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  1. Rectangular textures show up purple-flashing
  2. Flamebay stove brightness
  3. Trying to recolor the Tech painting... apparently I needed the fix for SimPE UC ~ SOLVED! Thank you!
  4. Chess board top recolors
  5. WCIF/Recolour: Default grass texture
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  7. {SOLVED}Struggling with SimPE and recoloring
  8. Solved - Issue with GIMP?
  9. SimPE errors & Carryforward
  10. BuBu Build + iCad palette = croi crying
  11. Transparent areas are totally invisible?
  12. Question about walls and floors
  13. Bath curtain lost its dirty state!
  14. How to easily find the master EA Object?
  15. How do I make Transparent objects for the Sims 2?
  16. Recolors way too big in filesize
  17. Invisible subset recolour - how to?
  18. Grey hair - stick to the one?
  19. Where are the hi res textures?
  20. Animated/Gif painting recolour?
  21. Removing Custom Star from Recolours
  22. Castaway Stories conversions recolours
  23. Solved - Help with SimPe - How to edit TXMT & Plugin View gone?
  24. New recolor texture is "rainbow spewy"
  25. SOLVED - "Empty" packages created by SimPe when I try to recolor a Maxis Painting
  26. Freetime Fridge (Cryonic Fresh) not showing up in SimPE [Fixed!]
  27. How to extract Maxis walls and floors?
  28. Wall overlays eat / break doors & windows
  29. Recoloring - Subset Selection Not Showing Up
  30. How to make windows without glass?
  31. How to create a currency default?
  32. Kinder Kontainer frame template?
  33. Recoloring the colonial tub/shower with curtain
  34. ( Solved ) How to make more than 4 recolors of an object
  35. Tester Wanted for Recolours of Independent Expressions Inc.
  36. Solved - Copying existing recolors
  37. Seasons-friendly Rose Recolours (Panic!)
  38. How to increase texture detail?
  39. Slaving an object to one texture
  40. Cantankerous Splatters being well...cantankerous
  41. making non-designable items recolorable
  42. simpe crashes the sims 2
  43. "Unable to read beyond end of stream"
  44. "Extention" to HairBinner & ToolTip
  45. Cake issues
  46. Small texture image problem
  47. SimPE can't find fences?
  48. Where are recolours saved?
  49. Recolour pet accessories?
  50. upload recolour of custom wallpaper?
  51. Recoloring Custom Object Creates Blank File?
  52. Making default replacement easel paintings?
  53. SimPE, strange build DXT behaviour with MipMap... SOLVED
  54. Recoloring Cereal Error?
  55. Recolouring Books?
  56. Recoloring shrub
  57. Issues with recoloring cereal
  58. Recolors won't show for custom lamp mesh in sims2
  59. Transparent backgound no longer transparent!
  60. How do you unrepository an object?
  61. Issues recoloring doors, repository weirdness?
  62. Possible to extract spec maps from a mesh to recolor??
  63. Create floor tiles that appear exactly like terrain paint
  64. Wizards of SimPE Help
  65. Texture not showing up in preview
  66. Blurry recolors
  67. IKEA Stuff Pack recolor question(Found) :)
  68. [Solved] SimPE: Non-existant file paths/26 year old male sent to the funny farm
  69. SimPE won't show AllRes
  70. noob questions
  71. painting recolor
  72. violin recolor
  73. WCIF SimPE manual?
  74. Super beginner to Object RC questions
  75. The fridge with a real texture-shows where the door etc is.
  76. How to Insert Custom Texture Map into SimPE Photo Studio for re-coloring??
  77. Valuewood "Justa Door" Is it possible to recolor it's handles?
  78. Re-colouring re- cres/shape problem
  79. Can't find any of the M&G objects
  80. Build DXT not updating image
  81. Hacked Door
  82. Is it okay to use images from fabric sites to recolor objects?
  83. Photoshop help
  84. Multiple Recolors in SimPE
  85. Is it possible to make a recolor/custom painting a separate item?
  86. Question about the Zecutime Sofa
  87. Problem - Texture appears in-game wrong
  88. Unable to read beyond the end of the stream
  89. TS2 Missing Recolors
  90. Alpha gets huge pixels...
  91. Help with recolouring the Elixir of Life?
  92. Recolored objects show up glowy blue
  93. How do I recolor floor tiles?
  94. How do I recolour the Witches' Aura?
  95. Recolour only show up in short distance
  96. ...why is my tuna tartare texture still showing up as chef salad when preparing?
  97. Issues with Freetime Telephone
  98. Help with mirrored images
  99. Sims 2 head and body meshes?
  100. How To Recolour Bath Water?
  101. Recolouring Paintings and CEP
  102. Awnings help
  103. Having trouble with paintings
  104. Problem with Exnem's DDR
  105. Changing the catalogue thumbnail texture
  106. Adding tsDesignModeEnabled and crashing
  107. Tutorial: How To Make The "Truly" Stained-Glass Window Paneless Painlessly *PLEASE MODS, MOVE THIS TUTORIAL TO THE TUTORIALS FORUM, THX*
  108. M&G Ceiling Fan Not In SimPE
  109. Recolouring CC Paintings (non-in game)?
  110. Do object recolors have to be, well, object recolors?
  111. [delete Me]
  112. How do I recolor gate?
  113. Making an eye effect
  114. How do you make things glow?
  115. Club Counter problem
  116. Bad texture mapping on light fixture?
  117. how to add a bump map to an object that doesn't have one?
  118. Plumbing Creation Advise...
  119. Lunatec Club table lamp only has one texture subset.
  120. Problem Recoloring Dance Sphere - solved
  121. Problem Recolouring an Object
  122. Slave/Master issue
  123. Tutorial- Object Recoloring for Dummies V1.1
  124. Clone Object TEXTURE issue.
  125. "Fake" Recolours (how to get rid of)
  126. importing animations to 3D modeling program
  127. Creating Custom Magazine - HELP!!!!!
  128. Big Problem with Semi-Transparent Trash Can [Solved]
  129. "The Inner Light" basegame lamp only has one TXTR.
  130. Recoloring maxis objects
  131. Sim PE - WTF???
  132. I am unable to properly recolor HugeLunatic's recolorable stairs.
  133. My objects recolors don't show up in my game. What am I doing wrong? [Solved]
  134. Invisible Mailbox with M&G
  135. How to Create 2 Colored Windows - Inside Color and Outside Color?
  136. Plant recoloring
  137. How to create default replacement easel paintings?
  138. New Problem- I need to get some GUIDs, but the SimPE site says registration is disabled.
  139. Mirror effect on table
  140. Cant download DDS Utilities...Help...
  141. New Problem- Can one recolor the special witch objects?
  142. Recolors are not showing up
  143. Can't find the object I want to recolor?
  144. Same mesh, new GUID?
  145. Deleting recolor files from a package (solved)
  146. Question about wall and floor textures (I don't know where else this goes)
  147. Previewing in Milkshape
  148. Sim PE Not bringing up package file for export (SOLVED)
  149. Problem in Recoloring: Nothing except Material Override is available
  150. Trying to make a default recolour, but get the wrong texture name?
  151. Are unique GUIDs necessary for recolor uploads?
  152. How can I recolour doors in Sims 2?
  153. How to recolor custom content with no texture file..
  154. Need help with cloned object's recolors
  155. Need help with recoloring
  156. Transparency/Problem with 2 subsets
  157. Recolouring Modular Stairs
  158. recolored Maxis objects don't show up - solved
  159. Picture problem - any ideas about why and solution?
  160. photo albums from BV
  161. Trying to recolor paintings?
  162. Why can't I recolor this lampshade?
  163. How to extract an object mesh for basegame use?
  164. Recolor suddenly goes wonky
  165. Making invisible recolors
  166. Matching Wall Textures
  167. Retexture changes when I zoom out- HELP!
  168. Mapping issue for repository object
  169. How do I make things recolorable?
  170. Part of object not going transparent
  171. Textures show fine at a distance but go black close up.
  172. How to recolor contained pets?
  173. Only Shadow texture showing up?
  174. Where do I get them?
  175. how add a texture image in simpe for cloning a object?
  176. Columns that flash blue in 'hood view, but not on-lot?
  177. New Recolor Name (not Package name)
  178. "The Embrasure by Ergo" OFB window recoloring.
  179. Stuck with SimPE
  180. Texture problems
  181. Snow effects
  182. Cloning help
  183. Noob help needed :( I'm pretty sure even begginer recolorers could help...
  184. Problem: Object Invisibility Issue: Not all textures invisible
  185. What causes a recolor file to crash the game?
  186. Recolouring a staircase
  187. Total Number of Recolors Allowed?
  188. Recoloring Maxis bedding
  189. Aqua Plus Shower Recolour
  190. Lexus IS350 Recolors- last recolor only showing up in game...
  191. Bumpmap for objects?
  192. Wall Recolors - Seams are showing in some game configurations but not all?
  193. Can't recolor rugs in Simpe.
  194. Transparency texture problem
  195. Can't recolor
  196. How do I extract paintings done by Sims?
  197. Recoloring a guitar in the first place- please help.
  198. How to make cereal RIGHT!
  199. How can I recolor neighborhood objects with simPE?
  200. Wall poster adjustments -- which is easier?
  201. Stretched Paintings
  202. Extra line of texture- see pic please?
  203. Making a cloned "master" object a "slave"
  204. Recoloring a previously hacked object
  205. High quality recolors?
  206. Question about creating and recoloring the maxis default doors.
  207. Another Poor Quality Recolor - Bathroommate Footrug
  208. transparent recolour for custom object tutorial
  209. Family Photographs
  210. NuMica Table Recolor - Seams Showing
  211. Not able to recolor objects in OW
  212. How to make shiny objects?
  213. New roofs looking funky
  214. Fixing rugs after HugeLunatics rugfix SOLVED
  215. Recoloring the Greenhouse Roof
  216. need help creating reflective object
  217. Guitar recolor not showing up in game
  218. Recolored Lamps Won't Light Up
  219. How do I recolor the Maxis Weeping Willow Trunk?
  220. Painting recolor
  221. Please help me with "unrecolorable" paintings
  222. Rocking horse recolor causes game to crash?
  223. Recolour of Custom Content - Subset Selection Window empty
  224. Recoloring Cars and stuff
  225. wizard of simpe error
  226. Recoloring both eyes to two different colors
  227. Can't quite get the pupils right for my eyes. please help!
  228. Recoloring multiple game objects in one package
  229. Object thumbnails missing in OW and Wizards of SimPE
  230. Finding the default easel painting files in the Sims 2 directory
  231. Custom Content Recolors Won't Show in Game
  232. In need of help...
  233. Recolouring with GMDCs
  234. Removing EAxis Textures from Cloned Painting
  235. Recoloring the IKEA PS rug
  236. SOLVED - maxis recolor drives me crazy (community freezer)
  237. A question about filenames
  238. Moroccan end table problem
  239. Making a recolour of cloned objects
  240. Need help with UVMapper template, please
  241. How to make objects reflective
  242. Awnings Sims2
  243. Recoloring a bookcase- I need help.
  244. Basic Questions About Chimney Recoloring
  245. Cloned/Recolored JB1 OMSP Troubles
  246. One object pulling random textures?
  247. Applying winter modifications to meshes?
  248. Kronklehorn for recolouring?
  249. editing upload
  250. Recoloring the glass on the Seasons juicer?