View Full Version : Extracting Voice/SFX Files

1st Oct 2017, 12:56 AM
Hey, guys! So I've been looking thru files and extracting them for personal purposes (Twitch/Stream setup mostly), and I have been hitting a wall whenever I try to extract SFX files or voice files in SimPE. They extract perfectly fine, but all I hear are unintelligible beeps and hums when I listen to/go through them. The only files that don't have the beeps are the ones that correspond to the pianos and the background music that plays during the special cinematics.

Why don't the files play correctly? Is it because the audio files are encoded differently? If so, is there a workaround or a program that I can use to actually listen to the Voice/SFX files? Looking for a friend :help:

I've tried looking for forums that relate to the problem I'm having, but the ones I've seen are for extracting the music, and not the other audio files.

Thanks for any intel and help. Much love!

1st Oct 2017, 2:31 AM
If you want, just disable all of the sounds in the game aside from the SFX and use Audacity to record the desired sounds. Same with the voices. If you're interested, I have a "ghost" preset for the delay effect in Audacity which you can apply to the extracted voice clips so they sound nearly identical to the ghost effect. I made it just about a 1:1 match. the preset is in the form of an image of the settings. If interested, PM me.