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29th Sep 2017, 7:13 PM
Something I noticed is that deleting dropped objects seems to be bad/can cause glitches/problems. I'm very thankful to Pescado for providing the Stuck Object Remover for floor tiles that have invisible objects still registered ontop them -that seems to wipe them out.
Are there certain dropped objects that should Not be deleted because they are known to cause bugs/stuckiness? I never delete homework, mail, or tamper with the mailbox/trashbin. What about these:

milk bottles
smart milk bottles
dirty dishes
full potty chair
toddler toys
espresso cups

29th Sep 2017, 8:39 PM
@swillfly : I've never had any trouble after deleting toddler toys or a full potty chair.

29th Sep 2017, 8:50 PM
^ Same. Not sure about the other objects, but I have deleted a few, usually when they cause bugs/stickiness or when I can't bother having a sim running around cleaning up.

29th Sep 2017, 9:47 PM
I am sure I never had problems with dirty dishes and newspapers. I can't remember trying the other objects so I can't help there.

29th Sep 2017, 11:46 PM
I delete baby bottles all the time. I grab them in inventory mode, I hit delete. If by milk bottle, you meant baby ones? then they are safe.

30th Sep 2017, 2:23 AM
I delete toddler toys constantly.

30th Sep 2017, 2:33 AM
Never had any issue with any of those. Certainly never delete the mail box -your sims will vanish, nor the bin/trash can; anything else is fair game even homework.

gazania, moving out your playable clears the lot of dormies.

30th Sep 2017, 3:15 AM
I've deleted all of those with no problems. As a matter of fact, if sims don't have a sink, they will throw the dishes and coffee cups in the trash themselves. They must think dishes are free and come out of thin air. (:

30th Sep 2017, 4:15 AM
Thx all! The bottles/toys that cause invisible object remainders seem to be baby bottles tossed by the nanny onto a porch/foundation/elevated area.. and I burninated them with Pescado's Stuck Object Remover. Then I can bulldoze/remove the elevated area.

30th Sep 2017, 6:15 AM
Never had any issue with any of those. Certainly never delete the mail box -your sims will vanish

What?? I had no idea that deleting a mail box can cause your sims to vanish! How is that so? :O

30th Sep 2017, 6:32 AM
The mail box is essential to the running of a residential lot, its connected to the lot portals. Why the sims vanish I don't know, only that they do and your lot will be in buy and build mode. You can get the sims back by simply moving the whole household back out to the family bin then use a buyable mail box on the lot before moving them back in.