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Default Game crashes on Edit Town, has suddenly crashed while recording
The last two times I've recorded, the game "sticks" by freezing for a few seconds and then suddenly crashes, giving me an error message that the game crashed but not a reason why.

Now when I try to turn it on to do some town editing (I don't have my recording software on at these times), it'll load the game normally but when I go to edit a different location, it loads that place about halfway and then suddenly crashes. Unlike the prior ones, it doesn't give an error message and it doesn't "stick" beforehand (or at least it doesn't seem to since the progress bar doesn't really change).

So uh...what's up?
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#2 Old 17th Feb 2018 at 4:57 AM
Suddenly it no longer crashes on Edit Town. But I want to know what happened and why it suddenly started and stopped, as well as why the crashes during gameplay happen.
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