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Mad Poster
#4576 Old 18th May 2019 at 11:59 AM
Stuff from the health insurance company is starting to roll in. First surgery is going to cost over $2,000 out of pocket. Remember all the bullshit about how if they removed the second large stone it would have been considered like elective surgery? That one is going to cost just as much. Also remember back a few years ago when the big promises of how the so-called "Affordable Care Act" would be affordable? Yeah, that was a big fuckin' lie, just like how having a second kidney stone removed while a person is under for the same surgery is a elective surgery.

For a bunch of people that know so much and want to tell me how our health insurance works, I find it ironic that they ( either the doctors office or the snarky beyotch from the hospital) never bothered to call the health insurance company prior to either surgery. Doc and hospital had time to pre-certify, but nope. Not knowing WTF they are talking about and profit is more important. A simple phone call in both cases would have saved $1,000.00. But of course, for a group of people that know everything, why would they give any fucks what their not knowing actually costs.

This whole situation is going to leave a mark for awhile. It isn't like I can drop it as there is still a third stone that needs to be watched and dealt with; because elective. Kidney stones that are too large to pass because of asshole doctors is a emergency.

Elective surgery or elective procedure is surgery that is scheduled in advance because it does not involve a medical emergency. Semi-elective surgery is a surgery that must be done to preserve the patient's life, but does not need to be performed immediately.

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Aaaah i hate acting like a girlfriend in these semi relationships that never turn into relationships. It's like I'm always the girl who holds the place for the efing next girlfriend.
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