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Wanderlust, a new Sims 2 building contest - posted on 3rd Feb 2018 at 3:19 AM
It's gonna be late...

Date Posted: 18th Jan 2018 at 11:44 AM

I have been working like BALLS to get this Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog) bedroom finished before I hit the road yet again. I have also been watching a lot of Supernatural and am channeling Bobby Singer. Anyway, I just made a decision, and it feels really, really good...

My CNY 2018 bedroom is gonna be late, and I'm okay with that.

My flight leaves in, like, 18 hours, and I have things to do. Laundry things. Packing. Calls to make. Eat and sleep may play a walk-on role if time and/or whimsy allows. But this bedroom set? It's not gonna happen. I've gone 98% of the recolours, actually, but then after that comes the listing and the writing and the screenshots for days and then oops I remembered I wanted to add this thing here and honestly I just can't. Stress level: Maxed.

Chinese New Year is gonna be well past before I get this set up, but given the choice between A) cramming and stressing and rushing and skipping and worrying and I already have a mad case of "Photoshop shoulder" as it is, and B) I'll get to it next month? Imma walk away from the bedroom before I lose my mind. Gotta go see family. Bedroom will happen when it happens.

(I'm pretending to be so chill about this, but in my head I'm straight up shrieking about not doing the thing in time.)
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Back On the Road

Date Posted: 29th Sep 2017 at 9:05 AM

So much stuff done this week, and it was such a total snowball. Decided to do HL's Teak Nursery for the Maternity and Beyond theme and thought, hm, what bedding would I use to take pictures with? That led to doing a whole batch of 27 striped nursery sets, which I was almost finished with when I realised these two green stripes made a cute kinda watermelon-looking design, which set me off making a whole watermelon-themed nursery...which I had to finish and post before I could go finisn and post the 27 striped nursery sets before I could go back and finish and post that Teak Nursery I started with in the first place and OH HEY, while I'm doing that, why not add HL's Quaint Nursery too??

Damn, it's been a busy week. My shoulder, arm, and wrist are totally minced from all the Photoshop and SimPE, so what do I decide to do next? Type about it. I'm an idiot.

ANYWAY. Was rushing like mad to finish because 1) theme ends, like, tomorrow. 2) I'm going back to the US for another month on Monday! Yay, seeing my family again!! Boo, not being on my computer for a whole month. Yay, being with my family! Boo, not being able to work on my to-do list. Boo and yay? Family wins that one every time. Just wish sweetface could come with me, but since his being on the road is the whole reason I'm taking off early, better being with the rest of the fam than sitting here by myself...no matter how much I could totally be jamming on my To-Do List. >_<
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AFK Again

Date Posted: 25th Jul 2017 at 12:47 AM

I'm headed back to the States for another visit, and I'm not sure how long I'll be gone. I worked like nuts to get that patio done and posted before I go, and I really hope at least a few people will enjoy it. It's an odd set, but I like its quirkiness. Anyway, not that I think anybody actually reads this journal, but I've found that it helps me keep my thoughts about upcoming projects and sets in some sort of order.

When I get back I'd like to finish that Dewberry fabric set I've been on since movies went to colour, as well as taking another spin at that FFS castle bedroom. Still some Claybee to finish too, and I also wanna do those wrap skirts to go with the untucked tees. Augh, so much I wanna work on right now, and I'm gonna be on the other side of the planet!

Don't wanna sound for a second like I don't wanna go, though. My family needs me right now, and I need to be there with them. Husband is being overwhelmingly supportive and sweet. I'm gonna miss his face while I'm gone.
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State of the Game

Date Posted: 14th May 2017 at 5:40 AM

As expected, I came home from the US and dove straight into Photoshop. Claybee Study done and dusted! And that's when the heartache began, because I decided that a downloads cull was in order... smash cut to days and days of file retrieval and comparing names and trying to figure out what meshes don't have skins and which skins don't have meshes and after all of this time how am I STILL so bad at keeping those straight?!

I'm so looking forward to a clean game build, but I'm about ready to set my entire downloads folder on fire and just cackle while it burns.
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Date Posted: 20th Mar 2017 at 1:05 AM

Heading to the US for about 5 weeks and won't be online much in the interim. If every single trip I've ever taken in the past is any indication, I'll be ITCHING to get my hands on TS2 and Photoshop by the time I get back. Of course I'll be taking notes on any new To Do items that occur to me while I'm away too, making it that much less likely that I'll ever flirt with the zip code of being anywhere near finishing my To Do List, but the minute I seriously care about that will be the minute I'm not doing this for fun anymore and can hang it up. So, good thing I'm not actually fussesd!

Not that anyone will read this while I'm gone, but still... (^_^)

See y'all in late April! ♥
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To-Do Mountain

Date Posted: 4th Mar 2017 at 1:29 AM

My To-Do list keeps growing. I keep writing it down. I keep losing the list. So since I'm less likely to misplace an entire website...

Claybee Nursery
Claybee Study/Office
Claybee Rec/Hobby
Claybee Pets
Claybee Patio
Claybee Exterior/Build

Heart PJs (GL)
Comfy PJ/yoga (Parsimonious mesh?)
Dudes' v-neck untucked long sleeve t-shirts of awesomeness
Dudes' PJ/yoga bottoms
Fairy costume (girls' and unisex)
Disney princess up that FFS princess dress?

Recolour ladies' bun
Recolour dudes' Caesar
Recolour dudes' ponytail
Recolour dudes' chin-length

That's all I can remember off the top of my head...
No wait!
Leilani Kitchen/Dining
Lauren Kitchen/Dining

Added 12 March:
StarJacks Atomic Bedroom Set
FFS Kingdom Bedroom
Dewberry Nightblooms Bedroom
"Vermont" set (bed, bath, lr, kitchen/dining, oh sheesh this is gonna be another claybee, isn't it?)
"Seaside" set (yikes, the bed, bath, lr, kitchen/dining...)
Sugarplum kids' bedrooms
OFB "Witchery" Shop

A/YA/E F drape/wrap skirts to go with the untucked (but will look tucked) tees
Unisex Kids' PJs with those big bear feet - Mike & Sully?
Adult Dudes' ballet workout recolours
Adult women's cheongsam (base game)
Adult women's H&M cocktail dress (the black, red, halter one)
can add leggings to that slightly silly but somehow adorbs overall/jumper dress with the trainers?
SNS ladies' wide-leg pants & cowl sweater everyday/outerwear - more colours
NL ladies' raincoat - add leggings/jeans
ladies' swim tank two-piece, change bottoms to boyshorts?
MOAR boyskirts!!
stop there. please. for now. just stop.

No Stopping!! (sept 12th)
ground cover, just for the experience
small residential lot, because Golden
nursery for theme
cwc quaint nursery
cwc caress of teak nursery
ideal plantsim / alien poli-tech
start meshing? seriously?? doubt it, but messy bun

Even MOAR No Stopping!! (24 November)
girls' swim WW/Justice League
boys' swim WW/Justice League

CWC - Custom Wood Collection (aka Oh, the Humanity)

19 December
Custom food item - Japanese Curry?
Pink Sugar Patio
Pink Sugar Bath
More dudes' H&M Hoodies

12 January:
CNY 2018 (Year of the Dog)
Pink Sugar Pets
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Bedroom Nearly Done!

Date Posted: 12th Feb 2017 at 3:00 AM

Finally almost done with the Claybee Bedroom. Now to write it all up and make sure I have enough pictures... I mentioned I'd already done over 200 files for this bedroom? And of course I wouldn't possibly need all of them in the end, but--Yeah, now it's 235.

I don't wanna picspam when I post these, but I'm over 40 shots in (single beds, double beds, dressers, more dressers, the other dressers, the wall art, the end tables, more end tables, etc...) and just literally head-desk-ed when I realised I forgot the floor lamps. I have really loved working on this whole house-wide theme, though, and honestly, my sanity is a small price to pay...

So. Do I do a nursery set? How about the office? I also wanna do that hobbies group...can that be office too? Or a second living room? And there's always "outdoor" stuff like the other hot tub and maybe some siding and some patio plants...

I have a To Do list for rooms I really wanna try when this Claybee thing is finally done. The list is growing exponentially. Only I'm starting to think that whole "post-Claybee" thing is a myth. :p
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Aspiration Rampage

Date Posted: 30th Jan 2017 at 2:37 AM

Yeah, I definitely have no sense of sanity or self-control. Just posted a CNY bedroom and was all, "Hmm, now that I'm thinking about Chinese and Asian design, wasn't there a dress I wanted to recolour? Like, from base game?

Load up the game to find that ONE Adult Female Dress I was thinking about maybe doing, nine minutes later I have a list of THIRTY-FIVE garments I want to do. As if I've ever done more than that one men's yukata that I didn't even upload (edit: oh yeah, and that sims 4 shirt that turned into my biggest download so far... pfft, details). But now suddenly I'm all, "Hmm, I wonder if I can adapt that mesh for children?" What meshing?? I have literally never even looked at a mesh program, and now I suddenly wanna take the backpack off the travelers and put that yukata on some kids and make skirts for the boys to play in and give some teens silk jammies and WTF is wrong with me?!!

Good thing I've only had the one cup of coffee so far this morning. I'd hate to be all wound up.
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I have lost my mind.

Date Posted: 20th Jan 2017 at 7:55 AM

Am I going to be journaling now? I have no idea. I just, for some reason, felt the need to document the date and time I realised that I have officially lost my dang mind.

Not enough that that first upload kitchen has apparently mushroomed into an entire house. Not enough that in making some extra rooms so that I could put that big batch of walls and floors to better use has resulted in more than doubling the number of walls and floors. Finally I bask in the sweet relief of casting aside all sense and sanity, as I take a quick inventory of how this "Claybee bedroom" is coming along and discover that I've made over 200 .package files for this one bloody room. And I'm not finished yet!

No chance every one of these makes it into the final upload, but they all still happened.

I may have become obsessed.
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