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Lot Cleaning
Date Posted: 6th Nov 2017 at 5:25 AM Views: 388
Hi, I was asked to come give you some help with lot cleaning. This was originally discovered by Jawusa.

What I do is open the lot in simpe. So open simPe and go up to Tools >package Tools> Open sims2 pack. Having the pack on the desktop makes it easy. That will open a window, just click open.

Look to the list on the left and scroll it down. You will see things such as Sim Information, Sim Relations (SREL),
SimDNA, Sim Wants and Fears (SWAF), SimScores and FamilyTree -all things relating to sims.
Click on each one in turn and highlight all of them over in the right column. I click in the blank space and do CTL A to highlight them all. Then I right click the highlighted part and select delete. You will see all those files now has a line through them like this Once they are all done go up to save, you will only have Save As, as an option.

Go to your desktop and you will find that simpe file that you just saved with whatever name you saved it as. That is your new clean lot.

What I do next is go to documents, the sims 2. In there you will find the Lot catalog. Now there is probably more than one way to do this. I simply make a new folder and put all those lot files into it. Then I grab that cleaned lot file, paste it in the lot catalogue folder so it’s the only one and rename it Cx_00000001.package
Run your game and go to the new test hood. If you have lots of cc, it's best to not only have a test hood but also a test game. It's very easy to rename your sims 2 folder and force the game to make you another. Because there is no cc in the new one it will load super fast. So in your test game open that test hood and you should find it’s the only lot in the lot bin. When you grab it you will see it has some ridiculous low price tag, that is your nod that the lot is now cleaned. Now don't worry everything is still there and once you place the lot its price will show up like it should.

Now that you have your cleaned lot placed down, load it up and move one thing. Could be a chair, then place it back. Now save and go to hood view. Your lot is now cleaned and ready to be packaged.

I hope that helps and everything is clear.

Adding a link to the tutorial http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=609188
And a direct link to the file: http://simfileshare.net/download/479352/
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