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People on the S4S Forums...
Date Posted: 22nd Nov 2017 at 12:24 AM Views: 535
Is it just me who has found that moderators on the Sims4Studio forums are really rude? It's really surprising, honestly... orangemittens is the worst of them. She doesn't let people explain something if she doesn't like it, and she threatens to close your account if you keep trying to have a civil conversation with her.

One time, I asked a question because people were converting TS3 stuff to TS4. I posted a thread asking how you convert stuff from packs to base game. One of the mods accused me of trying to commit piracy, and I asked him how. Then my thread was deleted, and OM messaged me, saying that, if I argued with moderators again, I'd be banned from the forum. When I tried to explain that I was not interested in pirating, and I really wanted to know why it was considered it, she kept giving me the same spiel; we do not discuss piracy on this forum. Attempting to make a new thread to talk about it will get your account deleted. She repeated this like three times! I was frustrated, but I stated that my question was honest, and I really did want to know the answer. She finally did, saying if you don't have the pack, then converting stuff from it to base game is stealing game content. When I thanked her for giving me the answer, she threatened me again, telling me not to discuss piracy. I'm sitting here in my head, "I HEARD YOU THE FIRST F***ING TIME YOU [insult to intelligence]!!" I once again assured her that I am an honest person, and that she didn't need to remind me so many times. Isn't converting content from a previous Sims game piracy too? Someone converts it, offers it up for download, and people download it even if they don't own the game it's from?

I was new to creating CC, so naturally, I was on that forum to ask questions. It seemed all of my questions ticked OM off, because all of her replies were passive aggressive. I acted as though they weren't. After some time, I asked a question about getting a script failed message whenever I tried to place certain CC lights or mirrors. I got no answers for a few days, and then I see that OM deleted the thread for being in the wrong category. Okay...? Well, I've been on numerous forums, and when something isn't in the right category, the moderators move it. They do it here on MTS as well. I posted a new thread in what I hoped was the right category, asking my question again, though I mentioned that the previous thread had been deleted instead of moved like it should've been. Out of nowhere, I get someone who says, "I think you meant to say, 'the kind and hardworking moderators of this site [can't remember the rest].'" I get another person giving me another rude reply, and I simply said, "this has nothing to do with my question, is there anyone who can help me with the script failed errors?" A moderator just said, "I've no idea, I've never heard of that error," but others kept chewing me out for mentioning the previous thread was deleted instead of moved! I didn't want to argue, so I said the reason I mentioned it was because, if this new one was in the wrong category, I'd appreciate being told which category it belongs to instead of having to try and remember everything I wrote to explain the problem I was having. They wouldn't let it go. Even OM left a reply saying that the moderators "weren't my maid there to clean up after me." WOAH. WHAT?! She had written a huge paragraph belittling me, and said a bunch of things that I honestly didn't know where it came from! It's like when a man tells his wife he doesn't want kids just yet, and she goes, "what, am I not attractive enough for you? Do you want some younger chick or something?" It's like, seriously, WTF? I explained that most forums move threads that are accidentally placed in the wrong category into the right one. I then decided to only respond to people answering my question, but no one got a chance, because OM deleted that thread too, and sent me a PM, accusing me of deliberately causing drama and arguing about things that had nothing to do with the thread. I was clearly trying to end the argument, pressing on my question. It was other people, including another moderator (brujuh I believe) starting drama that I desperately tried to avoid. I also told her that she aided in furthering the argument, when all I wanted was to get an answer about my in-game error... all of a sudden, my account was deleted.

I was blown away, and EXTREMELY upset, sitting here and wondering wtf I did wrong! I made a second account to try and message her, asking why my account was removed, but for some reason, I couldn't find the button to PM her. All I intended to do was try to figure out what I did wrong, but then she IP banned me, and now I can't even see the forum. I found her account here on MTS to try and message her, wanting to sort things out like adults, but either she doesn't come here anymore, or she ignored my message. Either way, I just sat at my computer, crying, thinking, "you are a B****!!" It was almost like she wanted to start something. That's not something a moderator should do! The only way I can see the S4S forums now is by using Tor, a proxy that hides my IP address so I can at least read the threads. However, I cannot make an account because Tor won't let me get passed the CAPTCHA, so I can no longer receive help with this program, having to rely on other means, which make things incredibly difficult.

And you know what really makes it better? I later found in the batch fixes an option that says, "fix tuning for lights and mirrors." I ran it, AND IT FIXED THE PROBLEM. The damn moderators told me they had no idea what the problem was, and yet they had a batch fix for it the entire time. Now my paranoia was telling me, "they did it on purpose, they did it because they hated you, they wanted you gone..." I'm the type of person who believes you should never start a fight. If someone starts something, they are inviting you to fight back. Well, even though OM was inviting me into a fight for no reason, I continued to be civil, even going so far as to walk on eggshells because she seemed extremely sensitive. Either that or she just liked to abuse her power as a moderator. Who knows who else she's done this to. Her replies to other users weren't exactly nice either.

So, if anyone is even reading this, and you use S4S or plan to, be careful on the forums, because orangemittens is VERY MEAN. I'd be careful of brujuh too, since he was so quick to exacerbate the conflict that shouldn't have even been there. It only started because of that first snide comment, and like sheep, they all started doing the exact same thing. They didn't even try to clear up any misunderstandings! They should've asked, "what did you mean by this?" Even asking, "did you mean this in a rude way?" would be fine, because then you can explain what you meant to assure them you were not meaning to be rude! I mean, come on! What is wrong with people?!
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