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4th Dec 2017, 12:42 AM
I have two adult female sims and one child female that are shown as Fat. And the child definitely looks it. I look at their fitness icons and it shows Fat completely filled in and no amount of exercise gets the fitness bar to move. The adults have 4 body points each and the child 3. All 3 of these sims were extracted from my old game, cloned in Bodyshop and remade in CAS. I did not pay any attention to the fitness indicator and did not notice any of them looking fat at the time. The child was put into the game as a toddler and became fat as soon as she transitioned to Child. I know I can fix them all with a cheat but I am wondering why they are that way. I thought that even sims who are created as fat could still become fit if they exercised. Is this not true? I have never created a fat sim before and am not sure I did with these three but that is the only cause I could think of. Any other ideas? All of my other sims have to exercise regularly to keep in the normal range.

Second oddity: I remember that previously when sims harvested their vegetables they got produce of differing qualities depending on whether the plants showed a red, yellow or green icon. Now the sims are only getting tasty veggies and only if the plants show yellow. Red plants are giving no produce. Even though the sims are spending the same amount of time harvesting they have nothing to put in the fridge. They have had no green plants yet as they are still low level gardeners. Any ideas as to what could cause this? I would think a download conflict of some sort but what could it be? HCDU shows nothing related to gardening.

4th Dec 2017, 1:00 AM
It should be easy with some exercise to make a 'fat' sim slim. I would check them in simpe, sounds like they are somehow stuck.

Plant issue sounds like a mod. The HCDU only shows conflicts not what mods you have installed. I would do a search of your computer with the word garden, gardening and harvest and see if that locates anything.