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My CAW files

Date Posted: 3rd Aug 2012 at 7:05 AM

My CAW files

I've put my older worlds onto the Sims 3 exchange (hooray for decent upload speeds, at last it worked!).
Simsample's Studio

If you require the CAW files for those, they are uploaded to 4Shared.
If you are not a member at that site, try the login information given on Bugmenot to gain access. Otherwise, try the username [email protected] and the password modthesims (all lower case). 4Shared changed the requirements so that you need an account to download files.


Click here for Shearwater CAW files. (Resources included.)

For more images of Shearwater, click here.


Click here for Sanctuary CAW files. Resources available here.

For more images of Sanctuary, click here.

Sims for both of those worlds and for Jericho are in my Sims 3 studio too; they are labelled according to the world they were intended for.

CAW files for Jericho are linked in the Jericho download thread on this site.

I hope you have fun with them!
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