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Default So Apparently YOU CAN Run SIMs 3 WITHOUT Having Steam Actually Running
First off I tried to use the forum's search function before I copypasted this, so if this was discussed earlier on an older thread on here please kindly point me in the right direction. Anyway...

Copypasted from my recent post on the Steam discussion forums over at Steam...


I'm not entirely certain if this is a widely known fact or not, but I recently discovered that you can run SIMs 3 without the Steam client running in the background. And here's how...

1. First navigate to the game's install location, usually within the Steam steamapps\common folder.

2. Enter the game's folder and go into the latest (as in the most recently released) Expansion or Stuff Pack you have installed. For example you have every EP and SP installed, then you go into the "EP11" folder as that's"Into the Future" the last DLC Pack released for the game. Caveat; let's say you had EP11 earlier but not every other EP as of yet, then you decided to purchase another (earlier) EP, as an example let's say "Island Paradise" (EP10), even though EP10 is your most recently bought DLC you'll still need to go into EP11's folder as it's the latest EP released.

3. Once inside the appropriate EP/SP folder go into Game\Bin folder and right click on the "TS3xxx.exe" (where xxx is the EP or SP number) file.

4. Choose the "send to desktop" or "Create a shortcut" option.

5. Just launch the game directly by double clicking on your newly created shortcut to the game.

Further notes:

1. Launching the game in this method bypasses the often cumbersome and often useless SIMs3 Launcher.

2. Doing it this way doesn't require you to have the Steam client running to play the game, whereas launching the launcher does.

3. I happened to discover this method by accident. Let me explain; whenever I play any game on my Steam library I usually first launch the Steam client (as it is often times a prerequisite). But just a day ago I had the client running with the "Library view" on screen, and when I ran SIMs 3 via the shortcut I had created I noticed the library view marked SIMs 3 as "Ready to play" instead of "running" and the rest is history.
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