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#1 Old 12th Mar 2018 at 10:30 AM
Default Adventure and Excitement
The Sims series is, by and large, a 'normal person' simulator... most of the game content is for a fairly standard lifestyle, and the day-to-day routines of Sims are fairly similar to those of millions of people in reality.

That doesn't mean there can't still be some excitement to be found though! Adventure Sims, Criminal career trackers, and all sorts of others can inspire your very own Indiana Jones and James Bond stories!

But how do you do it? Assuming you go beyond just "yeah, this Sim is in the Adventure career," what actually makes their life an adventure in your games?

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#2 Old 12th Mar 2018 at 1:09 PM
Years ago I created a Sim based on a character of a book my friend was writing. The Sim was a archaeologist/anthropologist professor in the adventure career. Back then I played all three vacation spots; each vacation spot was customized to represent a different part of the world and I created lots where he could dig and "search for artifacts." Most of his adventures took place in my mind as the game is limited; he was the only Sim that I've played who had all of the vacation mementos. His home was decorated with objects and exotic treasures that he found during his travels (statutes, rugs, paintings, and modded objects like the Tibetan Prayer Wheel). I had a lot of fun playing this Sim, who was a bit eccentric, fond of wearing bowties, and enjoyed his afternoon tea while listening to jazz. His bull dog Winston was his faithful companion and he wrote many books about his travels and discoveries. When he retired from the Adventure Career he became the Education Minister and taught a class at the University.

With all of the wonderful things that have been created over the years it's now much easier to create exotic places, jungles, and ancient dig sites if you like to build.
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#3 Old 13th Mar 2018 at 6:31 PM
I often play "aliens", creating not only "exotic" faces, but tweaking their personalities. And I have mods that allow fighting (and worse) with anyone. But then I have to just ignore their "want a puppy", and other sweet stuff.

#4 Old 13th Mar 2018 at 8:04 PM
Truth be told my current neighbourhood (Beginning of Pleasantview, yes, still, sorry I don't play any other neighbourhoods right now) is pretty adventurous, at least by the standards of my past (non-Apocalypse) neighbourhoods.

To start off, Victor Goth (zmortimer's grandfather) was an adventure-archeologist, who filled the Goth manor with all sorts of exotic artifacts he brought home from work (I just bought some exotic looking decoration every few days) Though in hindsight I also could have explored the vacation destinations with him. Kind of a missed opportunity I will make up for with a descendant.

While they have slowed down in their old age (these days they mostly sit on thrones in their garden, meditate on the supernal realms they are going to ascend to eventually,a dn wait for the next generation of witches and warlcoks to grow up so they can teach them the craft) Simis and Jocasta Bachelor where powerful and bewitching spellcasters in their prime.
They turned the House of Fallen Trees in Downtown into an abode of sensual pleasure, using both their magic and love potions to stage large parties that included a lot of "lovering". They also have a Cowplant in their secret basement, which they fed criminals and evil doers to and used their essence to extend their own youth. They were also the only family I allowed to have a bubble blower.
Their children, Bella and Michael, are both much tamer than their parents, but Michael's sons (who will also be warlocks)....well, one of them has 10 points in niceness, and the one only a single one... So there will be a witch war between those two in the near future. I haven't decided yet how I will simulate magic duels (why couldn't Sims 2 have had them? :-/) This will also be the first evil warlock I'll have in the game, and he'll create zombie minions.

And finally there's the Landgraab/King crime syndicate. They are responsible for the death of several Sims. I simulate it in the following way; the syndicate send their goons to the unfortunate soon-to-be-dead party and they fight, if the syndicate wins (usually, since they all have strenght 10) then I use the sim manipulator to kill the Sim. The latest victims were actually Malcom Landgraab III and his wife Marion, because the current head of the syndicate, Gordon King (CAS sim, meant to be the ancestor of the Pleasentview burglar) saw them as threats to his reign. While Malcolm III's brother escaped that fate by fleeing to the desert and changing his name.
I also have them hand out loans and extort money from Sims (simulated with the money order).

Eventually I plan to destroy the syndicate by having a sim become a Captain Hero and challenge them to fights. If he manages to best them, they will be put in jail (still have to figure out the prison system)

I also make some of the dangerous careers actually dangerous by rolling a die on failed chance cards for a chance that the Sim is fataly wounded in the process.

Haven't decided yet what to do with aliens, the only abduction so far was a teenage Mortimer Goth, so it didn't result in any alien-hybrids.

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#5 Old 15th Mar 2018 at 6:34 PM
I have always thought up stories in my head. I used to love making sims of my favorite stories and try to make them live accurately. Once, I made an Ariel sim and her daughter, Melody. She was a single mother, it was odd because she was just a normal sim with red hair and blue eyes, and Melody was a sim I downloaded that looked like the one in the movie. I didn't like anybody aging, and back then, my parents wouldn't allow me (it was like in 2008) to make my sims date, so Ariel stayed as a single mother who had to work to furnish their home and to take care of her child, while she had to keep her aspirations up for the elixirs that make them young again. But one day, Melody was taken away by the social services, and Ariel accidentally turned into an elder. I started crying and abandoned her, so my mom started playing with her. When I saw her playing with Ariel, she already had improved those starter homes (like the one Brandi lives in) in Pleasantview, and it was the richest looking house that I had seen. I didn't know of the agingoff cheat back then, and I miss that Melody since I downloaded her from thesims2.com.
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#6 Old 15th Mar 2018 at 7:08 PM
I tend to find some adventure for all of my Sims. Since I discovered the community skilling, my game revolves around community lots. So there are community lots for every career, and some of them have a lot of physical activities (I like using the obstacle course for that, as well as swimming pools and they also go jogging together).
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