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MTS Movie Night #4 - posted on 19th Feb 2018 at 4:46 PM
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Lab Assistant
#26 Old 31st Oct 2017 at 2:23 AM
My computer can handle ALL the sims games, in fact I Do have all the sims games, up through sims 4. Sims 2 is my all time fav.
Yet the only one I've played for awhile now is sims 1. Maybe it's the thrill I Still get when neighborhood 1 loads and I hear the calming music. The 1950's feel. The Simplicity.
Maybe I'm the only one in the simuniverse who never gave one whit for story progression or if my sim kids ever grew up, or if anyone ever age progressed.
It's more important (Fun!) for me to be able to play any sim I want, when I want, in a way having multiple identities, and having them all there in their little houses, just the way they always are.
Did I mention sims 1 custom content gives me a huge rush of nostalgia.
The photo album is the best. It bothers me to no end that sims 3, and 4 can't just have the same simple easy to use photo album without having to (try) and learn and maneuver a ton of bells and whistles I don't want.
And No I don't want to instantly post it to (name your social media).
Test Subject
#27 Old 1st Nov 2017 at 7:07 PM
none of the others have any expansion like superstar and makin magic

also avril lavigne and marilin monroe

and dragons

fckin dragons
Test Subject
#28 Old 4th Nov 2017 at 2:47 AM
The charm of the game. The way it pushed boundaries for its time and is still more in depth than the latest version.
Lab Assistant
#29 Old 5th Dec 2017 at 1:49 PM
Originally Posted by kiddypatches
Even though I never had the first game (I know I missed out on a lot in my childhood, but I honestly never heard of the sims until late 2009 lol), once I finally did three years ago, I had a fun time. The main reason I keep going back is the music, the more entertaining interactions and animations, the simplicity, and just...it's just so indescribably neat playing a later installment and going back to 1, seeing just how the franchise series first got started.
I got all four major Sims at a yard sale a few years ago. They spent three years in storage before getting around to them. I triied playing "The Sims", and didn't really get into it. I then, loaded, 2/3 and 4. Fell in love with 2, decided I didn't care for three, and decided that 4 needs another ten years to "mature".

However, I ended up giving "The Sims" to a friend, who practically begged me for it, before I got a chance to really evaluate it. I really wish I would've kept it just a little longer, as I feel a little "left out", because I didn't give it much of a chance.

Maybe it's time to hit up Ebay .
Test Subject
#30 Old 16th Dec 2017 at 3:08 AM
Sure, 2, 3, and 4 have great graphics, but I've been wanting to go back to 1. Why? Because I've not been able to find a suitable program to create quality animations for multiple Sims. There were many things that I was able to create in Sims 1 that I just haven't been able to do in the later versions. I still have all of the tools for Sims 1, and would like to recreate the game I had at one time. I had a massively re-written global file, separate f/m child skins, separate f/m skinny skins, live in maid, animated, er, privates, a pregnancy controller which cycled through a full 9 month pregnancy, a 28 day cycle, and I actually created objects to simulate natural impregnation, since I didn't really like the randomness. There was always something to improve upon, and with the tools that were available, it could be done easily. But alas, I have Windows 10. P.S I hate choosing aspirations.
#31 Old 12th Feb 2018 at 5:34 AM
I come back to The Sims 1 because it is my favorite iteration of the series. I received this game on the day of release! I was 8 at that time. I spent hours upon hours a day playing The Sims 1 with my sister (we had to share - only had one computer). We would swap the mouse and keyboard every couple of hours and we would just watch each other play l. Awesome experience. Trying to get her into FreeSO now so we can play together again.

I want, I need, therefore I am a sim!
Test Subject
#32 Old 22nd Feb 2018 at 8:07 PM
It was my very first PC game, so there's quite a bit of nostalgia. But it offers so many things the other games don't, like dragons!!! I loved the dragons so much, they were so cute. Plus I'm really bummed they completely removed some of the threats in the newer games, like burglars! And that bear that really liked to steal your honey. I miss Bonehilda and that robo dude, too.

I love the different worlds, and the fact that you can live in the magic world. Even if the houses are kind of meh. I vividly remember the first time I got enough of the currency to buy a house there, and the subsequent disappointment. The vacationing spots are so neat, I love the themed. I remember the one specific hotel? with the snowboarding was my favourite.

The music is so wonderful, I would buy a soundtrack in a heartbeat tbh. I really wish they'd do a digital release of the game, that way I could have it in one of my libraries instead of just the disc.

It would be really neato if they did a remake, but I doubt it would happen. //shrug
Lab Assistant
#33 Old Today at 4:07 PM
Here's my reasoning-- it's the first game I played. It was 2003, I think, and I was 3 years old. Sure, it might've seemed like an inappropriate time to play god, make families, and "accidentally" take away the pool ladder, but it taught me more about life than I learned in the real world as a 3-year-old. My cousin had the deluxe version and the Makin' Magic expansion pack, so it wasn't anything really fancy. I don't know if I was a master at the Sims back then, or if I didn't notice that my Sims were on the verge of dying, but I feel as if it's a lot harder to efficiently control sims in the game looking back, as their needs deplete really quickly. Despite that, there's a certain charm that comes with The Sims that you don't see in the other games-- even in TS2, my favorite one in the series. The 1950s aesthetic, the music, the clothing, the downright funky interactions that probably wouldn't work in real life. It's clunky at times, but anyone appreciative of groundbreaking games like this would learn to cope with it; you won't find anything else like it these days, especially with the hot piece of garbage also known as The Sims 4.
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