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Well when I signed up I called myself Suelady that was my nick by my first love. Suzana is my real name but my first ex wanted a shorter name for me so he started to call me Suzy I told him if you call me one more time Suzy am going to freak out like am not an old lady with a cute little Yorkshire Terrie who wears pink hair clippers... I saw them running all over the places and they called them mostly Suzy. I told him you cannot toy me with Suzy am not listening.... He did some thinking few days later he asked me how about Sue? Me yay...!

Sometime later we went out and one evening before we were ready to go I wanted to assure if he liked my new outfit and that's what he said: Miss Suelady wherever you go I will follow you .

Well after 10 years it was over yet we still talk sometime as friends... Not a happy end but a wonderful moment in my life

My nickname became my avatar in the digital world.

When I joined the Sims Community I called myself simply Suelady but changed it later in sueladysims (The simlish version of Suelady) so that I can be easily found and i wanted to add to my name a simlish touch for me going through our SimsCommunity as Sims Version of the real Suelady.

I guess my backstory is a bit funny and I simply ask to add the word sims to suelady so that it's sueladysims and I can be easily found by my followers over all social network places with my already established name sueladysims!

Now I can say my backstory has just transformed into simlish - like beem me up, Scotty

Thank you in advance
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This belongs in, but I personally think that story may have a chance.

I am Ghost. My husband is sidneydoj. I post, he downloads, and I wanted to keep my post count.
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