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Default Inbox Questions
I was wondering, how can I stop getting those You Have A New Mention~! messages in my inbox? I don't even know why it started all of a sudden. (Did I click something?)
We have limited space enough, and my inbox keeps filling up. I didn't even know, until I checked my email and I had all these notices from MTS telling me my inbox was full.
Can't there be like an exclamation point or red envelope or something to indicate to us when it's full, the way a number pops up when we have a new message?
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This is a good idea I'll look at implementing this one.

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I don't suppose that there is any way to have a separate mailbox for mentions, so that they all go into that? (And possibly auto-delete after a reasonable period of time, like maybe 30 days? If you haven't seen it by then, it's probably not worth responding to when you do see it. )

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