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Bai Mei
4th Aug 2005, 11:53 AM
Hi! I created a hat mesh off glasses, using tutorials (Dr Pixel), and imagine my elation when it showed up in Bodyshop. I noticed a bit of the texture was off, so I loaded a corrected texture. When I opened bodyshop again, my hat had reverted back to the original glasses mesh.

I redid the entire creation process, re-saving over the old files to keep the names, and the hat showed up again. When I closed bodyshop and went back in, once again the hat was glasses.

Has this happened to anyone else? Can anyone offer advice?

Another couple questions also popped up as I was working.
1. Do I need the original package made in bodyshop? I cloned it with my new resource nodes and shapes, but it seems when I move that original package elsewhere, bodyshop no longer recognizes the mesh at all.

2. There are only 2 meshes, lens and frame. The lens mesh is almost non-existant, and has no texture. At first, the hat showed the texture I applied. Then I added a couple parts, and the texture has moved to the added parts, leaving the hat itself with some sandy texture I don't recognize. And yes, the new parts are one group with the frame mesh.

Thanks for any suggestions or help! :anime:

Dr Pixel
4th Aug 2005, 1:23 PM
The answer to 1 is simple -

After you add the new CRES and SHAPE files into the BodyShop .package, and use them to correct the 3DIR files, you must then delete them from the .package. They are only to be put in temporarily, so SimPE can get the numbers from them.

If you leave them in the .package BodyShop will (incorrectly) link to the original BodyShop .package, rather than to your new MESH_ .package


2 - something obviously went wrong when you added the new parts -
it sounds like you may have changed one of the MATD files to point to the wrong image, or else did something to the UV_map

Bai Mei
4th Aug 2005, 2:59 PM
Aye Aye, Captian! (it's so much fun to say that :anime: )

All right, starting over once more! At least my actual mesh is done, and that saves a few hours. :lol: Thanks for the help, Dr Pixel! Er, I'll say something here if it works out, heheh.

EDIT: Well, I started over from the very beginning, watched my steps carefully, and I have a hat! I also re-UV mapped the mesh, so the texture problem is fixed. Banzai!

EDIT #2: Eh, it seems I spoke too soon. In game, the hat turns when the sims turns his/her head, but should the sim lean forward or kneel down, the hat just sort of floats. I did all mesh editing in .obj, so I have no joints to assign my mesh to. Do I have to start over and edit as .gdmc to get the joints? Or is there some sort of shortcut?

EDIT #3: Disregard! I figured it out! I'm leaving all my edits and whatnot for anyone else that runs into my same problems. My shortcut was to go grab that original GDMC I created my mesh package with, and open it in milkshape. Delete the frame and lens mesh attached to it. Import my own lens and frame mesh as .obj, assign to the head joint, and reimport as gdmc into my mesh package. The hat moves! Thank heavens. I wasn't going to be able to sleep until I figured this out. :baloons: