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#1 Old 4th Feb 2018 at 4:54 PM
Default What features do you want in future updates?
The Sims 4 is a great game, but like every video game out there, there's always room for improvement. What features do you guys want to see in future updates? Here are some of my selections:

• A "contacts" CAS section so we can use facepaint and custom eye colors
• New tabs for skin details in CAS so our skin CC can be easier divided: so like "Freckles," "Forehead," "Moles," "etc." tabs
• New neighborhoods and ways to add new plots
• In the gallery when you download a sim with CC, the game should download the CC files into your mods folder (and you should be able to toggle this off in the options menu)
• Edit the bodies of kids and toddlers (it's so weird seeing every kid and toddler in my game having the same physique)
• Edit the bodies of pregnant sims (just because they're pregnant doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to make edits!)
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#2 Old 4th Feb 2018 at 8:05 PM
This is something minor, but heterochromia and cross eyes are enabled for pets but not humans, and I think it should be in humans because it would just give more uniqueness to the sims and make the game more realistic. Also we need a hand size slider.

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#3 Old 4th Feb 2018 at 10:53 PM
Originally Posted by heartkinz17
This is something minor, but heterochromia and cross eyes are enabled for pets but not humans, and I think it should be in humans because it would just give more uniqueness to the sims and make the game more realistic. Also we need a hand size slider.

Yes, heterochromia eyes would be great! It wouldn't be too hard to add too.
#4 Old 4th Feb 2018 at 11:41 PM
Is this supposed to about TS5 or TS4 Patches?

I'll rather them fix all the bugs first but I wouldn't hold my breath for either...
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#5 Old 5th Feb 2018 at 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by Citysim
Is this supposed to about TS5 or TS4 Patches?

I'll rather them fix all the bugs first but I wouldn't hold my breath for either...

TS4 updates
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#6 Old 5th Feb 2018 at 5:21 AM
EA could solve the limited neighborhood problem by adding multiples of the same neighborhood since one with more than 25 lots is some sort of issue.

Similar to TS1. Newcrest 1, Newcrest 2, Newcrest 3... maybe up to 5.

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#7 Old 5th Feb 2018 at 6:47 AM
Weather and seasons most definitely.
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#8 Old 5th Feb 2018 at 5:16 PM
I don't have all the expansions and stuff packs, so if I'm listing something already developed by EA for the game, my apologies.

1. Werewolves. I know there's a vampire pack, which I didn't bother getting, but I prefer werewolves over vampires
2. Half-stairs, spiral staircases and elevators for houses
3. Real diving boards
4. Cars/garages
5. Chandeliers. Massive, gorgeous, crystal-laden, chandeliers. Gothic, chic, all themes.
I've scoured several cc sites, not many of these: https://ilvo93peo8ark4ouuywxsz0b-wp...delier-gold.jpg
6. Roller skates/skateboards/bicycles
7. Open world rather than cut-up neighborhoods
8. Usable guns, knives, brass knuckles, poison, cigarettes, lighters, and Molotov cocktails (Introducing the Sims 4 Anarchy Stuff Pack! ESRB Rating pending!)
9. Crime dens. I suppose you could make a club like this, but there used to be rabbit hole crime dens in Sims3.
10. Better door locking options. I want to keep out all kids, or all adults, or everyone without a particular trait/with a particular trait
11. In-game per-neighborhood options for determining % gender, % sexuality, % age. Deaderpool's mod is great for this, but I'd like to see it in game.
12. A way to determine/modify the starter sims when starting a new neighborhood.
13. A way to set/limit the nature of the traits assigned to newly genned sims rather than doing what I'm doing now by using a 3rd-party mod to modify them after the fact.
14. A folder in the game folder to drop in your own replacement videos for tv channels like you can do for stereo channels
15. I used Zerbu's beta 3 tool to create my own trait, but I want a way to override/modify existing in-game traits.
16. Bigger default family size (I use Deaderpool's mod to increase this, but there's limits to how it works).
17. Lawn sprinklers. I remember having my sims run through lawn sprinklers
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#9 Old 5th Feb 2018 at 5:35 PM
Seasons, done the way TS2 did them. Neighborhoods without fake houses or backdrops. The ability to name neighborhoods.
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#10 Old 5th Feb 2018 at 10:46 PM
Slow dancing to music (with interactive moves like TS2), sitting at a table interactions (like hold hands and propose at the table), two sims in bed cuddling in the morning (like in TS2).
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#11 Old 6th Feb 2018 at 12:57 PM
Mostly, I just want them to fix the bugs. We've got a bit spoilt with the free stuff that's been included with the patches, so that we now come to expect it. However, I did have some thoughts on toddlers. (And I'd be happy if the improvements were included with a stuff pack or something - I don't expect a for-profit corporation to behave like a charity. I don't randomly hand out free stuff at work; I like to get paid.)

First, tantrums are realistic when a toddler is tired or hungry. A murderous rage because they've played with blocks too long is a bit over the top. A 'bored' moodlet, or maybe some random mischief (even if autonomy is turned off) such as playing in the toilet would be more reasonable. Toddlers do have short attention spans, so I don't expect them to play with one thing for hours, but normal toddlers just wander off and do something else. Maybe an action could be unavailable for a short time: 'Jasmine is bored with blocks and wants to do something else' could be the tooltip.

Second, it would be nice to have a better praise/telling off system. You can tell off a toddler for no reason at any time; it should be tied to actual misbehaviour. Perhaps a bad parent could tell off the kid for a hungry tantrum (instead of realising that he should have fed the kid), and a good parent could just use the interaction for throwing food on the floor and making messes. (Not that I expect the toddlers to learn anything from it, but it would be much more satisfying. I hate it when they throw food on the floor.) On the other hand, the 'praise' option hardly ever comes up, and when it does, there's no reason for it. I want to praise the kid when she uses the potty for the first time, but it's never an option. Maybe they could get a boost in 'responsibility' or 'manners', or a tiny skill boost, or maybe just nothing but social interaction plusses.

I don't really expect that they're going to do any of these things, so file it as a 'nice to have'. I do expect them to fix some of the bugs - the Book of Life has been borked for ages; the normal fireleaf no longer shows up as a 'wild plant', making the outdoors aspiration impossible to complete, and Laundry Stuff launched with two new bugs, the clean laundry in the hampers and the shelf issue.
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#12 Old 9th Feb 2018 at 10:48 AM
Adding lost data from TS3. I miss the coward trait
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#13 Old 9th Feb 2018 at 2:07 PM
*Handheld/arm in arm walking. I don't care if multitasking (talking) isn't possible with it. It could be like walking the dogs, where you can't do much while the dog is leashed. It could maybe have different kinda walks, friendly and romantic.

*Seasons is coming anyway, so I'd mention farming. I don't care too much about pets but cute chickens would be nice. Don't think big cattles would be possible but a few bigger animals would be nice too. Plus field work and hay stuff. Just very country stuff.

*Also amusement park theme. Maybe have rides for just a few sims. I feel like the CL festivals a re a little too empty but the feel is kinda there but missing these key features, the rides.

*I'd like the skill sucker from Sims 2 to come back.
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#14 Old 9th Feb 2018 at 4:17 PM
The ability to have more then 3 traits to start with. with only 3 traits every sim is the same so it make the game a little boring.
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