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Default RIP Sunni
If my posting here i not correct, then I am sorry. I checked to see if there was a post already on this and did not find one.
While the U.S. has been simulating a snow ball earth, and our friends in South Africa have been baking in the heat, I have not been too much in touch with the simming world. That is why it was tonight that I discovered that our friend Sunni at PlumBob Keep passed away on Jan 17. She has suffered a hemorragic stroke.
I used so much of her stuff for my Medieval neighborhood, so I know how talented she was. Like Moo, she helped everyone she could to make their game the best it could be.
Her site will continue, though.
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Rest In Paradise Sunni ♡
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May God rest her soul in peace. it was indeed surreal, to think we used to speak to her and suddenly one day she passed away. you never get used to this feeling.
It warms my heart to think she will keep helping people, simmers will keep finding her great work. Her legacy will stay on the internet forever. all her great creations... she left so much good for the world.
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