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#1 Old 11th Aug 2014 at 5:47 PM
Default Assign beds?
Is there a mod or a cheat that we can use to assign beds to individual Sims? In my castle, I have the children all sharing a room....I have pink bedspreads for the Princesses & blue for the Princes. I'd like to have the boys sleep in their beds & the girls in theirs...but whoever gets there first grabs the beds closest to the door & it's driving my OCD crazy!!! LOL!! In my peasant houses, it doesn't really matter because I use the same pattern as Mom & Dad's bed so they are all the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance!
#2 Old 16th Aug 2014 at 4:27 PM
In my game they seem to 'learn' which bed belongs to them if I, initially, manually send them to it.

I did have a kingdom where the Royal Advisor took to sleeping in the little girl's bed, so the girl would complain and then sleep in her brother's bed and the brother would end up sleeping on a bench.
I ended up putting a bed in for the advisor and directing her to that instead, It took a few goes to work the girl round to sleeping in her own bed again since she'd claimed ownership of her brother's by that point, but I did get it sorted in the end.

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#3 Old 4th Sep 2014 at 6:40 AM
You will just have to take manual control of the situation concerning the beds, MamaLamb. I experience lots of troubles concerning the children and sleeping in their own beds, but now I have come to relish forcing my will upon them. You see, Chickie is too soft when it comes to the mind frame of these children in the game. I suppose she really believes the children are simply learning which bed is theirs and which is not, but if so, she is quite wrong, as she does not seem to have given any thought that the children have any deviousness in them. BUT I HAVE! I have seen it! Deliberately, some of the children, well, all when they are in the particular mood, and when I have departed the sleeping quarters, have left their beds and went to another bed, just to be devilish.

So, when they are of this mind frame, which is way too often, I take control of them, and force them to their bed, even going as far as to lower their energy levels to an extreme, such as near death levels...but of course they will not die, but neither will their temper tantrums!
There are times when I have had to hold the control of them for a goodly time, but when I am tired of it, I let them go as they sleep, which usually seems to lock them in sleep.

They know exactly what bed is their from the first time its placed. Chickie is in denial about this, but I have come to realize that EVERY sim, "KNOWS" everything that is and is not, in the game, for you see, it is the game that "knows", therefore every sim also knows. Understand? Your child sims are trying to sleep in their siblings beds simply to be aggravating to you, not because they are confused as to what bed is "theirs". Perfect example is almost all of the sim children in my monarch's household try and sleep in his bed, but every sim in the kingdom knows who's bed is the monarch's, his advisers know, as do the servants, and so forth...so why would the children not know also?

THEY DO KNOW, therefore, they also KNOW which bed is theirs!

You are the Watcher in YOUR kingdom MamaLamb, not any sim. Take charge, and make what you want to be, HAPPEN!

Bless, and keep having fun playing TSM!


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