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MTS speed build challenge results - posted on 11th Nov 2018 at 8:38 PM
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Default Instructions how to play sims 1 in 3D (beta)

I finally got Sims 1 complete collection to work on my laptop and decided to try out the amazing FreeSo project which is still under development. I struggled a bit to get it to work and maybe there are others who want to try it so here is what I did to to let me play.

This will be end result:

Look at those shadows!

1) First you have to complete the tutorial in Newbies house. Make Bob or Betty open the magic box and direct the sim pick up some of the items from the box. Packet of butter for example. Make sure there is at least one item in the sim's inventory (any random item is ok as long as there is at least one). Save the game. Play for 1 sim day or more. Save the game and exit.

2) Go to this page and click on the "Click here to download the FreeSO Installer for Windows." to start loading the .exe

3) Install the .exe

4) Open the launcher and click on "complete installation" button in the upper right corner. The files will now download and install. It will can take long, don't get worried.

5) Go to this page and download ReleaseOGL.zip

6) Extract the "ReleaseOGL.zip" into a empty folder.

7) Inside the Release folder, make a shortcut of the "Simitone.Windows.exe"

8) Right click on the "Simitone.Windows.exe - Shortcut" choose "Properties". On the line that says "Target", you should see something like this:

after that Simitone.Windows.exe" bit, press space and then write -3d. The end of that Target line should now look like this: Windows.exe" -3d. Click ok and double click the shortcut to start playing.

The game might take its time so don't stress. Also choosing a lot to play seems not responsive but give it time.

I can put up pictures if needed.


This game has better grass than any other sims game
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18th Feb 2018 at 2:38 PM
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