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Default Spooky Post
Hey it's been a hot minute but I thought I would post some pics I got for the Halloween spirit. Just a quick little update

Roderick and Ros Kapitha thought it would be a good idea to get some friends together and loiter in the Isla Del Kashmire Cemetery instead of trick or treat. Ros thinks she's too old but Roderick would disagree. He only agreed to Ros's idea to ghost hunt because Kaylee Piper was coming along and he thought that could put him in a position to comfort her if she got scared.

And look, it worked:

This, by the way is the Orbinson Family Mausoleum where Kent, Joy, Milo, Jana, and Kerry's souls are resting. Who knows how the Kapitha twins go a key to it.

A random spectral Dog, not one I remember being owned by any Orbinson gives Roderick a scare for trespassing. Maybe it's Kaylee's turn to comfort him.

Jana's ghost appears after the teens get out and she's just so lonely, she wanted to haunt them.

Thanks for reading!

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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I'm not sure how to leave a comment in this format. I hope it goes where it's supposed to go.

What a lovely guide through several generations of unique family members. I love the way you include photos of each person over the years, and all the detail (when, why, with whom). The favorite sibling question is so interesting and different. And the glimpses inside the homes...well I love to take a peek at the way personalities are reflected in living spaces. It took me a while to meander through and that is a very good thing!
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Default End of the Year - Population!
Replies from last time

@jain - I got the comment just fine, thank you for dropping one Thank you for reading too, because it was a lot to go through, the collective history of families and whatnot. I'm a big fan of pics, as you likely can tell by now, so I must include as many as I can find and take to illustrate the writing


So I did a little project (and by little I mean about 5 hours) where I got pics of all my playable sims. A majority are ones that I either made, or were born from sims I made originally. A few other simmers' sims are in the population (SummerGlau, MaryanneSims, and Isamajor) that I had downloaded in the past, and then my sister's sims plus friends that visited that I made make me some sims round out the population. Many you have seen in previous posts in this thread but many you have not! I hope to bring you more family posts and updates in 2019.


Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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