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MTS Movie Night #4 - posted on 19th Feb 2018 at 4:46 PM

Custom Content Task List
Date Posted: 10th Jan 2018 at 2:54 AM Views: 96
To Do

cocomama TSM conversions
- fix sunshadows (fastest to regenerate via TSRW)
--> to stop TSRW from crashing on sunshadow regen, make VertexCount in swizzle info chunk of sunshadow resources match that of respective sunshadow meshes (note that bytes in swizzle info are in decimal)
- fix bed textures
- fix transparency issue on beddoublemilitarylionhead (needs new grp b/c shader change)

ats3 TS4 food stalls
- partial CAStability
- resize marquees
- recat
- set handtoolcanduplicate to true


ATS3 laundryday_sims4to3 sink
- edit _RIG for animation + fx + deco slots

ATS3 laundryday_sims4to3_ecofriendlylightbulb
- edit glass shader

ATS3 laundryday_sims4to3_wreathoflivingbrambles
- make shiftable

Lyrea SimplifiedAlchemyStationNoBase2
- trim occluders

cyclonesue pallets (single + stack)
- slot in wrong location

madaya TiltAndTurn Window37 - 53
- fix wallmask

davidmont twinkle lights
- add hidewhenwalldown

DNZ Column Ceiling Beam Set
- disable FTPT
- remove extraneous images

cyclonesue fences, assorted
- replace _RIG on gates
- chk images

koposov (all extant)
- remove extraneous images

kandiraver TS4-TS3 conversions
- remove extraneous images
- make speculars

pocci wall cutout shelves
- edit slot flags for functional items

pocci country kitchen table
- edit dropshadow

pocci country kitchen counters
- edit occluders

marcussims pulltab window + door
- resize giant speculars

- fix IK bones

truje midcentury tray table
- edit FTPT

AikeaGuinea PeriodicPrints1
- make shiftable

omega TSM chair conversions
- point to updated _RIG
- fix texture tiling
- fix transparency issue on diningmilitaryspikes & livingangleddraped (needs new grp b/c shader change)

ats3 canal counter
- delete extraneous occluder(s)

luna arcos2/3 alhambra
- edit LITE
- remove extraneous images

luna sofa alham
- remove extraneous images

luna ventana(s) alhambra
- remove extraneous images
- fix wall mask (1 only)

luna ventanagrande riad
- fix wall mask
- edit LITE

mari massless bench + bear stool
- broken rig
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