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Date Posted: 8th Jan 2017 at 10:55 AM

Some of my mods aren't suited for MTS, or aren't worthy of their own upload. But since people are still playing the sims 2 and I'm still making mods, it seemed these things should be shared. So I will list them in this entry in the hopes that some people may find them that way. All of them are tested under my own setup (Freetime is my highest EP) so might not work with other configurations. Some will likely conflict with other mods that do similar things - if in doubt with a specific mod then ask me and I'll confirm or deny it. All come with text documents providing fuller description. Feel free to modify or re-upload these files to other (non-pay) sites, as long as you give me credit.

The first is a series of college mods, one which makes sims need at least a c+ to attend, one with drops the 100% increase in college performance during autumn to 50%, and one which reduces the grants in the first three years (by 50% in the first year, and 25% for years 2-3):


This one makes it less likely for a sim to receive a genie lamp:


This one makes it more likely for a sim to fail to repair complicated items (like computers):


This one makes it easier for sims to starve (by reducing a motive protection described here for hunger that makes it take a day and a half to go from hunger desperation to actually die, down to 12 hours). It also adds in a protection for pets so that their hygiene will never go below 25% and make them stinky under normal circumstances (having to constantly bathe dogs was annoying me, and the changes had to go together because they are in the same function):


Here's a series of pregnancy mods, one that increase weight gain (reduces fitness) for pregnant sims, one which allows visitors and young adults to get pregnant (rather than sims only being able to get pregnant when you are controlling them), and one which drops hunger,energy,comfort and hygiene when a sim is giving birth:

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