View Full Version : "Is not installed or installed inproperly on your machine, please reinstall..." or whatever

1st Sep 2017, 11:09 PM
This appears when i click the play button but thats not new it all. A quick disclaimer before someone gets triggered, i bought the games in my local music shop and some at a toy stroe (it was a long ago :lol:) although it's identical to the pirated ones (yes, i compared them) if someone calls me out for pirating. So when this appears on the title i go to my disc drive, open the files of the EP and copy the .exe file of mansion and garden stuff from the crack folder and paste it in file location of mansion and garden stuff. In my language it's called cracking when you do this so you don't need to insert a disc every time you want to play the game. My Avira identifies the .exe file as a virus and deletes it everytime i turn on my comp, and i do the same with coping and pasting, but thats okay it lasts like 10 seconds. Other anti viruses don't recognize it as a virus so idc. The real problem is today when i do the same thing with copy and paste it doesn't recognize it unless i reinstall the EP. I tried to restart my comp and do it again but it doesn't help, the only thing that helps is reinstalling but i don't want to reinstall it every time i want to play the sims. So...any advices...? :cry:

1st Sep 2017, 11:40 PM
Sorry - I appreciate that you bought these disks at a game store, and didn't know they were pirated when you bought them, but they clearly are pirated, so we can't help. Your best option is to contact EA CS and ask them for a copy of Ultimate Collection.