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Default Does maxmotives work in Sims3?
I opened the dialogue box (CTRL-SHFT-C), typed in the cheat "maxmotives" and nothing happened. I then typed in "help" to see all the cheats and I noticed that this one, "kaching", and "motherlode" were not in the list. I then entered "kaching" in the box to see if that worked and it did fine. So, I'm not sure what's going on with "maxmotives."

I was visiting the Roomies household. Anyone able to use "maxmotives?" Thanks!
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Just to let you know the


does work in the new sims 3

Not sure about others
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nope a lot of the old cheats dont work anymore maxmotives doesnt work for me either but look at this download it may enable a cheat that works like maxmotives
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FINE, you whiners, I will put the damn thing back!

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