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#1 Old 22nd Jan 2018 at 12:02 PM
Renaming Sims 1 CC Files
Is it possible to rename Sims 1 CC files (All extensions) without interfering with its functionality? I.e. If I have a object.iff file and wanted to name it "7DS_Object_Plant.iff" would that make the file not work in-game. I have tens of thousands of CC downloads collected over the years, everything is somewhat organized with the files stored in their original downloaded format, sorted by creator, which is about 600-700 folders. Typically I'll create a copy, unzip them and install into the game but it does make a mess and doing this can be tedious. I'd like to move all files into a singular folder, with the creators name first, followed by type (Object, Wall, Floor, Mesh Etc.) so that its much neater.

If this would cause an issue, is there another method to name objects such as attaching tags? I would alternatively like to be able to add a tag to each file, such as you can do to music or picture files (Under Properties>Details)

Thanks in advance!
strange quark
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#2 Old 22nd Jan 2018 at 12:50 PM
It depends upon the file- some mods will not work if renamed, as for example here:

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Test Subject
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#3 Old 23rd Jan 2018 at 12:40 AM Last edited by ariea1507 : 23rd Jan 2018 at 1:37 AM.
Hmm that's disappointing. How do you know which will work and which won't? Is it just a select few or the vast majority? I don't have any hacks or mods, at least not in the folders Im speaking off, I usually keep those separate because of the unique install instructions. It's mostly just your basic objects/skins/meshes etc. That I'm trying to rename.

Edit: Is there any other way to organize it? Perhaps by adding tags? Any linked resources or forum posts on people who've organized their CC would be helpful, Sims 1 stuff isn't so easy to find anymore.
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