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Default Use the Categories to find Downloads
I unstuck the One Mods Thread To Rule Them All. It had just become too unwieldy, with people posting downloads and questions and serious modding discussion. I can't answer the question re: if or when MTS will support TSM modding outside of the Discussion section. As long as we are doing everything -- creating, uploading, chatting, reviewing, tech help, etc. -- in this section, please make judicious use of the Category tags when you post.

Downloads - Modders, please post your own individual threads with your uploads. I would prefer one thread per upload, with a descriptive subject (i.e., "Hairy default replacement skins"), but if you want to post a single thread for all your stuff (i.e., "Rick's Mods and Bugfixes"), that decision is yours. ALL shared Sims must be uploaded to the existing Sim-sharing thread.

Modding - For the "how-to"s of modding. This is the category for developing tools or learning how to use them. NOT for requests. NOT for "is it possible to..." NOT for WCIFs. Modding is serious business, dammit, and I will go medieval on your ass.

Gameplay - How do I complete this quest/find this item? What are the advantages of this trait or that flaw? What happens in a Kingdom with low well-being? (Think Prima Guide material for this category.)

Information - How to...do a thing that isn't questing and isn't hardcore modding. Frequently, how to use cheats to bend the game to your will. (Geez, now I want a "bending" tag.)

TechHelp - is it a bug? is it broken? I've followed the installation guide and I can't get my cc to show up!

WCIF - cleverly disguise your mod requests as a mod search.

General - just about everything else: reviews, EA rants, the mod wishlist

To find threads tagged with any of these categories, just click the category name. (Hint: the Mods thread is tagged "Downloads.")

Thank you for keeping the TSM Discussion area as tidy as possible.
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