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Write about your experiences of your country and what you love:

Since I was born and raised in the beautiful Italian city of Milan, I have grown up with so much Italian history and culture everywhere. Most people might know Italy for our foods, cars, architecture and our great Roman history but for the people ourselves there is so much more. Ever since I was a young child I have always been brought up in a cultured family. The world knows Milan for its glamorous fashion but our family knew it for its rich culture. Every year my parents, sister and I would take the train to the city square where the beautiful carnivale parade festival would be held. We would wear masks, dress up and dance in the ballroom. We would have traditional gelato and margarita pizza after then sit and watch the fireworks. We would take trips to Venice and ride on the gondola and fish with the old nonos on the stone bridge. Italian Vulture is so rich and beautiful; I love our art, ancient and modern history. I believe that no matter what country I may move to I will never forget my heritage and my home place- my Italiá!

Feelings about the photo shoot

For the photo shoot, Pablo and I decided to go with Venice as it is such a well known city for its cultural beauty. However we wanted to incorporate more into it such as modern fashion and other Italian cultural aspects. With that we chose a beautiful Italian designer dress and jewellery instead of something older. We added our iconic red wine and fruits to show some more of our modern culture but we chose to take the picture in old Venice. I think the pictures came out beautifully, the surroundings and weather made it the perfect shots. For the head and body shot I shoes to wear a Milan style dress and shoes to incorporate my home city. I think I did well!



Free pic 1:

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heres my bonus round entry



Free shot 1:

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btw, 'Azzurro' means light blue in italian

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