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Default A ratchet mess (please help!!!!)
So, I'll give a little bit of a back story because my other sim friend's think the story is hilarious. The reason I am in this situation is because I stopped playing due to work and things taking over, and I just back into it yesterday.

So it all begins with the Pleasant family, my newly created family Croft (Cass (husband) & Mehressa(wife), and a box of axes. (modded axes that can actually kill other sims). So, the Crofts have a baby and then Daniel and Cass start messing around. Then either Cass or Mary-Sue kill Mehressia (I think Mary-Sue did) with the axes when she catches Cass & Daniel together. Cass, while over at the Pleasants, I was going to have him kill Mary-Sue, but Daniel and the maid are bumping uglies and then I catch them. So that ends that gay love affair.

Mary-Sue or Cass then kill the maid, so she's dead. Daniel and Cass go their separate ways. Cass gets married again and has a few kids, right now, they are still together and seniors. One of the kids they had, married a dude and moved into the Pleasant house and adopted a child. The other son, I killed off (I'll explain why below).

Now that all this time has passed, I played with a new family. I have a car dealership business and Mary-Sue keeps bringing her @$S around making trouble at the business and once it showed a thought bubble thinking about Daniel. Whom I forgot about, but I didn't think anything of it then. Mary-Sue keeps acting up at my business and I needed to have her taken car of. As I was plotting how to do this, I was in the apartment with Mary-Sue and both daughters. All of a sudden Mary-Sue and Lilith start fighting, this was the perfect chance. I took the box of axes, Lilith killed Mary-Sue then went after Angela. After they were taken out, I had Lilith killed by flies.

Then it occurred to me I cannot find Daniel anywhere, I went back to Cass and there is NO memory of him after they went separate ways. Usually when someone dies, the memory still pops up. I cannot find him or ANY trace of him. I had a cemetery when I played last, but switched computers and some lots didn't come through when I transferred my save game data. When the Pleasant murder/suicide occurred, their tombstones were sent to a university lot for some reason, but they are not there at all. I cannot find any trace of them, so I killed one of Cass's sons (from above) to get the address of where the tombstone went after death in an apartment. None of the tombstones went there. I'm trying to find Daniel or closure of what happened. I feel he may of died of old age, but that I may of had him killed.

So my question is, is there anyway to find him? Find the tombstones of the others to bring them back to check their memories? Am I able to reinstall that cemetery that I had from my save file? And how? (it was in a lot that was replace with the stock lot when reinstalled)

Please, any help would be great!
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Have you tried running the HoodChecker? Do you have nounlinkondelete?
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Less text would be helpful. The issue is a missing sim? I would look in simpe, see if he is in there alive and look on a teleporter. Also run Hood checker.

Moving to help.

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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
Less text would be helpful. The issue is a missing sim? I would look in simpe, see if he is in there alive and look on a teleporter. Also run Hood checker.

Moving to help.

I don't know, that was a wild ride to read. XD I am entertained.

You could also try using SimBlender to teleport him to you. Sounds like you may have some corruption though.
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#5 Old 30th Jan 2018 at 6:26 PM
You mentioned the Pleasant family--are you in the normal, factory fresh Pleasantview? Because if you are, the neighborhood came screwed up and bugged. How much and for how long can vary, but it will someday become unplayable, totally. This is a symptom of such corruption.
#6 Old 30th Jan 2018 at 9:15 PM
Do you have any sort of summoner tool, that will show you the list of household names and the sims that make up that household? Dead sims (don't summon them unless you know why and what) are in the "default" household together with sims you should definitely never summon like Pollination Technician. You can use it to look through the list of sims in your neighborhood while you're playing your game. Two popular options are Inge's teleporter cat and the simblender, but there are several others available. If Daniel Pleasant shows up in default, he's dead. If he shows up in another household, he's alive somewhere. (If you have multiple households with the same name, the teleporters show them all together.) If he shows up not anywhere at all, you're dealing with corruption.

This: " I had a cemetery when I played last, but switched computers and some lots didn't come through when I transferred my save game data." means you absolutely have corruption in your game--the loss of the inhabited (by ghosts, but still sims as far as data goes) lot guarantees it, and eventually--tomorrow or ten years from now--the neighborhood will cease to work at all. If you are just starting over after a long time away, then perhaps you are not very attached to your current neighborhood, and would be just as happy starting a new Pleasantview? If yes, then go here: https://meetme2theriver.livejournal...0neighbourhoods and find the neighborhood you want and follow the instructions to install it. These neighborhoods have all the corruption they shipped with that is possible for anyone to detect at this time repaired.

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