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#5676 Old 10th Dec 2018 at 11:03 AM
Celeb autograph pictures reflect what the sim was wearing at the time the photo was signed. In one picture, my sim was wearing a suit and in another a Tshirt.

Visit my sims 4 blog to see updates on my favorite sims: https://mysimcreationsblog.wordpress.com/ Visit my gallery for my latest houses: Spidergirl79 I love TS4 but I am not afraid to be critical of the way the game has been released/developed ect.
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#5677 Old 10th Dec 2018 at 2:46 PM
Originally Posted by Naus Allien
I don't see the point of having terrain tools if all lots are placed on flat land. In TS3 you could place and build over water, mountains, cliffs, etc. All you can do with terrain tools in TS4 is create small hills or artificially-looking mountains. You can't even make moats because there's no water tool (people use pools and rocks to disguise the hard edges). In TS1 terrain tools were far more useful because not all lots were place on flat land (for example Lot 3). They need to give players a world tool and allow lots to be placed on uneven terrain ASAP. Otherwise terrain tools are just there...

Absolutely. It does seem pointless, more so since they've excluded the water tool. When I played TS2, I used to envision the water tool going a step further giving us the ability to make waterfalls or at least have them automatically appear if you built two ponds on different levels. The last thing I expected back then was a generic game that doesn't evolve. The most important factor has been dumbed down. The freedom to be creative, without limits.

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#5678 Old 12th Dec 2018 at 3:43 AM
I made a club with vampires and put use vampire powers first on the list. They don't use the mesmerize, slumber and hallucinate powers autonomously.
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