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#1 Old 4th Dec 2017 at 3:27 AM
Default Long Wait Periods
there is long wait periods in game when using mods
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#2 Old 5th Dec 2017 at 1:36 AM
How many mods do you have installed? Perhaps too many? If so, try removing those you think may not be essential for your full enjoyment in game play. Too much, and/or unnecessary information causes slow response by any program, and any computer since it takes longer for the application or program to read the information available to it in the files present for it to run. Examples of unnecessary files TSMP&N must read if they are present in your My Documents folder under Electronic Arts/Sims Medieval folder are your older save files, that are no longer valid for the point in time that you last saved in a particular game, and are continuing to advance. TSM must read all the files present in order to determine where to begin the game where you were at the last save. TSM is not known to players as being a speed reader, in fact its not, but it can be faster, if you move old game saves to another location on your computer, so you can have back-ups, like perhaps to Windows' default Saved Games folder, or one you create yourself in another location of choice. Just keep the current game save files located in My Documents folder so the game has only the necessary files to read, and not those of two weeks ago, etc. Also files that help the game to function slowly, is the cache files located in My Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims Medieval/CASPartCache.package, compositorCache.package, simCompositorCache.package, and also the contents of the Thumbnails folder, which are CAS and Object Thumbnails, which are small images of creations, colors, furniture, etc made in game by you, and the game. Occasionally delete these cache files, and thumbnail files (BUT NOT the Thumbnail folder) in order to clear the caches/ thumbnails of deleted objects, and older items that are unused. Do not worry for any loss as the game will create new and fresh cache and thumbnail files when you start up the game. Do this especially when you install a new mod, or remove a mod, because the game can, and does use objects you may have deleted in a previous session as it will think the object or CAS creation still exists because it reads the image which is still located in any of these cache files, or in the thumbnails in the thumbnails folder. This is how all games function faster, by reading the cache and thumbnails rather than the whole save/other game files fully from each start up of the game. Your computer does the same thing every time you boot up the computer from being at the off mode by reading the Prefetch files located inside the Windows folder, which contains all of your computers setting from the last session you had before last shut down.
So, there is the chance that your slow responses from the game are not the mods, per se, but may be because you installed them all but left the old cache files, and thumbnails files instead of allowing the game to create newer fresher versions of them when you started up the game last. So delete these now, and try playing again, BUT FIRST, make a back up of these files and also your current game save to another folder location of your choice. Remember ONLY delete the cache files I mentioned above, and the thumbnails files inside the thumbnails folder, NOT the Thumbnails folder itself, and DO NOT delete your current game SAVE, just copy it to a folder elsewhere to make a back up.

Good Luck in speeding up TSMP&N, and may you have a blast forever as it lasts playing!


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