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Default What did ACR (Autonomous Casual Romance) do in YOUR game?
This is for anybody to answer, but I'll tell a story to start ;3

So, I was playing the Goth family (I've played them in every game, though they get a makeover in ts4). Cassandra had just been left at the altar and was in a bad mood. Mortimer invited Dina over, who decided to bring along her sister. Side note, to my knowledge, Dina and Nina are Cassandra and Alexander's aunts by marriage. But Nina, being the romance sim she was, with a reputation for flirting with both genders, tried to hit on Cassandra! I canceled the action from Cassandra's queue, but while I was checking on Alexander and his friend he brought home from school, Codi, I must have lost track of time! Anyway, I'm telling them to play Mary Mack, just about to switch back to Cassandra, when I get that cutscene . You know the one I'm talking about. The one that got countless amounts of us in trouble with our parents.

Thank god for "exit without saving!"
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Bethany Price had a boyfriend, Griffin Hendricks, who broke up with her when they both went to Uni. He thought they should be free to explore their options. She was heartbroken and immediately decided to win him back. In the bathroom, as you do. It took no time at all and they fell in love with each other. Next thing I knew, she and Erik Andersen were kissing, right in front of Griffin, and they had fallen in love. Bethany regularly made out with them both, and neither man ever showed any jealousy. In her final year, she moved into a house with them and took turns sleeping with each of them. They have all graduated now and happily share a house. When I peeked at ACR's stats, I could see that they won't have a jealousy problem as long as Bethany doesn't marry one of them.

Nick Sanders and his fiancee Laney Berkley moved in together after graduating from Uni. Neither had a want for a wedding party, so I just told them to get married. I wasn't paying attention to what they were doing, which was getting ready to woohoo on the couch. They stopped that and got married. Naked. Good thing there were no guests.
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Ive actually not gotten ACR yet
Mostly because of Paul dating everyone
Like literally everyone
It’s already bad that he holds me away from community lots a lot bc he flirts with everyone without ACR
But romance sims do what they do

I build small houses *^*
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