At least not then, we'll have to see how things progress but so far they seem very happy in their monogamous relationship :) I want to play a three-way couple at some point, but haven't found the right Sims yet :) Hope yours are happy living in their house together :)

(one can always dream, right? :D )

One sure can! I'd take a vacation with Henrik any day of the week :lol: Might post an update to their story at some point, I think you'd like some of it.

13th May 2018, 6:28 AM
Have been putting off posting an update in hopes MYP would come back up, but sounds like it's going to be a little while before it's back so I decided to stop postponing and get to it! :) Been looking forward to hearing what you guys think of Stoffe's adventures.

Stoffe Andersson
Last we saw Stoffe he had just arrived at University, signing up for a major in economy. He busted butt to get there, putting himself through private school and managing to save up enough to get a luxury dorm room (said apartment last time, got him confused with another household). He wants to make something of himself, show the world that he is worth something even though he grew up in an orphanage with no family. He thinks that means earning a lot of money and being respectable and admired. So next on the list is to graduate with honors, making tons of connections, and earning a whole lot of money. Piece of cake, right?

Stoffe figured it was about time he learned to cook, so he could invite people over for fancy dinners and such. The dorm does have a cafeteria, but winners don't live off of pancakes and mac and cheese so off to learn he went. Not having spent much time on cooking previously, you can imagine the results. Good thing there are fearless firefighters!

Stoffe is not the kind of person that quits though, not over something so minor as a little kitchen fire. Nah back at it until you figure it out! But man oh man what a slob he is. Every time I see him cook it makes me dream of a mod that would force him to clean up the mess he's making.

Having diligently studied the hood's economy during his teen years, Stoffe knew the quickest way to make a fortune is to run a car dealership. At that time car dealerships were only run by the Sernman family (core family of the hood), but Stoffe knew that the son who ran the small downtown branch now had three kids and was planning to sell it. Perfect timing! Stoffe took out a loan, and offered to take over the dealership. Having written some freelance articles for the papers as a teen (Monique's computer) he was already a familiar entity to the Sernman family (dad used to be a media magnet and is well connected in the newspaper industry) so they agreed. Here he is hiring some staff for his new business venture.

One of the lucky ones chosen as employees is a fellow young adult called Vanessa Van Derbirth. She too is an economy major, and Stoffe looks quite pleased to have her. Perhaps it has something to do with her last name suggesting she has noble heritage?

After starting up the business he went for a celebratory drink at the campus bar. Gotta love the tired expression on Rachel the dormies face, maybe she's in med school like me. Been there Rachel!

Still really excited about his progress he decided to check out the campus night life, so from there on he went to a night club where he had some more drinks. Dormie Vida was getting some late dinner, and Stoffe looks to me like he's debating if he should ask her for a dance.

He did end up asking, and she said yes. Nothing like a little clubbing and getting your grove on to celebrate success. But, uh... Stoffe, her face is like a foot or so upwards, stop staring at her chest! :rolleyes:

Encouraged by his success in getting girls at the club to dance with him, and the fact that he had several pleasant chats with Vanessa after hours at the business, Stoffe decided to get bold and ask her out to a date.

He looks so nervous with that kind of tentative smile, completely unnoticed by Vanessa who is more focused on reading the menu and thinking of creppes suzette.

Which of course Stoffe ordered for her. I guess all that time spent studying how to read customers may pay off for dating too! (or maybe Stoffe has a benign God to read thought bubbles for him and give him a helping hand. Your choice which you believe in :lol: )

Looks like it's going well. The look in her eyes certainly has changed as the date progressed.

After dinner they decided to go to the club and have some fun. (Sidenote: I am annoyingly talented at making name tag pop up on Sims in pictures. Normally don't share pictures like that but I appear to have sucked at taking pictures of Stoffe so not that many to choose from so I decided to let it slide this time.)

A nice dinner, some drinks, steamy dancing... one thing lead to another and before the night was out they ended up kissing on the dance floor. Notice how Stoffe's eyes are open, looking at her, and hers are closed. Very fitting for these two specifically.

After their date, Vanessa dropped by to leave a present as Sims always do. Only she did not go with the traditional flowers. Nah, such gifts are for peasants and cheap people. Classy people leave classy gifts! Like a 4000 simoleon 12th century song dynasty sculpted vase perhaps?
This was one of those flawless moments when the game just rolled with the exact thing I had planned. I saw Vanessa as coming from a fancy family with money and a rich outward appearance, and her giving a ridiculously expensive vase as a gift after a first date fits that image so beautifully. Stuff like that is why I love this game so much.

So if you are Stoffe, what do you do? You dream of joining the "elite" ranks of society, because you think it means you are someone important and worthy, And now you've just gone on a date with what turned out to be a girl from a seemingly rich family of fancy ancestry. You pursue it of course! And that's exactly what Stoffe did. Here they are enjoying the Sims version of netflix and chill, aka hanging out in Stoffe's dorm room getting to know each other.

I think that's where I'm going to let things rest for now. Sorry for the short update, had a lot to do today and I didn't get as far as I hoped. But I don't want to keep postponing this update, so I figure I'll post what I have now and hopefully I can add some more after I get some sleep :)

14th May 2018, 2:23 AM
LOL I feel you Rachel! :D totally do :)

But you Stoffe! one complain! You in there beeing cute with Vanessa, and nowhere in sight the vase she gave you??? DID you sell it?? Just a hint, put in the small side table or if you do not have one, buy it, and place the vase to it! So she can see how much you care about her and her gift ;)

14th May 2018, 2:58 AM
Stoffe wanted me to let you know that the vase is in sight, just not from that angle ;) He may be rushing to make his fortune but he would never sell a gift from someone, that's just wrong! Even if it is worth 4000 simoleons :lol:


15th May 2018, 8:14 PM
Stoffe is not alone in thinking lots of money will bring him respect and admiration. I wish him luck with it, but hope he also realizes he doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. Basing your self-worth on externals like money, or the admiration of others, will eventually lead to disappointment.
I liked his date with Vanessa. Gotta love a girl who orders dessert for dinner. Also, it appears he's taught her his squatting dance technique. :rofl:

I loved Rachel's tired look, too. It's been a long time, but I remember how mentally exhausting uni can be!

I got a kick out of the vase discussion. :lol:

16th May 2018, 10:04 AM
Stoffe is not alone in thinking lots of money will bring him respect and admiration. I wish him luck with it, but hope he also realizes he doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. Basing your self-worth on externals like money, or the admiration of others, will eventually lead to disappointment.
I liked his date with Vanessa. Gotta love a girl who orders dessert for dinner. Also, it appears he's taught her his squatting dance technique. :rofl:

Very true, Stoffe's "affliction" is certainly a common one. And lol @ dessert for dinner and squatting dance technique xD

Finally have time to continue Stoffe's story :)

Stoffe Andersson
What's this?

Someone is in trouble!

Trouble yes, but not the serious kind :lol: No surprise Stoffe's extensive networking eventually resulted in three friendships with secret society members, leading to this late night surprise-abduction.

Hard thing to convey in pictures (and as mentioned in last post apparently I forget to take screenshots when playing Stoffe >_>) but Stoffe could rival Sally-Mae on somehow having more hours per day than other Sims. Sims in my hood get their skills reset when they age up, keeping 0-3 points depending on what it was before, which means in order to keep top grades all Sims still have a lot of skilling to do. In Stoffe's case, since his major is economy he is required to attend all lectures. But Stoffe being the overacheiver he is plans to do a double major, one in economy and one in business manage and for business management you are required to hold down a job on top of your studies. Being the workoholic he is, he started working right away even though it's only required from term 3 and on, and despite not having switched major yet. And as if skilling, keeping top grades, attending lectures and holding down an adult Sim job wasn't enough, he also opened his business daily working on his fortune. The last thing I'd want to do after all that is go out and socialize and make connections, but Stoffe seems to thrive on stress. Living in the Sims-verse he does have the added advantage of being able to use community lots to extend his day, but even so I am not really sure how he manages everything.

But manage he does! By the third semester he'd earned enough to pay off his degree in advance, which is no mean feat considering it cost 40,000 simoleons. He had top grades every semester, and made tons of so called friends. He often hung out with Vanessa after hours at the business.

As you can see by now it had become spring time. The season of love! Restaurant Adela had fresh blooms on every table (of the non-face-obscuring variety :lol: ) when Stoffe took Vanessa there for yet another date. Stoffe telling the waitress this is where they had their first dream date, while Vanessa peruses the menu. Can you guess what she ordered?

Creppes suzette, what else :lol: Stoffe gave her some of his lobster too though, so not just dessert for dinner ;)

This date turned out to not just be any ordinary date though. I think spring must have gotten to Stoffe's head, or perhaps it was the flowers, or those youth-hormones, but all of a sudden he got this rather sneaky look on his face as he pulled something from his pocket.

At first Vanessa seems only mildly interested

But once she opened it and saw what was inside, she seemed quite spell bound. You can almost see the shine of the diamonds reflecting in her eyes...

Still admiring the shine! I think you better put it on your finger Vanessa, plenty of time for that later :lol:

Eventually she did put it on her finger, and made it official. They are engaged!

Waste not want not! Most couples in my game have a long engagement, not in any rush to get married. But Vanessa wanted to get things settled. Every student at university comes there with some kind of purpose, whether it is to get good grades, make their parents proud, or simply have a fantastic time. Vanessa did not come there to study, or prove anything. She went to find a husband. A promising husband with ambition, someone that could ensure her life continued to be a comfortable low demands one, just like the one her parents had given her. She signed up for an economy major to give her access to men of the "right kind", and she took the job at Stoffe's business because she'd heard about him on the grape vine. It didn't take long for her to realize he was exactly what she wanted, a driven man with the brains to actually start an empire and sweet enough to dote on her and not object to her being a housewife. Plus he was kind of hunky, so even if she wasn't madly in love with him he was attractive enough to make good husband material. So when he proposed she saw no reason to delay the wedding, but instead suggested they get married as soon as possible. Stoffe already knew of a venue thanks to Sally-Mae's wedding, so planning did not take long.

Some of you asked if matron keeps in touch with kids once they leave, and I said that she lets them decide. Some keep close contact, some don't. Stoffe hadn't talked to her much since getting into university, since he's so busy all the time running around chasing his goals. But once again the game had one of those really sweet moments you just can't plan for. Stoffe and Vanessa decided he would take her name, so to get things settled properly he moved in with her just before the wedding so they could go there together. When Vanessa invited him over in order to propose he move in, he asked if he could bring a friend which she agreed to. And who should come along if not matron Lena! I guess Stoffe wanted her to meet his future wife before the wedding, and maybe he was a little nervous about this life journey he was about to start and felt more safe having her by his side as he started it :lovestruc She may not be his biological parent, but it's pretty clear that Stoffe sees her as his mother, and knowing her I am pretty sure she's on board with that.

Vanessa convinced Stoffe the wedding was so last minute it was too late to invite guests, and not wanting to trouble anyone he agreed. I am pretty sure her motives were more along the lines of not wanting him to invite influencial people at the same time as his orphanage family, and deciding that no guests were better than the rich side of town being closely reminded of his past. But Stoffe believed her, so they left for the wedding venue on their own.

Despite the no guests it did turn out to be rather a beautiful ceremony. Stoffe sure looked handsome in his tux, and that grin is too cute.


Stoffe being a gentleman went for a less extravagant but more romantic kiss than Billy-Bob opted for during his wedding. Some passersby served as witnesses.

From there they went straight to their new home. A luxury apartment by the water in Bluewater village. They decided on Bluewater village since it is the business metropolis and being close by was handy for Stoffe while he was working on building up his empire. Both of them wanted to live in the rich part of Simville, but those mansions are not cheap and neither of them was a fan of loans so they decided a luxury apartment would do fine while Stoffe saved up for a proper mansion.


Housewife-aspirations or not, cooking is not really Vanessa's thing so they celebrated with some take out. Quite the gorgeous view from their living room.

After dinner they celebrated in a more physical way :lol: Wedding first, then wedding night. Vanessa was not disappointed by her hunk, and I'm sure she put her mothers tips on keeping your man happy to good use.

Vanessa made herself an office by the entrance, with her desk overlooking the water. And even though the idea was to save money, she convinced Stoffe their home had to look right and so he let her spend a small fortune on art. She was an avid art lover, and made sure every wall and surface displayed beautiful things.

She also loved music, and dancing, or really anything creative or artistic. She spent quite a lot of time in their living room dancing, and sometimes Stoffe would join her for a spin.

Though most of the time he could be found in his study, typing away at some business proposal or other. Or cramming in some online economic advice for an extra buck here and there, before he was off to work.

Vanessa did not mind though. She was quite happy to spend her days on her own, doing the things she liked.

I imagine she was quite glad nobody was walking by when this incident happened. I saw though, and got a good laugh out of it :lol:

She also put her new access to almost unlimited funds to good use. A new wardrobe full of expensive clothes, for a start. And then some well-placed gifts, always a good investment. Like to Alia Fransson, a dormie who unbeknownst to Stoffe was coerced into doing Vanessa's assignments so she didn't have to bother herself.

After all, who wants to spend time doing boring economy assignments when you can sit on your balcony sipping wine and gazing out over the sea?

Or enjoying the perks of living in an expensive apartment complex, like for example the rooftop hot tub.

But uh... Vanessa, it's the middle of summer so a hot tub might not be the best idea, even if there is a nice breeze blowing in from the sea.

Stoffe was at work and wouldn't be home for hours, but luckily for her, matron Lena had been walking by and heard the noise of the hot tub all the way down at street level. Being the caring soul she is she came up to make sure whoever was foolish enough to use it hadn't been cooked alive.

Upon founding a heatstroked Vanessa she came to the rescue with a glass of freezing cold water.

Her kindness prompted Vanessa to invite her to stay so she could meet Stoffe once he came home from work.

She even did her best to socialize with their guest, though she chose to do so while the stock report was on the news and Stoffe was not entirely pleased :rolleyes:

And so time passed. Stoffe worked, Vanessa did her things. By now Stoffe had completed his economy major, and had switched to business management. He'd opened a Bluewater Village branch to the car dealership, and business was booming. One night he suggested they go out to dinner and try Bluewater Village's romantic Cupid's Restaurant. Never one to turn down an excuse to go shopping for a new fancy dress and to show off some of her expensive jewlery, Vanessa agreed.

As the waitress took their order Vanessa was telling Stoffe about one of her ladies-who-lunch-friends mansion.

Changing the subject he choose to focus on congratulating her on her new best friend. Some of you may remember her, Rakel Ivarsson, the woman Billy-Bob had some grown-up fun time with at her gym.

As usual Stoffe had lobster, and Vanessa creppes suzette. And while Stoffe may dress the part and act the part of a well-bred gentleman, I don't think anything is ever going to cure him of his sloppy eating. Vanessa doesn't particularly enjoy it, but she endures it.

After dinner, Stoffe surprised Vanessa with a gift.

Whatever could it have been, causing Vanessa to drop her carefully orchestrated facade?

Turns out Stoffe's avoiding the subject of her friends mansion had been to not spoil the surprise. Inside the box were keys, keys to a large house next to the mayor's mansion, and just down the street from Rakel's red-roofed mansion. His Bluewater Village branch had done so well he already earned enough money to buy the house. It wasn't the prettiest from an architectural standpoint, but it had a music room, and a rather pretty balcony in the master bedroom. He knew how much she enjoyed the balconies in their apartment, so he thought she'd quite like it. Plus the proximity to the mayor and his family was a real plus.

Vanessa suggested they return home so she could thank him properly. Stoffe once again showed that he may be a gentleman, but he does have a weakness for staring at breasts. Vanessa looks quite indulgent though, guess she rather enjoys seeing how captivated he is by her looks and figure.

All in all, things seem to be going fairly well for the two. Not even through university yet and already Stoffe is a married man, and owner of two successful car dealerships, and now a big expensive house in the rich side of town. Vanessa has achieved her goal of finding a rich husband to take care of her, spending her days leisurely enjoying a life of expensive clothes and art. While their relationship can hardly be called true love, Stoffe is too much of a workaholic to really notice it, and Vanessa seems quite pleased as long as he cares enough to let her have the things she wants. And that is where we leave them today, getting ready to move in to their new home.

Hopefully ending things here won't cause another "NOOOOO" from Ellu :lol:

16th May 2018, 4:04 PM
Your sims always seem so 'real'. Not to say my one don't, they do, but......I have never felt like this regarding someone else's sims(is that offensive in some way? I apologize if it is), and I am getting so invested in the lives of Stoffe, Sally-Mae and all others.

16th May 2018, 7:15 PM
In real life, there seem to be people like Stoffe, who get a week's worth of activity done in a day, and people like me, who can't figure out where all the time goes. ;)

It certainly seems like Vanessa and Stoffe are a good match, since neither was particularly concerned that love be a primary factor in a relationship. Those kinds of relationships can work, but I think it's not easy. How appropriate to see the simolean signs right there with the wedding rings!

I have to say, it made me happy that Stoffe brought Matron along to meet Vanessa. Matron is so very caring about her wards, I like to know that they care about her, too.

I laughed out loud at Vanessa's little fall, especially with that expression on her face. :lol:

16th May 2018, 7:51 PM
Your sims always seem so 'real'. Not to say my one don't, they do, but......I have never felt like this regarding someone else's sims(is that offensive in some way? I apologize if it is), and I am getting so invested in the lives of Stoffe, Sally-Mae and all others.

Thank you! That really made my day <3 I'm so so glad that you, and others, are enjoying reading about them. I love my simmies to death, so it's wonderful to see that other people like them too. They feel very real to me too, that is why I spent almost three years rebuilding my hood recreating their stories down to the smallest detail, after the original one got corrupted and became unplayable. A lot of people probably thought I was crazy, but they just don't feel like themselves without all of those things. And three years is no time at all to get my babies back :lovestruc

In real life, there seem to be people like Stoffe, who get a week's worth of activity done in a day, and people like me, who can't figure out where all the time goes. ;)

Same here! I semi-believe those people must secretly have time turners or something. My days just fly by and so often hardly anything gets done :lol:

And yeah, the simoleon sign certainly fit right in. It made me really happy too when she was the friend he wanted to bring, it was such a sweet moment. Since then I've made sure Stoffe keeps in better touch with her, since she's clearly very important to him. They email regularly, and sometimes he'll invite her over for lunch. The fall made me laugh out loud too. Before her I didn't even know Sims could fall when dancing, but she did it quite frequently until she eventually learned enough dancing to stop falling :rofl:

16th May 2018, 9:52 PM
I know that this is under The Sims 2, but I'm doing a Random Legacy Challenge right now for The Sims 4.

17th May 2018, 3:08 AM
NO NO NO! (did not said "NOOOOO" ;) )

Hoodpick again! Please, Caroline...

Some of you asked if matron keeps in touch with kids once they leave

That was me :) So lovely Stoffe brought Lena!!!

BUT, Vanessa, why so shallow? You really should accept his family like it is. As the orphanage IS his family, or at least was once... and will be forever in his heart.

And spending a LOTS of money to YOUR own good. Besides of inviting Lena over ONLY because she sort of saved your life, is there anything at all what is NOT selfish you have done? I dont see any.

EDITED TO ADD: Siri's cabin? today? tomorrow? YESTERDAY??? :lol:

17th May 2018, 10:09 AM
Hoodpick again! Please, Caroline...

I'm sorry!!! I know I am mean. I was going to end on the first picture in their new house but it would have spoiled something later on and I didn't want that. At least this time you can actually see the exterior of the house and not just a bunch of trees :lol:

And yeah, shallow really is the leading word in Vanessas character. She likes beautiful things, but hasn't understood that with people there's more to it than just the outward appearance. Nor has she understood that some things matter more than the appearance you are giving off to the world. But she's born in a group of society where being a snob is mandatory, so not too surprising she turned out as she did.

As for cabins, I think some bird chirped something about that on today's to-do list :wtf:

17th May 2018, 5:00 PM
Sorry about the double-post. I figured it's high time I show you guys what Siri's cabin is like. I had planned to share the next update today and now Ellu hinted at me I better do it too! :lol: Before we get to Siri update, I thought it might be nice to show a picture of the hood as a whole.

Simville is a very suburban city. South of the river we have the city core and a more residential area. The two areas are divided by the central road coming down from the bridge, which is the street the orphanage is one. The city core has malls and community lots and apartments, whereas the eastern side is occupied by residential houses. On the northern side side, right by the bridge we have the second city core, with a cluster of apartment complexes next to a variety of community lots. The rest of the northern side of the hood is where the richer families reside. Bigger houses with bigger yards, more space between houses.

Siri Kim-Sjöström
A quick recap since it's been a little while. When we left Siri she had been abducted by aliens resulting in a pregnancy. Her parents were initially angry and sad, and confused as to what had happened. Tom decided that the best thing for Siri would be to be hidden from society so she didn't have to face society's judgment and ridicule, for being a teen mother and having a not-normal-baby. He found a cottage in forest outside of town, once used by forest rangers but since the invention of cars and helicopters abandoned and forgotten. He smuggled Siri out there, and faked her death in a kitchen fire.

Last time I only left you with a picture of the forest and both Ellu and Cher mentioned they really wanted to see the cottage. So this time I thought I'd change things up and start with a tour of the cabin so you can see how Siri's parents set it up for her. Tom did the work, but Sigrid is really the brains on what needed to be in there.

Entrance. To the right is the kitchen, to the left is the living area. The fireplace was there already, installed as heating system back when forest rangers used it, since brick cabins don't tend to be particularly warm during raging snow storms. The computer is not really supposed to be there, it sort of messes with the immersion I feel, but Sims has it's limitations and I needed some method for Siri to be able to study things and Monique's computer is unbeatable in that sense so I decided to let it slide. In my mind it's a no internet access computer.

The platform in the corner is the baby area. It's raised so Siri can see from the kitchen.

Lots and lots of books because Siri loves learning, and a comfortable sofa to sit on while reading. The easel you will understand the purpose of later :)

Kitchen was there already, though Tom got the fridge at the dump. Back when the cottage was in use fridges had a lot of unpleasant chemicals so the state had the old one removed when the cottage was abandoned. Sigrid tried to include some decorative things to make the place slightly more cheerful for her grandchild. And of course a baby bounce chair for the baby. The fire alarm is decorative and not linked to the fire brigade, only there to alert Siri that there is a fire like our real world fire alarms are.

The bathroom. It has it's own water system linked to underground lakes in the forest. Tom installed the kitchen sprinkler and linked it to the existing water system. After all he doesn't want Siri's cover story to become a real story.

The bedroom. Rather cramped, but thanks to the one-tile crib they managed to fit the necessary things, including a sowing table for Siri so she can make clothes for the baby and herself. And maybe some other things ;)

Outside. The cottage is in a small clearing in the forest, with a small lake next to it. They made sure anything they added wouldn't be visible from a helicopter flying over the forest. The water wriggler on the roof is perhaps not the most discreet thing in the world, but please ignore that, I forgot to remove it when taking pictures. It has a purpose later on. Feel free to speculate :wtf: :lol:

After I posted last episode, Ellu said she hopes Tom and Sigrid still manage to visit Siri. The answer to that is no, no visits. Tom decided it would be to risky to keep visiting the cabin once they got Siri out there. It was risky enough he had to make so many trips there to set it up, but at least back then if he was discovered he'd only have to explain why he was trespassing and why he was dumping furniture there. Once Siri had been taken there being discovered meant Siri was discovered too. Not only would it come out they faked her death, but everyone would find out about the pregnancy and the baby. Too many things to explain, and far too much embarrassment for the whole family. So he made very clear to Sigrid, and Siri, that once she was there that was it. They made sure to stock the cabin with everything she'd need, including a second bed for when the baby got older and anything she'd need to raise a child. You can see a glimpse of the storage room in the bathroom-shot.

But truth be told it wasn't just about the risk of being discovered. Although he claimed to have forgiven her he still hadn't quite figured out how he felt about the whole thing. He loves his daughter fiercely, but he doesn't know how to handle something like this. Getting the cottage set up and faking the fire, all that is hands on. The kind of thing he's good at. It gave him something to do with his hands, something palpable. He's good at doing things, fixing things. But confronting his feelings about the whole thing? Noooope. You bury them deep deep down under a thick layer of engine grease and silence. Push them away, just like he did Siri. Because while he convinced himself that this was the only solution to the problem, and that he was just thinking of his family and keeping Siri safe, truth is it was more about what he could handle. Hiding her away did "solve" the problem, but this particularly solution came with the added benefit of him being able to push the whole thing away so he didn't have to untangle it in his mind, or his heart.

I don't know whether Sigrid actually believed him, or if she hoped she could make him change his mind with time. But she did trust his judgement, which is why she agreed to the plan and agreed that it would be best to not visit. But she realized how very lonely it would get for Siri, even with the baby, so to do something, anything, to make her life in the cottage easier she found a friendly stray cat and smuggled it to the cottage with Siri. Now she'd at least have some kind of living being there with her until the baby was born, and something she could snuggle for comfort if things were rough. She opted for a cat because they are quieter than dogs, people are more used to seeing them as strays (stray dogs are rare in Sweden) and with the lake there's plenty of food for it so no need to stock 15 years worth of cat food in advance.

So that's where we are now. Siri has arrived at the cottage with her new pet cat that she named Sessan, which is a sort of childs version of the Swedish word for Princess. Being ever-practical she immediately got started on training the cat to be housebroken. Unlike most people if she gets cat pee on her couch she can't just get a new one, so having a well behaved cat is essential.

Learning to fish, also very essential so she can be self-sustainable once the food stock they left for her runs out.

Rather amusingly, in a sort of morbid way, Siri wanted to teach her cat to play dead. Maybe she is thinking of her parents, and the play they are staging for the world. Maybe she's wishing she was there with them, playing her part of the story back at home in the kitchen, rather than hidden away in the forest.

A few days past, she fished and got started on her garden. Here she is cooking the catch of the day.

Sessan got some too, of course.

Good thing she has a fridge to store leftovers, cause being pregnant is not easy. Got hungry in the middle of the night and had to get up and have another plate.

She went back to sleep after that, but no rest for the wicked. Wasn't long before she woke up yet again. Love this picture, she looks so vulnerable as she sits there with her feet dangling off the bed, a sad sort of expression over what's visible of her face.

Waking up realizing she was going in to labor must have been scary. I imagine she felt sad that she was all alone, and weary of the upcoming ordeal. But when baby wants to come it wants to come, no matter how you feel, so Siri had to swallow all those emotions and get to work.


But it seems to me once things really got going she left all those feelings behind and instead start realizing she was about to meet this life that she had been feeling growing inside her.

Love the sort of incredulous fascinated expression as she looks at her son for the first time.

Even cuter with a hat and dummy. Seems quite excited to finally be out in the world.

But Siri's soothing presence soon calmed him down. Or maybe it was the diaper :lol:

Siri got some sleep after a long, long night. What a joy to wake up and not be alone in the cottage anymore! She has her precious baby boy to wake up to.

And what a sweetie he is. Something about those eyes looks so much more aware than your typical baby. Like he's already a thinking person in there.

While Siri made some breakfast baby boy tried out the baby bounce chair.

Baby boy got some breakfast too, of course.

And then a nice first bath.

Baby boy wasn't too keen on the idea though. No mommy no! Makes me think of our dogs when we give them a bath, that kind of "Oh god get me out of this what are you doing aaaah"-kind of body language.

But he came around to it once Siri got him in the water. "See baby, it feels nice!"

Waving to mommy

All tuckered out after his first day on this planet

And just as the day before, Siri wakes up to a happy active little boy that's so happy to see her.

They seem to have some kind of bond, some kind of deeper communication that happens silently. Like she can talk to him, and him to her, even though he's just a baby and only makes nonsense noises.

So you may be wondering what baby boy is going to be called. I perceive Siri as being from somewhere east, and I felt that just like she kept her last name she would want something true to her heritage. Something with meaning, something that would give him strength in life. And since she (aka me) couldn't settle for one, baby boy became the first baby in my game to have middle names. Say hello to Tomio Isamu Ryuu! The happiest, smartest, and possibly cutest baby my game has ever seen.
According to the website I got the names from Tomio means treasured man. Isamu means fierce warrior and Ryuu means dragon. Tomio because he is a treasured man to Siri, her little prince, and Ryuu because dragon has a special meaning to me. Isamu is his first name, and she choose it because she figured he would need a fierce fighting spirit to get through life, being different (first ever alien Sim in my hood) and growing up in this strange set of circumstances.

So far Sessan has kept her distance from this weird wriggling poop-bag, but she did come take a careful look at him once he was held up in the baby dangle and more on her level, unlike the baby bounce.

No surprise Isamu's favorite toy in the dangle master is the alien spaceship :lol:

It may be lonely, but Siri made sure she had Isamu with her wherever she went, and often Sessan would come join too, so most of the time she didn't feel alone.

Autumn rolled in and things quickly got cold. But she could always count on Isamu to make her laugh and smile and make everything seem manageable.

Even when he was down for an afternoon nap and she was alone she could rely on some memory of something he did to keep her mind off things.

Since it was getting colder she made him a cute little bodysuit with his favorite toy printed on it.

He seemed quite happy in it :lovestruc

Though to be fair he seemed quite happy most of the time.

Even a diaper change is good times in Isamu's world.

Or going down for his afternoon nap

And so the days passed. Siri spent her days taking care of Isamu, playing and having fun. When he was sleeping she'd study, paint or sow to keep her mind off things. Despite her mothers efforts the walls of the cabin could hardly be called anything other than moldy and depressing to look at. Knowing how creatively talented Siri is, her mother made sure Tom also left a good supply of paint and fabrics. She thought if Siri had access to materials she could keep herself busy making things to liven up the walls. Like this sledge-riding snowman picture she painted and hung by the sofa.

Since it was getting colder Siri also busied herself with sowing. She thought some quilts on the walls could serve dual purpose in both covering up the depressing moldy bricks while also keeping some of the cold out. Someone with a good memory may have recognized Siri and the cottage from the thumbnail on my faster crafting mod :) She was the reason I asked justJones to make an alien-themed baby quilt recolor.

But speaking of Sigrid... Is that her coming back to town from the direction of Siri's cottage? Hmm...

to be continued....

18th May 2018, 3:38 AM
FIRST, I deeply am sorry, I said Sally Mae when I ment Siri. Totally by accident, it was over 4am here :D

About Tom, I so knew it. Not just the "best way for Siri to be not judged by people".. actually I believe it was the best way to HIM to not beeing judged by other people. Not like he is shallow, he is (imo) just too old fashioned and cannot accept anything new.. reminds me of my late dad, as much I loved him he would of felt JUST like Tom :D

Sessan, (lol I was suprised I knew about the princess part, I am not swedish, Madeleine came to my mind, heh, when I was a kid I allways preferrred her over Victoria) you better enjoy your life as long as you can... as when Isamu is a toddler, he will hug you so much you will not want a single hug in your catlife EVER again :lovestruc

About Sigrid.. there was something.. or I only imagined it.. something I cannot believe Tom has done.. maybe just a tiny detail in the cabin..I lost the red string..

18th May 2018, 11:24 PM
FIRST, I deeply am sorry, I said Sally Mae when I ment Siri. Totally by accident, it was over 4am here :D

About Tom, I so knew it. Not just the "best way for Siri to be not judged by people".. actually I believe it was the best way to HIM to not beeing judged by other people. Not like he is shallow, he is (imo) just too old fashioned and cannot accept anything new.. reminds me of my late dad, as much I loved him he would of felt JUST like Tom :D

Sessan, (lol I was suprised I knew about the princess part, I am not swedish, Madeleine came to my mind, heh, when I was a kid I allways preferrred her over Victoria) you better enjoy your life as long as you can... as when Isamu is a toddler, he will hug you so much you will not want a single hug in your catlife EVER again :lovestruc

About Sigrid.. there was something.. or I only imagined it.. something I cannot believe Tom has done.. maybe just a tiny detail in the cabin..I lost the red string..

Exactly! That's very much what he is, not shallow but old-fashioned values and not entirely up to date with where society is now. He sort of means well, but he doesn't necessarily do well and is more selfish than he realizes. He reminds me of my dad too. But how could you possibly prefer Madeleine to Victoria! :blink: :lol: (For those not Swedish or living near Sweden, princess Victoria is our crown princess and princess Madeleine is her younger sister)

I imagine Sessan will take refuge in the forest once Isamu hits toddler. He is one seriously active lively baby, and I suspect once he can move he's going to be all over the place. Run run for your life Sessan :help:

Very curious now what it is you spotted. I hope you'll tell me eventually :report: :blink: :lovestruc

19th May 2018, 5:42 PM
Tom really did think of everything when he set up the cottage. There is nothing Siri could need that won't be there, except companionship. I wonder if there will be a time when Tom can't submerge his feeilngs under activity, and faces the loss of his daughter. Because this is pretty close to having really lost her in a fire -- no contact at all. Sigrid may suspect this will eventually happen, and maybe that's part of why she was so agreeable to the plan. She also seems like she might be cheating a bit on the "no contact" thing, and who can blame her. So far, there seems to be no plan for when Siri's child gets older and needs schooling, and friends, and non-solitary activities. It will be interesting to see how Siri handles that, especially since he does appear to have above-normal intelligence and curiousity for a baby.

Great update; I'm enjoying this storyline.

19th May 2018, 7:36 PM
awww that's the alien skin default ive been searching for but can't remember who made it is it lilith or umm shoot forget the other one who does complete sets.

Man all these involved hoods make me want to start one up again

20th May 2018, 1:18 AM
I wonder if there will be a time when Tom can't submerge his feeilngs under activity, and faces the loss of his daughter. Because this is pretty close to having really lost her in a fire -- no contact at all.

Stay tuned :rofl:

To be fair I'd say most of the efficiency of the cabin is Sigrid's doing. She was the one to suggest the sowing machine, and the one to make sure there would be toys and items needed for Isamu as he grows up. Tom did come up with the sprinkler system and the books/chess table. He's not really used to thinking about what a home needs to function, or about long term child care. Him and Sigrid have very old fashioned gender roles so he mainly makes sure car works and that the appliances get fixed when broken (though Sigrid will call the repairman if Tom is at work). Cooking, cleaning, laundry, buying clothes and making a home a home is not something he notices or understands. It is sweet of Tom he thought to bring a chess table since playing chess together was their thing, I imagine it was his way to try and add some of his presence to the cottage. But the rest is all Sigrid :lol:

awww that's the alien skin default ive been searching for but can't remember who made it is it lilith or umm shoot forget the other one who does complete sets.

It's Pyxis turn on me set from GoS.

1st Jun 2018, 11:41 PM
Haven't been in a sims mood lately so I'm sorry for the slow update, but today I came across something that made me excited again so I decided it's high time to post the next update on this story :)

Sally Mae and the Sawyer family
When last we saw them, Sally Mae and Billy Bob had just gotten married. As you may recall Sally Mae always dreamt of family, and a husband to love her so for her finally having her special day meant a lot. She didn't question that they couldn't afford it previously, but in reality it was just another way that Billy Bob made sure he had control of things. He waited until he needed to dose her with another batch of romance to keep her from realizing how dysfunctional their relationship really is.

I imagine some may be wondering if his philandering has continued since Sally Mae came to live with him, and the answer to that is no. No need to cheat if you have an obedient wife who does everything she can to please you and keep you satisfied. To Billy Bob life is about control, and power. Those who have the control, and the power, are the true winners in his book. But unlike Stoffe Billy Bob doesn't seek societies approval and to be considered a figure in the community, he is the kind that doesn't trust government and thinks most everyone are incompetent morons. He wants to be left alone, in his own private bubble of his own control. By making his yard uninviting, keeping a scary watch dog, and driving away people who try to get close he makes sure he has his own little empire with a family to rule with an iron fist. Cheating was merely a way to let off steam until he could reach his end goal of securing an obedient loyal wife who would ensure his life at home was comfortable and constant access to woohoo when wanted. Now he's got that, there's no need to chase other women.

Because Sally Mae is such a good natured sweet soul, she is easy to read, and easy to manipulate. Billy Bob knows just how to make her think he's much nicer and more helpful than he really is. But as with any tyrant, deep down he knows he's in the wrong and that she could revolt at any time and throw his world upsidedown. It's a constant balancing game of giving her enough she remains happy enough to not question, but maintaining enough authority to satisfy himself. I'm sure the wedding was quite a struggle for him, having to pretend to enjoy socializing with her orphanage family, and risking them asking questions he didn't want asked. But it was a risk he had to take, and besides now they are legally bound his control is even stronger.

Billy Bob's one slightly softer spot is his son Jr. He doesn't have much interest in his daughters, but he fancies himself a big strong son to follow in his footsteps in the military. Someone he can teach to be a real man, a strong man, someone to be feared and respected. So when it became time for the second set of twins to grow up, it's no surprise Billy Bob was the one to take Jr to the cake.

Not sure how pleased he was though when Jr grew up and turned out he took after his mother in the genetic department. Look at that gorgeous red color! Not so sure about the rest of his features, but maybe he'll grow in to them :giggler:

No surprise Billy Bob neglected caring much about the growing up of his daughter, opting instead to start reading to Jr. And blocking the cake so Anna Nicole got to grow up in the corner instead.

Grew up into quite the cutie though!

I love her facial expression, it looks sort of skeptical to me. Like she's just made the sort of questioning/doubtful noise you get when you inhale air and pull back lips like that, and like she's about to say "I don't know about this...". Maybe she grew up, took one look at things and that was her reaction :lol:

Meanwhile Jr doesn't seem to interested in the book Billy Bob is reading to him, also busy looking around at their play room.

Anna Nicole did find something she liked though! A hug with the teddy never does go amiss. And is it just me or does the teddy look quiet alive? Like looking at her out of the corner of it's eyes, a friend that's listening to her, even though she's not using any words. Maybe teddybjörnen Frediksson (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8Bgs6CljZE) has snuck in to my game! (Link is to a Swedish song about a teddybear, by my favorite artist as a kid)

Now there are no babies to use the baby dangle, Peggy Sue is having a turn.

Bed-time is always quite a long procedure, with all those tots to put in their cribs. But everyone gets a good night kiss from mommy :lovestruc

And as always in the Sawyer household, potty-training is a priority. Lulu Belle always looks so sad as a toddler, probably cause of the angle of her eyes. She does rather take after her mother, same sweet gentle caring nature and Sally Mae has the same kind of touch of sadness about her.

Positively crawling with toddlers!

Billy Bob offering to "watch" the kids for a while so Sally Mae could clean and get on top of the household chores. As usual though it's really not much help since he only offers when they are already taken care of and minding their own business.

As you know I love it when the game does things that matches exactly how you see things. This was one of those instances. Doesn't look particularly special at first glance, just Billy Bob reading to Jr. Until you realize he's not supposed to be reading to Jr, his queue says Anna Nicole. But clearly in Billy Bobs mind there's only one child, and that's Jr, so that's who he'll read to no matter what he was supposed to do.

Birthdays are really quite frequent in the Sawyer household, even with my extended age spans. Before you knew it, it was Lulu Belle's and Peggy Sue's birthday!


When you gotta go, you gotta go. Even if it means you are busy peeing while your twin sister is growing up :lol:

Lulu Belle doesn't seem to bothered though. She really grew into her face I'd say, no longer look quite as sad. Really quite pretty!

Once done on the potty it's Peggy Sue's turn.



While Sally Mae does love all of her kids, she does seem to have a special bond with Anna Nicole. Perhaps she worries a little extra about her, since Billy Bob tends to ignore her so completely focusing entirely on her brother.



As you can see the cribs for Peggy Sue and Lulu Belle have been replaced with bunk beds. Orange, yuck! But when funds are limited you take what you can get :lol:

Probably not too fun the girls to share a bedroom with their younger siblings and their crying, though Sally Mae made sure they put in a sound-proofing threshold (magic! :lol: )

Being older does have it's perks though! Like being able to make snow angels in the freshly fallen snow!

Or building snow men! One wonders how Lulu Belle managed to convinced dad to get her such a pretty outerwear outfit.

Maybe not even Billy Bob is entirely immune to her charm. She is such a sweetheart, always looking out for her little sister and brother.

Clearly doesn't entirely trust Billy Bob to keep a proper eye on them while Sally Mae is busy.

She's also very fond of Harley, often sneaks out to play with him and very determined to teach him some tricks even though he's getting on the older side.

Peggy Sue does also like her siblings, but she's more academically inclined and focused on learning.

By spring it was time for another birthday, and this time it's not one of the kids. It's mommy's turn to grow up! Even the little ones pay attention to such an event :lovestruc

If you read Sims 2 discussion forums you may have actually seen Sally Mae's birthday before. I tend to re-do birthdays if the outfit they grow up into is totally crazy and Sally-Mae was one of those that got to do hers twice. The first attempt was really quite funny, and as if the game had it's own idea of what kind of path the story should go down. This is what Sally Mae grew in to the first time. Buttcrack on display and trashy trash trashy :lol: Almost as if the game said "Oh trashy trailers, white trash! I know what would go GREAT with that! :deal: " :lol:

Sally Mae may live in a trashy trailer, but she's not that trashy, and while she does enjoy a bare midriff she wouldn't dress like that. So we had another go and the second time around game made more sensible choices. Both Billy Bob and Peggy Sue look to approve of mommy's new look.


Sally Mae is a jeans lady all the way though, so she soon swapped out the black pants for her signature blue jeans and belt. Here she is sitting in Billy Bob's tv chair, having just served pork chops for dinner. Peggy Sue brought home a friend from school, none other than Karl Sernman who happens to be my favorite Sim.

Since this isn't relevant to Sally Mae and her story I thought I'd put it under spoilers and those who are interested can read and those who aren't can skip :) Karl is the first child Emma and Joel Sernman, the only case of childhood sweethearts in my game. Joel is third generation core family. I call them core family, because they were the family that changed my play-style forever and made me explore the game in new ways. The whole hood is built around them. None of the stories would exist or be as they are, if it weren't for the core family and I learned from them.

Back in the day I'd do the same as a lot of people did, perfect happy family, playing one household until I got bored and then never touching it again. But then came Adela Bailie, and a story where things weren't just puppies and rainbows. She became like a real person, and because of that I kept my interest and fondness of her. She had a daughter, Maja, who became just as life-like and interesting. I ended up creating two brothers in CAS, Daniel and Alex Sernman, pairing off Daniel with Maja as teens. Once they graduated from college, they had twin girls (Elna, who you may recall as the partner of Max Flex, Alicias brother, and Moa) and later on, baby boy Joel. All very different, and all equally fun. Prior to this I had never made it past gen 2, and if there was more than one kid in gen 2 and I played the household long enough for any kids to grow up I'd always just like one of them and move the others to deco houses to be forgotten. But here, not only had I made it to generation 3 for the first time ever, I also managed to keep interest in all three kids and continue to play them all the way to adulthood.

When the original hood went boom Emma and Joel had just had their first child, still a baby. That baby was Karl. The first generation 4 ever born, and the bridge between the original hood and this one. Because hood went boom so early after his birth, he was the one Sim I hadn't gotten to know yet. The blank slate that could only be filled if hood was restored, and so he became the symbol of everything I love about Sims, and about my hood. Whenever I see him it reminds me how much I love each and every one of my Sims, and how lucky I am that I get to see him grow up at all. A nod to the past, and the future, and all good things wrapped up in one adorable little boy walking around spreading happiness and being the sweetest little boy ever, despite his 1 nice point personality :lovestruc :lovestruc
And after that quick hood backstory detour, back to the Sawyers :3

Nothing like a balloon fight to pass the time with a new friend.

It's a good thing for Karl that Billy Bob is too busy with his military training exercises to pay much attention, or I suspect he would have chased Karl off. He does not like any kind of males around his family, even if it's just a child.

Sally Mae on the other hand is spending some time with her old pal, the toilet. Vomiting yet again...

I doubt Billy Bob has noticed though. Lately he's been quite busy with work. Through an unfortunate incident with a chance card he got fired, but he managed to convince them it was all a misunderstanding and got re-hired in the career. He's determined to prove them wrong and get back up to his old rank, so he's pouring all energy into work.


The girls are quite enjoying his absence and lack of attention, getting quite daring and turning their parents bed into a jump fort. Sure hope they get out of there before Billy Bob comes back from work, as I don't expect he'll be amused.

For Sally Mae there's not much play, but she does enjoy tending her vegetable garden. Weeds may be stubborn, but sometimes it's nice with a moment to yourself and your thoughts. And it looks like Sally Mae's thoughts are taken up by pregnancy suspicions. I imagine she's vomited enough in her days to recognize morning sickness when she sees it.

Vegetables are not enough to feed a family though, most of it goes to pepper juice. So every so often it's necessary to make a trip to the grocery store, as funds are tight enough as it is and home delivery can't quite be justified. And while Billy Bob doesn't like to let Sally Mae out of his sight he refuses to do the grocery shopping. That is womens work, and far beneath a man of his stature. And besides, it's only grocery shopping. It'll just be a bunch of other women, so no harm in letting her go by herself once every blue moon. Great way for him to help hide that he indirectly forbids Sally Mae from leaving home, because if anyone asks she does go out to get groceries, and if she ever complains she never gets out Billy Bob figures that between pointing out the kids need her and that she does get out for grocery shopping he should be able to avoid any serious conversations he doesn't want to have.

And while Billy Bob is usually pretty smart, that whole "only women do grocery shopping"-thing is not quite the case. Lots of men have moved on from such silly nonsense, and the grocery store is full of all kinds of people. And on this particular visit, someone very special happened to be there. While Sally Mae was greeting Nicolas Thompson, who you may recall got to witness the birth of Peggy Sue and Lulu Belle, who walks in if not Stoffe!!!

Sally Mae hasn't spoken to, or seen any of her orphanage family since the wedding which was almost a year ago. The moment she clapped eyes on Stoffe she gave such a strong impression of just wanting to leap up into his arms out of sheer joy. But since that's considered romantic in the Sims world she settled for a friendly hug. But there's no mistaking that expression on her face. That's the face of someone who feels safe, and calm, and who really needed that hug.

Funny thing is, Stoffe looks just the same. One wonders what's been going on in his life since we last saw him, because clearly he's just as happy to see Sally Mae, and needed that hug just as much.

So much catching up to do!

I think that icon is probably something to do with voting and politics, but for some reason to me it looked like one of those machines in factories back in the day, where you'd stamp the time you arrived to clock in to work. Maybe Stoffe feels overworked? He sure looks tired there.

Talking to Sally Mae does seem to cheer him up quite a bit though.

Suddenly he excused himself and went to the ATM.

Turns out he wanted to withdraw some money, to give as a belated birthday present to Sally Mae. He sure is sweet :lovestruc Perhaps she told him she's not had money to buy any new clothes for herself since she turned adult, apart from the jeans. Or maybe he figured that with four kids at home she'd rarely have time or money to do anything for herself, and wanted to make sure she got a chance to.

Whatever the reason, Sally Mae was quite touched by the gesture.


I'm sure both of them would have quite liked to stay and chat longer, but with four kids at home waiting for their dinner Sally Mae had no choice but to say goodbye and go home and get dinner started.

Grilled cheese, om nom nom. Though once again I feel like there's something sort of pondering about Sally Mae's expression.

And for once, no spooning. And is it just me, or does Billy Bob look worried in his sleep?

To be continued... :heyhey:

2nd Jun 2018, 1:26 AM
Oh Billy Bob, worried you should be!!! And a BIG time!

You really did dissapointed me, Billy Bob.

I was wishing that even so idiot as you would think of best of ALL your children, not only the Jr! (and even with him you must of thinkin dying his hair to black! )

And i love so much Lulu Belle, she will be stunning!

Oh and yep, hehe I did saw those retaken BD pics :D

EDIT: Will Stoffe play any rule in Sally Maes future???????

2nd Jun 2018, 9:54 PM
I was wishing that even so idiot as you would think of best of ALL your children, not only the Jr! (and even with him you must of thinkin dying his hair to black! )

He probably is, and he's certainly grumpy that the ONE time he got a son it takes after Sally Mae xD Hair-wise anyway, he did get daddy's tiny eyes. Sally Mae would never agree to dye hair though, not on a toddler. She may give in to most things, but when it comes to her kids she's a tough cookie.

EDIT: Will Stoffe play any rule in Sally Maes future???????

Let's just say there's a reason I am sharing these three stories simultaneously :deal: :giggler:

4th Jun 2018, 6:50 AM
He probably is, and he's certainly grumpy that the ONE time he got a son it takes after Sally Mae xD Hair-wise anyway, he did get daddy's tiny eyes. Sally Mae would never agree to dye hair though, not on a toddler. She may give in to most things, but when it comes to her kids she's a tough cookie.

Let's just say there's a reason I am sharing these three stories simultaneously :deal: :giggler:

@gummilutt I did some catching up on your posts about your sims. I love reading about your sims, eh I love reading about everyone's sims. lol. Well at least when I am not mourning.

11th Jun 2018, 11:36 AM
i love this so far please post more!
That's why, we almost read but unable to take interest in the topic.

14th Jun 2018, 1:56 AM
That's why, we almost read but unable to take interest in the topic.

Am I really the onlyone who thinks this is kinda rude? maybe.

I assume this is the place to post your game updates WHEN YOU FEEL like it. not like in Stories or what ever section what is moderated and therefore you are assumed to post regulary.

Well look at mine, haven't had a single comment for some time, I still like to keep it as my own memory archive. I just find it annoying that hinting "if you post more often , you would get more attention" ... ugh..

14th Jun 2018, 2:12 AM
I have to admit I found it a little pointless too. If you don't like the story, for whatever reason, that is up to you, but I don't see the purpose of posting to say that. If you got nothing positive to say, then better say nothing at all. And if you want regular updates, posting (positive/encouraging/interesting) thoughts and comments on things makes that more likely. If you never say a word, how is the person posting supposed to know you care and want to know more? So thank you to all the lovely people that did post, and had interesting things to say :lovestruc

Playing Stoffe at the moment! Can't wait to tell you guys about it. The game is being it's usual awesome self and throwing random events at me that go so well with the story :3

@gummilutt I did some catching up on your posts about your sims. I love reading about your sims, eh I love reading about everyone's sims. lol. Well at least when I am not mourning.

I heard you lost your wife recently. I am so very sorry for your loss, always awful when we lose people we love.

14th Jun 2018, 2:19 AM
Yay Stoffe to be posted :)

I will be on hiatus on mine as long as I get the all the so much roses lot to posted to Strangetown contest plus the boring Finn suburb lot at yours :D (but is is accurate, I just looked over the street! :D

17th Jun 2018, 6:44 AM
Time for another update :) Been busy lately so not much time for Sims-things. Have a few more updates to go, then we are caught up with where my game is right now so sadly updates may get more infrequent depending on how much time I have to play :( But hopefully you guys manage to keep interest in the story even if it takes a longer between updates :)

Stoffe & Vanessa Van Derbirth
When we last saw them, Stoffe and Vanessa had gotten married. They moved to a luxury apartment in bluewater village, while Stoffe worked on earning enough money to buy a big fancy house in the rich end of Simville. They are both still in college. Vanessa isn't all that motivated, she's more focused on her social life and living the life of a pampered wife of a rich man. Stoffe on the other hand made sure to keep his straight As while also holding down a job and running his car businesses. Workoholic to the bone! Didn't take long to earn enough to buy a house, and when we left them Stoffe had just shared the news with Vanessa.

The house Stoffe purchased is this luxurious contemporary home (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=451687#carouselthumbs) by TheDeadSims here on MTS: If you'd like to see pictures of the house you can look at the thread :) The only room I changed is one of the bedrooms on the second floor, which got turned into an office for Stoffe. There's a man cave in the basement with pool table and a bar for when Stoffe has important business people over, and an exercise room for the both of them. On the entrance floor there's a music and arts room for Vanessa, and it's filled with expensive items sure to impress any visitors. The backyard is spacious, and of course features a swimming pool, and a hot tub. The many bushes and the sloped landscape does present rather a challenge in keeping it all neat and tidy, but such nonsense is the problem of hired staff :lol:

When we return to the story we find the two of them standing outside of their new home, Vanessa oddly enough jumps straight to talks about a nursery. I didn't think she'd be the have-kids kind of person, but I guess I was wrong!

Things are much the same in the new house. Each one doing their own thing. Stoffe watching the news, and Vanessa talking to one of her friends on the phone.

No more take-out diet though. Big house equals butler :lol:

Turns out the nursery -talk wasn't just random. Looks like that woohoo the night before to celebrate had some consequences :rolleyes: Certainly not something I wanted at this point in the story, and I rather doubt either one of them was up for babies at this point. Vanessa is only a sophomore after all, and Stoffe in the home stretch of university. But there's no mistaking the dry heaving!

Or the uh-oh-got-to-vomit-runs

Better hurry up and wear the outfits that won't fit one the bump hits!

No stopping the morning sickness though. Turns out Vanessa, as so many of my Sims-ladies, doesn't handle pregnancy all too well. Stoffe doesn't seem to catch on what's going on though.

Good thing they now have a butler so Vanessa gets proper home cooked meals. She seems quite eager, often hangs around in the kitchen waiting for breakfast.

Hard to keep food down though, just finished breakfast and it's already trying to come back up.

So what do you do when you are feeling a bit rotten and unsure what to do? You invite your friends over of course, for some girl time. I suspect Vanessa is struggling a little. This wasn't part of her plan, and she's not used to things not going her way. So a nice afternoon with her girl friends would probably do her some good. Here you see Rakel Ivarsson arriving. Official lady-who-lunches, a widow of independent means living in a huge mansion and preying on anything that moves that is good looking enough for her. Owns and runs the luxurious gym in the richer side of town, because what better way to find all the ripped gorgeous men in town than to run a gym. Some of you may remember her from Sally-Mae's story. She was the woman Billy-Bob woohoo'd with in the hot tub at the gym.

And Elsie Högström, a townie of good background. Here she is being greeted by the butler, even though Vanessa is right there. RIch people and their silly ways :lol:

Baseball isn't a topic I'd expect these three to talk about, but perhaps Rakel is talking about all the muscle-y men and not the sport :lol: What do you guys think of the sitting room? Vanessa is very fond of it. It's light and airy and has lots of pretty things to look at. As so many rich people she is quite interested in art, and enjoys having beautiful things to look at.

Vanessa looks to be enjoying herself

Gotta love that the butler seems to know the dietary needs of Ladies who Lunch, serving a nice salad for lunch.

While Vanessa was having a nice day with her girl friends, Stoffe was out networking as he often does. At the local pool club, he bumped in to Sigrid who told him the tragic news. Stoffe gave her a comforting hug, even though they barely know each other.

That night Vanessa woke up in the middle of the night

Because baby bump time! Stoffe being an easy sleeper woke up too. Must be rather strange, wake up in the middle of the night to find your wife suddenly sprouted a baby bump.

I wasn't sure how I was going to handle the unexpected unplanned pregnancy. It wasn't part of my story plan for them to have children this early, or really at all, and I don't think it was part of their plan either. After all they are both still in college. Stoffe is a workoholic so I doubt any thoughts of family had popped up in his head. And Vanessa doesn't seem the mother-type to me. And even though she's married I don't think she really fancies the idea of showing up at her college classes sporting a baby bump. I think she'd feel that makes her look bad, given her upbringing. I debated aborting the pregnancy. But considering Stoffe struggled with feelings of being unwanted, would he really agree to abort a child of his? I don't think so. I toyed with the idea of Vanessa aborting it without even telling him, but although she's certainly not the most loving considerate Sim she's not mean and that kind of behavior seemed out of character for her. She's shallow, and certainly capable of using money to control people, but I don't see her going behind her husbands back like that. And for some reason she doesn't strike me as someone that would be pro-abortion, so abortion was not an option Please note that I am 300% pro abortion and think every woman has a right to choose. But I like to explore different kinds of views and personalities in my Sims, so sometimes they do things/have views that don't reflect my own.

I then debated sending the baby to the orphanage. I could see Vanessa being fine with giving her kid away, and I also think it's entirely possible she could manage to convince Stoffe that is the right choice. After all, Stoffe grew up there and he still loves matron, and he's a workoholic with low self-esteem still determined to prove his worth to society and that would be difficult with a baby to take care of. I suspect Vanessa could find the words to make him think the baby would be better off with a family that has more time to dote on it than they'd have, and that until a family could be found matron would take good care of the baby. But would matron agree? I don't think so. Even though she does the best she can for the kids I think she knows growing up there is no replacement for a family that loves you, and that it should only be used as the very last resort. Plus, considering she probably noticed how Stoffe struggled with having been left, I don't think she'd agree to be part of him leaving his own child there. I think she would be able to counter anything Vanessa said, so there goes that option.

That left me with keep it, or private adoption. I've had a couple of cases in my game where adoption was handled privately without involving social worker or orphanage, But neither option really felt like the right one, so I decided to let things be for now and hope the game showed me the right way. I knew they wouldn't abort, so I had until the baby was born to make a final decision.

Stoffe seemed quite fascinated by the baby bump.

Appearances are very important to Vanessa though, so she's not above using a girdle to keep the bump under control when she wants to look her usual slender self.

Then again pregnancy does give a nice boost in the boob-department, gotta rock the cleavage look too!

Seems she missed the lesson about not drinking while pregnant. Had to make quite a few pregnant-not-allowed mods to keep her in line.

Looking through all these pictures there's something quite saddening about all of it. They are recently married, and yet I have almost no picture of the two of them in the same shot. When they lived in the apartment it was sort of unavoidable to get some shots of the two at once, it was luxurious but small. Now they live in this big gorgeous house there's a lot more room to spread out and be apart. Stoffe is always working, and when not working he's in his office giving financial advice, or out on the town networking. And having one too many business dinners it looks like... or perhaps he's just not used to having a butler making great food all day long.

Didn't take long to get back in shape though. Nice to have a swimming pool to cool off after a long hard workout session.

Vanessa on the other hand pursues her interests, playing the piano and violin, and painting.

She also spends a lot of time napping in the sitting room. Morning sickness subsided once she reached second trimester, but she struggled with fatigue.

Pretty soon it was time for Stoffe's graduation party. And the guest list was huge!

There's no amount of convincing Vanessa could do to get Stoffe to not invite his orphanage family to this occasion, so this time around they came over. Matron Lena sporting a hideous outdated skirt suit :lol: And of course Leah, Olivia and Amy, and Amy's girlfriend Emily. Vanessa invited her girl friends Rakel and Elsie, and the latest addition to the ladies who lunch group, the mayors wife. The rest of the guests are different influencial people, like the principal of private school, minister of education and his wife, and various townies from rich or prestigious families.

While the guests were arriving Vanessa was up in her dressing room getting ready. She opted for a pretty black dress with gold trim, and of course a girdle to keep the baby bump in check. Can't go around looking fat with all these people visiting.

While the butler got dinner ready the guests had a peak around the house. Leah looks quite stunning in her white and pink gown.

While the guest had a look around Stoffe was out on the balcony, making sure there were plenty of refreshments

Olivia and Emily opted for some potato chips in the kitchen. I suspect fancy parties with rich people aren't really their thing, what with their social activism and left-wing political views. Probably hiding out to avoid having to talk to any snobs :lol:

Vanessa thought she'd entertain the guests with some piano playing, though with her low creativity skill I suspect they were entertained for different reasons than Vanessa intended.

At dinner Stoffe choose to sit next to matron, which I thought was very sweet.

No surprise though the talk ended up being about money. I imagine Olivia is wishing she'd done like matron and excused herself from the table.

No surprise Rakel skipped dinner altogether and went straight for the fruit punch barrel instead.

The Thompsons (minister of education and his wife) decided to have a romantic dance by the entrance instead. Nicolas is a bit of an eccentric old man, so didn't surprise me to see he never even made it inside the house :giggler:

The party seemed to attract the attention of a stray poodle. It was so cute and so posh I really couldn't resist having Vanessa go out and greet it. She's not much of an animal person, but this pooch is so cute I figured even she wouldn't be able to resist petting it.

Cake-time! No surprise the only people who bothered to come watch were the orphanage family, and Vanessa.

A quick belly-rub after blowing out the candles!

And a hug with matron. I imagine she was quite touched, seeing one of her charges graduate with highest honors from university.

Stoffe also squeezed in some schmoozing. Can't pass up an opportunity to get acquainted with the mayors wife!

Vanessa had another go at entertaining the guests with music and this time she did get an audience, the little poodle pooch howled along. One wonders what sounded worst, the violin or the dog :giggler:

No pictures of the party ending, but it was a success. The patio was littered with fruit punch cups and dirty plates all over :lol:

That night Vanessa had some interesting dreams. She gets those from time to time, which makes me think that while she won't admit it to herself during the day at night her true feelings show. I think deep down she realizes there's something missing in their marriage, and that even though she finds Stoffe attractive there's something she doesn't like.

During the day though she's much too busy with her leisurely life for such thoughts.

Rakel may be a man-eater, but she is also a good friend. Not sure I'd sit there enduring the clanking :giggler:

Vanessa continued her many day-naps. Stoffe would often find her asleep on the sofa when he got home from work, and he'd light a fire to make sure she was warm (since Sims can't cover their loved ones in blankets :rolleyes: )

Truth is Stoffe was getting rather worried about Vanessa and her fatigue. After graduating he quit his job in the culinary career and got a job in business, intending to work his way up to business tycoon. Through his job he'd recently become acquainted with business tycoon Andreas Nilsson, whose girlfriend Isabelle had almost succumb to pregnancy illness. Their son had to be delivered prematurely for Isabelle's sake. They rarely allow any visitors as their son is still rather frail, but Andreas decided to bring Stoffe home from work one day. Stoffe having started in the career very recently was not at that level yet and I think Andreas was rather amused by Stoffe's reaction to the noise from the helicopter that dropped them off. Isabelle is much too used to it to care :lol:

Turns out Stoffe is a great guest to have in a house with a frail little toddler boy. Unlike most other people they'd let come visit Stoffe was very considerate and devoted himself to entertaining little Tore while Andreas got started on dinner and Isabelle finished tending the garden.

Nice change of pace for Andreas and Isabelle to be able to sit down together and eat, with Tore safely tucked up in his high chair with a bottle.

Over dinner Andreas and Isabelle told Stoffe about their experiences with pregnancy and premature delivery, and how they'd bought the house to have more space and fresh air for Tore. Previously they lived in a tiny cramped apartment that Andreas rented straight out of college, so the house with a nice big back yard is a pleasant change of pace. Stoffe told them about Vanessa and how tired she is, and asked for their advice. They told him to keep an eye on her, and see how things progressed. Isabelle would pass out all over the apartment, so they figured if Vanessa could manage to make it to a sofa to lie down she was probably managing acceptably.

After dinner Stoffe opted to keep entertaining Tore. He was never really one to interact much with the toddlers at the oprhanage, so I was a little surprised. But seeing him be so sweet with Tore, and so keen to hang out with the little dude rather than focus on befriending Andreas, who after all as a business tycoon would be a very good contact to have, made it quite clear to me where he stands on the Vanessa-pregnancy situation. I didn't think he'd be ready for a family, but there's no mistaking it now. Stoffe would most likely quite enjoy being a dad!

I also really enjoyed seeing Stoffe show some of his kiddish nature. Isabelle took Tore up for his evening bath, and Stoffe snuck in some play-time with Tore's toy robot. There hasn't been much of that since he married Vanessa, it was nice seeing him be his old self getting excited about a toy.

Stoffe decided to take Andreas and Isabelle's advice, and try to spend more time with his wife. Next dinner he insisted they sit down together, and he tried to show interest in her interests.

He suggested they have a date night, get out of the house and do something together. Perhaps he thought Vanessa would enjoy an excuse to get dolled up. She wasn't hard to convince once he agreed she could go out and get some new jewelry to go with her outfit.

Vanessa went with a purple dress showing off her pregnancy boobs, and a low back to remind herself one side of her was still slender.

The evening did not start well though. The kitchen lost their order, and when they got up to talk to the host they got re-seated at much worse table! I don't imagine Vanessa approved of being seated at a table where she ends up staring at a blank wall.


It did look at little weird, the two of them staring into a wall rather than at each other.

Stoffe did his best to make it into a nice night, but the mess-up with the table put a bit of a dampener on things, and Vanessa doesn't quite have the stamina for trips downtown and late dinners. So they ate quickly and returned home. In the car Stoffe suggested he sleep in the guest room that night, so that he wouldn't risk disturbing her rest.

When they got back home Vanessa got into bed straight away, but baby tends to push on her bladder and most nights she has to get up and pee. This night was no different. She didn't have time to gain much energy before she had to get up, and as she was making her way back to bed she fainted from exhaustion.


The bang as she hit the floor woke Stoffe up, and he came to check on her.

Finding your wife passed out on the floor would be distressing any day, but after everything Andreas and Isabelle told him over dinner I imagine Stoffe's levels of worrying hit the roof.

Vanessa was out cold, so got her back into bed and settled himself in a chair next to her.


And that's where we're going to leave them for today. Vanessa passed out, and a very worried Stoffe asleep by her side. Stay tuned to see where things go from there :lovestruc

17th Jun 2018, 2:18 PM

Her name was Dionicia, I miss her frequently.

Lovely story. I look forward to more when you get to posting the next installment.

22nd Jun 2018, 2:23 AM
Loved the update. <3

Still, even so I have so hard time to like Vanessa :) I cannot help it. She should of talked to Lena more, and at least make an effort to get to know the other people from the orphanage. And all the worryes about "how do I look!?!?!?!" .
Pregnants sims are beautiful, they carry the new miracle of life and should not care less what other people think :) <3

LEARN VANESSA, stop beeing so shallow gal... (or you learn it when it is allready too late and you remember the past like "I wish I would of done it otherwise".)

About Stoffe hugging Sigfried, how is Siri doing (in that hoodview cabin of hers???!!!!!)

19th Jul 2018, 2:37 AM
Life got crazy hectic, have barely touched my game in forever. But tonight I finally had a little energy and time to open up my game and the adorableness that's happening is too cute to keep to myself so I thought I'd experiment and try something new. Just gonna post a string of pictures of what happened and let you guys make up your own captions. I'll name it summer vacation.














Hope you like it :lovestruc

19th Jul 2018, 3:42 AM
So lovely family <3

But who are they? I did look all the pics and did not saw either of the parents even at the party pics :D So naturally curious here :D

19th Jul 2018, 7:53 AM
I thought I had done a little bit of generic talk about my hood and it's families but can't seem to find it so maybe I dreamt it or intended to but never did it. We did see Karl once (the child being so sweet with his little sister), when Peggy Sue or Lulu Belle brought him home from school (forget which one), and I mentioned in that post he is my favorite Sim but that's the only reference I could find.

His parents are Joel Sernman and Emma Nilsson. Joel is the youngest of third generation of the Sernmans, which as you may recall is the core family of my hood. The core family are called so because the hood is built up around them. They were the family that made me expand on my way of playing, and break out of the one-household-routine and the straight A's get married have kids routine. I started exploring different stories, not all sunshine and rainbows all the time, and bringing my Sims to life. There was one Sim before them that sort of pushed me in that direction but it was Adela Sernman and her offspring that sealed the deal. Joel is Adela's grandson. The Sim before Adela was Maja Nilsson, who is Emma's mother (didn't keep ages in sync then).

I did love all of the Sernman Sims but Joel and Emma were my absolute favorites, and the whole reason I spent nearly three years rebuilding my hood from scratch. Their parents were good friends, and Joel and Emma were born around the same time and became childhood sweethearts. As a teen Emma moved in with the Sernmans so they've been together for a very very long time. When hood went kaboom Karl had just been born, and that is part of why I love him so much. Whenever I play their house and I see him it just makes my heart melt. He sort of became the symbol of everything I love about my game, and my attachment to all my Sims. That, and the fact that he's just such a sweetheart! He had 0 nice points when he was born (now been encouraged to 2 points or something like that) but he never shows that. Very social, loves his family and always taking care of his parents and his siblings. In the pictures we also see his sister Sigrid and brother William, who was born just before they went to bed.

You might wonder why Karl is sleeping in between his parents. The thieves in my hood are masters at targeting houses with pregnant women and small children in them, and Karl has had to experience this twice. First as a baby, with the police barging in to talk to him in his crib which I imagine was pretty scary, and then again when Sigrid was a baby. He's still really upset about it, so I figured he would feel safer sleeping between his parents rather than in his own room upstairs. I had forgotten William was coming that night so Sigrid was already asleep in her crib, hence the temporary basket crib :giggler:

Will share more of their story at some point, but going to finish Stoffe/Sally-Mae/Siri first. Though who knows, maybe they pop up in that storyline too :deal: :rofl:

6th Aug 2018, 7:52 PM
I'm loving your updates! Very curious about Siri and her baby! I wonder for how long he is going to be hidden from the world, and if he is going to be upset with his mother for all the loneliness. But at the same time, I don't want him to grow up! Too cute!

6th Aug 2018, 10:42 PM
I thought I had done a little bit of generic talk about my hood and it's families but can't seem to find it so maybe I dreamt it or intended to but never did it. We did see Karl once (the child being so sweet with his little sister), when Peggy Sue or Lulu Belle brought him home from school (forget which one), and I mentioned in that post he is my favorite Sim but that's the only reference I could find.

His parents are Joel Sernman and Emma Nilsson. Joel is the youngest of third generation of the Sernmans, which as you may recall is the core family of my hood. The core family are called so because the hood is built up around them. They were the family that made me expand on my way of playing, and break out of the one-household-routine and the straight A's get married have kids routine. I started exploring different stories, not all sunshine and rainbows all the time, and bringing my Sims to life. There was one Sim before them that sort of pushed me in that direction but it was Adela Sernman and her offspring that sealed the deal. Joel is Adela's grandson. The Sim before Adela was Maja Nilsson, who is Emma's mother (didn't keep ages in sync then).

I did love all of the Sernman Sims but Joel and Emma were my absolute favorites, and the whole reason I spent nearly three years rebuilding my hood from scratch. Their parents were good friends, and Joel and Emma were born around the same time and became childhood sweethearts. As a teen Emma moved in with the Sernmans so they've been together for a very very long time. When hood went kaboom Karl had just been born, and that is part of why I love him so much. Whenever I play their house and I see him it just makes my heart melt. He sort of became the symbol of everything I love about my game, and my attachment to all my Sims. That, and the fact that he's just such a sweetheart! He had 0 nice points when he was born (now been encouraged to 2 points or something like that) but he never shows that. Very social, loves his family and always taking care of his parents and his siblings. In the pictures we also see his sister Sigrid and brother William, who was born just before they went to bed.

You might wonder why Karl is sleeping in between his parents. The thieves in my hood are masters at targeting houses with pregnant women and small children in them, and Karl has had to experience this twice. First as a baby, with the police barging in to talk to him in his crib which I imagine was pretty scary, and then again when Sigrid was a baby. He's still really upset about it, so I figured he would feel safer sleeping between his parents rather than in his own room upstairs. I had forgotten William was coming that night so Sigrid was already asleep in her crib, hence the temporary basket crib :giggler:

Will share more of their story at some point, but going to finish Stoffe/Sally-Mae/Siri first. Though who knows, maybe they pop up in that storyline too :deal: :rofl:

What you write is always interesting, I always find your posts about your Sims facinating reading.

1st Oct 2018, 1:24 AM
Hi everyone. It's been a rough summer for me and I've had almost no time for Sims. But now the contest I hosted is over and I'm a little better health-wise I've started playing a little again and I thought it was high time to post an update on this story. Maybe you've all half forgotten by now but I haven't and I love telling this story so here we go :)

Last episode was the van Derbirth's, and the one before that Sawyer family so that means next up is Siri, Isamu and the Sjöströms!

Siri Kim-Sjöström, baby Isamu & the Sjöströms
When last we saw them it ended on a picture of Sigrid in the autumn light, walking back into town from the direction of Siri's hidden cottage. Mysterious!

To explain that picture we have to go back a little bit and get the answer to how Tom intended to solve the problem of making sure nobody discovered Siri hidden in the cottage, and also how make sure she could keep warm in the winter without raising suspicion. There's a fireplace but I'm sure smoke coming from the woods would make someone go check it out and Tom does not want that. So what to do?

You buy the land of course! If it's your private property then no risk of the city council suddenly deciding to do something with it after all these years. But how do you explain wanting to buy a run down abandoned cottage in the woods all of a sudden? This is where the very public grieving comes in handy. The giant cross in front of your house, the donations to orphanage and the clear desire to make sure Siri is not forgotten and to do good in her name. Simville is a very green city, sort of rural with a lot of greenery and farming. Sigrid was a marine biologist for a living, and part of that job is protecting marine wild life from the effects of human consumption. So the final part of Tom's master plan is to buy the cottage from the city council, and turn it into a green energy power plant and pretend it's something he and Sigrid had long wanted to do, and that they decided to do in their dead daughters memory. A sort of make the world a better place-kind of thing, by providing the city with green energy. Sigrid's past profession has the science, and Tom with his mechanic background is perfectly equipped to set up and maintain a green power plant. I imagine Tom had no problem selling his plan to the city council. Politicians are attention-lovers and this would be perfect as a vote-grabbing news story, the two grieving parents starting a save-the-planet green power plant in honor of their dead daughters memory. Get some cash for a cottage and piece of land that's not being used any way, and an image boost for them. Sold!

This all went down before Isamu was born, but for some reason I forgot to include that in the last post. Whoops! Siri stayed hidden in the cottage, and Sigrid and Tom came over and set up a bunch of wind turbines by the front where the wind blows in from the river, and a bunch of solar panels on the roof. The water wriggler that I forgot to remove from an earlier picture is technically there for Isamu to play in when he gets older, but they are explaining it with the water wriggler being there to clean off the solar panels when needed :lol:



The power plants serve multiple purposes. For one thing it provides Siri with the electricity she needs to run indoor lights without involving the communal power company, and it makes the lot thoroughly uninviting. With the wind turbines spinning at the front and big warning signs warning people from coming inside it's even less likely anyone would dare to venture inside and end up discovering Siri. But the best part is that Sigrid and Tom spread the rumor that they have to keep the control room (aka the cottage) heated during winter so the electronics inside don't freeze, which is why there's smoke rising from the chimney during winter. Pretty clever if you ask me :3 (Aside from the fact that one may wonder why old-school heating and not electronic but let's not nitpick haha!

So to recap, Tom and Sigrid bought the cottage and the land off the city council and supposedly turned it into a green power plant. This allows Siri to use the fireplace during winter to keep the cottage warm without raising suspicion, and them now owning the land should prevent the city council or anyone else from going near it. This part of the plan is exactly why Sigrid agreed to the whole thing in the first place. Even if Tom said no visits, she figured with the power plant there it would theoretically be possible to visit without anyone getting suspicious. She just needs to convince Tom and she thinks with enough time she might be able to.

And that brings us neatly into the next part I wanted to talk about. We know how Siri is doing. Isamu is born and has quickly become the light of her life, her constant ray of sunlight in her otherwise fairly lonely desolate world. She spends her days taking care of Isamu and getting ready for winter. But what has Tom and Sigrid been up to? We know they set up the power plant, we know they donated to the orphanage, and are making a show out of grieving Siri. But that's all show, what's really going on behind the mask?

If you recall the Sjöströms have always been pretty solitary. They kept to themselves, enjoying quiet time at home. Didn't show up much in public, didn't really have friends or connections with other households in the hood. But this changed after Siri moved to the cottage. All of a sudden Tom started showing up places. In the background on community lots, as walk-by, even inside peoples houses. One day I found him sitting in the rocking chair in Tore Nilsson's nursery, just chilling staring emptily into the air :wtf: We all know Sims have strange social codes sometimes, but Tom is a shy Sim, unlike outgoing Sims he doesn't invite himself places. He's retired so not someone that would come home from work, neither parents had a hobby chance cards, and to make things even stranger when I checked Tom in SimPE he'd never even met either of them. Yet there he was, sitting in their nursery next to their sick premature baby boy. Wandered in from the street, into an unknown persons home and decided to keep their baby company :blink:


At this point Tom is getting on the older side. He's lost his beloved daughter, the thing that secretly gave him joy and made life meaningful. He pushed her away over something that really wasn't her fault, and he's shoved the emotions so far down he probably doesn't know where he hid them. And it looks like it ended up being too much for the otherwise so reliable Tom. He's gone senile, or perhaps a psychosis. Whichever it is something is not right that's for sure. Out roaming the streets looking for something he can't quite define, finding himself drawn to children. Perhaps he's looking for the baby Siri once was, or the grandchild he knows he has somewhere out there.

Sigrid on the other hand handled things better. While I'm sure she misses Siri dearly she's not seeing it as a good-bye forever like Tom, so she's not falling to pieces like he did. She too though became a more frequent visitor in community lots. I imagine both of them notice Siri's absence at home and feel the house is a little empty, and with Tom stuck in his own mind bubble I imagine Sigrid likes the company of other people from time to time. Or maybe she's out looking for Tom, who knows :lol: But with Tom more out of the picture Sigrid became the boss of the family, the one making the decisions. And Sigrid decided it was time to say good-bye to the house and move to the community home for the elder. She wanted more eyes around to help her keep track of Tom, and she thought it'd do them both good to not have to walk around in their house with all it's memories of Siri growing up.

And it just so happens that the elderly home is located on the same street as Siri's cottage. Happy accident :jest:
If you look closely you'll see the lot where we saw Sigrid walking back from the direction of the cottage is two lots down from the elderly home. Perhaps she was out on an afternoon walk. Or perhaps there was something else going on :heyhey:

Here they are arriving at their new home (Autumn Wind retirement home by joandsarah here on MTS, though redecorated interiorly by me). Tom seems a little scared and confused by this new unknown place, but a little soothing talk from Sigrid and he was ready to check it out.



In case anyone is interested in seeing what their new home looks like I'll include pictures of their room at the retirement home. While part of the idea was leaving all the memories of Siri behind I knew they'd never leave her completely hidden so the paintings on the walls are artwork that Siri made as a kid, that used to be on the walls in their house. The hamster cage belongs to Sigrid, she got it when she thought they'd never have a baby because she wanted a living breathing creature to dote on and she's become a hamster lover since.




Tom was hesitant at first but he quickly forgot that once he discovered the Myshuno-machine. He looks so adorably confused trying to figure out this new and exciting thing.


After a while Sigrid convinced him to go have some breakfast and let the myshuno-machine rest. Is it just me or is there something sad about the way he's sitting there at the table, eating his pastry... Real roller-coaster of emotions in Tom these days.

And by now I'm sure you're thinking jeez is she never going to get to Siri and Isamu :lol: Enough back-story talk and parents-update, bring on the cuteness! This year the snow came early and when we return to the cottage it's covered in a thick layer of snow. Winter is here! Siri always loved playing in the snow as a kid so of course she and Isamu have to check it out and have a fun day outdoors. What do you think of the cutie overalls Siri made for Isamu?

No surprise Isamu is terribly excited at this new strange phenomenon, ever the happy excited baby boy.

Gotta build a snowman! I love how Siri sort of checks in with Isamu, checking how he's getting on, or perhaps having a conversation asking him for feedback on the snowman build.

By the time Siri finished the snowman it was already dark.

Isamu looks like he had fun.

New indoor clothes too now it's colder.

Snow day outside is fun, but sure does tire you out!

Last time we checked in with Siri it was autumn and she was working on making quilts to cover up the walls. She made some progress on that but still lots of wall space to cover up so during these dark cold days she continued her project of cold-proofing the walls and making it a little brighter and happier in there.


Bedroom looking a lot more fun with an alien quilt on the wall and some fun paintings by the crib.

Not the most exciting end but going to stop the post here. Too tired to be creative and I figure it's more fun to read if I'm able to tell it in a interesting way :) Now you guys know the entirety of Tom's plan to keep Siri hidden, and you know what's happened to Tom and Sigrid since Siri moved to the cottage, and we've had a sneak peak of how Siri spent her winter. Not the most exciting photos but her days are rather repetitive. Take care of Isamu, take care of herself, make stuff to pretty-up the cottage. Not much else to do during winter, the pond is frozen and can't grow vegetables, just gotta try to stay busy as best she can :)

1st Oct 2018, 3:21 AM
LOVE the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm.. Romantic side of me is hoping there will be some fairytale-alike prince charming who will find out about the cabin and knock the door at some point :)

For Tom, I am worried about him. As what I think, he is either regretting desicions he made back then or , not admitting he is regretting. He misses his daughter , and If he would not been so shallow (not like Vanessa) back then, he might be a happy granpa atm.

3rd Oct 2018, 5:05 PM
@gummilutt I looked at your post about Henrik Lindström and Alicia for some reason and I wanted to say that they are a great couple and I loved their Vacation it was just great, Great Pictures too.

I also checked out your latest post about Siri and Isamu and it was great. I am so looking forward to more whenever you you post it.

Take care and I hope that you are feeling well.