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Got it working again, but...
Date Posted: 7th Oct 2017 at 12:13 AM Views: 472
I uninstalled Origin, and then reinstalled it again. It worked! So I got a few weeks of Sim time.

Then Origin wanted to update.

It did the same f***ing thing as before. Internet connection lost. Game won't play.

This is NOT good enough. I can't uninstall and reinstall Origin every time the stupid thing needs an update! Give me a break.

Better yet, give me my money back. I shouldn't have to pay to get a headache from this piece of crap software.

EDIT: So now Origin won't install at all. Error code 9.0. A common problem, apparently, but seemingly one without a solution. EA really doesn't seem to care about making playable games...

Guess I'm done with The Sims. (Can't play TS2 either, now, since it's all linked through that stupid Origin garbage.)

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Got it working again, but...
By fakepeeps7 (16th Oct 2017 at 2:32 AM)
It's not a Sims problem at all. I tried installing Origin today, and it worked. I changed nothing and did nothing different. *sigh* I guess it works when it wants to work.

Oddly enough, I haven't had any problems with my saved games. I'm still working on the same family, who've somehow been spared through two separate Origin crashes/uninstalls/re-installs.

I'm probably good until Origin needs another update. Then I'll end up going through this whole mess all over again!
Got it working again, but...
By LadySilverwolf (10th Oct 2017 at 6:10 PM)
I hope you get it resolved, although it sounds like an 'Origin' problem and not exactly ts2. Makes me afraid of even opening Origin at this point ... I definitely do not want the same issues on my pc. TS2 takes sooo much time to get setup, especially if you forget to backup!

As for advice, I suggested getting in contact with Origin verbally, to avoid the whole 'internet connection' problem. They might be able to help you. Other than that, not much more I can suggest.

Again, sure hope you get the matter resolved.

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