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MTS speed build challenge results - posted on 11th Nov 2018 at 8:38 PM
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Field Researcher
#9576 Old Today at 1:08 AM
Seeing as how I'm caught in a nasty snowstorm where i live, and it's atrocious outside... A mod or CC that I'd like to see would be similar to the power outage mini-game that never was, where sims would have to survive a blizzard that could last several days. In it, they may lose electricity and need to find ways to stay warm (this could potentially lead to a population explosion 3 days later! hahaha!). They could possibly run out of food. No delivery would be available, because they're snowed in. If the snow was bad enough, they could potentially be trapped indoors until the weather conditions improved!

I'm not really sure what kind of reward they would get for making it through the blizzard. The power outage scenario giving you a power generating windmill makes obvious sense. Snowstorm? Hmmm... Maybe you'd get an igloo or an Eskimo coat. Maybe a coal fired grill or a gas stove? haha... You guys got any ideas??

Mad Poster
#9577 Old Today at 1:09 AM
Carrigon had a thunderstorm obelisk that could knock the power out, but I could never get it to work correctly and didn't want to 50/50 it. I'll send it to you if you want to try it though, especially considering what a pain it is to get her stuff off 4shared.

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