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Alright, well I finally finished mine. I may or may not add more pictures. I kinda ran out of steam, especially since I have been having computer issues (mostly internet) this past week. My plan is based on Houseplan 055D-0338.

The living room is the room with the actual color. I used similar, cool colors throughout the entire house because I felt like it went with the style and feel I was going for. So no, the entire house does not have that color although it may look close.

I realize the foyer looks too large and therefore makes the house seem longer. This is due to the nature of CFE. I chose to add a few tiles and get the best staircase suited to the plan, especially since the staircase is in the middle of the house rendering the surrounding floor tiles basically useless.

I used 4 pieces of CC (tall window, roof recolor, grand piano, backless shower). The grand piano is from TSR which I usually never download from but this room just seemed like it needed it. If I decide to upload, I will wait until LN comes out which will hopefully reintroduce the baby grand from TS2.

Sidenote: Let me know if you would rather me upload the pictures and floorplans individually. It worked well for my other house but this one is longer and harder to look at in full view. I can change it with a quick click if needed.

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