View Full Version : Auto woohoo TFB

14th Dec 2009, 5:54 AM
I downloaded the autonomous woohoo/TFB mod from Twoftmama. I would of asked this on the forum I got this mod from, but they are not accepting new member sign ups right now, so...I was wondering if this is normal, my sims wont auto woohoo or tfb while standing, they will only do it when one sim is relaxing on the bed. I noticed that while their standing, and they flirt like crazy, once they get to the point where they might go for it, they each choose a different action, thats fun. So Im thinking theres a problem with the mod or something. I have the NRaas Woohooher and the NRaas story progression mods, as well as the NRaas computer.

14th Dec 2009, 6:03 AM
I'm sorry, but individual creators support their own work. If you can't get support from the creator or the site where you downloaded the mod, then the best thing to do is remove the mod until they are willing to provide you with access to support.