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MTS Movie Night #4 - posted on 19th Feb 2018 at 4:46 PM
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Test Subject
#2951 Old Yesterday at 1:26 AM
Not much happened in the Singles household. Erin's LTW is to become the General. On her 3rd day of work, she brought home General Buzz. I was hoping it would've been Tank since I think they would make a nice couple. Each of them has been promoted twice already.

After mysteriously acquiring a Cowplant (cough Boolprop cough), Loki Beaker appeared to be eaten by it. Circe didn't even seem to notice due to their home being invested with cockroaches. Nervous Subject will most likely be moving in with the Curious household, as he and Pascal are currently in a relationship. Circe has been chatting with Vidcund on the phone. They have one chemistry bolt so I could end up pairing them together.
Test Subject
#2952 Old Yesterday at 4:02 PM
Well, I'm starting a new hood because I am not good at perseverance apparently. I swear I have at least a hundred neighbourhoods because I am so bad at sticking to them.
#2953 Old Yesterday at 8:33 PM
i really want to make an uberhood where every sim is gay but i feel really ill right now so i might not be able to.

I May Be Life Dumb But I'm Sim Smart(mostly).
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Test Subject
#2954 Old Yesterday at 8:42 PM
Played the Curious family. Vidcund got abducted, which I always have happen. Pascal gave birth to a baby girl named Venus. Nervous moved in. He and Pascal didn't wait to get married. Vidcund gave birth to twins. A boy named Phoenix and a girl named Ariel. I use a mod to have a shorter life span (or otherwise I won't get through a hood) so Venus is now a child and the twins are toddles. Vidcund and Circe are now a couple. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with Lazlo.

I realized how close Johnny and Ophelia were to adulthood so I sent them to college. For now they will stay together, but I'm unsure if they'll get married.

In the Smith household, I wanted Jenny to be able to have more children so I cheated to get Elixir of Life. (I cheat to keep things interesting) They also had twins. (Lots of twins so far. I hope this stops. I don't like having more than 1 toddler on a lot) A boy named Jensen and a girl named Jodie. Jill is now a teenager. Her aspiration is Popularity. Her best friend is Buck Grunt. Pollination Tech has picked up toy making to make money.

Olive had managed to become best friends with Nervous, happy to know her long lost son was now married and away from the Beakers. She passed away, leaving her inheritance to Nervous, despite being friends with Ophelia.
#2955 Old Yesterday at 9:39 PM
Originally Posted by *_Drew~
Today I've retrieved all the missing tombstones of my game. I don't have a lots of mod in my vanilla version, so I'm aware some thing get messy every now and then... But after moving about 20 urns to the Gothier Green Lawns I didn't understand why there were only 3 in there. I've found two of them in the House of Fallen Trees (although nobody has ever lived in there and you can't normaly send graves to residential lots) but then I realized that with the BoolProp cheat and the Batbox it was easy to recover them. At the end, the only one still missing was Michael Bachelor's, but I found out it's character data was corrupted (again).
So, after replacing it, I've got all of them back to the graveyard.

Ooh, I have missing gravestones too. How did you get them back with the batbox? (And where is the batbox in game? - I can never find it)
Mad Poster
#2956 Old Today at 12:33 AM
Originally Posted by yavannatw
Ooh, I have missing gravestones too. How did you get them back with the batbox? (And where is the batbox in game? - I can never find it)

Would this help you?

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