View Full Version : [Solved] CC Order in Body Shop

13th Sep 2017, 3:30 AM
I'm trying to get my skins to show up in geneticized order, and I've had no luck whatsoever. So far I've tried renaming the files and changing the display name in SimPE, sticking the genetic value at the beginning of the name in both cases, but so they're still showing in what appears to be a rather random order. Is there anything at all I can do to change the order that the skins are displayed? I've tried googling and searching the forum, but again no luck.

13th Sep 2017, 4:46 AM
Have NO clue if this will work but have you tried deleting thumbnails after renaming them? be warned tho, if you have loads of content, it might take forever to make new ones... when you go into buy mode/cas mode. Might freeze the game for a time.

13th Sep 2017, 4:57 AM
Or just delete the CASThumbnails..and the buy/build mode won't be affected, since only skintones are renamed anyways?

13th Sep 2017, 7:01 AM
You can do it in SimPE by changing the sortindex-value in the Binary Index (BINX) file in each SkinTone-package. In SimPE the values are displayed in Hex. Highest value comes first in BodyShop Any value up to 0xFFFFFFFF is possible to use.

13th Sep 2017, 9:50 PM
The binary index method worked, thank you so much :anime: