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Default The Colorful Tales of Hue Hills
Okay, I hope I'm doing this right.

Welcome, welcome everyone! Before I start "spilling tea" on my dramatic, yet humorous sims, I would like to explain what type of challenge I am doing, some mods I use, and some other rules I've set for this challenge. I will highlight some important aspects of this post so it won't be too confusing. You can read below the details of the challenge, but basically, I want to see which team is the sole winner and which ones will go extinct.

If you want cliff notes, scroll for you life until you've reached the bottom. The wall of text tries to explain in depth how this neighborhood functions so you won't get totally lost once I "spill tea" on my sims. If you have any questions, ask...SCROLL NOW! SAVE YOURSELF!!! As always, please excuse the typos, unclear thoughts, and word vomit

So, this challenge is called the Spectrum Challenge (officially/unofficially/idk I threw something out of my bum). I've checked, and I didn't really see a challenge like this involving colors, but if this challenge is already out there, credit to that person. Idk, I thought I was making something original up on a winter's day because I was bored.

The teams are based on the kindergarten rainbow I always did as a child (and still do now as an adult). The six main teams are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. All teams, because I have so much cc, wear their colors (ex: red wears mainly articles of red clothing, blue wears blue, etc.) Yes, I do this for every single outfit they wear from their everyday wear to the outdoor clothes. Yes, it is also tedious...but weirdly satisfying...and it's easier to keep up with who's on what team.

I created 6-8 sims per the six households. Reds had 7, oranges had 7, yellows had 6, greens, blues, and purples each had 8. I wanted an even number for each household...but I saw so many pretty pre-mades I had created that I wanted in my game. They were prettyyyyyy. Also, I will not provide any pictures. I rarely take pictures of any of my gameplays, and I darn sure cannot record video on the potato I play on. Try to remember names and maybe associate my sims with your favorite celebs or something. Sowwy

The main rules are:
*Sims can do whatever they want, have any career, marry who they want, have a baby with whoever/whatever, etc.

*Inteen, ACR, Larger households, Alien pregnancy for both male and female, Multiple births and a few other mods help decide when and with who my sims fall in love or have babies with...and dreadfully, how many. Total control is not just left up to the mods. However, they do help me understand and see future couples clearer. If I want certain sims to be together, I will influence that somehow. Also, I do not select "Try for baby." These mods bring the babies to me. If I did tell my sims to "Try for babies," each household would have twenty-something kids and no team would die out.

*Depending upon a sim's personality, if a sim from one team falls in love and wants to marry a sim from another team, then the first sim will join their lover's team or the lover will join the sim's team. It's basically deciding who is the head of the household so all or the majority of that household will be on one team for my sake. For a clearer explanation, my sims Nayomi and Nick fell in love with each other and wanted to get married. Nick was the shy, nerdy type of sim from the green team. Nayomi (orange team) was the same, but Nay-nay wanted a traditional family-traditional meaning a male being the head of the household. So in the end, Nay-nay joined the green team.

Another example would be Akifa and Kasper's...arrangement. Akifa is from the green team, and Kas was from the white team (originally, from the purple team-I'll explain later). Kas ended up marrying Akifa resulting in him joining the green team but with his surname (because I like it that way). Because of Kas' laid-back personality, and Akifa's boisterous personality, Kas agreed to join Akifa's team. Akifa always has to have her way or there is no way at all.

Now, if a female sim had a child (or children) and they are apart of, let's say, the yellow team (this has happened before) but the baby's daddy is apart of the pink team, until both parents marry each other, both mother and child will remain apart of the yellow team. I like to keep each household one solid color unless they are one of the extra colors or don't want to get married. I try to influence my sims to get married.

*Marriage happens when at least one sim wants to get engaged, then wanting to marry, wants to marry their lover or marry in general, wants to throw a wedding party, has a fear of getting their proposal rejected or has a fear of getting left at the alter. Now, I have two instances in my game where two sims wanted to get engaged, have, but the want for getting married never did show up or showed up once they became elders. I'm not going to force two sims to get married if the want or fear is not there.

If a sim fears of getting married or engaged but their partner wants to tie the what? Too bad! So sad! Get hitched anyway!

If any sim in the Spectrum (I call them the Spectrum which means all team colors including the extra colors) marries a townie, personality does not matter. Being head of the household does not matter. Townies are considered neutral and will automatically be apart of whatever team my sim is apart of.

Okay, now let's move onto the extra colors/teams.

The extra colors are pink, white, black, grey/gray (I spell it both ways so don't get confused), and brown. These are teams that can come about during any generation.

*Pink-think of the movie Mean Girls. The Regina George of Hue Hills is Liona Douglas. The pink team came about because I wanted a mean and outgoing girl with either the popularity or romance aspiration. Liona fitted the ticket, and went from red to pink. In order for the pink team to spread their infectious disease, I mean, in order for the team to grow, Liona had to make some friends, excluding her family. Who wants their brother, mother, and father in their clique? Eww, not Liona, so family does not count. Her friends can only get other sims to join the pink team through marriage and/or procreation. Liona is the only one who can befriend sims in the hood in order to expand her team called The Royal Roses. Also, if she befriends the husband or wife of another team, she will have to befriend both husband and wife in order to get the household to flip from whatever color they are to pink. Say she befriends (and sleeps with) Kas....did she not already sleep with Kas??? Moving on! If she maintains her relationship with Kas and befriends Akifa, then their kids and them will be apart of the pink team. Another also is because I don't have much pink clothing for males, males have to wear pink lip gloss and maybe paint their nails pink

*The white team-It's the same as the pink team but picture a boy, in a white hoodie, walking along a pedestrian bridge with the city behind him and overcast skies above...I have no clue what movie this scene is from or if I've experienced this myself but with a grey hoodie and no balls Whatever! Amon Ada (used to be apart of the green team) is the leader of the white team, The Skyline Dreamers. I needed a shy and nice male with either the knowledge or pleasure aspiration. He has the same abilities as Liona-befriend-spread the disease-all of that. What I failed to mention earlier, if Liona or Amon becomes BFFs with a townie, the townie can join either Liona or Amon's team and maybe move in with them. More than likely, Amon might have extra roommates in his house, and Liona, well, she wants her lovers to not crowd her space so much.

If a sim becomes friends with Liona first and joins the pink team, they are to remain in that team even if that sim befriends Amon. It's also vise-versa with Amon and said sim. A sim can only go from pink to white or vise-versa through marriage. Liona can never join the white team, and Amon can never join the pink team even though they both befriended each other. They can; however, join other teams within the Spectrum if they were to marry, meet with tragedy, or become filthy, stinking rich.

*Black team-any sims of any teams can join the black team. In order for a sim to join the black, a.k.a the Gothic Team, a sim has to either grow up poorly (have the "grow up poorly" memory), having a bad relationship with a parent or no relationship at all, or have a fear of someone dying and the fear is fulfilled (except elders. When they are elders, death looms around-death is to be expected).

*Gray/Grey-mainly toddlers to young adults can join the grey team, the Semi-Goths. A sim has to join the grey team by not learning how to talk, walk and be potty trained as a toddler (they have to learn all 3), have poor grades ( a C or lower), have a 2.9 GPA or lower, or miss college.

I always had this rule when playing with teens wanting to go to college. A teenager cannot go to college unless they are awarded at least one skills scholarship and have the want to go to college. If they don't have both or have one but not the other, I will not send them to college.

*And finally, we have the Brown team. Brown, according to a story I did and an earlier fashion trend of the 2000s, is associated with being rich, spoiled, not caring about the environment, etc. The fashion trend was seeing preppy, spoiled, bratty kids wearing brown with orange or red, black and white plaid in real life. My story is not important. What is important is sims have to have 100k in the family funds and have a fully furnished mansion in order to be on the brown team.

I use Monique's computer to set up my sims' bank accounts so they won't be so poor. I hate it when sims always start out on 20k or a little bit more depending on their family size. I want my sims to live, at least, the upper middle-class life without having to live in a trailer home. That's all they could afford on 20k. Plus, it makes no sense for a grandparent to die with 100k and the kids only get 10k or a smaller amount. The 100k completely disappears or something. So yea, I do send money to my sims. I'll get into that later.

*Grey, black and brown are the only reoccurring colors for any sim and any generation. They can go extinct and come back. The rest of the teams cannot.

That's the end of the Great Wall of Text. Here are the cliff notes:

I'm doing a challenge I've made up
It deals with my kindergarten rainbow (red, orange, yellow green, blue, purple)
Each of the colors are teams, and I dress them in those colors-whichever team they belong to
Which ones will die off and which ones with survive?
No pictures included, only names and what the sims have done
I've added extra colors for fun (pink, white, black, grey and brown)
I call all teams/colors "the spectrum" instead of listing them all out
Pink, white, black, gray and brown each have special rules to them for how the team gets into the spectrum, maintains it's numbers, etc.
Sims marry base upon their wants and fears
Monique's Computer is bomb and keeps my sims out of the gutter
Inteen, ACR, Multiple births and a multitude of other mods I have are bomb and help determine relationships, produce babies, and create drama
I never select "try for baby"- don't have to thanks to mods
Black, gray and brown are the only reoccurring colors
Once one team is left, all sims can wear whatever they want
Anticipate drama
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One more post for today, and I'm out! This one is about how money was divided up for each team and how I still, sort of, stick to this unofficial rule.

Reds were all in one household (in case that wasn't clear above), oranges-one household, etc. They each lived in these small, one-story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, starter home. And yes, homes are color coordinated as well. Each teams have their own little streets they live on as well to make it easier on me. So, houses are not jumbled together. Reds, I think, live on Ruby Lane or something like that. Pinks live on Pink Garnet...whatever. Oranges live something road...They all live on streets named after stones.

With all of these adults living under one roof, they've made so. much. money. I didn't know what to do with it. And even though I had the Larger Households Mod, I don't want too many sims under one roof. Or having a roommate taking care of their roommate's child and the child not having a relationship with the parent(s). So, once a sim marries or has a child, I put 20k in all of the adults' bank accounts. Bride and groom each get 20k. Single parent gets either 20k or 40k (i forgot). Then the second married couple or single parent also gets 20k each. The third couple or single parent only gets 10k. Think of it as sims winning first, second and third place.

In my first generation, not only did I award single parents and couples with money, but they also got a house (that was what the money was for), a car (first and second place), and I do play with the "elixir of life." With the other generations, I do the same thing, but they already have cars they've got from when they were teenagers.

I award the elixir of life to 3 of my favorite sims from each team. Unfortunately, no team is dying off...I mean, I'm at the 3rd generation, but I might have to only reward one elixir of life to one sim of each team...I like seeing Grim. I miss Grim.

Another way my sims get a ton of cash is from college. Because it's so easy for my sims to make money, and the bills aren't all that expensive, I divide up the funds between my sims evenly and put the money into their bank accounts. Even before going to college, young sims can have some money for college.

You would think my sims would be rich but no. I spend all of their money.

I also forgot THIS IS ALL ROTATIONAL PLAY! Yes, I am bonkers playing this challenge, but it's so addicting.

I broke my gameplay up into rounds, and also determine how long I play with each household.

Rounds always start with the earliest generation. In the neighborhood currently, the beginning of each round with always start with the retirement home. Next, I would play with the college students. Depending on their years, if they are starting out at university, I'll play with that household until their junior year. If they are on their junior year, I'll play with them until they graduate. Then, I'll go back to the main neighborhood and play with the red team, then pink (since Liona is the "leader" of the pinks and was formerly on the red team), oranges, yellows, starter households (fresh out of college and mark the middle of the round), greens, whites (since Amon was apart of the green team. He wants to be closer to his family), black (former green team member wanted to be near their families, blue, and the round ends with purple.

I done. lol. I'm not going to continue explaining who things work in my game, they just do! Explaining this was more complicated than playing the actual challenge. Here are the cliff notes. I'm not even going to bother going back and editing the typos. I don't even remember what I've said, and I'm not going back to read all of this.

Cliff notes:
Sims get money and bank accounts as a teen, adult and young adult
Elixir of life is rewarded to 1-3 of my favorite sims of each team.
Sims get their own homes and sometimes cars by either being knocked up, married or both and have to move out before I go bananas from having so many sims under one roof.
Homes are color coded as well
Each teams have their own little streets they live on
I do rotational gameplay
Rounds begin with the retirement home and end with the purple team
There's a method to my madness
I do have a life
I don't really play with them often, but can easily become addicted
I miss Grim Reaper
Omg, I hate typing this crap
From now on, my sims stories and my little side notes will be typed up
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Hey awesomechick979 I think your challenge is interesting and I think your writing is funny and amusing. I am looking forward to more on your game.

How long does it usually take for one Rotation in your game?

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here
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Originally Posted by lordtyger9
Hey awesomechick979 I think your challenge is interesting and I think your writing is funny and amusing. I am looking forward to more on your game.

How long does it usually take for one Rotation in your game?

Thank you! At first, a full round would take a week. But now, it may take me a month just to get through all of the households. If I was really committed, I could get done within two weeks. Who has time for that? lol. I can usually get through two to five houses in a day or a few hours. Speed 3 is a blessing
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Red Team: First Generation: Bringing On the Spice!

Seven roommates, all obsessed with the color red, quickly started their jobs and became friends with one another.

Wannabe chef, Brandon, and sexy Professional Party Guest, Silvia, became romantically involved once sparks turned into flames between them. Sure, both Brandon and Silvia had other romantic partners; especially, Silvia. But no one else could keep the two separated.

Brandon was busy making friends and grilled cheese sandwiches to even care what other partners Silvey (Silvia for short) had. Whether it was Jaime, Abian, or Sashay, Silvey always had to have the comfort of strong arms embracing her. No matter what, the romantic pair, Brandon and Silvia, always found each other to cuddle underneath the twinkling starlight.

Neither one of them cared for children or bothered to get married. They lived for themselves. Of course, it was sad seeing roommates, good friends, move out. But eventually, new ones moved in.

Brandon and Silvia spent their last days at Villa Vanilla (Vanilla Villa?) Retirement Home. Silvia, was the first one to shake hands with the infamous Grim Reaper right after her visit with the toilet. Her lovers were left to mourn over her fallen being. Brandon joined Silvia within a weeks time (and bringing some grilled cheese with him to his grave). The two are buried at the Greenery Cemetery where they can continue holding each other in their arms forever.
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Red Team Continued: 1st Gen (With a little bit of the Yellow Team): The Hernandez Family

The next roommate for the red team was Coco. Coco came to Hue Hills in search of a man to start a family with. At first, she had her eyes on Frederick Douglas, but Frederick ended up marrying someone else. Brandon was too basic for her, and Roberto was too pretentious and downright a snobbish creep! As she saw her friends getting married one by one, the aspiring nurse couldn't help but go slowly insane. She repeated to herself day in and day out, "When is it my turn? When is it my turn?" Every day she grew older and grew further away from starting a family of her own.

Luckily, a somewhat handsome Dentist named Jose (from the yellow team), walked his way into her life. A committed relationship, an engagement, and marriage happened fast between the two since they wanted to start a family immediately. Coco also looked good in yellow.

The couple was blessed with twins, a boy and a girl named Sofia and Simon. To their dismay; however, the family was broke. Coco and Jose struggled to get promotions and more funds for the family.

Overwhelmed and stressed from work and raising twins, Coco had a dream, more like a nightmare, of her being pregnant again! She tossed and turned even more when the baby or babies were due earlier than expected. She woke up in a cold sweat.

After showering from the night before and getting ready to start her day, her and her husband noticed a peculiar genie lamp sitting on their front porch. Immediately, Jose wished for more wealth and the two lived the comfortable life they deserved...okay so, they did end up with a butler, a cat, and a few electronics for their children...and cars. But hey, who doesn't splurge every once in a while?

Once the two turned into elders, they had a grandson named Julian, both Simon and Sofia graduated from college, and they had more time to focus on the hobbies they loved to do. Both attended Sofia's wedding-Coco was crying like an infant, she was soooo happy to see one of her children married! Simon moved back home and eventually moved in his longtime girlfriend in as well.

Unfortunately, death parted them right before Simon's wedding. Jose passed away the night before his son's big day. Both Coco and Simon grieved-heartache struck the family so terribly it was as if they've been jolted by lightning. Coco was all alone once more.

She now longs for new love and excitedly waits for more grandchildren.
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Red Team continued: 1st Gen: The Torres Family

Roberto and Tatiana were like water and oil. The two would bicker and brag all of the time to get under each others' skin! Surprisingly, both aspired to reach the top of the business career and be filthy rich. Once the heat settled between them, new, more passionate and romantic heat rose between the two. Roberto and Tatiana had strong chemistry and both knew they were soulmates.

Not much drama happened with the couple. They got married, had twins named Sebastian and Selena, and tried to live life lavishly while somewhat broke.

Once the kids moved out of the house and are on the Pink team in pink houses, the only responsibility they had was their pet dog, Maxx. They've attended Sebastian's wedding to his high school sweetheart and are awaiting for Selena to marry her longtime girlfriend, now fiance, named Cindy. Ti-ti (Tatiana's nickname) bought a vacation home in Takemizu Village right after their golden anniversary party. The couple has twin grandchildren, Victor and Valencia. Life is great for them.

It sucks they have to sell their home, since their kids are not moving back in, once they move to the retirement home. Nevertheless, life is all good for the Torres'.
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Red Team Continued (with a little bit of the Pink Team): 1st Gen: The Douglas Family

Frederick and Ming were the first ones to get married. The family oriented pair quickly became soulmates after becoming a lawyer (Ming) and working in the school district (Frederick). Ming and Frederick are loving, caring, and shy adults. Apparently, Frederick is one of the neighborhood's heartthrobs. But he chose one, faithful woman despite the pressure to end up with multiple women. Within an outgoing household, they gravitated to each other more.

The Douglas' first child was Liona. Liona was nothing like her parents. She was mean, snotty, loud, and obsessed with the color pink. She made many friends and started a mean girls (and guys) clique called The Royal Roses. The one friend she always brought home with her was Shou (was on the green team, now is on the pink team).

Shou and Liona were close...closer than her parents thought. Ming thought the two were only best friends and even became friends with the young lad herself. To Ming and Frederick's ignorance, every time Liona would bring Shou over, they would go in her parent's bedroom to woohoo. She woohooed in her parent's bed for the lack of other places to go and to say, "Screw YOU!"ĹĄ to her parents during PMS days while still keeping very favorable relationships with them. Liona, being the loose chick she is, didn't want just Shou for a lover...

The next children were the twins, Peter and Priscilla. Priscilla was like her older sister except less stuck up and more gothic. Peter was like his parents-sweet, coy, and family oriented. When Peter came out to his family during dinner, their love for him never changed.

Peter and Liona got along quite well despite Liona wanting to remain the only child. Liona and Priscilla were so similar, they did not care to become friends with each other. Ming and Frederick have great relationships with their children.

Somewhere in between Liona being a toddler and the twins turning into teenagers, the Douglas' had a dog named Moody. Unfortunately, he passed away due to old age. To fill the void over the loss of Moody, the Douglas' adopted not one, not two, but FOUR pets-two cats and two dogs. To add to the chaos, Priscilla had a baby girl named Lilith.

Frederick and his wife live a comfortable life with a house smelling of cat piss and wet dog. The elderly couple have a teenage granddaughter, Lilith (who resides with them), a toddler grandson named Camden, and all three of their children have or are graduating from college. Life is wonderful (regardless of the smell).
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Okay, so here are some side notes about the red team and general side notes:

The reds are struggling to survive right now! Peter will probably end up marrying his boyfriend and go over to the green team. Priscilla doesn't want to marry anyone, but it's all up to her in order for the red team not to go extinct. Her secondary aspiration is the Family Aspiration, so I'm not too worried...And I want to pair Lilith up with a boy on the green team. You already know Selena and Sebastian are on the pink team because they've befriended Liona.

Coco was pregnant at one point in time, but I accidentally accelerated her pregnancy. Before she could have the baby or babies, I exited out of the house without saving. I was hoping the Inteen mod would bring back the pregnancy, but it never happened. Luckily, one of the nice gypsy ladies rewarded the Hernandezeseseseses...with a genie lamp. I always get my sims to wish for more money-could care less about the other wishes. If I had to do it again, choosing between a pregnant sim and a genie lamp, I'll take the lamp!

The reason why I'm doing the stories this way are because ("are because?" "Is" doesn't sound right either. Oh well, I grammar gooder than the average American! Yay!) I want to avoid over-using the word "I," it's all about my simmies, and I wanted it to be clear on who married who and who had who. The orange team recap for the first generation shouldn't be as long, but green and purple (and maybe blue); unfortunately, will be. I want to get these tame stories out of the way because the second a hot a$$ mess.Don't get me wrong, the first gen is messy but not as messy as the second gen. I should be done recaping this generation either by this week or next week. For the next gen, I won't bother telling about every sims' lives-just the scandalous ones!
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I enjoyed reading your post awesomechick979, don't leave out too many details. I like to read about the detailed life of your sims.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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Default Hue Hills: If Cheating had a Hue, it would be Orange!: Orange Team: First Gen
Seven roommates all obsessed with the color orange resided in the next starter home next to the red team’s household.

The Boldwicks

Bryson Boldwick was the intelligent, beautiful, bold guy intrigued by Japanese culture and various scientific topics. It was no surprise he gravitated to Aiko and Stella for more meaningful friendships. He did want romantic relationships with both Stella and his other roommate Nayomi (Nay-Nay for short), but the chemistry did not happen between either women. He was supportive in them marrying their husbands, though.

Strangely, Sashay, nick named “the drive-through,” came onto the nerd after sleeping with Jaime, Abian…and possibly some more folk. Bryson was “getting some,” so he didn’t mind Sashay’s other partners.

Another romantic sim who came onto him was Jaime. At first, the boys didn’t really like each other despite other sims and sim gods wanting them to become an OTP. They gave their rendezvous a shot, but in the end, Jaime cheated on Bryson with another sim.

Oh well! Eventually as the team was getting close to becoming elders, in a shock turn of events, Sashay, the town’s other whore, wanted to get married to Bryson. Bryson was like, “Okay, you’ve already gave me the plumbob herpes and genital llama specs, so why not?”

In the end, the couple married and had twin baby girls, Briana and Brittany-spitting images of their dad…at least he knew Sashay remained faithful after their nuptial. The now elderly couple lives comfortably in their cozy one-story home with their daughters, Brittany’s boyfriend (nicknamed Zucchini because pronouncing his name is like having a mouth full of marbles), Brittany’s twin boys, Neo and Noah (who her boyfriend has no idea the children aren’t his (or maybe he does and doesn’t care), but we’ll explain that next time!), and Briana’s adult boyfriend (you would think, at least, Bryson would be in an uproar about his teenage daughter dating some chump adult! But Bryson is like, “Their mother’s a whore, our daughters’ are both whores, water is wet, so who cares if this dude is here to take over our household after we die!” (Briana’s boyfriend moved in to take care of Brittany’s kids and take over the household after they die)). Sashay and Bryson Boldwick are excited to see Brittany, Briana, and Zatarains (also a nickname for Zucchini) go off to college.
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The Garcia Family (with a little bit of the green team): 1st Gen

Jaime laughed at his former friends and lovers getting hitched…all while an unanticipated roommate came along…

Because there weren’t many people in the red, orange or green households, the three teams combined into one. They just lived together, not combine into one team. One particular dreamy eyed roommate caught his attention.

Her name was Ren, from the green team. Ren sought solace in Jaime and described her painful story to him. Long story short, Ren was depressed because everyone, in her team of eight, had gotten married and went on to start their families. Ren, being the family oriented sim she was, wanted so badly to get married and start a family of her own. She did not have much time in dating because of her career as a fashion designer. Her job was very demanding when it came to promotions. Seeing the happy couples and their babies left her feeling depressed and anxious.

Jaime felt sorry for her and made sure to be the best friend he could possibly be…with a little woohoo on the side.

Unfortunately, the woohoos led Ren to having strong feelings for Jaime and eventually trapped him into marrying her even though he did not want to. She joined the orange team because she wanted a traditional family with a male being the head of the household.

About a year or so later, they had Reina. After a few months, they were invited to Brittany and Briana’s birthday party-celebrating the twins turning into toddlers. At the party, Jaime couldn’t resist his temptations and flirted with Aiko right in front of Ren’s face. Ren, rightfully so, smacked him and demanded that they go home immediately.

Bryson, with his goofy self, was too busy trying to get the two birthday cakes eaten up. “Y’all want some cake? Y’all don’t want some cake?” he said while TWO couples were dealing with infidelity-not just the Garcia's. His wife chimed in with, “I think you guys should have some cake. It’s not all about YOU, you know? It’s about the twins,” all while the two couples were fighting.

Ren was pissed at Jaime for a long while and was even more pissed at him for teaching their daughter the basic toddler skills. She wanted to be the one to at least teach her daughter how to walk or learn the nursery rhyme, not him do it all!

Once Reina was a child, the Garcias reconciled and had twins, a girl and boy, Emi and Emilio. Now, the couple is spending their elder years sending Reina to college very soon, prepping their two youngest for college, and remaining faithful to each other. At least, Ren is remaining faithful.
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A couple of orange team nobodies: 1st Gen

Aiko and Abian lived for themselves as Silvia and Brandon did. They were friends with whoever they wanted to befriend, woohooed with whatever, but the two always found their way back to each other.

They grew old and went to the retirement home and died there. The end.

The Connors (is it “Connor,” “Connar,” or “Conner?”) (with some green team influences): 1st Gen

Nayomi (orange team) wanted to be a mommy but also a Headmaster for one of the nearby school districts. She worked hard in her career all while looking out for Mr. Right.

One day she met him. His name was Nick Conner (“ner?”), the somewhat shy Natural Scientist. Because of their geeky nature, the two hit it off.

They got married, had a nice house, nice yard, got paid and got pregnant twice with two sets of twins. The first twins were Samantha and Simone.

Samantha was sort of crazy and mean, which scared Nayomi. Samantha was family oriented first with a little bit of a loose side. She is now on the black team due to her husband. Her sister, Simone (she is on the white team due to her husband. She was sleeping around with all sorts of randoms, but we’ll get to that later!), is similar to Samantha (which petrifies Nayomi) but is loose first then family oriented second. Both girls have graduated from college, are married to their high school sweethearts, and Samantha has a baby girl, A-the name starts with the letter “A.”

Nay-Nay’s second set of twins are Zoey and Zachary. Zoey is laid back, sort of mean, is a femme lesbian, a hoe and recently had heartbreak when her female lover died but the lover came back from the grave. Zachary is a gold digger and is more-so timid…probably why his girlfriend rules over him.

The children are not the handsome-ist in the bunch (but aren’t too bad looking) as Zoey, Zachary and Samantha looks as if they are from Whoville. Simone looks to be a descendent of Squidward Tentacles’.

Nayomi and Nick anticipate the day when Zoey and Zachary go to college, so they can enjoy the rest of their elderly lives with their cat, Princess, and their cowplant name Bread.
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The Trainers (with some green team thrown in): 1st Gen

Stella, from the orange team, focused on being the Mad Scientist she always dreamed of being. She did not care for love or stinking up bedrooms. This woman wanted to expand her mind to the fullest.

But one gaming nerd did catch her eye. His name was Chris Trainer. Those glasses, the hoodie, and those juicy lips (I threw up in my mouth a little) sent Stella’s heart into a flutter! Their strong chemistry could not be matched! So, let’s stop taking about their bedroom rumble and move onto more formal situations.

The nerdy couple got married, Stella joined the green team (because she is conservative and believes a male should be head of the household), lived in a one-story (then two-story, now three-story) modern home, and…had some kids. Neither one of them cared about children, but ended up having the most in the entire neighborhood.

They ended up having twins the first time they got pregnant. Their names are Harrison and Hailey. Harrison is just like his dad, sweet, nerdy, but is interested in creating investments and starting a family instead of gaining knowledge and getting fat off of grilled cheese sandwiches. Because Harrison and his father did not have a relationship, despite living under the same roof, Harrison grew bitter of his dad and went gothic while still showing off his nerdy side. He is now a part of the black team and is married to Samantha (Connor). Their baby’s name is Anya (I think). Hailey wants a family, she is more-so in to the bohemian culture, and is a b*tch.

Almost right after having the twins, Stella got pregnant again with not just one, two…but FOUR BABIES! Their names are William, Wendy, Whitney, and Wilma. William is enjoying his laid-back college life with his boyfriend, Peter (from the red team), Wendy thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips (but really she’s more like a dull ketchup packet sitting in someone’s drawer collecting dust) and she wants to start a family of her own, Whitney loves the idea of getting married and having children, and sweet and shy Wilma wants to expand her brain.

When “cheaper by the half-dozen” were still babies, Stella and Chris went to a birthday party. Stella and her husband were invited to Bryson’s twins’ birthday bash when they were infants transforming into toddlers.

You guessed it! The Trainers were the other couple at that party with an infidelity issue. “Y’all want some cake?” Stella was caught cheating with Abian and cheated with Abian shortly after getting married. It was a small living room and kitchen. Why did Jaime and Stella think they could get away with cheating?

Anyway, Chris smacked the sense back into his wife, and the two reconciled down the road. Stella never found out Chris was seeing his previous lover, Ren (yes, Jaime’s Ren), behind her back. She did not even know Chris and Ren were lovers.

Chris later died of old age and not from eating too many grilled cheese sandwiches. Stella now lives with Hailey, who has moved back in from college, and their pet dog, Twix, who was given to them by on of Stella’s friends.

Oh, and Stella is now sleeping with her new lover, Jeong-Ho.
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"Y'all want some cake?"

Okay, this was a little bit shorter. The next teams' stories should be a breeze to get through. I don't know what goes through my mind when thinking of these dialogues between characters, but it makes me laugh.

Some side notes: I wanted Jaime and Sashay to make babies because before, I had played with them in another neighborhood (before I realized I corrupted it) and their children were gorgeous! Unfortunately, Sashay had become betrayed (even though she wasn't supposed to) by Jaime cheating on her. Sometimes ACR is a little wonky when it comes to sims' jealousy levels.

The orange team almost did not make it to the second generation. Absolutely, NOBODY from the orange team (except Stella and Nayomi but are on the green team) wanted to get married or have babies. That's part of the reason why I breezed through Abian and Aiko's story because they didn't have much of a family life. But now, they are doing better than the red, white, black (but they just came into play), and yellow teams when it comes to the second and third gen.

I cannot pronounce Zucchini's actually name, and I do think he knows Neo and Noah aren't his but doesn't care that his girlfriend cheated on him. He was an orphaned townie. He's not going to squander his chances with a rich family!

Oh, and if it wasn't clear before, as soon as a sim gets married or is knocked up, they move out to avoid overcrowding. I'm pretty sure I've already explained this, but in case I forgot!
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Originally Posted by awesomechick979
"Y'all want some cake?"

It was interesting reading, keep it going.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here
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Default The Mellow Yellows: First Gen
The yellow household was the smallest team, with six sims, wanting to prove to grow bigger and brighter than the rest.

You already know about Jose Henandez: He lived, got married to Coco, had twins, and died. That’s great.

One of Jose’s roommates, Park Jeung-Ho (or Jeung-Ho Park for western societies) was a doctor with a love for grilled cheese and a love for a special woman name Keyana (purple team). Keyana and JH became lovers once the purple, blue and yellow teams combined into one household. Their friends and neighbors thought the two lovebirds would marry, settle down and have some children. But their relationship was purely casual. Now the former doctor and ex CIA Head are in charge of the retirement home and are retired themselves.

Durham/Sanchez Family: 1st Gen

Stacey Durham and Sergio Sanchez loved woohooing with each other. Every day after work, the Professional Party Guest and the Master Architect would hop into bed…to do stuff. One day, they realized the importance of condoms once Stacey ended up pregnant. The couple dated for a while and got engaged. However, they never married.

Sergio and his expecting fiancé moved out of the house and into a home of their own. As soon as they moved into their new home, Stacey gave birth to a baby girl named Cindy. Shortly after, Stacey gave birth to another baby girl named Lucille.

Now, the kids are grown, Lucille has moved back in after college, and both Sergio and Cindy are finally Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez. The elderly couple lives off of Lucille’s paychecks and genie lamp money. They wait for the day for Cindy and Selena to get married.

San Household: 1st Gen (including the purple team)

Kanta had multiple lovers to cuddle up with every night. If it wasn’t Sashay, then it was Dahlia; if not Dahlia, then eventually it was Nema San of the purple team.

Nema was a special lover to Kanta. Not only was Nema bright and strong-willed, she also was a lovable mother of twin sons she was raising by herself. The young mom would confide and cry to Kanta about her awful, neglectful baby daddy and how she was struggling to make ends meet for her boys. Even though Nema and Kanta were both Assassins and were told they would make a killing off of their promotions, Nema was not making nearly enough as Kanta.

Boldly, Nema did the unthinkable and proposed under the twinkling night sky. Kanta, with a forced smile, accepted. The mama cried tears of joy when her fiancé brought in so much cash into the family household. Nema’s not a gold digger and loves Kanta very much. The money was more like an added bonus.

After Nema and Kanta tied the knot, Kanta noticed some unfavorable personality traits the boys had because of their careless father. Dillan, the eldest twin, would lash out at random sims every so often and struggled with accepting his sexuality. Daichi was lazy and didn’t seem to care about what was going on around him. Nema and Kanta tried their best to raise them to be model citizens. Their efforts paid off once Dillan and Daichi graduated from college more mature than ever before.

Nema and Kanta live out their retirement days in the lap of luxury with their dog, Chomps. They are thrilled to see Daichi married to Simone and are happy to see Dillan living with his high school boyfriend, Amon.

Renolds (blue team as well): 1st Gen

Dahlia was a laid-back, country woman in search of a Thelma to match her Louise (that was corny). The down-home southern girl had a love for ballet and a certain red-head from the orange team.

Sashay sashayed into Dahlia’s life, making sure to spice up the bedroom. Dahli (Dahlia for short) went wild over her new love and the moves she made in bed. Dahli also had another lover, Kanta.

Unfortunately, both women married, and Dahlia waited next to the phone for her lovers to call again. They never did. Heartbroken and alone, she turned to her good friend, Megan Renolds.

The two women grew exceptionally close and later married. They lived in a small cottage-like home and enjoyed dancing around the place with close friends. Megan later died of old age at their home, and Dahlia died at the nursing home. Dahlia never got a chance to sleep in her bed at the retirement home. Her one true home was in the arms of Megan.
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Default Did Someone say, “Multiply?”: The Growing Green Team: 1st Gen
One of the three largest households, the green team did not come to play when it came to starting their families.

Keyota Ada did not fool around with educating herself and climbing the ranks to become the first sim to be Head of the SCIA. She was focused on success and excellence to the highest degree possible. While her roommates did focus on their careers but also on starting families, Keyota did not care for children.

That was until one particular starry night she was “chosen from the great beyond.” Ren, Nick, and many others watched as Keyota was being abducted by aliens. Her trip from the great beyond was short. The spacecraft spat her back out and took off. Ren welcomed her return and nine months later Keyota gave birth to a (slightly) beautiful set of quadruplets. Names: Adan, Amon, Akifa, and Afina in that order of birth.

Because the household had grown vast and rapidly, Anthony led the motion to kick the single mother and her children out onto the streets regardless of Ren’s protest and her love for babies.

Keyota and her children ended up in a one-story with five bedrooms and two full baths. It was a cozy home but that’s all Keyota could afford with 20K plus the 20k or 40k she was given.

The young mother went bonkers with trying to raise four kids while juggling a career. She hired at least two nannies to help take care of her children who she all nicknamed, “Nanny McPissherself” for obvious reasons. Together, Keyota and the pee-soaked nannies raised the children very well, all learned how to walk, talk, and are potty trained.

Later on in life, Key became a witch, became romantic interests with that witch, and to Cindy’s dismay, is romantic interests with Selena as well. Selena and Cindy were dating at the time. Keyota and Selena started seeing each other while Selena was still in high school. Key invited the young girl over for a booty call. Her children did not raise suspicion, given it was their mother. Cindy found out about the affair at Sebastian and Afina’s wedding when Selena and Keyota were making out in front of her. The Ada quads did not say a word about what had taken place. Even though some of the quads were best friends with Cindy, they did not say a word to her about their mother and Selena. Being a hussy runs in the family (but we’ll get to that later).

Keyota is very pleased with her kids’ success. Adan is now mayor of Hue Hills, and he has a teenage son name Gene with his girlfriend and high school sweetheart, Christiana. Amon is Chief of Staff and is living with his (rich) boyfriend, Dillan. Akifa, her husband (rich husband), and their three kids lives with Keyota in the two-story, nicely renovated home spacious for six more sims (Keyota thinks). And Afina is also Chief of Staff and is happy with her (rich) husband and twins. For a single mother, Key did not do too bad at all.

Ren got married, got cheated on, that’s great.
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The Castells: 1st

Chelsea and Anthony was an odd couple. Their roommates thought the couple’s relationship was like oil and water mixing together. Anthony was some tough, street punk criminal who you couldn’t tell he was based on the way he dressed in his green polo-only by the way he spoke in a vulgar and brash manner. As a matter of fact, he lacked manners period (belching, starting fights, cursing, etc.) Chelsea lacked some manners as well, but she was more ignorant to her actions. She was annoying and would not shut up if her life depended on it. Anthony was more reserved, a cold, calculating sociopath.

It seemed like Chelsea was attracted to Anthony’s bad boy persona and later got hitched. The couple tried to live a lavish, modern lifestyle but was always broke. Their finances became worse once Christiana was born. Chelsea was the bread winner of the family being in the military career and all. Anthony was a petty thief.

Overtime, Chelsea became bored with Anthony not pulling his weight financially…and in the bedroom. Once Christiana came back from college to collect their grandson, Gene, Chelsea decided to have her wild romances without her husband.

Chels ended up falling in love with a co-worker, another random guy…and her daughter’s boyfriend. Once Anthony died, Adan and Chelsea entered into a passionate love affair not known to any else. Chels tried to get in a few quick kisses at Gene’s birthday party, but the political figure avoided one of his lovers, to not create a scandal, by staying busy on the computer. She took the hint and went home after the party.

Chelsea lives by herself in the home Anthony and she built together. She is still in good graces with her daughter and grandson and is waiting to go on a trip with her BFF, Elliot.

Yamadas: 1st Gen

Everyone in the green household thought Riku would end up marrying Ren; however, fate went in another direction to the disappointment of the house and to Ren. Just as Ren was trying to flirt with Riku, Riku impregnated his housemate, Quinn Ramos.

Quinn, before then, was flirting with Nick and possibly Chris. Once she found out she was pregnant, she told Riku and he proposed to her. They moved out of the green team’s house once they had their baby boy, Shou Ramos. Quinn didn’t bother to change Shou’s last name to her husband’s out of pure laziness, and Riku was too proud he had a baby boy to even care what the baby’s surname was.

The Mad Scientist and CEO later had their other son, Katsuo Yamada, after marrying. Unfortunately once the boys grew up, let’s just say child support payments had to be made due to the boys’ reckless, sexual behaviors.

Despite their old age, Quinn and Riku blame their sons for sending them to an “early grave” because of the boys’ obsession with woohoo and getting random hussies pregnant. Quinn and Riku live life comfortably knowing Shou graduated from college and is taking care of his “spawns” and Katsuo is half way done with college and will take care of his “spawn” as well.
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Umm...there aren't many side notes to add...

I played with Ren and Riku before in another neighborhood, and they ended up marrying and having twin boys. So, I thought they would marry again.

Raising two sets of quads for the green team was a nightmare. The nannies kept peeing themselves in both homes. Nanny McPissherself...

I don't know for sure if Quinn and Chris ever had a fling, but they did have mild chemistry-that I can remember.

Later on, I will show you guys the tallies I did for round 7 regarding the second gen.-show which teams are growing in number and which ones are suffering. The next count won't happen until after round 10 with the 3rd Gen.

Zucchini's real name is Zaitrarrio. I'll stick to Zucchini.

Oh and congratulations to Daichi and Simone on having a baby girl! And a congratulations to Harrison and Samantha's pregnancy!
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Hi awesomechick979. I liked your recent updates.

I have often wondered why the Nannies are always peeing themselves. I also wonder if there are any MODs out there that makes the Nannies less likely to be stupid and pee themselves all the time.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here
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Life kicked me in the gut and butt this month, so I didn't continue on with these stories. But I'm back! I will finish up with the blue and purple teams of the first generation today.
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Default So Cold, So Unforgiving: The Blue Team: 1st Gen
Eight crazy roommates thriving after lust decided to start life in Hue Hills.

The first roommate was friendly, flirty Oliver. He aspired to be a Physical Therapist and a little bit of a hoe-flirting with just about every guy in the household. He soon found himself joined with the purple and yellow teams after each households shrunk in number.

Unfortunately, the hardworking busy-body’s life came to an abrupt end when Roger, from the purple team, was playing around with his new (toy) gun. The stray bullet pierced Oliver’s chest. The up-and-coming doctor, Jeung-Ho Park, tried to save his life, but his efforts weren’t enough. Roger laughed at his death and went on with life as if nothing had happened. Oliver was the youngest sim to die in the neighborhood and never come back.

The community is pushing for a police department and a hospital. The hospital is currently under construction.

Belmonte (purple team)

Elliot was a hoe to put it bluntly. He did not care about marriage or about having any children. All he cared about was being the best Artist he could be and having his sexual needs satisfied. Too bad those lustful urges caused him to break up with his former boyfriend, Yani. Who said he was going to remain faithful, though?

So, it came as a surprise to him when Fabian, from the purple team, proposed to him. Elli could have said no, but he did not want to hurt the young man’s feelings and joined the purple team. They shortly got hitched, and Fabian spent tireless hours trying to provide the best living for his hubby.

Elli was more shocked to find out that Fabian wanted to adopt. Elliot was venomously against it until the toddler came into their lives. Both new fathers fell in love with their son, Kasper. Nobody had come into Elliot’s heart the way Kas did.

Fabian remained faithful to Elliot (Elliot didn’t even try; especially, at a sports party Miguel and Yani Salgado threw. Elliot almost caused the married couple to break up!), both Elli and Fabi worked hard in their careers to provide for Kas, and to their joy, Kas grew up to be a success. They were a little disappointed in their son for getting a young girl pregnant as teenagers, but both Fabian and Elliot loved Akifa and their triplets Trenton, Trestan and Takara.

Both satisfied with life, Elli and his husband planned a trip together to the tropics. Dismayingly, Fabian passed away due to old age. Instead of grieving over the loss of his beloved husband, Elliot went on vacation with his best friend, Chelsea who recently lost her husband as well.

Once he came back, Elli gave his belongings and money away to family and friends, and resided in the nursing home. Elliot Belmonte soon joined in husband in paradise not too long ago.
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Miguel and Yani were the only gay men in their household who wanted a serious relationship. After Yani’s heart was broken by Elliot and Miguel’s by Oliver, Yani and Miguel started to get to know each other. The Caterer and future Ballet Dancer grew fond of each other and were the first ones to get married from the blue clan.

Because they never had any children, they became the richest couple in the neighborhood. Some of the town’s people, like Roberto and Tatiana Torres, envied them. No, they did not live in a large, fancy house, but they did have expensive pieces of art.

Life was going great until Miguel flirted with Elliot at one of their sports parties they threw. Yani was livid, and their friends were curious to see if the couple would last.

They did, thankfully, and lasted into their golden ages. Because they never had any children, Yani and Miguel decided to give their belongings away to their friends and move into the retirement home. Yani, unfortunately, passed away not too long ago, leaving Miguel behind.

Ai, Marcus and Nona/The Johnsons: (a mess!)

Despite a full house, it was not difficult for Nona and Ai to become fast friends-girlfriends, like sisters. Ai would express her love of becoming a lawyer to Nona, and Nona would express her wanting to start a family to Ai. The aspiring Education Minister, Nona, thought love with a decent man was impossible for her; especially, once Ai became lovers with Marcus.

Marcus was a little odd and boring-more boring than a monotone lecture about paint drying. So it was strange to see an eccentric woman with dull “Mr. Potato Face.” Maybe the woohoo was good? *Laughs uncontrollably because anyone who knows them knows THAT’S not it.* Nona couldn’t even see why her BFF would want to date someone so bland.

That was until Nona got a taste of Marcus. She loved how structured Marcus was and how he was focused on being financially stable. Now, Nona and Marcus never had interest in each other, not in the slightest. But chemistry magically happened between them randomly one day.

Ai caught the two of them flirting with each other (or was it in bed?), and became enemies with Marcus and Nona.

Marcus and Nona went on to marry and have three children, Jarvis and Jamal (twins) and Vanessa. They lived in a large two-story home and have sent their sons, Jarvis’ girlfriend, Ivy, and Vanessa’s boyfriend, Chuck, to college. If it wasn’t for those two backstabbers, Ai could have had this life with Marcus.

Instead of wallowing in rage and depression, Ai sought after multiple lovers to fill the void, including women, before going to the nursing home. Both Ai and Marcus have died, and Nona does not regret her decision of taking Marcus away from Ai.

Megan Renolds married then died and that was great.
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Default The Purples: The Most Tame Team of All: 1st Gen
Eight sims…yea, let’s get on with this! Nema, Keyana, Roger, and Fabian lived their lives. Some of them died. Yay.

Lyons: 1st Gen

Shai and Chauncey were the first ones in their group to get married and were semi-poor throughout their lives. Sometimes, it was tough buy furniture for the house and paying for Eli’s baby mama’s/girlfriend’s child support. However, they were still able to send their twin daughters, Claire and Chloe, and their middle child, Denise to college. Eli and Emily, their second set of twins, will be going to college as well.

Nothing too exciting happened with this family except Shai cheated on Chauncey with Kai. But even the affair wasn’t surprising since, to some of their friends and neighbors, Kai and Shai made the better couple.

Chauncey recently passed away, begging the Grim Reaper to keep him at home with his family and garden. And the family went on vacation on Chauncey’s large life insurance policy.

Shai will probably end up with Kai since his wife also passed away; she is excitedly waiting on Claire to have her baby and for the rest of her children to get married.

Yoshida: 1st Gen

Kai and Sun-Mi were soulmates because in a past life they were together. Sunny-me (Sun-mi) and Kai only had twin girls, Yuuna and Eun-Yeong. Eun-Yeong begged her parents to send her to private school and the girls got into private school on their dad’s Law Enforcement paychecks and their mom’s Library paychecks.

The day before her graduation, Eun-Yeong became pregnant with her neighbor’s/boyfriend’s children. Her parents and her parents’ friends were disappointed in the bright girl for having this not-so-bright decision. She missed her graduation, but still graduated with honors, and had her twin girls, Yoshiko and Young-Ja.

Death plagued the family and claimed Sunny-me, Yuuna, and Young-Ja as victims. Both Eun-Yeong and Kai were devastated. Eli blamed Eun-Yeong for the death of their daughter. With kindness and grace from the Grim Reaper, after Kai and Eun-Yeong called him to bring back their loved ones, the living Yoshida’s were reunited with their dead ones back in their same flesh-not zombiefied.

Kai and Sun-mi were not married anymore but were still lovers until Sun-mi’s second and final death. Because Young-Ja and Yuuna went through a traumatic experience, they decided to go goth (joined the black team). Despite dying and witnessing her aunt and grandmother’s deaths, Young-Ja still has a positive outlook on life.

Eun-Yeong and Yuuna recently graduated from college, and Young-Ja and Yoshika are looking forward to graduating from high school.
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