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Default R2 Perdu Plantation
So, I got struck with one hell of a glitch and briefly wanted to throw in the towel, but instead I just worked around it as well as I could... Basically, my whole lot sunk into the ground, and could not be fixed... So, I'm renaming Magnolia Mound Plantation into Perdu Plantation. If you spot the cliff walls in the background, that's why... Big thanks to the Funke family for taking the plunge.


It all started with a strange little edge of my lot that wouldn't even out.. I figured, no big deal, when I move it onto a bigger plot for landscaping, I'll iron it out... It went down hill from there. Enough with the puns! I don't consider this a bonus pic and I hope you judges don't either, it's more of a looksee at what happened.

Original Street View

Street View

Original Floor Plan

1st Floor

So, where do those pesky split stairs lead to anyway? There weren't any floor plans of it, but apparently they just lead to the attic. I didn't add a shot of that because there's nothing in the attic, and there's no floor plan for comparison anyway. It's ironic really, especially with all the trouble those stairs caused. I even had to omit a door due to the warped walls.

Living/Parlor + Bonus Color


Really tiny kitchen... and I thought the one from my first house was small, sheesh.


This bathroom couldn't get more awkward if it tried. Originally, when the house was built there was an outhouse, but then some plumbing was eventually installed. I'm guessing they literally converted a closet into a bathroom. So, where's the tub then? I'll show you.


Yeah, a tub in the master bedroom... but why? Well, I seem to recall that in the olden days, some people actually did keep tubs in their bedrooms if they were wealthy enough.. Usually near a fireplace so that there wasn't a long distance between the water heater and tub.


Reading Room Bonus Pic

Hobby Room Bonus Pic

Creole Tomato Garden Bonus Pic

Obviously the Sims is lacking sugar cane, so I figured tomatoes would be the next best thing! If I had to count what I liked about Summer on one hand, tomatoes would be probably be number one... I reaaaally hate summer, but there's nothing quite like a perfectly ripe tomato. Mmmmm!

Oh, almost forgot! I used 3 pieces of CC.